Схема салона Boeing 787-8 (788) International Air Canada

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Схема салона Боинг 787-8 (788) International Эйр Канада
Схема салона Боинг 787-8 (788) International Эйр Канада

Боинг 787-8 (788) International авиакомпании Эйр Канада с 3 классами и 255 сиденьями на борту. С помощью наглядной схемы салона и отзывов пассажиров вы узнаете где находятся лучшие места, а какие стоит избегать.


10/13/2019 Anonymously, место 1K

Air Canada has a great Business Class. This was a perfect seat flying west so the sun was on the other side.

9/17/2019 Chris S, место 31G

Tons of leg room , more than premium economy, but be aware people use this as a walk through and will step over your legs without asking

9/4/2019 Danielle DuBois, место 14A

Fantastic flight! As always, Airc canada made the 7-hr flight a dream! I had the fruit plate - globs of fresh and gorgeous fruit; my son had the regular meal. Bathroom has a window in it (that was a first!). Wonderful service, very happy staff. Travel note: the luggage area above window seats will easily fit carry-on laying on ...

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8/1/2019 Jake, место 32H

I can tolerate AC's bland food and blander service, but the sardine-can economy seats are not so easy to swallow. About 2-3" less legroom than better airlines and the seatbacks/armrests are hard and weirdly shaped. Way to ruin the "Dream"liner AC. I hope the extra row of seats you squeezed in remains empty.

5/12/2019 Abdallah E, место 35A

My first time on the B787-8. I was eager and excited to fly on this relatively new plane. Well, it was a big deception. The seat is narrow. I'm not big, and I was constantly touching shoulder with my neighbor on my right. And she was a petite female. Leg room is not great either. Finally, the seat is not well aligned with ...

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4/21/2019 Jay A, место 5A

5A is a lay-flat business class seat that, unfortunately, doesn't have any windows in it. However, being at the back of business class means less foot traffic from the front galley and bathrooms for business class. It's a peaceful and comfortable spot to sit if you don't need to look at the scenery.

4/8/2019 Rob Brown, место 1A

Beautiful pod seating. 3windows to look out of. Fantastic leg room. Privacy with lots of places to put things. Aircraft landed in Vancouver before processing to Honolulu. The two meals were very tasty. Service was outstanding on both legs of the flight. Very pleased.

4/5/2019 Abdallah E, место 14A

All the premium economy seats are pretty good on this plane, though I've never sat in the middle nor on the bulkhead row. I've been on this plane 3 times now between YVR and PVG, and twice SFO-YUL. Food and service on the Shanghai legs definitely a cut above the SF-Montreal route. I try to stay in rows 13 and 14, I tested an em...

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1/19/2019 SeatGuru User, место 5D

5D and 5G are more narrow than most seats to accommodate access to the galley behind. At least 3 inches. Also of note 5K is reserved for pilot use only. Air Canada is the only airline I know to reserve a premium location for staff use.

1/6/2019 SeatGuru User, место 5K

Not only are there no windows at both 5K and 5A, there is no stowage space above the centre seats, which means a competition for the (very little) space above the window seats. This being said, the service and meals are excellent.

12/28/2018 SeatGuru User, место 20C

Do not fly economy on any 787 with a 3-=3-3 config which is every airline other than Japan. The seats are simply too small and too uncomfortable. My seat back was kicked at least 100 times by the man behind me who obviously could not fit in his seat. I have some lower back problems but can survive a long fllight if they are u...

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10/7/2018 Ian F, место 18K

This preferred seat has generous legroom - unlike some Preferred Seats that have bulkheads ahead. However, the seat had a noticeable transverse frame member across the buttocks, and no protection from hands and knees of the passenger behind.

6/13/2018 SeatGuru User, место 31K

Other than sometimes people bump into you waiting for the lav, the seat is not terrible for a shorter person. I found myself propping my leg up on the padded curved fuselage and it was nice to sleep against. Other than that the seat is indeed a little narrow and if you get up a lot the handle on the side of the plane is helpful....

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5/15/2018 John Haynes, место 33A

This plane is comfortable with easy access to the toilets and isles. The wash rooms are to use and are roomy and well appointed.

5/8/2018 SeatGuru User, место 31H

This would have to be one of the worst seats on the plane along with most of row 31. In 31H, once the lights go down on a long haul light, people trip over your feet constantly (and I am only 5ft4in), and have little respect for (or are unaware of) your personal space. No seat pocket for this seat, so absolutely nowhere to place...

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3/31/2018 SeatGuru User, место 21A

I really loved flying on the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner with Air Canada. 21A had sufficient legroom, as do the other standard economy seats, and I'm 6 feet tall, so I should know :) The entertainment system is pretty great, especially since I was on a North American flight rather than an intercontinental one. Plenty of new release ...

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12/11/2017 SeatGuru User, место 33J

This is a standard seat on this plane. The AV system was pleasant to use. The seast are exacty as described by many other reviewers, thin padding, limited leg room and minimal seat width. I am 5'2" and travel to Australia twice a year for business and this was the most uncomfortable plane I have travelled on. I just cannot begin...

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12/6/2017 SeatGuru User, место 31K

This seat is extra cost due to additional leg room. Firstly the seats are very narrow (I'm an average size woman) and because of the length of the seats (short) they eventually dig into your legs, however the biggest complaint I have with this seat is the misaligned window. I pay extra because I am extremely uncomfortable in enc...

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12/3/2017 SeatGuru User, место ECONOMY

disregarding all else , just arriving without jet lag is what I valued about the 787!

11/12/2017 SeatGuru User, место 22K

Ok i was looking forward to travel on a brand new 787... but to be honest I’m disappointed. The plane is great (although late departure by 45min because of technical issues) and clearly the cabin looks nice, windows are larger and dimmable but overall the comfort is not to the standard you expect and it’s a setback compare to pr...

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