Mapa de asientos Bombardier Q300 Air New Zealand

1A1B1C1D10A10B10C10D11A11B11C11D12A12B12C12D13A13B2A2B2C2D3A3B3C3D4A4B4C4D5A5B5C5D6A6B6C6D7A7B7C7D8A8B8C8D9A9B9C9DMapa de asientos Bombardier Q300 Air New Zealand

Avión Bombardier Q300 Air New Zealand con 50 asientos a bordo. Usa el mapa de asientos para encontrar cuáles son más cómodos y cuáles deberías evitar.


12/2/2018 Trish Nixon, asiento 52H

This was a Singapore Airlines aeroplane leased by Air New Zealand. There was much more leg room on this aeroplane than what we have experienced on other Air NZ flights making for a much more comfortable flight.

7/27/2018 Peter Gear, asiento 18F

Comfortable seat

7/24/2018 Peter Gear, asiento 8D

Good seat comfortable

7/7/2018 Bev Howard, asiento 3A

Easy to get to good view close to the exit

1/11/2018 Josh A, asiento 13A

13A on the Q300 is a bad seat! If there are dogs being transfered on the plane thats all you will hear for the whole flight! It’s also much colder because of you siting right next to the baggage compartment. You also have to lean forward just to look out of the window.

1/7/2018 Ruth Ka, asiento 14A

Great flight awesome staff on the ground and in the air

11/24/2017 SeatGuru User, asiento 12A

This seat was extremely noisy due to the engines, but also severe rattling that persisted throughout our recent flight on this aircraft. In comparison, the ATR-72 is vibration-free and a lot quieter.

1/10/2017 Jerry S, asiento 1D

I wonder if there is a different configuration on some planes since on this flight, I had a huge amount of legroom with no intrusion from an emergency exit which is basically a much out window anyway. Your flight will be short regardless and the comfort is all you can expect from such an aircraft which also rattles and shakes as...

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7/12/2016 SeatGuru User, asiento 9A

The exit made the seat reclinable due to the exit

12/13/2015 Rebecca Duncan, asiento 11B

Comfortable seats although quite narrow. Glad it was my husband and not a stranger sitting next to me. It was a bit too cosy for a stranger. Lovely air hostess in training.

11/16/2014 Rebecca, asiento 9A

Comfortable flight, leg room a little tight but for a smaller plane and a 2 hour flight,it was fine. the view was reasonable being right on the wing.

9/16/2014 SeatGuru User, asiento 3A

This seat has good window visibility, but is immediately ahead of the propeller so may be a bit noisier.

8/29/2014 SeatGuru User, asiento 12D

I was quite comfortable on this seat, quite noisy as you are right behind the engines, but i think this aircraft is overall noisy anyhow.

5/20/2014 SeatGuru User, asiento 4D

This seat also had much more vibration than the ones further back, due to it being directly beside the propeller. If you want to get a good view out of the window I think that rows 1-2 and 12-13 would be best since they are clear of the propeller and engine.

5/5/2012 Nathan Catton, asiento 11A

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