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4/19/2018 T Bergan

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Tel Aviv. If you are traveling to Israel avoid “el al up “. Questioning for 1.5 hours, treating passengers like they’re criminals, bad service. Will never fly again with them. Avoid anything with them. I don’t wish this experience to anybody. Do yourself a favor and take any other airline.

2/16/2017 J Atkins

❎ Unverified | The flight from Kiev to Tel Aviv was delayed by about an hour and a half. You can print your boarding pass at a self-serve counter in Kiev which is nice if you don't have access to a printer (the queue for check in is long because of the extra security). The security personnel were very friendly and professional. The aircraft was clean. I got a salad which was tasty and inexpensive. Legroom is very tight, my knees were touching the seat in front of me. The crew were friendly and proactive with customer service but lacking when it came to safety and controlling passengers. During the safety check they ignored a man talking on his phone as we taxied. On landing in TLV many people started running down the aisle and opening the lockers while we were still braking on the runway! The crew didn't say anything for a few minutes which only encouraged it. Even when they did make an announcement it was ignored and they took no further action. I would avoid flying them again, particularly on this route where fares are cheap anyway (on the way to Kiev I flew with Aegean for only a slighter higher fare and they were excellent).

4/2/2016 Harry Aronowicz

Berlin Schönefeld to Tel Aviv. Fast and efficient check in, flight on time, very friendly crew. Clean plane, seat comfort in Economy Plus good. Compared to Up's competitors on this route Up has the best flight schedule. Have flown Up repeatedly in Economy Plus and never disappointed.

8/12/2015 I Fine

They charged for everything, including printing your boarding pass and carry on bags. Nice crew when I got on, but uncomfortable and flimsy seats. When an woman kicked my seat, it went forward and was locked in the upright position for the rest of the flight. We were delayed for an hour on the ground, and there was no announcement as to why - the crew served free water. After departure, the flight attendants went down the aisle with a cart of food for sale. We were sitting toward the back of the aircraft, and when the flight attendants got to us it turns out that they were out of everything except for cup noodles. A nice airline would have got on the intercom and announced it to everyone regretfully. There was no inflight entertainment and no wifi.

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