Aigle Azur


8/17/2019 C Voss

✅ Trip Verified | Just don't travel with this company. It's simply not worth it. It's not a trustful company. It was my first try with it, but they have already disappointed me. They cancelled my return flight Paris to Sao Paulo with a message saying only: "your flight is cancelled. If you need to contact us, go to our webpage o...

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8/1/2019 B Daniels

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Paris. So, I bought tickets 1.5 months before the trip. Unfortunately, plans had changed, I had to cancel my trip. I also purchased insurance for cancellation with tickets. So a week before the flight, I wanted to cancel my tickets. I tried to call for 3 days in a row to their support line and every tim...

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6/1/2019 L Cargude

✅ Trip Verified | I visit my parents regularly in Paris, I always use Air France, Transavia, or Middle east airlines. But today was the first and last flight with this Aigle Azur. On the passport my name is Ludovic while on the ticket its Ludwig. The family name is the same. So because of 3 letters difference, they want to char...

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10/6/2018 R Vathime

✅ Trip Verified | It was my first time flying with Aigle Azur. To be honest, I didn't choose it, but Hainan Airlines. To start with, we took off with more then 2 hours delay without notifications. It wasn't the airport issue, but the company problem, because we had to wait for the plane to arrived from Sao Polo. I will skip the...

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4/20/2018 N Vitoux

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Paris. Flight on time, clean and modern plane. It was impossible to buy any drinks due to an issue with their visa machine. The crew was ok but they could smile a bit more. At Orly airport, we had to disembark by bus, which took 10 minutes to finally be at the south terminal.

3/9/2018 D Meadar

✅ Trip Verified | Beirut to Paris. Worst experience ever! I booked online a two way ticket for a very tight scheduled business flight and after taking the money from my bank account a few days later i received a notification that the return flight was rescheduled to two days later which does not suite me although tickets offeri...

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12/7/2017 G Lamesse

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Paris Orly. Bought the ticket online a week ago and it was impossible to add a luggage. I connected on the official Website add my luggage for 25 eur, received a mail saying it was charged. Checked the morning of my flight and no luggage added, no money debited. Tried all morning to add a luggage on ...

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4/1/2016 Eric Boissy

Basel Mulhouse to Algiers on 19/03/206. It was scheduled for 14:50 and departed at 20:06, without any explanation, excuse or apology. The only representative the company had at the airport could not give any information, nor provide any help to the hundreds of passengers stuck at the airport. What is even worse is that the compa...

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3/30/2015 Ian Snow

Paris Orly to Lisbon new airline for me seat and leg room average but if your traveling with baggage the 20kg baggage allowances included in the fare makes Aigle Azur worth considering. Cabin crew did a quick run through the cabin with a (paid) drinks cart then duty free cart and promptly disappeared behind the curtain for the r...

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3/30/2014 D Lee

Porto to Paris Orly on ZI 312 (A320) on 28 March 2014. First time on this airline and I'm a little bit unimpressed with check-in at Porto Airport. No effort to direct passengers to correct boarding desks hence I ended up in the web-check in/bag-drop queue with passengers who had not even checked in online. Thankfully queue was p...

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1/17/2012 Y Kadrin

BSL-ALG-BSL on A320 both legs. First time flown ZI and overall was an impressive experience. The cabin was quite clean and the seat was quite comfortable with good pitch. Warm and delicious meal for 2 hrs flight was a very good service. Another positive was the 30 kg free baggage for all economy class passenger.

1/21/2008 N Bessafi

Lyon to Oran. Two Airbus A320 are mainly dedicated for operations between Lyon ad Algeria. I would allow that the service tends to decrease. I can't stand how Aigle Azur operates "charter planes with high density configuration for regular flights between France and Algeria. It is unbearable to get sat so tight in those seating r...

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12/9/2007 M Fadjar

I did some flights with Aigle Azur on Paris - Hassi Messaoud route (Algeria for those who are not familiar). This flight has only one type of customer: oil & gas people. I have found the service as fair overall crew friendliness and meals are actually in good category (crew friendlier then Air France). It's a pity Aigle Azur doe...

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1/12/2007 M Ellis

Have flown Paris Orly to Oran return several times over the last three months. Whilst there have been some delays this has not always been due to the airline. Air crew seem extremely helpful carrying children and baggage to seats etc. Overall service much better that I would have expected and a generous luggage allowance.

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