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7/1/2019 L Gordon, Air Canada

✅ Trip Verified | I used them twice - from Chicago to Toronto and back. I will never use it again. We were delayed 7 hours in total. Once it was because of ‘weather’ but the next was delayed 3h 45min because they were trying to get overbooked clients to cancel their flight. It was terrible and because of the delay I couldn’t get my luggage to my final destination.

7/1/2019 L Fordeno, Air Europa

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Madrid. I paid the XL seat and people were constantly passing by my feet to go to the bathroom, it smells the whole flight because of being near the Bathroom. Delay of course, ground service was poor.

7/1/2019 Leah Loeser, Air France

Not Verified | Paris to Florence. Air France lost track of my luggage during a connecting flight. When my bag was found, I was told it would be delivered to me later that day. When it wasn't delivered, I was "guaranteed" it would arrive the next morning. It has now been 2 whole days and I still do not have my luggage, nor have I received any help in getting ahold of it. I have called the airline 4 times and have been told repeatedly that there is nothing they can do, and that I can't speak to a supervisor. They can't contact the courier service that is supposed to deliver my bag to me, and they can't give me a number or address for said courier service. They also can't put me in contact with someone at the airport in Florence who speaks english that might be able to help me. I have cancelled various tours and events to make sure that I am close to my Airbnb when I get a call about my delivered bag -- all a complete waste. I am in the dark on when I'll have access to my own toiletries, clothes, and technologies and Air France refuses to help me. If you want to guarantee your checked luggage will arrive at your destination, DO NOT fly Air France.

7/1/2019 Hanh Pham, Air France

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Zurich. It was a short nice trip. It departed and arrived on time. Baggage claim was pretty fast. Food and drink were served during the flight, even thought its duration was only 75 minutes. The aircraft is very clean. In general, I felt highly satisfied and had nothing to complain!

7/1/2019 N Thorne, Air New Zealand

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Auckland on the 787-9. Poor service on this flight. Flight attendants look like they are about to retire and do not represent NZ at all, no style at all. Very dirty plane, air vents haven't been cleaned in ages, see photos. Lights had dirt around them. The window hasn't been cleaned, oily film from someone's hair. USB charging stopped mid-flight. Flight attendants unprofessional and unqualified like others have mentioned. The flight attendants were rude and asked 3 times what I wanted without giving me a chance to respond, gave us an ice cream tub without a spoon? This Airline is nowhere near the quality of Singapore Airlines, Qatar, Emirates. I can safely say I had better service on Jetstar for crying out loud. Meals were substandard similar to southern China airlines plastic cutlery and tasteless food no seasoning at all, however, China Southern is extremely cheap, Air NZ is so overpriced. The seat was uncomfortable not enough lateral thigh support. The Dreamliner is a joke, the 777, A330, 350 and 380 are far more comfortable planes. A huge difference between Singapore and Air NZ. Singapore ran a drink service every 45 minutes and snacks every other hour. Air NZ, on the other hand, comes every 1.5 hours with plastic cups in one hand and a jug in the other, can tell they are cutting costs. Unfortunately, they codeshare with Singapore however if AIR NZ is offered again on my itinerary I will avoid which means avoiding Singapore Airlines which is Number 1 if it means I have to stay 15 hours for a Singapore flight I would take that any day over Air NZ. Even Qantas, Sri Lankan, and Malaysian Airlines are above Air NZ. The menu, for instance, is announced over the PA no paper menu and no time to hand out hot towels and to think they charge more than their competitors? Inflight entertainment is average route map is very basic. No WIFI. Nothing to recommend here.

7/1/2019 T Holbrook, Alaska Airlines

Not Verified | San Diego to Salt Lake City. The lack of training, lack of customer service caused us to miss our flight. Very incompetence people and they just don’t care. When you are there in plenty of time and it’s their lines and their staff that causes you to miss your flight, they need to compensate you in some way. We were there at the time they told us to be and was having problems with their kiosk and lines were horrible. If I could give them a zero I would. If you want to miss your flights because of their customer service go for it, or plan to be there 6 hours before for a domestic flight. I fly a lot, and have never been treated so poorly by other airlines. Do not use this airline. We had to rebuy tickets for triple the price, they are price gougers to make more money off their customer service.

7/1/2019 J Talbot, Alaska Airlines

✅ Trip Verified | San Diego to Salt Lake City. Do not use this airline, they are horrible and do not care about their passengers. We were there in ample time (2 hours). There were only two people working their check in, and the lines were extremely long. So someone told us to use a kiosk, another line and passengers were confused how to use it. 30 minutes later, finally got to the kiosk, and it would not work, so got back in line, and their customer check in causes is to miss our flight by 2 minutes. They told us to call their customer service, we did, and all they could say is sorry, you needed to be here within two hours and we were. No discounts nothing, just buy another ticket, which I had zero money to buy another ticket. Thanks. Alaska airlines for screwing me over. Next time will be any airline but Alaska.