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6/10/2019 Melissa Bradley

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Norfolk via Chicago. Over the years I have been increasingly dissatisfied with the customer service of United Airlines employees. So far I haven't really had an issue with flight attendants but the counter staff seem to be getting worse with every trip I take. This trip I was actually on an American Airlines flight that was cancelled and was rebooked on a United Airlines flight by AA. My original flight was to be at 7:00 am. I was rebooked on a 10:20 am flight on UA. I went directly to UA customer service once AA had given me the informatiom via text and email. The UA staff have me what looked like a boarding pass but told me that I had to go to the gate counter to get a seat assignment before I could board. I did and proceeded to sit and wait for at least an hour after that. I boarded with the appropriate boarding group and proceeded to my seat to buckle up. Just before the doors were closed, I was called to the front and told to bring my carry ons. They proceeded to tell me I couldn't fly because they hadn't gotten the confirmation from AA. They brought my suitcase up, stood it on the floor, shoved it to roll over to me and said come on, we have to close the door. I realize a mistake had been made by AA, but I felt that if there was a problem with my reservation, there was plenty of time to realize this in the over 2-1/12 hours from when the reservation had been made to when I was kicked off the plane. If the customer service agent had indicated any problem I would have had time to resolve it. If the gate agent has mentioned it when he assigned me a seat - both instances would have allowed me to correct the situation. I can't describe it, but after the stress of the morning, and the attitude of the gate attendant that took me off the plane I was left in tears standing outside the door. She just moved past me after locking the door and never looked back or offered any guidance on what to do. I was humiliated and stranded the second time that day. I'm going back to Southwest where they have compassion and systems that work.

6/10/2019 J Soechting

Not Verified | My wife and I were flying to Italy for a wedding. We started our travel from Austin, Texas to Newark, New Jersey. Our flight was delayed 3 hours in Austin and caused us to miss our connecting flight to Germany in Newark. Not a huge deal, we understand delays happen and it’s not anyone’s fault. That’s part of traveling. We spent a great amount of time at the customer service desk switching flights and making sure our baggage would be following accordingly. In order to stay in business class, the next connecting flight out wasn’t for another 24 hours, which is inconvenient, but again we understand. We passed the time in the United Polaris Club, which was very nice. We finally made it to our final destination, Naples Italy, but our 4 bags did not. There is only one counter at the airport in Naples for all lost baggage. We filed our claim for our missing luggage and were told by the lost baggage rep that we would be updated within 24hrs with a status on our missing luggage. 24 hours passed and we decided to call the customer service number on our claim tag. We were unable to reach any baggage rep, the phone would ring and never was picked up. We tried to call the airport directly and never made it to a live rep for assistance. We called United because it was the airline we booked our reservation through. The rep kept telling us that the baggage loss was due to Lufthansa, Star Alliance Partner, so we would have to call that airline for assistance. Frustrating, but we followed the information given to us by the United rep and attempted to call Lufthansa. Lufthansa would not ever pick up the phone. 48 hours of trying to call Lufthansa, still the phone was never answered. Again, we called United for assistance with Lufthansa and the rep was unable to get the airline to answer. The United rep told us he would call us back in 1 hour with an update on our luggage. We of course waited and the call back never came. On the 72hr of still not having luggage and not a single update from either airline or the claim center, we called United once again. This time the rep was able to tell us that our bags never made it on our connecting flight from Newark to Munich and our bags where still in the United States and we scheduled on a flight to Germany and would make it to Naples Italy at 10:30 that night. The next morning we called United to make sure our luggage did make it to Italy and the rep told us we had no baggage claim submitted and we needed to file one at the airport in Italy and again we needed to call Lufthansa. After 4 days with no luggage, half of our trip, we called our chauffeur that picked us up in Italy to drive us to our villa. We asked if he had any idea how we could get in contact with anyone at the Naples airport to find out if our bags made it or were even in route. He had a driver that was picking up at the airport go to the claim and ask about our missing luggage. He was able to verify that our bags did finally arrive at the airport and a rep would be bringing them to our villa that day. At the end of day 4, we finally received our missing luggage. We understand flights get delayed and bags get lost. All we wanted was answers from United and they were unable to provide that, blaming other airlines, and providing terrible customer service. When we made it back to the United States after our trip, we tried to get in contact with the customer service department to give them the opportunity to make it right. United did not respond.

6/9/2019 Brandon Zimmerman

Not Verified | Chicago to Houston. My last ten flights with United have all been awful. Lost bags, delayed flights constantly, unfriendly service, my seat always has crumbs on it when I get on the plane. This airline is by far the cheapest. If there is a corner to cut or a cost to slash United will do it.

