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6/29/2019 Mylissa Russell

✅ Trip Verified | After a nightmare experience with United (who rebooked us with their Star Alliance partner Aegean) including several delays, and cancellations, we arrived in Athens to no luggage, which was United's responsibility, not Aegean's. We dealt with United for four days trying to get our luggage from Newark to Athens. Eventually they told us to Taxi back to the airport and promised our luggage was there, a very kind supervisor came out and talked to us to explain the luggage was not, in fact, there. (We did not even ask for a supervisor.) He was very understanding and patient and asked us to trust him. At this point our time in Athens was over and we left the airport to board our cruise ship, thinking there was no way we'd ever get our luggage in the middle of the ocean. The next night there it was in our cabin when we opened the door! We couldn't believe it. The supervisor had gotten our luggage from Newark to Athens, then onto Santorini Island, where our Princess Cruise ship then transported it from the island and onto the ship and then to our room - all within a day. In all we went five days without luggage, but once Aegean was involved we had it within about a day, in a much more difficult route than it would have been for United to simply put it on the plane to Athens. Everyone was so compassionate and kind. But it didn't end there. Upon arriving home, I began the impossible task of dealing with United to receive compensation - they had told us to keep all receipts for the five days without luggage and we had. We spent hours on hold, hours on the phone, getting nowhere. Finally, based on the File Reference number (that I'd given them over and over and over) someone finally clued in and explained the International agreement that wherever you end up is who is responsible for the luggage. Wait, so we get to deal with Aegean again? Wonderful! I called and a kind man explained exactly what to do and gave me an email. In less than a day I got a response telling me exactly what to do to make a very easy process go smoothly. I've spent three weeks with United and got nowhere, while being treated rudely. In the last few days everything has been submitted to Aegean in a easy process with a kind person on the other end helping. We wouldn't have realized how amazing Aegean is had we not had such a bad experience through their sister airline, that only Aegean resolved, for them. Aegean went above and beyond, with every person we dealt with, they will be the first we use if at all possible.

6/28/2019 S Hagen

✅ Trip Verified | I had two wonderful flights on Aegean Airlines on June 18th and on June 27th between Dusseldorf and Athens. The cabin crew was excellent: They took care of each guest, they were on both segments present at all times with a natural smile and much kindness! I‘ve flown Aegean several times and they really deserve the top ranking. From check-in till baggage-delivery everything went totally smooth! An Airline with an outstanding standard of operation. Delicious meals with a Greek touch, Greek wines and spirits as well as Cappuccino and Espresso on demand! This is truly not common even in Business Class on flights within Europe these days.

6/26/2019 G Grigg

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Madrid. The perfect flight. They gave us breakfast for free in economy class. It was punctual and the staff very kind. The plane was new but it was like flying with an old airline because of the treatment of the staff.

6/25/2019 Michael Twyford

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Beirut. One of the nicest airlines I have ever flown! The staff were really professional and friendly, the seats were very comfortable and the food was delicious with a great selection of drinks. The seats were very comfortable and the atmosphere was very pleasant. I would give 10/10 if only the plane wasn't delayed twice. However, it was only 30 mins. Highly recommend!

6/19/2019 M Lustin

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Heraklion. Our flight from Rhodes to Athens with Aegean Airlines was quite late so upon arrival into Athens we knew it would be a tight connection even though the flight from Athens to Heraklion was still at the airport and this flight was late anyway. We got to the gate to be told the flight had been closed and we were booked onto the next flight. We asked if they could re-open the flight and get us on. They issued the new boarding passes for the next flight and my partner and I were not sitting together as we were just added to the next flight. We asked them to seat us together but they said there was nothing they could do. The annoying things was that the ground and lounge staff didn't try to accommodate us and get us onto our original flight. The crew on the flight were OK but catering was awful for the 50 mins flight.

6/16/2019 Gazy Kattan

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Athens. Online booking process very straightforward and easy. Their fares are very competitive. Very easy boarding process, the staff are friendly and helpful. My wife and I flew Madrid to Athens round trip, both airplanes were clean, good legroom, service fine. Meals, well airplane meals are similar, these were okay, the good thing is they included wine in Economy. This has been our only experience with Aegean and we were very satisfied. Good airline.

