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6/15/2019 Julio Cesar, Boeing 737-800 (738) место 1D

Great economía plus Seat, plenty of legroom and wide and very quiet.

6/13/2019 N Golden

Not Verified | I booked my trip via AMEX Web Site to travel from the US to Argentina for the 2019 eclipse. My name on the ticket defaulted to the name on the card using my initials of my first and middle name. I noticed this today, a full two weeks before my flight from the US to Argentina. AMEX and I called Aerolineas Argentin...

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6/1/2019 Rayssa Duarte Machado

✅ Trip Verified | Horrible service, flight from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro supposed to depart at 18:20 on the 31st May 2019 and it was delayed to 2:15am the next morning, more than 8 hours waiting and no one knows anything, gave us a voucher to eat in a poor place called La Churrasquita. Should give a voucher that we choose...

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5/13/2019 G Garitos

✅ Trip Verified | Buenos Aires to El Calafate. The flights were on time. We had a problem with a pilot strike on 30 April 2019, we had to pay for another night for hotel with no compensation. Airplanes were in good shape and clean. Seat were leather covered with good legroom. Inflight service for 3 hrs. 50 min flight was very b...

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5/8/2019 Óscar García Puente, Airbus A340-300 (343) место 31G

Of course, good, because it was placed in Emergency exit. But I have noticed that most of B's and G's in Tourist area have the Video entertainment devices where your feet should be, taking a lot of space. Regarding food and beverage, better take a sandwich with you from home.

5/6/2019 Sebastian, Embraer 190 место 7D

al contrario de como figura en la imagen el 7d esta ubicado en ventanilla, la misma no estaba alineada con el asiento pero inclinandolo veia la turbina y el ala, el espacio para las rodillas esta justo, mido 1.76 y cuando reclinaban el asiento de adelante casi no me podia mover, el viaje de 45 min no amerita que sirvan bebidas ...

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5/6/2019 Nicolas Maiquez

✅ Trip Verified | Cordoba to Buenos Aires. Very professional staff, the plane was clean. Even better now that they are not charging a lot like they used to, and providing a great service.

5/4/2019 Julian Deiscle

✅ Trip Verified | Dubious business practices from Aerolineas Argentinas - avoid flying this airline. Booked premium economy class tickets and were granted 2x32 kg on the first flight, however on the ongoing flight they only granted us 15 kg and the above amount had to be paid extra at the Airport. Neither the Ticket nor the Boar...

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4/30/2019 CARLOS, Airbus A330-200 (332) место 33G


4/26/2019 Adrian, Boeing 737-800 (738) место 11A

Buen avión, asiento confortable, ventana perfectamente alineada con el mismo,no disponen de pantallas

3/28/2019 L James

✅ Trip Verified | You have two terrible choices for flying within Argentina. Latam is a disaster (I'll post more on them - it is truly the worst airline I have ever flown), but not too far behind is Aerolineas. No video, cramped seats, no food even for sale, no beer or wine for sale (this in a country where wine is everywhere). ...

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2/24/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-700 (737) место 22C

It was alright not the best seat ive ever gotten been in the food service was good and the plane was on time.

2/23/2019 K Lee

✅ Trip Verified | They were essentially no frills and provided the mere basics on a flight. Granted, on a 1 hour flight Air France provides a drink and a croissant or similar pastry, whereas only drinks are provided with the same flight time. For a three hour flight, only a snack mix packet was served. Check in is very fast, bo...

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2/19/2019 Maria, Airbus A330-200 (332) место 22E

Buen asiento, mejor de lo que esperaba. Lo único para sugerir es que mejoren la base del asiento, es muy dura, no recomendable para viajes tan largos. Sistema de entretenimiento con variada programación. Buena atención a bordo. Comida 5 puntos (sobre 10).

1/20/2019 Pablo, Embraer 190 место 2A

O think it's the best seat on the plane.

1/20/2019 Juan, Airbus A340-300 (343) место 22F

Un avión limpio, standard.

1/15/2019 Jose Rossi

✅ Trip Verified | Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. Bad service. Asked to move to emergency row because the regular row is too tight for my size (1,93cm) and cause hurt to my legs. The answer was no because I have problems with my legs! Ridiculous. I frequently travel in the emergency row and I am fully capable. That discussion w...

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1/2/2019 Pepe, Airbus A330-200 (332) место 21G

I'm 6'0 tall, space was average, but service with this aeroline was absolutely fantastic. They just took too long to provide the food.

12/25/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-700 (737) место 1A

Coach class is ridiculously narrow. I'm 5'5 and I could barely cross my legs. There's a small business class, with 8 good seats. Service is OK. Business food is very poor.

12/11/2018 Ian, Airbus A330-200 (332) место 33B

Excelente el sistema de entretenimiento. La tripulación es excelente y muy amable, todos en realidad, desde los empleados del mostrador hasta los tripulantes. La comida es muy buena 8/10. Los asientos son buenos y pude dormir bien. El desayuno es EXQUISITO