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6/20/2019 C Mongo

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Paris. We decided to try them for our 13 years old and bought a UM (Unaccompanied Minor ) ticket. Worst experience ever. They do not inform you that they need both parent to fill a release form in order for your kid to travel but they then ask you for it when checking in and refuse to check you in unless you have that form which should have been provided by them for you to fill in in the first place. They do not guarantee that your kid will not be seating next to an adult which is a requirement for UM. They do not provide the parent with a gate pass to safely see his kid get inside the plane. Supposedly against their policy. You get no update from them until your kid lands and himself provide you with updates. So, to all parents, do not use this airline for your kids.

6/10/2019 Lori Comerford

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to New York. The absolute worst airline I’ve ever flown! If you are looking for a stressful experience book your flight with this airline! To begin with when leaving NY for a much anticipated trip we accidentally brought an expired passport. I know horrible mistake! Since we arrived well ahead of time I thought I’d call a friend to get my current passport and bring it to the airport for me which would take less than 1 hour. The agent at the desk said we must have the passport an hour before take off. He gave me a phone number to call to see what would happen if I didn’t get the passport in time. I called and nobody answered. I told the agent then he said yes well they don’t reopen until 9am so that didn’t help much. My friend got my passport to me about 55 minutes prior to the flight departure time and they refused to let us check in. I was told the check in was closed because the check in staff needed to leave the counter to go downstairs to start boarding. If they had enough employees I would have been in that flight. It gets worse! So we missed the flight then called 9am when customer service reopened and I was told they couldn’t do anything to help me. If I wanted they would sell me new tickets for the same price for the following day. I had non refundable hotel reservations and already lost one night. Was so upset with this airline that I decided to just book a different airline for less money to get to Pairs. In the return trip my experience wasn’t much better! We got to the airport with plenty of time To spare and found XL Airways counter but no employees were there. A sign said they were closed? No further information given! We walked around to find out they were set up in a different spot. Not sure why they couldn’t have put up a sign telling us where to go. Other passengers were walking around just as confused and annoyed as us. After checking in our luggage and weighing our carry on luggage we went to the boarding area. When boarding the plane we got stopped and were told our carry on was too big. I explained that the lady at check-in weighed it for us and said it was under the allowable weight. Then the woman at boarding said no actually your daughters tote is too large. It was a fabric shopping bag with a neck pillow, some snacks and a sweater. I showed her that if you squeeze it, it scrunches up so small and it would have no problem fitting under a seat. She wasn’t allowing it at all. She said if we didn’t pay $100 for the extra bag that we couldn’t get on the plane. $100 for a shopping bag! We flew throughout Europe on several airlines with the same luggage and never encountered this issue! Not even with airlines that have a lower weight limit. This woman stopped another lady at the boarding gate. We couldn’t get on the plane unless we paid the $100! What could we do? We were now minutes before departure and needed to get home. I will never fly this airline again and will not recommend this airline.

2/12/2019 Sabrina Linders

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Point a Pitre. My sister and I flex with XL Airways to get to Guadeloupe and then board a cruise ship. The flight was okay, but when we arrived in Guadeloupe our suitcases where not there. A long way of bad communication followed and eventually we did not get our suitcases for the whole trip. Eventually the suitcases arrived in Brussels, while we live in the Netherlands and they refused to bring then to us. We had to get them ourself. We are still trying to get a compensation for the fact we did not have our suitcases for the whole trip (over two weeks) and then waiting months to get them after the trip. They do not respond, offer just a couple off bucks, while airlines have fixed compensations they should pay in these cases. Awful company, bad communication and just not recommended.

