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6/1/2019 Suzan Abadian

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to San Francisco. An international flight was missing three FAs, for whatever reason. The food was inedible. I took this flight 10 years and United’s overall quality has seriously plummeted due to cost cutting measures.

6/1/2019 Carlos Mendez

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Ft Lauderdale. Several delays, every time i fly with United its always delayed. They have the slowest boarding and process. I don’t think i have ever had a pleasant experience with this airline.

6/1/2019 Susan Alexander

Not Verified | Washington to Boston. When checking in I asked the assistance of a United representative. The representative showed reluctance to help me and frustrated that I asked several questions and required help. The assistant told me I could not take my purse as I had a carry on bag. I did not know this was an issue before I was checking in. I was required to throw my purse away or pay $60 round trip to take my purse. I threw it away. It was a humiliating experience as I was on the floor repacking my bag with everything in my purse and that representative was rigid and frustrated with me for taking up his time. Many passengers watched this process. I was traumatized by the experience. It reminded me of other times when a person who had authority over me treated me badly showing a lack of respect and empathy. Obviously I am still impacted by his attitude and behavior two weeks later. Just a little kindness would have gone a long way.

5/31/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 18C

The 787-9 used on the flight from Sydney to Houston direct has seats in Y+ and Economy that have only a couple of inches of recline. In fact, at the end of the flight, the attendants did not have to tell people to adjust their seats because they all looked upright. And they were. For a 16 and a half hour flight, this is disgraceful. Every time I fell asleep my head hit my chest and I woke up. Seats also too narrow. Will never fly with United again.

5/30/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 757-200 (752) v1 seat 38C

The last 3 (38, 39 and 40) rows cannot use the overhead bin to store luggage, as those are restricted for the crew.

5/30/2019 S Geer

✅ Trip Verified | Flagstaff to Denver via Chicago. Both of my flights were delayed, first one from Flagstaff to Denver had a 1.5 hour delay. Was told it was a maintenance issue, and they had to call a mechanic up, which took him about an hour to get to the FLG airport. We were de-boarded and went back to the gate while we waited. I had to schedule a different connecting flight in Denver due to the first delayed flight. This flight was also delayed over six hours due to another maintenance issue. They ended up having to find another plane to fly to ORD from DEN. I heard it was a pressure issue in the cockpit, which yes that's a problem, and they couldn't fix it, hence having to find a different plane to use. What a nightmare that was! There was just minor weather from what I saw around, and I didn't hear of any other flights being delayed due to weather. I tried getting on standby and tried to catch an earlier flight but I wasn't able to get on another one. Once on the plane, no more issues at least. Seats were decent for economy class, and good service from the crew. I started this trip at 6am to leave Flagstaff by 7am, and didn't get to my destination until 2:30 am the next day. And all united could give us is a $50 voucher toward a next flight...uh, no thanks.

5/30/2019 Kristin Nelson-Izes

✅ Trip Verified | Washington to Portland. Of my last 5 flights on this airline they have on one way or the other, cancelled or were late taking off due to maintenance. NOT weather! Disgusting. Customer service re routed me at at $500 additional cost for car rental and said this particular subsidiary was the worst in their fleet. Apparently not bad enough to require better maintenance on their aircraft. Unfortunately they are the only game in town that flies from Washington Dulles to Portland, ME

5/30/2019 Sara McCain

Not Verified | Flight UA3777 from Birmingham, AL to Chicago, IL was going well until a slight delay caused some of the flight crew to be very irritable. One flight attendant was very rude during the boarding process and became demanding in her demeanor towards the passengers. She kept rushing people into their seats, aggressively placing luggage into the overhead cabins and hurriedly read over the pre-flight procedures. I understand that a flight schedule has to be honored, but it is not the fault of the passengers for tardiness or delays of United Airlines. United Airlines needs to train all staff and flight crew members in customer relations so they are adequately prepared to handle all circumstances, both good and bad. Passengers should not have to bear the emotional burden of dealing with any issues coming from United Airlines, especially from cranky flight crew members.

5/29/2019 G Warton

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Raleigh Durham. This flight was fine until getting to Newark yesterday afternoon. From there things spiraled downwards trying to complete the rest of the trip to Raleigh. Weather delays cancelled an afternoon flight with rescheduling on an evening flight. That also got cancelled with rescheduling for the following day (today) at 1:30 PM. No option was given for standby on a earlier flight. No assistance was given with the hotel. The former was not helpful and the latter is somewhat standard for carriers. So far, okay. The problems were the following: i) lack of Customer Service personnel leading to waits of 30+ minutes each time flights were repeatedly cancelled to try and figure out what was going on (thought they somehow managed to have the premium services overstaffed based on casual observation), ii) while some customer service personnel were alright, most were quite surly, 'short' with customers, and overall quite unfriendly (this could be an airport characteristic - see below), iii) Newark Airport richly deserves it's "worst airport in the US" - That is United related as they use it as a hub, so odds are good they will inflict Newark Airport on you if you choose to travel with them. The problems with Newark 'Liberty'?: i) dirty and rundown, ii) very expensive for generally mediocre food options, iii) cramped, disorganized paths of movement for security gates, etc., iv) staff that are generally unhelpful, but 'try to make up for it' by being also unfriendly and rude, v) the area around the airport is pretty bleak, even for northern New Jersey (only matters if you have to see it, but United will help ensure you do unfortunately with flight cancellations, etc).

5/29/2019 Brandon Meek

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Lansing via Chicago. Definitely the worst airline I’ve flown with, they delay flights before it even gets to the airport. Shows lack of urgency and structure in organization. I would say book with Spirit or American because at least you don’t have to pay as much to be treated badly.If they fit your schedule I wouldn’t say don’t buy it but just be ready for a poor experience if you even make it there.