6/10/2019 Judith Campbell

✅ Trip Verified | Santorini to London via Athens. When my sister and I checked in for the Santorini to Athens flights we had two rollerbags which were labeled cabin baggage on check in by Aegean. (A355 3 June) On our continuing flight to London (A3602 3 June), the gate agent stopped us and demanded that we pay 60 euros for one of our carryons despite the fact they were tagged by Aegean on our previous connecting flight. He would not let us on the plane unless we paid him. We finally paid to not hold up other travelers but in the confusion of this my purse was left on his counter. (not the main check in counter but the one to the side of the door where he collected the money). Immediately upon getting to my seat I noticed the purse missing. I asked the three stewardesses at the front of the plane if I could retrieve my purse at that counter. The man charging us the baggage fee at the last minute could also have run the purse down, and didn't. I could not leave the plane to go up the ramp but they did not offer for one of them to get it for me; and instead waited for a young baggage boy to go see it it was there. What could have been accomplished in 5 minutes took at least 15 or more. He came back and said he did not see it. Literally, it was only 5 minutes from the time we got to our seat to when I could have had a stewardess check the countertop. The attendants could have called the gate but didn't or one of them gone to that counter, but they did not. On arrival at Heathrow, the departure agent called Athens for me and the purse was at lost and found with greek police at airport. They had it at the ticket check in stand after all! They gave me the reference number of 2294 and said to call DHL (maybe UPS) to have it couriered to me. I am not a business and have no way of putting the purse (small fabric dark grey shoulder bag 10 x 12") in a box with a label which was suggested for pickup. Aegean Air, when contacted, said I would have to go through Greek lost and found and could offer no further assistance. I will pay if needed for it to be sent. I obviously am not in Athens and do not know anyone to pick the purse up for me there. The ticket agent in London was helpful but all of the numbers I have tried to reach since then either don't respond or give me another number that doesn't respond. He also said we should not have been charged the 60 euros at the last minute on the continuing flight. After calls and emails the airline finally did say they would credit the charge. It now has taken me five days and numerous long distance calls to get my purse returned. Hopefully this coming week UPS in conjunction with an exceptionally helpful lady in lost and found may be able to return my purse.

6/7/2019 S Karykas

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Larnaca return for work. Flights full both ways and punctual. Used the app to check in - very easy and convenient - still able to choose seats, some without charge - a charge applies to the front seats or the extra leg space ones. I was traveling with hand luggage only, however decided to check it in for free. Embarkation done on time and with order. People always trying to get in as much cabin bags as they can, however personnel handled the situation well, taking some on hold and I did not see them fining anybody. Light meal and refreshments served on this 1h30min flight. The return flight was very turbulent all the way, so they served the food, but stopped the drinks service early on. The majority of the passengers did not get anything to drink. Some passengers panicking and vomiting, but the crew managed It well, calming passengers and maintaining a good spirit.

6/4/2019 S Talinikos

✅ Trip Verified | Milano to Chania via Athens. I received an email from Aegean for upgrade (but I did not notice that the upgrade was only for the flight Milano-Athens). My offer (80 euros) was accepted. For the flight I had two handbags of 3.5 and 7.5 kg as permitted for Business class (less than the 5 and 8 kg allowance for each handbag). It was only in Athens that I was asked to pay for one of these handbags (Athens-Chania was still economy and only one luggage is permitted) either 60 euros in the gate (with a fine) or to run to check-in 124 of Aegean to pay 25 euros. I had to pay for a handbag of 7.5kg 25 euros. If they had informed me in Milano when I checked in my luggage that I would have to pay for the one handbag in Athens, I would have put the content of small handbag in one of my luggage, since there was space in my baggage. The use of the lounge of Aegean in Athens was not permitted. I wrote to Aegean and customer relations department of Aegean who replied and stated twice only that the flight Athens to Chania was economy. As for the space in the business class. If you get the seats 1A or 1 C is fine. I was in 1F and the space was not something that is worth the money. Also, in row 2 the seats seems to be like the space in the seats+ (why pay for business class?). The folded tables that are opened from the arm of the chair are not convenient.

5/22/2019 C Hoffmann

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Thessaloniki. Good flight and still the only airline that can really be called full service for inter Europe flights. Departure from MUC was an hour late but time was made up during the flight. Onboard staff were friendly and a hot meal was served for breakfast. I am not sure the choice of the pastry is the best item as it was a bit stodgy, bread rolls however were hot and fresh can’t remember that last time that happened on a flight even in business class. Boarding in MUC was via airbridge deplaned via bus. Very comfortable flight.

5/17/2019 H Parlikos

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to London. Slightly disappointed by the crew this time round. A passenger behind me asked for tea during the pre-lunch drinks service and was told that only soft drinks were available (not true as Aegean offers wine and beer in its European economy).

5/6/2019 Maria Nomikou

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to London Heathrow. I am a gold member of Aegean and since 2 years ago the quality is becoming worse every day. The quality of food in business class is very poor. We were offered lamp and there was not a single piece of meat, only fat. The distance between the rows is extremely small unless you pay extra. I paid 567 euro for this flight and obviously I didn’t want to pay not even 1 euro extra. Practices of low cost companies with tickets of an extremely expensive one. Very disappointed.

4/22/2019 Ailisa Proudfoot

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Vienna. Really unhelpful staff. The app is confusing and it left out my name down twice for the two tickets I purchased. Went to check in and realised this so called and was told I’d get my money back but instead they charged me double the price I paid for the ticket and said they were doing me a favour!