11/30/2018 Gary Brisky

Not Verified | Hold onto your boarding pass if you want a refund. They cancel flights. The excuse given was the plane hit the gangplank and damaged a wing so a smaller plane was sent. Having 150 passengers in JFK. They knew at 5pm there was an issue yet let us stand in line from 9pm to midnight allowing passengers to board with criteria. It appeared it was who yelled the loudest. They in fact paid three days hotel which is how long it took to get the next flight. And in line many not involved in our error were also carried over from other flights. According to the hotel staff the airline knew at 5pm there was an issue. Yet we were made to stand for three hours. So now they have my confirmation. They paid my hotel, yet I have to prove I went on the rescheduled flight by giving them my boarding pass. A e-ticket from my original ticket is not enough. They know the flight had issues, they paid my hotel, they flew me on another flight. But will not consider processing my complaint without the boarding pass for the new replacement flight.

9/15/2018 Jaye Balkenbush

Not Verified | Paris to New York. This is a very low cost airline and believe me it shows. The cabin luggage weight is 5KG, my was 8 kg and the agent was so rude and insisted that it had to be checked. I offered to pay excess baggage and he said check it or leave. I finally got to my seat and there were 2 overhead bins completely empty! I am Global Entry so when I landed I was through customs and immigration within 15 min. I then had to wait 90 min to get my 18" carry on. The aircraft is all coach 400+ passengers almost no empty seats. My bag was one of the very last to come off.

2/26/2018 N Brewer

✅ Trip Verified | Punta Cana to Paris. I was sceptical of this airline having read the reviews but there was a limited choice when booking airlines. Overall it was better than I was expecting. The plane was tidy although showing its age a bit. Good news was there was power at the seat. Bad the seats are not very comfortable especially for a long haul flight ok for a day flight but not for a night flight. There is a wifi entertainment system where you can watch entertainment, see info about destinations (which does not have any use due to the limited information) and flight tracking. Of course there is an upgraded option available for 10 EUR. Food was very average. Drink options good but have to pay. Free tea, coffee and water the later being freely available and the cabin crew visited the cabin regularly to top up. Be aware the check-in ques were bad so give yourself plenty of time. Also carry on luggage has a max weight of 5kg with it being checked a lot of the time.

1/25/2018 K Mavrani

✅ Trip Verified | New York JFK to Paris. I would not recommend anyone booking a flight with this airline. Two weeks ago, I had a flight leaving from JFK to CDG on Sunday night. When I got to the airport, there was no one from XL airways there. Over 150 passengers were waiting for a flight that never arrived. The worst part is that I tried getting in touch with the airline in New York and in France and there was no answer. The airline did not even have the decency to send me an email or text that there was no flight. The first time I heard from the airline was Tuesday night informing me that my flight will be leaving Thursday afternoon. It was so unprofessional and honestly appalling. The airline did not value any of the people’s time and did not even care to correspond with passengers until two days later. In addition, I lost money on a flight that I had leaving from Paris to another country.

1/9/2018 S Chayne

✅ Trip Verified | I was meant to fly out of JFK to Paris. I understand the conditions at JFK Terminal 4 were out of XL Airways' control however what was in XL Airways control was to inform its passengers of what was going on. There were no email or text updates about the delays in the flight therefore I traveled to the airport at the appropriate time only to find no information and no XL Airways staff. This is is inexcusable to have no reps in person and the only phone number we could reach was a french number which incurred international charges. The only reason I even found the number to call was because other passengers said they had found some announcements on the XL airways website. Why none of us could be informed via phone, email or any representatives in person is beyond me. How hard is it to send one email blast out to all passengers saying "We apologize for the inconvenience, please check our website for updates and we will continue to share news with you as soon as we have it. Thank you for your patience". Again I understand that the weather and the pipe burst are extenuating circumstances however it is within XL Airlines capabilities and responsibilities to communicate effectively with passengers and have a plan in case of such events that severely inconvenience so many people. It is now 24 hours after my flight was scheduled and I have yet to receive any information from them.

