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2/28/2019 W Zhu

✅ Trip Verified | Pointe A Pitre to Paris. We bought our Business Class tickets, but actually we got only Premium Economy seats. I think the reasonable way to deal with it is to return the price difference to us.

8/30/2018 Vytautas Kundrotas

✅ Trip Verified | The worst airline ever! They don't speak English and rarely do they ever reply to you (and even if they do, that will be in French of course). Online check-in is fake - it doesn't work before the flight and they refuse to help you with that over the phone or email. Their employees at the airport are very unfriendly and completely unhelpful when met in person - you see that you are a burden for them when you need help at the airport. Besides, the airline lost my baggage and it can't be traced any more at all. Conclusion: if possible, try to avoid this terrible airline, it's the worst French airline for sure, low-costs show you more respect and understanding than this horrible airline. Don't fly them if you want a pleasant flight and good pre-/post-flight experience.

5/24/2018 S Rogers

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to San Francisco. Extremely sketchy airline. They cancelled our flight back from Paris due to "operational difficulties" and said they could only book us on a flight 2 days later. They would not refund us the money for the flight even though they could not offer anything even close to what we booked. Their customer service just sent us in circles: call this number, call back tomorrow, submit a ticket here, email this address, call this other number. The company hides behind their phone reps, having them continuously say "The company has issued a statement saying they will not refund anyone's money for the flight". If you cancel a flight and can only replace it with a flight two days later you better give customers the opportunity to take a refund.

4/21/2018 Zafrullah Hamzah

✅ Trip Verified | Pointe-à-Pitre to Paris Orly. Good service on this route in Classe Madras (business class). Flight took off and arrived on time. A good dinner was served shortly after take-off and a breakfast shortly before landing. The cabin crew were friendly and professional. However I have to say that I prefer the layout in the business class on their A330. The layout on this newer aircraft certainly has more functions but it looked quite cumbersome and crowded to me. Incredibly the selection of French songs was also very limited. Lounge in Pointe-à-Pitre was also quite small and very limited food ( good if you are on a diet as they were very slow to replenish the food supply ). Overall I think Air Caraïbes is good for this route but a few improvements can be made.

12/23/2017 S Neelen

✅ Trip Verified | Saint Martin to Paris Orly via Pointe à Pitre. Not an experience I'd like to repeat. First, my French isn't great so I had to find out at Pointe a Pitre that I needed to check in but I didn't need to pick up my hold baggage. So that meant I had 2 hours of queuing to check in, go through customs and security leaving it very fine to get my flight. Luckily, the flight was delayed by 1 hour 30 so there was no rush. The boarding process was confusing and disorganised with continual announcements apologising for delays, calling babies, children, rows and a reminder that seats EFGH boarded through gate A, seats ABCD boarded through gate B. The FAS were ok. Apart from when they left our food on our trays for 40 minutes, I took our trays up in the end and they said they forgot. They also left a full cup of coffee in the holder for landing despite us trying to ask them to take it away. Food was not great especially the tub of apple puré/ baby food and a bread roll for breakfast. The in flight entertainment was limited for English speakers and we arrived late so I missed my connecting flight. They also left baggage from everyone who connected from Saint Martin in Point a Pitre. Which was weird considering we were delayed. I called customer service to try and upgrade my flight in the hope an upgrade would make the return journey less unpleasant. My french isn't great which I explained but the customer service girl lost patience and cut me off. I will never fly Air Caraïbes again.