4/16/2019 S Macolinos

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Larnaca. Aegean is a very professional airline, I have experienced many many flights with them, aircraft though cramped are in excellent condition, flight attendants are given top marks, whilst snacks etc at least on some routes are getting below average, for example on this flight we were given a tasteless small piece of bread which looked like a pie.. As on many airlines you have to pay for check in luggage, pay for a seat if you choose the first 12 rows etc. In general a punctual and reliable airline, but ever so often they avoid jet step walkways and this is my constant complaint, as it has happened many many times especially on this route to Larnaca, or even Munich and London.. On this flight for example we arrived under torrential rain, the airport at Larnaca was half empty and Aegean parked at a distance, go down the stairs, get wet, into the bus and then the drive to the underground entry to the airport.

4/9/2019 K Thornton

✅ Trip Verified | Thessaloniki to Athens with Aegean Airlines. I felt cheated by the way they handled my luggage, which by all means did not exceed the maximum weight. The supervisor claimed that my luggage had to loosely fit in the paper box they were using to size the luggage. They charged me an additional $40 euros for the luggage when on the same trip I traveled with AA and Iberia and they gave me no problems with it. On top of it, the supervisor was rude.

4/9/2019 L Alexakis

✅ Trip Verified | On 22th of August 2018, I was traveling with OA flight 254 Athens to Mytilene operated by Aegean. I am a gold member and with me were travelling my parents, my father with special assistance as he has had a coronary angiography. When I went to the lounge and asked at the front office to have my parents as guests, the answer was that I can take only one guest and it’s not possible to take both because the regulation is that only one guest can go with a Gold member. I replied that I know the regulation but due my father’s health circumstances, if they could make an exception and he could sit in a quiet place until boarding the aircraft, the response was again negative, only my father could come with me and my mother should wait outside. At this point I was wondering what would be happening if my mother came with us in an almost empty lounge. Probably they were afraid that they would eat the cheeses at the buffet. I was expecting something more from Aegean as they advertise all the time that: Aegean is civilization, they definitely have a strange idea about what civilization is.

4/4/2019 J Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Edinburgh to Rhodes via Athens. We have flown to Rhodes several times using holiday airlines, however last year we decided to use Aegean Air. I must say the experience was great, customer service was friendly and always felt taken care of during the flight. We enjoyed our Aegean Air experience so much we decided to book our next flight in October 19 to Rhodes for our honeymoon. We got a good deal with our flights, however we wished to extend our stay in Rhodes by 3/4 days and Aegean air were going to charge us double our flight cost for us both plus 50 euro each booking fees for changing a flight from a Thursday to Monday. This is rather high for changing one part of our flight. We were rather disappointied that we couldnt extend our stay in Rhodes due to the very high transfer charge - even although the flight isnt until October and its only April. This is rather annoying as they have ben such a good airline to deal with previously.

3/23/2019 Nick Biskinis

✅ Trip Verified | LGW-ATH-LHR Aegean Airlines. Aegean has kept up the high standards; on time, clean aircraft and excellent value for money. Hot meals and sweets on both sectors, with several rounds of drinks. Aegean's economy class offering on medium haul is akin to business class with other airlines. The return fare was £200 cheaper than British Airways who charge for sandwiches and drinks; BA's buy on board concept isn't suitable for destinations like Athens,Istanbul, Larnaca which are not 'short' haul.

3/12/2019 Georgios Psaltakis

✅ Trip Verified | Samos to Heraklion via Athens. Aegean Airlines is probably the best airline in Greece, and its service meets higher end companies like Air France. The seats comfortable and space is enough. They rarely have delays and its overall a great experience. The prices for regional routes are quite high, but if you can book a month or two early, you can get a fair deal. Their miles and bonus system I think is below average and generally the promotions with banks to provide cheaper or free flights usually fails to meet expectations. All in all, I believe Aegean airlines is a very honest and professional Airline that meets most of the expectations you can have for a trip!

3/7/2019 Bobby Giannakopoulos

✅ Trip Verified | I've travelled with Aegean Airlines in the past and I've been always satisfied with that airline. This time was no exception. I took two flight over the last week. All the fights left on time and arrived early. Check in process in Athens airport was fine and no big line ups. The check in agent even manages to tag my bags to my final destination with a partner airline and they did follow. The crew on all the flights were nice and welcoming. They even helped to make space and store carry on bags in the overheard compartments so the flight could leave as soon as possible. They even hand out candy before take off which makes a nice touch of a warm Greek welcome. There's a complementary meal or snack provided depending on the flight time with a selection of drinks. Aegean Airlines is one the best airlines and the service has improved a lot over the past years. The only downside is that they don't operate flights to the USA or Canada. I will defenetly fly back with them later this year.