Mapa de asientos Airbus A318 (318) Air France

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Mapa de asientos Airbus A318 (318) Air France
Mapa de asientos Airbus A318 (318) Air France

Avión Airbus A318 (318) Air France con 2 clases y 118 asientos a bordo. Usa el mapa de asientos para encontrar cuáles son más cómodos y cuáles deberías evitar.


6/14/2019 SeatGuru User, asiento 2A

Bulkhead seat - no space to stretch legs under the seat in front.

12/19/2018 brian brand, asiento 21A

enjoyed the flight comfortable not overpacked with fellow travellers quick take off and the landing to gate was fine snack of coffee and a biscuit served

3/8/2018 SeatGuru User, asiento 15E

REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE IF YOU ARE TALL AND LONG-LEGGED. I was in pain the whole way from Paris to Venice. My knees and shins were jammed against the hard backed seat in front of me. I am 6’ tall. I paid Delta for premium economy from California to Venice to get more legroom. The Paris to Venice leg was run by Air France. I really...

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8/4/2017 SeatGuru User, asiento 4D

Less than 1/2 inch to the hardbacked seat infront of me. Cramped CRJ type church pew comfort. I am 6'1" Agent was adament about taking luggage, bins were more than adequate to have taken them.

4/8/2017 Ricardo, asiento 2A

The seatback did not recline at all!!!

3/9/2017 SeatGuru User, asiento 24B

No window

2/19/2017 SeatGuru User, asiento 17C

It was terrible. The seat was small and none of them reclined. No inflight entertainment. no built in pillow/real head rest.

12/11/2016 Carlos, asiento 11C

Very nice crew, and such a great service.

11/12/2016 Luis M, asiento 6D

No seat pitch for a tall man (1,90 cm). Exit rows and seats with a bit more seat pitch should be free of charge. Air France now is forcing us to put bag packs under the seat. Note that it was my only carry on luggage.

5/11/2016 Craig, asiento 3A

The Business class seats are the same size as economy, but only two of the three seats are assigned. Sitting at an angle allows more legroom but isn't ideal. The service was excellent and the staff friendly and efficient.

11/1/2015 SeatGuru User, asiento 16A

It is a great seat, has vear outside views and is close to emergency exits etc.

2/28/2015 Diego Cáceres Herrera, asiento 19F

Very nice crew, and such a great service. Good aircraft for a 1-hour-long flight. You don´t have much legroom and the seat cannot recline as much as you can due to it´s only an airplane for 118PAX. Great airline by the way

9/6/2010 Jean Pelletier, asiento 7C

seat is not bad , but is no advantage in seat confort between all class, AF change the separation between class(curtain).Difference between economy & Pr. Economy is service (business service in Pr. Eco.). Difference between Pr. Eco. & business is the middle seat is close(small tablet on the middle seat).

7/25/2010 aw, asiento 15E

The plane was very comfortable and service was very good. Air France's A318 is one of there most comfortable planes.

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