1/8/2018 P Jaliniuk

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Paris. This is truly the absolute worst airline. They are unresponsive, incompetent, and unequivocally rude. They do not have representatives at the airport and the staff that they do employ refuse to answer customer's questions. I was scheduled to leave on a flight 2 days ago at 9:30 pm. The flight's gate kept being changed for hours after the departure time until it was ultimately CANCELLED around 2 am. Then, they had us stand in the line waiting for a representative to speak to each traveler individually about rescheduling our flights. We waited in this line until 4 am without anyone being spoken to. Then, they made an announcement that they had hotels reserved for us and that we were just waiting for buses to take us there. An hour later, they noted that no buses were on the way and that there were no hotel rooms reserved. They did not provide us with water or answers/information as to when our flight was being rescheduled to. The staff members insulted passengers calling us rude, disrespectful, and annoying for voicing our concern and frustration. They refused to speak to us and did not answer a single question. We could not leave the airport because they would not release our luggage. After we were forced to sleep on the bare floor of the airport, they said that the flight would be rescheduled to the next day at 7:30 pm. We lined up for check in at 4:30, as instructed. The XL representatives/staff members said that we were "misbehaving" so they chose to delay check in until 6 pm. We finally checked in. The flight was re-listed as being scheduled for 9:30 pm. We waited at the gate until 11:30, when they claimed that they were commencing boarding. We stood in line waiting for boarding until 12:45 pm. At this time, they CANCELLED the flight again. Then, XL threatened to have any passengers that complained or showed anger arrested. They instructed us to go pick up our luggage at the carousel. We went to the carousel, where we waited until 4 am. At 4 am, we were told that no luggage would be released to us, and that no other information would be given. I left the airport. I received an email at 3:00 pm notifying me that the flight was scheduled for 2:00 am the following morning. Then, this flight was also cancelled. 3 flights cancelled. They still have our luggage. They have given us no additional information.

9/30/2017 S Saunders

✅ Verified Review | Flew New York JFK to Paris CDG. Worst airline ever that I have ever flown with. The seats were terribly uncomfortable, there is no amount of perks that can be had that offsets this. I almost thought it was me that was the problem but after flying with 3 other airlines on our European trip it was XL that was the problem. We flew with 3 other airlines and confirmed that XL Airways one of the worst airlines we have ever used. Choice between XL and walking, I'm walking.

9/2/2017 R Dorlen

✅ Verified Review | Miami to Paris. So reading most of the other reviews I was expecting the worst when I boarded XL Airways. If you have been flying for the last 30 years it is a just like going back to the 90s. No screen with individual entertainment. Pros: Food was good as well as price and staff. Cons: If you want a pillow and decent blanket you have to pay 8 euros for it. It's a low cost airline so what do you expect. Value for money is excellent.

8/31/2017 M Lazado

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Los Angeles. I was skeptical about flying with this airline before I booked. I had read prior reviews and the ratings were very low. I felt that I should contribute with regards to the overall service that I received from XL Airways. My fare was excellent. I paid more for connecting within Europe then flying across the world. Crew, attentive and very friendly. I received lunch, dinner and snack, as well as headphones. Basic water, tea and coffee provided with meals and throughout the flight. Anything else, needed to be paid for. I understood that before I booked. It's a low cost airline so basic caffinated drinks and or specialty drinks as well as blankets incur an extra charge. The blanket came in a colorful pouch with a blow up half moon pillow and eye mask, for 8 Euros. Credit cards are accepted onboard. They provided duty free purchases before landing. As for Internet, there was a fee to watch movies and listen to music for 9.95. You needed to download the airlines app before departure. If you didn't want to purchase internet to view and listen to music/movies, the aircraft did have three tv's on the plane, in which they played 3 movies and a travel documentary on a particular destination for the long flight. I found the movies entertaining and family oriented. The seats were comfortable for me but of course just average, it's economy class. So please consider this if you are tall! If you need extra legroom, economy plus for an extra fee is available before confirming your flight. The aircraft was very clean and facilities were positioned properly on the aircraft with several almost available at a time. The last check-in was an hour before departure, so get there early. No exceptions are made and is a strict policy that the airline adheres to. I witnessed two customers that tried checking in 6 mins after the airline closed the check in counters and were still denied check in. As for carry on, strict 5kg allowance, one personal hand bag and one carry on only. If you exceeded the 5kg weight, the bag is checked to your destination but with no additional fee to do so, which is nice. I'll definitely use XL Airways again in the future. I found the airline to be great for the overall. I was very pleased with their services! I have a disability and the crew was wonderful in accommodating me and making sure I had proper assistance before boarding and when we arrived to the final destination. Thank you for a pleasant flight.

