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9/1/2019 D Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | The airline made a deliberate decision to leave behind the luggage of all ten passengers who were transferring from an earlier Eurowings flight rather than run a bit late - this despite that they had no further flight that could bring in the left-behind luggage for nearly two days.

8/31/2019 Stefan F, Airbus A319 (319) asiento 2F

Good legspace middle seat free with Bizz ticket

8/30/2019 C Francesca

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Manchester via Dusseldorf. Even though we weren't warned to buy the priority in order to have the permission to take hand luggage with us, during our flight to go back to Manchester (and not for our flight to go to Munich) we were asked to check our luggage in. As we were stopping to Dusseldorf, we a...

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8/24/2019 S Wilson

✅ Trip Verified | New York to London via Dusseldorf. This has to be the absolute worst airline. They charged me $69 for a checked bag that other airlines have considered a carry-on sized bag. My flight to Dusseldorf was delayed by an hour due to inclement weather which was understandable as I didn't mind since I had a 4 hour la...

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8/23/2019 S Balneke

✅ Trip Verified | The flight to Budapest was relatively ok, only a 45 minutes delay and the flight itself was ok, minimum but ok. The flight back however, was horrible. We had a delay of multiple hours while we were in the airplane, and only received one glass of water. Still, delays happen and that is understandable. The probl...

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8/17/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) asiento 41G

I am used to Lufhansa, but it was the first time I had to fly long-haul Eurowings. I found that comfort, service, entertainment and food were quite comparable to LH, maybe just slightly inferior. Seat 41G is good because there the aisle is large enough to give some extra space on the right without being disturbed by trolleys.

8/15/2019 S Gamal

✅ Trip Verified | Ibiza to Cologne via Berlin. My bag was lost on a Eurowings flight on June 5th, 2019. I reported it missing immediately upon landing in Berlin. I have been emailing and calling the airline endlessly since this happened but have now given up almost all hope they will ever find it. It was a brand new Rimowa suit...

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8/13/2019 G Oliver

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Bodrum via Hamburg. Avoid Eurowings, unless the price is extremely attractive. They have lost my luggage and could not relocate it in 9 days! They totally brushed me off with unanswered e-mails etc. and even after finding my luggage, they insisted not to deliver it to my temporary address during my va...

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8/11/2019 Y Shakira

✅ Trip Verified | At first, the boarding was delayed by one hour because there were technical problems, as we went in there the air conditioners everywhere turned on full. The staff did not even greet us and when we asked her if she could switch off some of the climates, as we get a headache from it she said it would be too hot...

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8/1/2019 F Baresa

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Cologne. Terrible experience. Flight was supposed to depart at 7:50 and it kept delaying - eventually departing 3 hours later. Boarding was a chaos and cabin crew had a very bad attitude, not even bothering to move when they where blocking the corridor or a seating area during the boarding process ...

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7/26/2019 Pedro Lloret

✅ Trip Verified | Horrible airline. My 1st flight to Cancún from Duseldorf was delayed by 5h for a technical problem. The exact same thing happened on my flight from Dusseldorf to Stockholm. On top of that, when having free available seats to sleep on a 10h flight. The staff didn't allow me to lay there and rest because they re...

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7/24/2019 Robyn Khoury

✅ Trip Verified | London to Leipzig via Dusseldorf. Awful experience! Late, lost luggage, almost missed my connection. The first flight was about 20 minutes late, so I arrived 20 minutes before my connecting flight (both were with Eurowings). I had to run across the airport and get through passport control (thankfully the Germa...

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7/19/2019 Alizeh Valjee

✅ Trip Verified | Cologne to Palma. I was asked to check in my bag because the flight was full. My bag did not arrive with the flight, along with the bags of half the other passengers on the flight. Because I was waiting for my bag, I missed my connecting flight to Barcelona. I had to reach for my sisters graduation so I bought...

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7/9/2019 R Schröder

✅ Trip Verified | Düsseldorf to Hamburg with Eurowings. New rules mean not even a coffee on a morning business commuter flight. Paid over 400 Euro for a Dynamic flex Smart Fare. Getting prio boarding now, but so do most other people on this flight. So it's pointless. Savings are going too far, especially considering the high far...

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7/5/2019 J Carnon

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Sarajevo via Cologne Bonn. There was less than 90 minutes between arriving in Cologne and flying out again to Sarajevo. When I arrived, I realised that my bag had stayed behind in Cologne. I was advised by the ground staff - this is a very common occurrence - to keep receipts for any toiletries etc...

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7/4/2019 S Massar

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a direct flight from Berlin to Zadar and suddenly I receive an email from Eurowings saying that my flight has been cancelled and the only option I have is to leave at 6 am, change in Düsseldorf and then take a flight to Split. Split? I am going on holiday in Zadar, this is ridiculous. I called the cus...

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7/3/2019 S Hallen

✅ Trip Verified | Very simply the worst experience ever! Flight was cancelled, we were promised to get a rental car reimbursed if we were to travel ourselves to destination Amsterdam. Claiming these costs didn't only take 30 days, turns out they also dont reimburse the costs for the car, which they decided in the email they sen...

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7/1/2019 R Lanzer

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Vienna, I need an option to mark a negative rating. Eurowings needs to be avoided like the plague. They first tried to charge me for the same flight for two consecutive days, for 6/30 and 7/1. I had to cancel 2 credit cards because of those charges I did not agree to. Expedia refunded my 7/1 fare. Got...

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6/28/2019 Dolores Kovačević

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Rijeka. They were delaying trip every hour for half an hour so we started 2 hours later. The cabin crew don't know to say hello. And we did not get anything free to drink or eat.

6/27/2019 J Mahtiv

✅ Trip Verified | Zurich to Dusseldorf. Staff demanded that I pay a penalty of 70 euros for my hand luggage. I received an email from Eurowings before the flight, claiming that hand luggage is allowed at no extra cost: "Dear passenger, your Eurowings flight is heavily booked today. To help us depart on time, please hand in your...

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