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6/6/2019 Jaime Valdes, Embraer 190 (E90) v1 место 17A

Very Nice Airplane

6/3/2019 Raymond Menegay Sorin

✅ Trip Verified | We were met at the door by a cordial flight attendant who checked our boarding passes, and then directed us to our seats. The 787-9 Business Class cabin is arranged 1-2-1, and our seats were the last on the left side in the front section, just in front of the walk-up bar. A flight attendant welcomed us with our choice of water or orange juice, as we were settling in to our seats. The inflight entertainment system played commercials and the safety video, and only then were we able to select personal programming. A menu was presented detailing the two main course options-on this flight fish or pasta. Following dinner I slept for at least 3 hours. Considering everything, very satisfied with the service and flight. Did not have the need to stay connected, so did not subscribe to the inflight wifi.

5/30/2019 Wenbin Xiong

Not Verified | Vancouver to Mexico City. Their premier / busineses seems like a joke. Sky priority check-in. When I hold my ticket show their people about to check in sky priority because I'm in business class, they don't even look at it, just tell me to follow other economy class to lineup. Until a few mins later, I try again, point at the class on the paper, then they stop chatting, open the block let me check in with their sky priority. After get on flight, my wife's tv is freezy, not working at all. My chair's leg lift up is broken. Could something really works here? We were paying for premier price for price service and equipment. Not a broken seats. And the bottom of the seat seems been broken for a while, the glue around seems very old. Priority luggage pickup. They did put the priority tag on the luggage. But when we waiting for our luggage, economy's luggage all went ahead then our's. Not up to standard at all.

5/10/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-700 (737) место 14A

Seats 14A and 14F do not have armrest, which make them uncomfortable. No seat pocket in from of you either. The only advantage is very good leg space. I would not clasiffy them as green but rather Yellow,

5/8/2019 Kevin Dominguez

✅ Trip Verified | Guadalajara to Chicago O-Hare. Do not recommend this airline. Do not understand how paying extra for priority seating gets you last on the plane. Also having your carry on baggage removed and taken down with all the other luggage just because the flight did not have enough space. Makes no sense that I paid extra money and for the staff to be rude and not find a spot to put my luggage at and just take it out and give it to a person to put down not acceptable. Do not recommend this airline what so ever. Worst flight ever. Not worth it.

5/6/2019 Avelino Estrella

✅ Trip Verified | The plane left Toronto and arrived in Mexico City as scheduled. The seats are comfortable and the Flight attendants are respectful as this is a red eye flight.

5/5/2019 K Walker

✅ Trip Verified | This was the worst airline I have ever bought a ticket from. I had to change my trip because of a death in the family and was looking forward to using my credit (after additional cost) however the cancellation policy was lost in translation and I was told I had one year to use it. Not the case. Two weeks after the one year mark of the original purchase I call to book and they’re sorry “I will have to take it as a loss”. I would have happily paid to extend it - now I will never give them my business. Good customer service doesn’t cost a company anything, and keeps people coming back. Disappointed is an understatement after the Experience with Aeromexico. Do not bother!

4/28/2019 Yvonne Krause, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 место 10D

Better than back of plane. Good room. Lovely new plane - everything worked perfectly. Friendly staff. 3rd time with Aeromexico. I'd fly again.

4/28/2019 Lena Kazi

Not Verified | Overbooked flight. Online checkin not possible. Clueless staff. Customer service close to non Existent. They give preference to family members of staff and off duty pilots, upgrade them to business flight before their frequent flier customers. To those they have no problem saying the flight is overbooked. I wonder if someone from customer service management reads these comments, it seems not to be the case, if they would use the feedback from these sites and implement them they could learn to become a national airline to be proud off. But it seems there is not even any willingness.

4/25/2019 Russell Joel

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to El Salvador via Mexico City. I can not put into words how bad the customer service is with this airline and the lack of caring and inability to provide a basic level of service. We did not even make it onto our flight due to outrageous prices to re book a flight on top of our original purchased tickets and with penalty fees. We lost a vacation and a lot of money. I do not understand how an airline is allowed to operate out of a Canadian airport and only offer by phone customer service back to the defunct business they are allowed to run in Mexico. I hope that if anyone reads this before considering flying with this airline please re consider at all costs. This airline is criminal.

4/15/2019 C Davis

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Quito via Mexico City. Horrible rates when changing flights. $200 change fee is a little high plus air fare change. Basically had to buy another whole ticket. I always have used American Airlines and I will be returning.