8/11/2017 P Layvar

✅ Verified Review | San Francisco to Paris CDG. Worst experience ever! My husband's legs (lean built - 5 foot 9 inch) wouldn't fit in! His legs bent sideways. This has never happened in any economy class flights. Vegetarian meal is considered a "special" meal. Its an additional $14 per person. There is extra charge for every little thing ($3-$15) for snacks, soft drinks, chips, cookies etc. Additional charge to book seats beforehand. Husband paid $75 extra to sit in "exit" row. Cabin crew was nice and friendly but a smiley face doesn't alleviate the extreme discomfort. Long lines to get boarding pass. We were in line for an 1 hour 10 minutes even though we reached airport 3 hours early. No seat back TV/screens. No plug point to charge phone/ tablet.

8/11/2017 H Speccisi

✅ Verified Review | Paris to San Francisco, the aircraft was dirty, thetable was broken on my girlfriend's seat, no in-seat entertainment on long haul flights so be prepared to have a tablet or other form of screen support. Otherwise you can rent an IPAD from the airline however make sure you ask for one as you sit down since they don't have enough for everyone.. The inbound flight was just as dirty - this time no IPADs to rent as none had been charged up from previous flight, my seat was broken in the recline position and the armrests were broken.

7/31/2017 M Ramiro

✅ Verified Review | San Francisco to Paris. I was a bit nervous using this airline. I did a ton of research and looked for reviews and couldn't really find reviews base off the experience of their airline. Some of these reviews for XL I feel are from people that expected too much for a budget airline. I read the instructions and recommendations from their website, which I would read entirely to help you have a better experience. When I arrived at the airport I had my boarding pass printed before hand and was quickly greeted by an XL employee. They checked my passport and they checked the weight and size of my luggage. I had to check my luggage in the system, because the weight was too high. Upon boarding I was greeted by a very professional and flight attendants who spoke English and French. They realized I didn't speak French and directed me to my seat. Upon departing they did the standard procedures in French and English for departure. During the flight they provided a blanket, earplugs, water and a free meal! This is a very French airline and the food was very French and flavorful. They were very accommodating for refills of water, tea, and coffee that were free. The airplane itself is older so there is no WIFI onboard for internet. I was not disappointed, because they did provide a free movie and I also had my IPad. I would recommend you take a portable charger for your phone, tablet, or laptop. There are not electrical plugs on the seats for your electronic devices. Throughout the trip the flight attendants were on point and made sure the restrooms were cleaned and that passengers were comfortable. Considering the price I paid for the ticket this is a great value! This is a budget airline and for the overall package this was really a great experience.

