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10/12/2019 Casi Pedraza

Not Verified | Monterrey to Guadalajara. Do not believe their promotions and prices. When you try to make your reservation there is a notification “we are sorry the price that you are looking for is no longer available”. They are doing false advertising.

8/2/2019 L Ovalle

Not Verified | New York to Mexico City. Worst experience. You pay a cheap airline ticket but in reality they make you pay more than you thought. They charge for everything!!! They want me to pay for a suppose "baby package" just to carriage my umbrella stroller but I refuse because last time I travel with them I paid it and fo...

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7/19/2019 K Carlin

✅ Trip Verified | Tijuana to Tuxtla Gutierrez via Monterrey. I'm with all the folks who would give this airline a negative star, if I could. I work at a non-profit organization, and we were taking a humanitarian trip with our interns, so we had a group of about 20 people. It was many of the kids first time flying, and they were...

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6/11/2019 H Baker

Not Verified | Cancun to Hermosillo. They changed our flight from direct to connecting after we started our trip. Then we just happened to get phone service and see an email that they changed our flight again. This time with a 12 hour layover and no phone call, we're lucky we saw the email. When we called to ask about it as we ...

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5/31/2019 Susan Parker

Not Verified | I have flown several times to the USA and back on many different airlines, but this by far was the worst airline I have ever travelled. Flight attendants super unfriendly, no leg room and I was made to put my tote bag under the seat in front of me, giving me no leg or foot room. I would never recommend this airl...

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5/26/2019 G Karnales

✅ Trip Verified | Tijuana to Mexico City. I have never been contacted as to why my ticket Round trip was cancelled and no attempt to give me a refund. It is a complete ripoff. Don't ever fly this company

4/25/2019 C Faresero

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Las Vegas. They are extremely rude and they don't know the meaning of customer service. I was not allowed to board the plane in Mexico City to travel to my place of residence in Las Vegas NV because I didn't have my Mexican passport. They failed to request passport during reservation and payment...

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4/5/2019 Henry Contreras

✅ Trip Verified | Tijuana to Culiacan. The big downsides are the booking process, multiple hidden charges and a bad customer service. First of all, the website seems to provide for online-booking and online-check-in. What the site doesn't tell you is that if your credit card is not issued in Mexico, the website doesn't accept y...

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1/14/2019 P Herlsson

✅ Trip Verified | I understand that budget airlines offer less amenities but politeness and fair business practices do not cost anything. I traveled with my family on a VivaAerobus roundtrip from Mérida to Veracruz and despite being a frequent flyer I have never experienced such bad service and bad business practices - I would ...

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12/9/2018 Ed Shoaff

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Merida. The smallest seats I have ever tried to sit in. I was hit twice by luggage of other passengers and once by the vendors of drinks and snacks, trying to navigate the narrow aisle. Impossible to stretch your legs under the seat in front of you nor stand up to get out of your seat. To evacua...

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11/25/2018 Leslie Viveros

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Tijuana. This is the worst airline, first and last time flying with them, bad service, delay both ways for more than 4 hours. They did not communicate the reasons for the delay. The seats don’t recline, the airplane was dirty. Worst experience with an airline.

11/18/2018 Rogelio S, Airbus A320-200 (320) seat 1A

No legroom for tall people

11/18/2018 Rogelio S, Airbus A320-200 (320) seat 5D

Excellent seat

11/12/2018 Shea Gouthro

✅ Trip Verified | Guadalajara to Tuxtla Gutiérrez. Horrible airline. Worse even than United. Avoid even if it is slightly cheaper. They will gouge you will extra fees just before you fly. My flight was $100, then they added an unexplained $15 "extras fee", then charged $50 to check my carry on bag because it was 12kg instead of ...

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8/2/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320-200 (320) seat 14C

Narrow seat, too close to the seat in front of it, legroom is somewhat restricted and the back doesn't recline. Consider this for flights longer than an hour.

7/11/2018 Julio Palacio

Not Verified | Guadalajara to Los Angeles. My 4 beautiful days in Ajijic ended badly thanks to Viva Aerobus. First of all, you can't check-in online within 24 hrs of departure. But in all fairness, I'm not sure if it's airport policy or because VA hasn't caught on. So I had to be there 2.5 hrs prior to departure, checked in and...

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3/7/2018 Daniel W, Airbus A320neo (320) seat 1F

Super comfortable seat. Its wide and also firm with lots of leg room. Nice view of CDMX on the way out and of the Ocean on the way in.

10/22/2017 F Bargen

✅ Verified Review | Puerto Escondido to Mexico City. The flight was good, punctual, clean cabin, good onboard service, nothing to complain about. VivaAerobus is a low cost-carrier with very competitive prices for flights within Mexico. The big downsides are the booking process, multiple hidden charges and a bad customer service...

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4/29/2017 D Berger

✅ Verified Review | Cancun to Mexico City. Apart from hiding charges on their booking system (Be very careful on which options are automatically selected every time you click next. The company refuses to allow passengers with children to bring the stroller to the door of the aircraft. I was travelling with my 3 year old on a 9p...

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11/10/2015 Cody Kirkhart

Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta. The seating comfort was what you'd expect for a low cost airline, but the flight is short, and the price could not be beaten. I had a good experience getting my ticket, the flight was a bit late, but I kind of expected that. The inflight service was fine and the VivaAerobús crew were friendly.

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