6/9/2019 Riya Shah

Not Verified | Orlando to Newark. Worst airline I have travelled so far. Firstly security staff on the airport is so less and due to that the queue was so so long. Firstly, the airline staff are not even ready to wait or inform us, secondly, they are so rude. We were stuck at security due to some reason, (because no staff). Then when we are the last people to enter the flight, they don't greet us, they did not help me put my cabin bag in the cabin head and shouted at us on the airport in front of other passengers (that we will leave you and go). This is not the way a passenger is treated. And just for the information, I arrived airport 5 hours before my boarding and was on time. Very slow service and no help for the crew. I will never travel in this airline.

6/8/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) v1 seat 21K

My first time to try United's new Premium Economy seats. I had previously had great experiences with this class of service on Lufthansa and Air Canada, so I was excited that United was now offering this option. It is so difficult flying economy on long international flights (over 10 hours), but the price of business class is just too much. This appears to be the happy medium. The positive is that there is considerably more legroom and width than economy or economy plus. It also has leg supports, a foot rest and reclines more than the lower level options. But after flying an 11 hour flight from London to San Francisco, I was surprised at the careless implementation by United. First of all, the arm rest on the aisle would not support my weight. The arm rest apparently is supposed to lower, but I could not use it to lean on when getting out of my seat or it would collapse. Does not speak well to the construction of these seats given that they are brand new. While the extra space is definitely appreciated (and I would select this class of seat again), there were other problems. Seat is too deep. I'm a medium height male (5'9") but my butt could not reach the seat back, which meant that I had bad seating posture for the entire trip, which is not good for the back. While the recline is better, it is still a little shy of affording a decent sleep. The headphone and outlet are very inconveniently located under and at the back of the inside armrest, making it impossible to see and use easily. The food was the same as economy, though alcoholic beverages were free. Service was no different than economy. Since it was a daytime flight, I did not avail myself. It does come with a little comfort kit (lip balm, eye mask, toothbrush and paste, socks, ear plugs). Overall, an improvement on economy that I will use in the future, but clearly done on the cheap and the lowest quality for this class of service among the airlines I have tried.

6/8/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 27L

This is a window exit row seat, but about as bad as these get. BAD: The sidewall of the plane narrows here so there is less window side room than in a standard window exit row. And it narrows again in front of the seat, so there's less leg room than you would expect. And there's there exit door contraption, which limits it more. And there's no window. No storage during takeoff and landing. GOOD: you can get up anytime, which is a big plus. No cold air at the seat like in a 777. Lots of space in front of the seat to dump your stuff in flight. You get your own power plug. You can get rid of your food tray without waiting for the pickup.

6/8/2019 Tania Center

Not Verified | Denver to Miami. Over 2 hours late, terrible experience! We were one of the first ones checking in and they couldn’t even give us seats together. Delayed twice and now that we are on the plane we have been waiting for over an hour.

6/8/2019 T Marsten

✅ Trip Verified | Minneapolis to San Francisco. The person who was at the boarding gate did not let me go in the airplane because of my backpack. She asked me to pay $60 with card but their card reader did not work. I am a senior lady with high blood pressure. I told her that I will lose another flight but she didn’t care. She said she can call 911 for my blood pressure instead of being helpful and resolving the issue. She was not respectful. I felt discriminated because everyone went in with bag and carry on but she didn’t let me me. My suitcase was in the airplane and I asked I need my suitcase because my blood pressure medicine is in there but she said, it is too late. My question to United Airlines is what is your customer service policy and responsibilities to your costumer. I am very unhappy and unsatisfied with United airline and will not use it anymore. Also right now I am waiting about 30 minutes over the phone to talk with a representative which still waiting on the line.

6/7/2019 G Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Denver. Horrid. They lost my bag. They even told me that the flight was delayed whn it in fact was not. This is odd. Also, they have no entertainment and served not even a glass of water.

6/6/2019 Brittany Flanders

Not Verified | My family and I had a connection flight in Dulles International and it was a United Express. First off, the planes are old the the first one we were on (an Airbus) smelled like moth balls. The second flight, a smaller plane completely screwed up our seats. When we ordered the tickets online we entered in my daughter’s birthdate (she is 3 years old) and they failed to account for the fact that she is a child and she couldn’t sit at an exit seat. When they went an fixed this, the failed to put us together as a family (there was 5 of us) and there was many seats open! We ended up sitting in the front row with tons of legroom, which is a bonus, but still! We will stick with Delta!

6/4/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200 (772) v4 seat 48B

This seat should be green. It's obviously great for parties of two. But you can also place any carry-on items under seat 47C and have tons of leg room. You also have a huge aisle next to you and carts and other passengers go far to the right to go around 47C, so this seat is completely undisturbed and spacious. It is better than an economy plus seat and it's no extra charge. My wife hates to fly and was dreading our 4.5 hour flight from OGG to SFO. But she couldn't stop thanking me for booking this seat.