7/26/2017 Hannah Gomez

✅ Verified Review | If you are tempted to fly with this airline because of the wonderful price do not do it. The flight out to Paris was wonderful. The plane was empty so everyone had their own row to relax. The troubles didn't start until we arrived in Paris. On our flight to Paris they lost our babies car seat. When we went to check in today the lady at the counter was rude and unfriendly. We handed her 5 passports. Three for adults and two children. We had 4 bags to check in a stroller and we had our 2 year olds car seat. We have a double stroller. I was holding our ten month old and our two year old was sleeping in the stroller. In San Francisco they put stickers on all three pieces because the stroller breaks down into three pieces. When we told her that the stroller did that she rolled her eyes and said really. Then we tried to check in our two year olds car seat she said nope you can't take it, or you have to pay for it. When I explained they hadn't charged us for it in San Francisco she said well that is San Francisco. She then called the airline and they said we had to pay 50€ for the seat. She told us we had to go to a separate counter to pay then come back to her. As we were leaving she said wait let me put the stickers on the stroller. As she was putting the sticker on one of the pieces she noticed our daughter and said oh you have another child, we said yes, you have her passport to which she then said oh you don't have to pay anymore. Instead of apologizing she just said your finished. We upgraded to seats 4 thinking they would be wonderful seats because of our previous flight. But the seats had less space than before! They were so uncomfortable! Especially having a twenty pound baby on your lap. There was a section in front of us nobody knew was available. When I finally got the attention again of a stewardess the doors were being closed and she said that I needed to go to the gate to pay. What kind of airline charges for everything other than water, coffee and tea but wont let you buy up a seat? There were 8 seats open! Those seats remained open all flight. Our ten month old was walking back and forth in front of our seats holding onto the seats. We didn't notice but there was an ashtray in our daughters seat. In it was trash with liquid and food. It stuck and was disgusting. Our son put his hand in it. When I asked the stewardess to do something about it, she said you think it's my problem? I said to her I am not saying you own the airplane but you are the only one who's really able to do anything because you have the access to things to clean it. She rolled her eyes at me. 6 minutes later another stewardess came with gloves and took out the trash and in the process got liquid on us and said there I got everything. She went and got a napkin dabbed and said there I am done and walked away. 6th thing, for a couple hours service was non existent. We were trying to make a bottle for our ten month old so he could sleep and we pushed the service button but nobody came for 30 minutes. I am horrified by the service.

7/11/2017 T Larsson

✅ Verified Review | Flight Los Angeles - Paris with XL Airways. June 2017. First of all, when rating a low cost airline, I need to compare it to other low cost airlines and not to Emirates for example. When you book low cost, you should know what to expect: you know that for such a low price, you're not gonna have the high quality you want (for that, you go with Air France and pay $1,500 instead of $600). So, that being said, for a low cost airline XL is really good on several points, but of course some are not. Good points: - the free checked-in bag! Yes, that makes the whole difference, because most low cost airlines makes you pay for it, which then drags the final price up. So that was appreciated. The free meals in-flight. We were given full meals in flight. In addition to that, we were given free coffee / tea, and refreshments as well. Only alcohol is in addition. Food quality: good! I will not say amazing, no, but for in-flight food, it's pretty good. Very similar to the food quality you will get in Air France flights. This is because XL Airways is a French airline, so good products. Trust me after this you will be full, but if you want more, they have a menu with French items, delicious. - the staff. The staff was amazing, really. I think the best service I had on a flight. They are not after you to buy things (which I experienced in most low cost airlines). They were so helpful and dedicated. They give you extra bread, and do not hesitate to serve you twice for refreshment when asked. Overall very nice and smiling staff. Negative points - the seats. I would say the seats are my main and only complaint. They are very tiny, and not too comfortable. I'm a small size woman, so it was ok for me, but the poor guy seating next to me had a hard time. His knees were literally touching the seat up front, so not the best for a long haul flight. This is where you feel that you are in a low cost airline in case you forgot, here's the reminder. - the in-flight entertainment. So, they don't have in-seat screens. However, they do have in-flight entertainment through iPads or other devices. You can access their entertainment through your computer, or they rent iPads for $15 (which also include the premium package). Not a big selection of movies, but enough for a long haul flight. Personally, I enjoyed reading a book better, and also download my own favorite series before leaving to enjoy during the flight. Overall: for the price, I will use this airline again. Mainly because I do a lot of Los Angeles-Paris, and the direct flight, with checked in baggage and meals included is just awesome..

6/11/2017 R Dawson

✅ Verified Review | I was pleasantly surprised by XL Airways after all the critical reviews. The aircraft from Los Angeles to Paris was clean, the attendants were very involved throughout the 10 hour flight (and were pleasant as well), and the flight itself was smooth. Yes the seats are crammed in there and the entertainment is not great. There is wifi and you can watch movies on your iPad. (They also rent ipad minis for $20 so bring your own!). I read a little and tried to sleep so this wasn't a deal breaker for me given the reasonable fare. If want more leg room, you pay dearly ($70 extra) but this is worth it for me. We left and arrived on time which adds a star. I actually found it a much more pleasant experience than my super expensive Air France flight last year. I would fly them again for sure.