11/9/2017 A Simpson

✅ Verified Review | On the 24th September 2017 I had a Premium Economy flight booked from Paris Orly to Pointe a Pitre which we booked 9 months beforehand. However a couple weeks before we received a schedule change which meant that we had a return from Pointe a Pitre 1 day earlier and then because we had a flight back to the UK on our original return date we had to spend alot of money of a hotel in Paris Orly as we we returning one day early. Air Caraibes refused to provide us with a hotel or a refund and instead mentioned that we should make a claim after our travel. I made a claim to Air Caraibes at the beginning of October 2017 however they have not replied. I have sent another email for compensation so fingers cross I will get a response. Terrible

9/11/2017 S Herson

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Pointe a Pitre. I booked a flight Premium Class flight through Opodo and I am due to flight out with Air Caraibes near the end of September 2017. I recently contacted my travel agent who mentioned that Air Caraibes had cancelled my return flight from Pointe a Pitre to Paris Orly and rebooked me for another flight 1 day later. I explained to Opodo that I booked this ticket 9 months ago and I also booked a connecting flight from Paris Orly to London on the same day that my flight has been now changed to which means that I will miss my Connection. Opodo mentioned that they could not do anything and I would have to speak with Air Caraibes. I transferred to Air Caraibes and the staff did not even give me a chance to speak, she was very rude and told me to go speak to Opodo and did not want to listen, I was speaking to her for about 1 minute. This service was very disgusting as I had booked 2 premium class tickets and I was expecting some sort of understand. I called back Opodo and explained what had happened and they didnt really care, I have asked Opodo to give me a full refund as my return flight has been changed for a different day and they are unable to give me an alternative flight for the day I booked to leave. It was even more upsetting as I check Skyscanner and found many other carriers offering flights however Opodo mentioned that the airline does not have alliance with these carriers. That said they still refused to refund my money. I asked Opodo to find me an alternative flight to leave 1 day earlier so I can make my connecting flight however I have not yet heard back from them and it has been 4 days now.

7/16/2017 A Mallifah

✅ Verified Review | Air Caraibes direct flight from Paris Orly to Pointe-à-Pitre. Lounge access in Orly but not a great selection of food. The lounge was calm and not too crowded. Good service on board with a 2-2-2 configuration. As I was travelling on my own I opted for one of the aisle seats in the middle. That way I had direct access to the aisle and nobody will need to step over me to get to the aisle. The food served was good and the cabin spacious. The return flight was delayed but it didn't worry me too much as I had no connecting flight to catch. However the lounge in Pointe-à-Pitre was quite basic with not much to eat. Nevertheless the ambiance was calm and relaxing. Service onboard was again very good and the food delicious.

1/29/2017 M Treben

✅ Verified Review | St Martin to Paris Orly via Pointe-à-Pitre with Air Caraibes. Seats are very narrow and legroom very limited. On the outbound flight to Paris my individual screen along with numerous others in the Economy cabin were not functioning and despite advising the crew nothing was done. Both out and inbound flights to and from Paris were delayed and very disorganized boarding process didn't help. Poor seat cleanliness and rude customer service.

1/25/2017 G Draejan

✅ Verified Review | Paris Orly to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) with Air Caraibes, and a very bad experience. 36 hours of delay. Very old and dirty plane, and no inflight entertainment screen. The cabin crew were extremely unpleasant, and Air Caraibes Customer service never answer to me. You have a number of your seat but when you arrive in the cabin crew just say "you can sit where you want"! Crazy, and it was unconfortable travel

11/4/2013 Michel Holu

Flew from Paris to Cayenne on October 2013 in business class. Overall good experience nice lounge in Paris Orly South fast track to go quickly from customs and police. Good seating on board with a 2x2x2 configuration. Not a full flat but a 160 degrees recline seat but very comfortable. Very good food and excellent champagne. But the most interesting is the price: 1600 euros Air France is much more expensive comparing with Air Caraibes.

8/27/2013 Michel Holu

Flew July from Cayenne French Guiana to Paris in Premium Economy during an overnight 8 hours flight. Food ok seat premium economy standard seat. Very friendly service my wife's IFE was not working crew were nice and asked another passenger if he would move as he was not using the IFE.

3/5/2013 J Bengt

Travelled from Orly via Pointe-à-Pitre to St Barth. Newish 330 across the Atlantic with comfortable and fresh Business section - nearly flat with large screens. Friendly service with OK meal service. Helpful transfer process in Pointe-à-Pitre and then small plane across to St Barth. Competitive pricing translated into great value.