5/29/2019 Larissa Hunter

Not Verified | Austin to Grand Rapids. We haven’t flown with United many times before so we weren’t exactly sure how the Basic Economy checked bag policy worked. You have to pay $30 for every bag because no carry-on bags are allowed. While we were asking for help with numerous things in the lobby, the person working behind the counter knew we were basic economy and that we had paid the bag fee but it was never mentioned that we needed to leave them anywhere. So upon getting to our gate, we asked the woman who gave us our tickets was rude, unhelpful, and had a bad attitude. We had to pay the extra $25 per bag fee because we brought our bags to the gate. We will not be flying with United again.

5/29/2019 L Vitiello

Not Verified | United delayed the flight prior to having us board the plane. They then had us disembark after less than an hour. There were multiple additional delays before the flight was canceled. They left us stranded at the airport and had to change from a direct flight to a flight to Toronto with a five hour layover before traveling on to Newark Airport. I will not fly this airline any further. The customer service is not good and there was no consideration for the fact that I had to get another hotel room. Look elsewhere when flying.

5/29/2019 Lori Thompson Price

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Jacksonville . I was scheduled to leave for my daughter’s wedding on Thursday May 23 on a 6:23 AM flight. By 10 am it was determined the plane need a part. So United had it driven from Orlando to Jacksonville just so you understand that is a 4 hour drive. We finally took off at 6:30 PM. We were delayed over 12 hours losing a day of vacation. All we got for our inconvenience was 2 vouchers for food. That was a whole $20 for the 2 of us. Now sitting here in Denver returning home to Jax we are delayed again. First because the incoming flight was late and when it arrived guess what it has a mechanical problem. 2 hours delayed again and don’t have great hope it will only be that! I’m a frequent flight and can say without hesitation I will walk before I ever spend another dime on your airline.

5/29/2019 Mellyawati Mulyono

✅ Trip Verified | My flight from Toronto to Anchorage got delayed in Chicago for 1 full day. More amazingly, United Airline staff gave an explanation that the reason of delay is because of weather, while I know that other airline, such as Air canada still fly from Toronto to Anchorage as usual without delay. After that, staff only give us compensation of hotel and food accommodation with very very low value after 7 hours waiting in the airport. Never going with UA again. Worst airline, worst staff with worst services.

5/28/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200 (772) v4 seat 3B

My wife and I flew from EWR to DUB on May 15, 2019. Service was excellent and food was very acceptable. My only complaint was that the middle armrest was very narrow and had no divider; thus if you are flying alone you will probably rub elbows more than once with a stranger. In addition while in the full recline mode the person occupying seat 3A will have to climb over you in order to utilize the restroom, etc. The Polaris seats on the return flight, a 757-200 at least had a small divider on the middle armrest. Good selection of movies and other video products. Flight was right on time.

5/28/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 757-200 (752) v1 seat 3B

Flight from DUB to IAD. Very good seat on this single aisle aircraft. Great service, meals, and video. Unlike on the 777-200 the middle armrest had a small divider. Both flight and cabin crew were excellent.

5/28/2019 Larysa Pavlovska

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Chicago. Almost 5 hours delay. Refused to sit me and my husband next to each other unless you pay? Who will pay us for 5 hours lost time? Plane is half empty and we were not allowed to move. Never flying with you again! You are the only airline who sits people apart

5/27/2019 Rex Iwaskow, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 24C

Horribly cramped. Seat pitch much, much too small.

5/27/2019 David Hill

✅ Trip Verified | Washington to Lisbon, 25th May. This crew is a notch above any I have experienced, focused on service and team oriented. I was on the previous day cancelled Alaska 312 SFO To Newark. Feeling exhausted from that ordeal. (Alaska, too did a fine job of managing the crisis.) I couldn’t find my cell phone as I was leaving the plane to board the waiting bus. The ground crew was trying to force me to give up looking and get on the bus. This crew helped me stand my ground, she tore apart the seat and he found my phone in a place I had already looked They did not wait around for a thanks. The hustled to the bus and that was the last I saw of them. By now they have forgotten about the incident and me. I won’t forget about them.

5/26/2019 R Deepan

✅ Trip Verified | Austin to Chennai via Newark / Mumbai. Never ever choose United Airlines especially where they have Air India connection. Though they claim that they have star alliance with Air India the service is pathetic and they will ruin your trip. I booked my flight from Austin to Chennai for my family (me, my wife 11 months infant and 5 years daughter). United Air lines has not provided boarding pass for Air India connection (Mumbai-Chennai), they mentioned to collect it from Air India in Mumbai but I have my e-ticket provided by United. Air India in Mumbai mentioned that they don’t find our tickets in their system but I have my e-ticket with United Air lines confirmation code. I called United Airlines customer service ( pathetic service center with an approximate wait time of 30 minutes to connect to agent) and got Air India ticket numbers. I went to Air India again with that ticket numbers and they mentioned that flight is full and will send it next flight which is after 12 hours of original flight departure. I am not sure how they provide e tickets without blocking the seat and I see couple of other passengers that booked through United who are on the same boat. imagine my situation who already had 9 hours layover had to wait another 12 hours with infant and kid. Finally they asked me to wait till the last to see if there have any cancelled tickets. after 3 hours of standing infront of their support desk they provided me the boarding passes just 20 minutes before start of the flight. Couple of other passengers that booked through United are not lucky enough and waiting for next flight and contacting United support over the phone about the issue. as I have a little time to catch the flight they didn’t even allowed my carry on bags to checkin. Stay away from United especially when you have kids or booking for parents. I never gone through such strain in any of my international travel and this would be my first and last trip with United.