4/11/2017 M Jones

✅ Verified Review | After reading all the reviews about XL Airways and learning that they have 3-4 planes in their entire fleet, I was extremely anxious. We arrived at JFK 3 hours early and were among the first in line to check in. After waiting in line for an hour, we made it to the counter where our back bags and checked bags were carefully weighed. Thank goodness, we were all underneath the required mass. The plane was boarded and we we got on the electricity went completely out but in a few minutes, we were on our way. The pilot did an excellent job piloting the plane and even though we took off late, we made it close to our normal time. After spending a few days in Paris, we went back to check in to our return flight but they had already boarded and we missed our flight. We tried calling customer service but only got a recording and wasn't until the next day that we found out we would have to purchase a one way ticket home. On the way back after Checking in for our one way flight back to the US, the woman at the counter was not sympathetic just said so sorry. We did make it home safely and once again the pilot did an excellent job. Bottom Line: I would take this airline again but make sure that I made the flight next time because you will not be compensated or offered a discount. By the way, I thought the food served on board was really good! We were served breakfast about an hour before our flight landed in Paris and dinner an hour or so into our flight on the way back.

9/3/2016 Amy Yoon

Paris to New York JFK. The aircraft seemed to be a really old plane, and the TV's were broken (this plane did not feature individual screens on the back of the seats). But the flight itself wasn't the worst flight I've ever been on. The service was ok, and the food was edible. It is, after all, a budget flight. I would also like to mention that the captain did a great job piloting the plane. My issue with XL Airways is their customer service. We had checked in an oversized luggage at CDG, paid the fees, and followed the standard procedures of checking in. When we arrived at JFK, our oversized luggage was nowhere to be found. The staff at the terminal 4 oversized baggage claim counter told us that we just need to wait. We waited for 2 hours before someone finally told us that most likely it didn't make it onto our flight. We filed a claim, and they provided us with a phone number to contact to track our lost luggage. The number is completely bogus. We tried calling during business hours (8AM - 10PM weekdays) after ringing for about 3 minutes, it goes to voicemail, which is conveniently full. We try reaching XL Airways through several means, and finally we manage to speak to a representative. The representative tells us that we need to send an email with a detailed list of the items in the lost luggage. We do so, and wait for a reply. After doing a bit of research, I find a review dated 2013 about a lost luggage through XL Airways from CDG to JFK. The reviewer finally managed to track down their suitcase by going directly to JFK. So we decide to do the same and drove back to the airport to Terminal 4. After speaking to TSA, they tell us to speak to an XL Airways representative at their ticketing counter in departures. We make our way there only to be told that we need to go back downstairs to lost and found. Finally someone from Swissport baggage transport helps us track down our lost luggage, and we finally receive it. Nobody from XL Airways would provide us with any type of information regarding our lost luggage. They have a compensation policy of 20 euros per kilo for lost luggages, which wouldn't have even covered the cost of the suitcase itself. They have zero respect for their customer's belongings, which is completely unacceptable. Furthermore, no one from XL Airways was willing to help us in the least. They kept sending us to dead ends, and it wasn't until we showed up at the airport the following day that we received any answers (none of which came from XL Airways). This review should serve as a warning to anyone looking to fly with XL Airways. They have a 5kg weight limit for carry on luggage, and a 20kg weight limit for checked in luggage. First checked in luggage is free, after that it's 100 euros per bag. They also don't respect your belongings. To them, you aren't a customer that deserves respect, you are just a sold seat. I will never fly with them again, and their aircrafts need to be updated desperately. They should have been out of circulation years ago. I would not recommend this airline. Fly with Air France, they actually treat you like a human being.