6/19/2012 Samuel Bertine

I flew on TX from ORY to FDF have to admit I was quite impressed. The PA in 3 languages including Creole meal was great with Caribbean touch and 2 options in Eco PTV on board (larger than AF COI very high density) cheaper than other competitors. Colourful friendly cabin crew and on time performance was great. Very professional.

6/4/2012 M Sobesky

I was really surprised with this flight between Cayenne (French Guiana) and Paris in business class. There is a new business class on the A330-300 angle lie seat with a recline of 160° 18 seats with a configuration 2x2x2 outbound 8.5 hrs flight to Paris. Very good staff during this night flight I called to get some water and the attendant was there within 2 minutes. You can really sleep well in this new seat inbound 9 hours flight very good food wine champagne with attentive service - really worth the money. Only 1300 euros for a return ticket.

2/13/2012 Michel Hueter

ORY-PTP return in Business Class. On the outward flight from Paris we were first told we would have to fly via Fort de France eventually they got us a seat on the initial flight. It was a leased aircraft of Hi Fly. The cabin was filthy plastic spoons on the floor the seat with bread crumbs dust and grease everywhere. The seat was at most an Economy + seat. The entertainment was of no use an economy tray with inedible food. No curtains to separate cabins and galley. Not to speak of the condition of the toilet. I feel it is not correct to not provide excuse and compensation to passengers if the delivered product differs so much from the purchased one.

4/18/2009 J Bristol

We just had the most miserable experience with Air Caraibes and will never fly them again. On the trip from St. Maarten to Gaudeloupe via St. Barths they flew is to St. Barths then upon arrival we were told we had to return to St. Martin (Grande Case) and fly to Guadeloupe. No instructions as to how to make the transfer. On our flight from Guadeloupe to St. Barths we were flown first to St. Maarten again with no indication that we were not going directly to St. Barths until we boarded the plane. Then waited 3 hours in St. Maarten with no advice from the gate agents who would not even answer questions before being rushed onto a WinAir flight to St. Barths with 10 minutes notice.

11/20/2005 J Cangan

Air Caraibes is a very good and competitive airline. Better than Corsair which is frequently delayed. Air Caraibes A330 offers space and the quality of service is high.

6/3/2005 Simon Dobson

St Martin to St Barts 22nd May. Total confusion and chaos at boarding. Although booked on Air Caraibes we travelled on St Barth Commuter no idea why!. Luckily luggage did arrive with us. St Barts to St Martin 29th May. It took half an hour for Air Caraibes to check in 5 passengers. We stood and waited in a boiling hot check in queue which just grew longer and longer. Some passengers were told to go away and come back later as they refused to check them in early for their flights. The check-in staff are rude with a couldn't care less attitude. There was only one man on the desk who clearly didn't know and didn't care what he was doing there were three other staff in the office behind the check-in desk doing nothing but eating and drinking. This was low season I hate to think what it is like in high season!

4/11/2005 A Thoke

I would not recommend travel on Air Caraibes. They cancelled our return flight from St. Barths to St. Maarten in February with no prior notice leaving us standing at the gate. The airline offered no alternative transport and refused to refund the unused portion of our tickets on the spot. The counter staff told us we had to apply for a refund through our travel agent. It has been 45 days since we submitted the refund request via our travel agent and Air Caraibes has still not refunded the fares. While the ground personnel in St. Maarten were professional and polite the agents in St. Barths provided no assistance when our luggage did not arrive with us on our inbound flight (a frequent island occurence) did not answer the phone when called to inquire about the luggage the next morning and kept patrons waiting at the counter for 5 to 10 minutes while chatting amongst themselves in their office a few feet away. They were surly and seemingly annoyed by the presence of customers -- an odd attitude on an island dependent on tourism.

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