4/5/2019 E Marenos

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Merida via Mexico City. It have never experienced a worst customer service anywhere. We booked a Business Class flight to Merida from Vancouver and it was uneventful, it was not bad but was not good. Mediocre food and mediocre customer service. On our way back is when it became a nightmare we had a 2 hour delay due a mechanical problem in our plane, we had to connect in Mexico City and after running with bags and cases to the gate 15 minutes before the plane will took off. The lady at the gate did not want to let us in (we were still in time to board), they were many passengers in our delayed flight and was actually fault of Aeromexico, but she say nobody inform her about the delay. She simply didn't want to help or even call a superior to help, she was rude and completely careless. She send us to another stand to make changes in our flight and we got one flight but in Economy, even they had seats in Business Class. They didn't offer absolutely any compensation or apology for the now 8 hours delay in the flight. Then at home, we called and emailed many several times for many hours and months where we have dealt with so many different people and phone numbers, they just refuse to compensate the delay and the downgrade on our tickets as it was our fault. They offered a ridiculous upgrade with a code where you have to call a special number and that only apply to specific flights and so on, practically an offer you cannot claim. I feel scammed and robbed, we pay for a service and they didn't provide it and they simply refuse to reimburse what we pay, or the difference of it. I have flown many times and with many different airlines and I have never experience a completely lack of empathy of the customer service personnel. It's almost as if Aeromexico sees customers as a threat, forgetting we are paying a service that they seem unable to provide. If you can avoid it, then choose another airline. Aeromexico will make sure you have a horrible travel experience.

4/4/2019 P Horton

✅ Trip Verified | Guadalajara to Sacramento. The most insanely terrible customer service Ive ever experienced. Check in nightmare, even with priority status. The man at desk was new and had no information, going back to get approval from his supervisor for everything, who never came out of his office to help. Spent 30 minutes checking in and arguing over bag fees they wanted to charge. They didn't end up charging because they were wrong, but it was like talking to a wall, and took 35 minutes, just to to properly check my bags. The plane was old, no power outlets. The flight attendants were nice but service terrible. Boarding sucked, buses, so on. But its really about the service. Every time I check in at Aeromexico I feel like the employee sees the customer as some sort of existential threat. There seems to be no understanding that this is a purchased service. I dont know how this Delta partnership can work.

3/28/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) место 12B


3/25/2019 L Tasarovas

✅ Trip Verified | London to San Jose via Mexico city. Before flight i read a lot bad reviews about Aeromexico but price was very good. Ground service was good, they give all answers to all my questions. The flight service as well was wonderfull. Flight from mexico to san jose (costa rica) was same. Plane was little bit old but that no problem. I highly recommend fly with Aeromexico.

3/20/2019 B Deane

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Austin. This is the worst airline. They will work to make you miss your connection, and force you to re-buy your ticket. You would be better off walking. Over a month later I still shudder to remember flying with them. Constant stress and extortion. They should be permanently grounded.

3/11/2019 Maria Astra

Not Verified | London to San Jose via Mexico City. We chose the airline due to the lower than competitors price point (which was still not cheap). Both flights left without delays as scheduled. My partner had actually forgotten a valuable item on one of the flights and we were lucky it was handed in by the crew to Lost and Found office at the airport after the flight had landed. Many thanks for that! 3 out of 5 is for the comfort - on both flights the seats were broken (not reclining) and taken it was a 10 hours flight it was very uncomfortable. Online entertainment is ok but not as good as other companies. Also would be great to see more reusable cups than single-use plastic.

3/10/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) место 23A

Do not choose this seat. It is ridiculously sold as a "premium seat" because as an exit row seat, we expect that it would offer more leg room. However, the exit door itself has a bulge that protrudes into the leg area of this seat. This forces you to sit an an awkward twisted angle. I assume the seat at the opposite side of the plane (23J) would have the same issue.

3/7/2019 Veronica, Boeing 787-8 (788) место 2J

the seat was ok. The food terrible and horrible

3/4/2019 Heidi Coggan

Not Verified | Where to start... The booking part of the flight was fine and easy. After that it was a nightmare. We boarded our flight in Moncton and where delayed due to problems with the plan therefor we missed our connection flight we where stuck in Toronto airport with 3 kids searching for our luggage for 5 long hrs. After that we where told we would have to wait until Friday to get a flight and get to Mexico. No compensation for hotels food or lost luggage they finally got us a flight Wednesday night to Calgary and told us there was a flight Thursday morning to Mexico and once we got to Calgary go to the agent and book it with them. Once we arrived in Calgary there was no flights again until Friday and we had to Find a hotel for 5 people and get there and wait till Friday. Which means we have lost 2 days of our vacation. We were told in Toronto Calgary would be able to help with compensation of hotels once we got there NOT TRUE. once we and the 3 kids where settled in our hotel I started contacting Aeromexico where I was told we could change our return dates with no charge and she put me on hold then there was no one when I called back I was told not possible and to contact west jet. West would not do anything and told me to call Aeromexico and they said no should have got the first agent to change the dates and this new agent would not do it and said he didn’t feel it was necessary. I tried explaining he was being unfair and the first agent said she would and that we where protected. However he wouldn’t. So I contacted red tag and delt with an agent who told me no problem to change our return dates so we could have our full time she said she needed to call me back however never did. So then I ran out of time and we left for Mexico. Once I got there and dealt with our hotel which we where two days late for ans still has to pay for those days along with our hotels when we where stuck in airports. I was told there was nothing anyone could do. I feel cheated I paid for a family vacation and not only did I not get to spend the week with my children on the beach I spent 2 days in airports and hotels. Had to pay for 4 hotel rooms 2 in Canada and the 2 in Mexico. And was told nothing anyone will do. I didn’t think I was asking for a lot I just wanted to change our return date by 2 days and was told it was no problem. There has been nothing done as of yet.