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6/9/2019 C Hee

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to New Chitose. My child is very anxious to wear seat belt during take off so I'm asking the staff if I can just hold my child in my lap. They ask first what age is my baby and when I said 2 they say no and just ignore my child crying. She cried during take off and when she finally slept in my arms and it's time to land the stewardess wants to wake her up and sit her on her seat! So again she cried. I know Rules are Rules try explaining that to a toddler who is 2 years old.

3/20/2019 R Davies

✅ Trip Verified | I fly the Tokyo to Sapporo route all the time, but Vanilla Air is the worst. When purchasing my ticket, I was erroneously assigned an aisle seat, despite choosing a window seat on the reservation website. After waiting in line for 30 minutes to inquire about the mistake, the staff attempted to force me to pay a ¥2,000 counter fee in addition to a credit card fee and an additional seat fee. I nearly missed my flight because of the staff dragging their feet and refusing to fix the problem. Because of the skiing in Hokkaido, a huge number of foreigners take this route, but there wasn’t an English speaker to be found. Fortunately, Vanilla was recently purchased by another carrier, so hopefully some of the airline’s idiodic policies (and incompetent airport staff) will go away for good.

1/7/2019 N Wu

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Tokyo. Both out-bound and in-bound flights were on-time. Very little or no turbulence experienced during journeys. This was very good. Check-ins at ground were fast and efficient. Will choose Vanilla Air again in the future.

7/26/2018 J Tang

✅ Trip Verified | This is the worst airline in Japan I have ever flown. I flew Peach earlier, which is also a budget airline in Japan, but the staff were not nearly as obnoxious as the staff of Vanilla Air. You will probably pay a lot extra than initially stated on the website, and the staff will make sure that they take your last penny. They also do not allow e-boarding pass, but I am not sure whether it is a Japanese thing or a Vanilla Air thing. I mean, if you are a budget traveler like me, you will probably still choose this airline no matter what, hope the best to happen, and may or may not end up with an angry review here.

4/2/2018 Mason AlNouri

✅ Trip Verified | Narita to Sapporo. This is by the worst airline in Japan. Not only do they not care about their customers, the initial ticket prices are a decoy for you to purchase the cheap ticket only to discover later that you are screwed with random fees on things you never heard of. Their website is created to trick you by misinformation and misleading details.

2/22/2018 K Harris

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Taipei. We didn't get a chance to actually fly with this airline due to the fact that we arrived 3 minutes late to check-in because of transportation problems (unfortunately with this airline you can't check-in online). The woman at the counter was so rude and refused to help us with anything and we had no luggage to check. Not only did she refuse to let us check in quickly and run to the gate but she didn't help us look for alternatives and said they do not offer refunds.

1/30/2018 C Bennett

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Vanilla Air from Tokyo Narita to Hong Kong. To be honest, I did not expect much from a LCC. The crew on-board were professional and nice, and they tried their very best to communicate with passengers using English. The plane was clean and tidy. I do not mind having to pay for food and beverages and I do not care about the lack of entertainment. Yet, the seats are hard as rock which makes me feel like I am sitting on a wooden plank. The seat pitch is completely ridiculous that I cannot even tie my shoelaces (My height ~1.65M). Sleeping, or even resting on the flight is simply "Mission Impossible" no matter how tired I was, given the seat lacks basic support and the "unbelievable" seat pitch. If your only parameter is cost and you can forgo all sorts of comfort, go fly with them.

1/6/2018 Adrian Suharto

✅ Trip Verified | We chose Vanilla Air from Narita to Osaka due to the fact that the timing fits our landing schedule in NRT. The airline operates from terminal 3 NRT which happens to be the Low Cost Carrier terminal. One thing we noticed was that there is only a few counters (we counted around 8) for check in for all domestic flights by Vanilla Air. Due to the limited counters, there are set check in times for different flights. Since our flight was at 10.25 am departure, we are strictly only allowed to check in at 8.55. We came early and were told to wait at the corner. The flight itself was normal as how budget goes. The seat pitch was very narrow. F&B was purchasable from the cart. The plane looked quite old and seat was a bit hard. I recommend this airline for short trips.

8/22/2017 Russell Taylor

✅ Verified Review | Flew Vanilla Air from Tokyo Narita to Okinawa Naha. Boarded on time and with no troubles, staff were friendly and welcoming. Seats were reasonably comfortable, I'm 6ft tall and my knees weren't touching the back of the seat in front of me which was definitely a welcome surprise on a low cost carrier. No entertainment systems available but not an issue as I usually travel with my iPod and something to read anyway. Flight was calm and we experienced no turbulence en route. You need to purchase on board food or bring something with you but we knew this in advance so brought some food bought at Narita departures terminal. All round good flights, cheap and efficient and did exactly what we wanted. Took us from A to B with no fuss or issues. A solid experience, I'd recommend and plan on using again in the future.

8/13/2017 B Gardner

✅ Verified Review | This was the first time I flown with Vanilla Air (parent airline is ANA). They have a different terminal for low cost airlines: Terminal 3 at Narita Airport for LCCs and also at Okinawa. Check in was smooth for both flights. I had no expectations whatsoever. The inflight service was basic and for and 3.5 hour flight is just fine. Seats were comfortable and the cabin crew was nice. This is a low cost carrier and I will recommend it and I will be flying again. Within Japan is it rather difficult to get a bad service!

5/3/2017 D Peck

✅ Verified Review | Tokyo Narita to Okinawa. This is the third time that I have taken a flight with this airline. This is also the third time it has been delayed over 2 hours. This will be the last time I fly with them.

12/6/2016 K Chu

✅ Verified Review | Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita, and a very good low cost airline! I chose Vanilla Air because of its nice flight times. Appreciated its professional and hospitable ground services. Flights took off on-time. Flight attendants were polite and attentive to all passengers. Clean seats and well-prepared in-flight services offered. Very little turbulence was experienced during both flights between Hong Kong and Tokyo. Highly recommended to travellers finding late seats to go out of town. Although airfares may be about the same as those of major airlines offering in-flight meals, Vanilla's quality and reliable services are valuable. Will choose it again in the future.

10/18/2015 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) v1 seat 6A

Horrible pitch.It was so tight the flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong was miserable. Flight was delayed 12 hours "due to air traffic control in Hong Kong" Was what we were told. However, we saw every other flight on all types of airlines leave to Hong Kong without Delay. No compensation given, not even a bottle of water. We wanted our bags back to book on a different airline but they refused. Horrible in every way possible. Pay a little more and book with a respectable airline.

6/23/2015 Yu Xiang Lim

Vanilla air is a Japan LCC. I choose this airline because their price is the most competitive but you have to prepare yourself (red eye flight). The flight attendants are good, nothing to complain and always with a smile.

11/16/2014 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) v1 seat 22C

Seat pitch is very limited! Being 185 tall I may not be the usual Vanilla Air customer but hat major problems to get into the seat. No way I would've made it into A,B,E or F.

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