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9/23/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 6E

I am 6'3" and ALWAYS book row 6 on this aircraft. The foot wells are the biggest, and I feel E and D have more space in general. Further, the warning of galley noise is completely false, this is not an issue in this seat at all. I understand Business class pax may opt to fly in the forward cabin for the feeling of 'exclusivity' ...

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9/22/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) v2 seat 21K

Nice to have a bit more leg room and bit wider seat. Tray in-between seats, however, so a hard barrier between my wife and me on the trip. Has new United "thin" seats that are not very comfortable, even with the extra leg room/width.

9/22/2019 T Rebecca

Not Verified | I’m usually not one to complain on social media, but to say that I’m beyond annoyed is an understatement. We booked our honeymoon trip as a package deal through Costco travel and our flights were booked with United Airlines. The flight there, we had a short layover in San Francisco and the flight was delayed goin...

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9/21/2019 Phil, Boeing 747-8 (752) v2 seat 21E

Exit row so plenty of leg room not much of a recliner. Regular economy seat didn’t look too crowded. Not really sure it was worth the extra money

9/21/2019 Marianne Breijer

✅ Trip Verified | Phoenix to Amsterdam via Houston. United Airlines is unreliable! We booked preferred seats (economy just behind the economy+ rows, window seat) more than a half year before. The day before the flight the aircraft changed, so we were seated in economy+. The day we flew back, the aircraft was changed again and w...

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9/21/2019 David Fong

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to San Francisco. Very comfortable Business Class seat and service was great. Food also. There was some personable service which was great. Arrived 45 minutes early.

9/21/2019 T Marteur

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Montreal via Washington. I noticed in Washington airport (Dulles) that my baggage was damaged (wheel completely ripped off), so I contacted the staff who told me that I needed to report the issue once I reached Montreal. So when I arrived in Montreal, I went to the United desk to report the incident. T...

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9/21/2019 Harry Taylor

Not Verified | Amarillo to Corpus Christi via Houston. My flight was canceled due to weather in Houston tomorrow. I needed to get back to Amarillo tomorrow. I requested a refund. And they only gave me a quarter of my money back and not half. Obviously United Airlines is not customer friendly. I thought American Airlines was bad...

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9/19/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 8D

Rest rooms on these 737 800 by United are disgusting. They are too small for even a child to use alone. If a parent goes in with the child - forget it. The sink is so tiny that the water continually splashes onto the floor looking like everyone has peed on the floor. The flight attendants finally gave us trying to clean the floo...

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9/19/2019 Maja Sendic

✅ Trip Verified | Cancun to to St Louis via Houston. When we booked our trip we paid extra not to have a long wait for our connecting flight in Houston. We were supposed to depart from Mexico at 6am. We arrived at the airport around 3 am to find out our flight was delayed till 10am. There was zero communication from United to l...

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9/17/2019 Victoria C, Boeing 747-8 (752) v1 seat 35D

This has the electrical box under the seat in front of me. Could not fit my laptop bag. 35C same thing

9/17/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200 (772) v5 seat 22K

Caution on the location of this seat. While this is one of the (great) new Premium Plus seats, because the last row on either side is farther back than the middle row, this seat (and 22B) are almost in the economy section, overlapping the space taken up by row 30 in Econ. I will choose 20 or 21 in the future.

9/17/2019 Bryan Rabineau

✅ Trip Verified | Oklahoma City to Minot via Denver / Houston. On 2 connection flights I've had a total of 11 delays totaling in almost 5 hours of delays this is supposed to be a 4.5 hour flight. How are they still in business

9/17/2019 Margret Kamwada

Not Verified | Brussels to Baltimore via Chicago. They lost 2 bags of my luggage. Didn’t get them till the next day and when I got them 1 suitcase was broken and other one all my stuff was covered up in powder I had packed properly. If they didn’t mishandle my bags non of that would have happened. On another note I talked to th...

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9/16/2019 G Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Oklahoma City to Denver. Awful. Cancelled flight because no crew? They had already changed several legs of our flights on a whim for the last two weeks. The final result was a 17 hour day to HI that has been extended thanks to their incompetence. Worst airline.

9/16/2019 Per Nystrom

Not Verified | I will just relate our experience with UA today. You can judge yourself. On 15 Sep 2019 my wife and I were booked on the UA 2208 flight at 12:45 from Chicago to New Orleans. We arrived at the Chicago O'Hare airport at 10:30 only to learn at the check in kiosk that our flight had been delayed 2 hours. Ok, no big is...

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9/15/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) v2 seat 22K

Proximity to the lavatory was not an issue; seems airflow moves most scents toward the rear of the cabin and any lines also moved toward the rear. I have a feeling that the recline may be impeded only slightly from the bulkhead behind; comparison with 22G across the aisle seemed comparible, but I could not feel any gap between t...

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9/15/2019 Bruno Casolari

Not Verified | Newark to Los Angeles. I live in Northern New Jersey and so have been flying United Airlines out of Newark for work and leasure for about 10 years. This was because I did not want to brave the New York City traffic to get to LaGuardia or Kennedy Airports. After my last 4 flights with United, I've decided it's tim...

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9/15/2019 Mary Hosseini

Not Verified | Stay away from this airline if you don't want to have headache when you are going for a vacation or travelling for any reason! My biggest mistake ever when I booked a flight from Boston to Newark on July 10th. the flight got cancelled for technical reason. I had a connection flight one hour after and nobody was a...

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9/15/2019 Tiffany Mitchell

Not Verified | Las Vegas to Los Angeles. I paid for a plane ticket and the flight was supposed to be at 6AM to LAX. This flight was not for me, it was a gift to my significant other. This flight was so important because he was suppose to meet is family he hasn’t seen in 5 years. We had a ride set up for him so he wouldn’t have ...

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