6/4/2019 K Owens

✅ Trip Verified | Flight from Moab to Denver was 35 min late to arrival. At CYN they told us the flight was overbooked and were offering $1000 flying voucher to take a flight the next day. Finally start boarding plane and the stewardess and pilot had to count passengers 8 times to get the correct numbers. There were empty seats that they had to put luggage in because it couldn't fit under the seat. And told us there was weight issues and they had too much fuel. Got to Denver and sprinted across airport and missed connected flight by two minutes, along with 10 other individuals. Customer service line has been 50 people long for the last 2 hours. And they wouldn't compensate us for anything. Customer service said the issue was weather related but the staff in Moab was ignorant. Scheduled us a flight the next day in 15 hours. No food, no blanket, no clothes, no toothbrush. Easy to say we will no longer be flying United.

6/3/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-300ER (76L) Four Class v2 seat 20B

United's new (as of this writing) Premium Plus is a worthwhile purchase for those who cannot justify Polaris. Comfortable seat (table a little too close to body) with the right amount of width and recline. power outlet not in best place. Makes long haul flight tolerable, see preflight photo.

6/3/2019 Qi Yan

✅ Trip Verified | Pittsburgh to Newark. The flight get canceled. This is the third time in a roll (the previous two ones were substantially delayed). The lady at the podium was very rude to everyone including me. She rebooked the next day same flight, so 24 hours late. I asked if there is earlier flight. She said no. Then, I said one gentleman got an earlier flight. She said he’s handicap and went “US has a law”, which implies I don’t know there are laws. I was already frustrated with the cancellation and she said that!

6/3/2019 P Garilez

✅ Trip Verified | Buenos Aires to New York. Worst experience ever. I was told the plane had malfunction so that a new flight would be accommodated. I am sick and needed to get home. It took more than 24 hours to reach my destination.I was supposed flight directly. After another delay, I arrived in Miami and I was told by United Airlines that I would have to take LATAM connecting flight. My suitcase in the meantime was taken. LATAM didn't find me on the system and the send me back to your airline. The rude personal finally told me they didn't have space for me but that my suitcase was already in New York. Frustrate, I had a panic attack. No one was kind or accommodating to me. Customers should be taken care of. I paid over $1,000 to be on time. Customer service offered me $200 on another flight.

6/3/2019 Yesenia Cardona

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Orlando. I bought a round trip for myself and my daughter. My daughter was not able to come with me one way but was able to come back with me. So I bought her a different flight one way and accepted to use part of the flight back. When I get to the airport I’m told that because we didn’t use one part of the ticket then the flight was canceled. I was then told I had to pay 240 dollars to get my daughter on the flight. If I purchase a round trip I expect to be able to use either part

6/3/2019 K Blaser

Not Verified | Never fly with United Airlines. It took my husband and I twelve hours to fly from Boise to Denver and 3 different airports. We were moved from airline to airline and they forced us to check our bags because they crammed so many people into one plane. After a 12 hour day, they lost my luggage. I finally got my luggage after 4 days. This bag had about $3k worth of equipment and clothing, makeup, etc. No one and no airline knew where it was. I was on the phone between airlines and baggage claims for days; come to find out that United Airlines never even scanned my luggage into the system and my bag was just hanging out in Boise (they even made me pay 30$ to check it).

6/2/2019 S Ruiz

Not Verified | On my flight from Newark to LAX the airline charged me for a bag (personal item only means a small purse, ridiculous, my small carry on luggage was “too big” which is standard in other airlines) but still let me carry it on board. I am coming back from LAX to Newark then I had to check in my bag again and not only that this time I was told that one carry on is only a small purse and that my small luggage “does not fit in the onboard luggage compartment”. Well this is just another way of taking my money and making me jump through hoops and hurtles to have a longer flight experience that is already expensive and terrible to start with.

6/2/2019 W Ducas

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Fresno. We stopped flying with United years ago because of the bad service, unprofessional staff, and every flight was delayed. Well, we decided to give them another chance just to see of things were improved. NO! It's gotten worse! We boarded the plane, and when it was time to leave the gate, the captain announces that they can't find the first officer! They tried calling him with no luck. After 30 minutes, we were asked to depart the plane. The pilot said that in his 15 years with the airline, he has never seen anything like this. How does United stay in business? Never have had bad service with any other airline. Never again will we fly with United. We are still waiting for a First Officer to show up. I'll add that the baggage check-in staff act like they don't like their jobs.

6/2/2019 Mason Riso

Not Verified | New Orleans to Barcelona via Newark. I recently flew to Barcelona on the airline and they waited to tell us that our flight to Newark was canceled 30 minutes before take off so we hopped on another plane to get there. When we got there we found out that our flight to Barcelona was delayed by a few hours. Then when we arrived we didn’t get our luggage because they lost it so we contacted customer service and they promised it would be in by 5 pm the next day. We checked to see if the luggage came in and it never did and now are hoping we won’t have to go on our cruise without any luggage.