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9/23/2019 J Barton

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul to Busan. First time with Air Busan and it was great. Price, App, check in, employees, service,luggage and on time. At the check in I was offered an earlier flight, no fee. There were no problems with this airline and trip. Recommend.

8/12/2019 R Hardie

✅ Trip Verified | Osaka to Busan. Great value budget airline. Web site and on-board magazine promise free water but none was offered. Check-in at KIX was about 20 minutes, check-in at PUS was zero with no other customers in sight. Offered decent seats even though we hadn't pre-booked them. Outward flight was delayed due to 'air...

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3/28/2019 Alan Ooi

✅ Trip Verified | My family flew to Daegu from Gimpo. From check-in to boarding, service rendered by all staff were efficient and excellent. Cabin was clean and seats were usual economy class comfy. On our return flight from Daegu to Gimpo, we were late due to traffic and could not check-in thru self serve kiosk. We had barely ...

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9/11/2017 S Patel

✅ Verified Review | Today in morning when we were coming Jeju to Busan, it was 10 minutes late, which is acceptable. But after this when all the passengers were in plane and it start to run, they stopped. We were informed that there is an issue and pilot will take plane back. We were kept waiting another few minutes and cabin m...

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12/17/2016 Justin Wong Siu Hong

Flew Air Busan from Jeju to Busan. No delays - my experience of taking budget airlines gives me an impression that they will surely delay. They served orange juice that was quite nice onboard. Smooth landing at Busan. I slept on board. But they don't have aerobridge like Korean Air, Asiana Airlines or Jeju air.

9/10/2016 Lisa Naughton

We were in Jeju flying to Busan then connecting to Gimpo. I noticed our flight was delayed and we may miss the connection. I queried this with ground staff. Within 16 minutes our flights were changed (at no cost), 4 people's luggage located, dragged across the airport, by tiny female ground staff, identified and reloaded then we...

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8/3/2016 Marian Eyers

We highly recommend the staff at Jeju airport. We were booked Jeju to Busan, Busan to Gimpo. Our flight from Jeju was delayed and we would have missed our connection in Busan. The check-in staff were incredible when we queried if they could assist us, they changed our bookings to a direct flight with only 15 minutes to do this. ...

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11/26/2015 K Gwee

Gimpo-Jeju and Jeju-Gimpo. One of the best budget airlines I have flown with thus far. Air fares were cheap. The seat was really comfortable for such a short distance and legroom room was really spacious (more space than SIA). Beverages were served despite the short flight and FAs were very friendly. Airport staff very polite wh...

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5/29/2014 B Vincent

I recently flew Gimpo - Jeju and Jeju - Busan and what a great experience! Fares were cheap included baggage and when I changed my flights to spend more time in Jeju I only had to pay the fare difference. The seats were the same pitch as Qantas (31") flights departed close to schedule and drinks were served despite the short fli...

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11/28/2013 A Arriens

PUS-GMP 737-500. The weather was deteriorating and we were caught off guard by a typhoon heading our way. We got rebooked for free quick and friendly service. At the gate the flights would all be cancelled. The flight was bulk loaded pilots ready. The first delay occurred as extra service agents were called to the gate and were ...

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11/13/2013 Chris Dore

PUS-CJU B737 Short flight from us an to Jeju Island. Left and arrived on time. comfortable seating. No food served; just a 50cc bottle of water handed out. No inflight entertainment.

6/23/2013 H Li

I flew with my family from Fukuoka to Busan for a holiday. Although we stayed for a night in Busan and then flew to Seoul the next day the airport staff were very helpful and friendly they helped me reserve seats for the second route with leg room. The ticket fee was still attractive even though it was during their New Year. No ...

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7/15/2012 Miguel Salcedo-Gomez

FUK-PUS return on an aged 737-400 clean and offering reasonable leg space. Check-in courteous despite I arrived pretty late. No inflight service for such a short flight they served orange juice but it was not necessary to do so if fares go lower. They have an interesting selection of duty free shopping on the plane it's worth tr...

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4/22/2012 Ahda Fajri

PUS-GMP. User-friendly website made the ticket purchasing easy. Departure delayed 20 minutes but the plane arrived on time in GMP. Orange juice and water served on a very short flight. FAs were friendly and efficient. Seat pitch and leg room may be a bit tight but I believe it's common for an LCC. Overall a great choice for thos...

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2/7/2011 B Douglas

Busan to Jeju. Flight attendants great and tried to have a little fun with the passengers. On the way they served drinks (water/juice/coffee) and a fortune cookie. They also had some kind of draw for a few different gift certificates. Airplane very new and in excellent condition. Seats were quite close together so my legs were a...

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12/11/2009 T Hibiki

Very good considering the fares. I even wonder when they serve drinks on a 50 minutes flight (Seoul - Pusan). I'd rather have a cheaper ticket.

9/16/2009 Albrecht Wild

Very good friendly and uncomplicated service. Like the fixed prizing. Makes you wonder why it has to be so stressful travelling in Europe with the likes of Ryanair etc. Would always choose Air Busan again.

8/6/2009 Brandon Kearney

Air Busan was what I would expect from a LCC. Seat pitch a little tight but enough for me. Flight attendants a little abrasive but you can't judge an airline by one flight attendant! Overall good airline and it serves its purpose well; affordable no frills flying so that is what you should expect. South Korea is small so flights...

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6/30/2009 A Peckham

GMP-PUS-GMP. Very good fast efficient and friendly staff. At GMP ground handling done by Asiana so all the traditional quirks of this great airlines. Served water and OJ on this very short flight.

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