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5/9/2010 M Kofsky

SIN-SEZ-SIN. Used Air Seychelles as it was the most direct flight since travelling with 2 young children but now I wished I had travelled via the middle east. Air Seychelles staff arrogant and unfriendly. Asked for food for kids to no avail. Had to get up and fetch it myself. They had loud conversations with their co-workers acr...

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4/26/2010 Paul Williams

LHR-SEZ-SEZ. Our family trip was without incident. Plane was pretty empty on the way out so plenty of space to move around. Fortunately our flight was the first schedule for the re- opening of air space due to the volcanic ash. Plane full to capacity as expected. Cabin crew very accommodating able to obtain refreshments at any t...

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4/8/2010 Julia Foster

Heathrow from Mahe - 12.5 hours of hell. We had a seat that you could not tilt and I had a very sharp part of the planes interior sticking in my leg. I asked the stewardess if she could do something - she looked at me as if I had asked her to jump out of the plane and then gave me a cushion to put between me and the broken plug ...

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12/21/2009 Stéphane Gallon

CDG-SEZ-CDG. Overall average airline that left me with mixed feelings. Outward flight delayed by 2 hours due to technical failure with chaotic (or no) information given (AF staff and Aeroport de Paris are responsible). Inward flight was on time. Smily and efficient crew on outward flight versus grumpy and unfriendly crew on inwa...

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9/2/2009 Pascal Limoges

CDG-SEZ-CDG. Aircraft pretty clean and comfortable. IFE is very limited - 3 movies were screened all of them with a French soundtrack. Meals excellent and we were served champagne for the aperitif. Crews nice and helpful.

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