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7/2/2019 S Chernucci

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo Haneda to Rome via Beijing. I find this airline within average, with no substantial difference with more expensive carriers. The ticket price is the lowest overall, but service isn't as bad nonetheless. Sometimes on-board personnel have an overworked outlook. Food maybe not top of the class, but not bad either. Economy seats are economy seats, no much to be done about it. If I had to find a couple of minuses, one is the animosity of some passengers, and a second would be the rather limited choice of the IFE movies and TV shows (most are Chinese-only Chinese productions)

6/26/2019 Alice Lee

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Bangkok via Beijing. I've been traveling for years and this is the 1st and last time I will ever use them. I just got married and my husband and I planned a 2 month honeymoon to Asia. We purchased a round trip from JFK with a layover in Beijing before arriving in Bangkok. The return flight was from Hong Kong with layover in Beijing before landing in Newark, NJ. Our flight in April to Bangkok experienced multiple delays which caused us to miss our layover in Beijing by 5 minutes. We actually had a 75 mins layover in Beijing, but due to the delays, we and almost everyone else on our plane missed our transfers. They couldn't tell their other planes to wait 5-10 mins for everyone to make their flights?? Instead, we saw most of the fliers crowded around the Air China counter. Everyone had to get a temporary visa and herd onto their buses to spend a night in a disgusting, filthy motel because the next flights out were the following day. My husband and I missed our 1st night in Bangkok and of course weren't reimbursed in any way. Throughout the ordeal, we saw all of the passengers at the Air China counters and they, like us, were appalled and furious with their lack of customer service. They just don't care. Now for our flight returning back to NY from Hong Kong on 6/17. We received an email saying that Air China changed our flights so we called Chase Travel. We saw that they changed the planes, times and moved us from Premium Economy to Economy. Why? We paid the extra amount for Economy. Once on the phone with Chase, we selected another flight for 7:30AM that was Premium Economy. We even waited on the phone until we received the email confirmation from Chase for our new flights. So on 6/17 we get to HK airport to check in and they only have my husband's name and not mine. Air China said I was on a 11PM flight and that it was Chase's fault. That was not the case. My husband and I spent hours on the phone with Chase and Air China, and Air China were the ones to cancel my ticket (we have no idea why). Instead of just putting me on the 7:30AM flight, they kept my husband on hold for 50 minutes, then finally told him that they could change his flight for $4000 to be with me for the 11PM. How does that make sense? Why are we being punished for Air China's mistake? They changed our flights then split us up but putting us on different flights that land in different airports. Then they have the audacity to tell him to pay $4000 for him to be on the 11PM when they could've just put me on the 7:30AM which was confirmed. They could have even put us on the next Air China flight after that. My husband ended up purchasing completely new flights with EVA which was $2800 compared to the $2500 round trip with Air China! It's now 7/25 and I've been on the phone with Chase for almost 4.5 hours because the supervisor is trying to get Air China to give us a refund. Rather than admitting their fault and giving us the credit owed, they are trying to contest it. We, the passengers, mean nothing to them.

6/19/2019 T Li

✅ Trip Verified | Paris CDG to Beijing with Air China. First time flying First Class ever and the experience was just perfect. It was an evening flight and I hadn't been eating all day so the minute I stepped onto the plane I asked if they had cup noodles on board. The flight attendant immediately offered to make me one before the plane took off. So I ended up eating the best convenient noodles I've had. Other than that the service was overall very attentive and prompt. Also I really enjoyed the wine, both red and white. One thing I'd like to note is that the movie selection was quite narrow and not updated frequently (basically the same from the May selection).

6/13/2019 Roy Champtaloup

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to London via Beijing with Air China. The air stewardesses were extremely attentive and pleasant. Kept topping up my wine. Offering food. Food was good. Bed on 787-9 had very limited foot room and not overly comfortable. ‘First Class’ lounge and food in Beijing pretty average. Inflight entertainment needs more, better English movies and docos. Stewardess gave me a ‘Fast Track’ priority immigration pass for Heathrow. Brilliant! Straight through.

6/6/2019 Sumit Dhaigude

✅ Trip Verified | This airline treated us very bad. My flight was from Mumbai to Beijing to Montréal. But my Mumbai to Beijing got delayed and I missed my flight to Montréal and then they told us that they will arrange a flight but we have to get our bags from I don't know where which was too far from the gates and we ended up missing the flight. After that when we got our bags they gave us the flight to Vancouver and then to Montréal. Literally I had spent 100$ to upgrade to premium economy and 1025 rupees to get a window seat and they gave us the middle seat and it was so horrible that I would not suggest anyone to travel by it. Instead go buy a more expensive ticket and get a comfortable seat.

6/6/2019 T Chen

✅ Trip Verified | Cheapest business class ticket from London to Hong Kong via Beijing. Even though I normally take direct flights, the price was too good to pass up. Excellent Ground Crew in LHR and HKG. Onboard service was friendly and helpful although I agree that not all the staff can speak adequate English. Food was copious as was alcohol. Entertainment catalogue was adequate for English movies although they could do with more. Sound dampening headphones worked well. Lots of warm towels to keep you refreshed. The lie-flat bed was comfortable and I awoke refreshed after my flight. Would fly with them again, hopefully on their new A350!

6/1/2019 L Meales

✅ Trip Verified | Return flights from London to Bangkok via Beijing booked with Air China seemed a good price deal, but you get what you pay for! Bag delayed on outward journey and airline ‘insisted’ it had to be delivered to my hotel at 3am off a following flight meaning the hotel owner had to get up to receive it, despite being told later on would be more acceptable. In flight ‘entertainment’ was laughable, I’ve never seen such an antiquated system, a total waste of time and definite breach of the word entertainment. Return flight Beijing to London departed around 7am, an 11 hour flight. Weather was clear and sunny, again the above ‘entertainment’ system which resulted in looking out of the window at the views below to pass the time, or should I say ‘trying to’, was repeatedly asked by cabin crew to close my blind, when I asked why (thinking maybe we were flying over a restricted area etc) I was told people were trying to sleep - apparently Air China think it is ok for passengers not sleeping on a long haul day flight to sit in a completely dark cabin for 11 hrs with no in flight entertainment and a low phone battery staring at the back of the headrest in front?! If you like either chicken/rice or shrimp/noodles you’ll be fine for food, otherwise enjoy the bread rolls I saw being offered as alternatives 5 Next time stick with Thai Airways.

5/30/2019 Filip Hasa

Not Verified | Munich to Hanoi via Beijing. Very unfriendly staff, outdated entertainment system, no english at the airport and very little by the cabin crew. Meal was worse than average. The plane from Beijing to Ha Noi was old and worn out. I would look for another options.

5/28/2019 Chanpreet Grewal

✅ Trip Verified | I booked flight for my parents from Delhi to Vancouver via Beijing. I prebooked my father's wheelchair (he can not walk or stand for longer because of permanent leg injury) and their meals AVML since they are pure vegetarian. It was connecting flight through Beijing. All was going well until they reached Beijing. The wheelchair assist guy took advantage of their age and language barrier. He took them to gate no 32. He then asked for money. My parents told him that they couldn't understand, so he wrote on a paper in English that he wants money to take them to gate. They Didn't know what was happening, after trying to understand him they gave him 400 INR. He asked for more, my parents were not carrying more cash in their hand baggage so they denied outcome of which he left them at gate no 32 and went away saying something in Chinese which they clearly don't understand. They waited there for 2 hours and then my mother decided to go for a walk around and look for the gate number for their next flight because they eventually figured it out that they are stranded on wrong gate. She found a few Indians sitting near gate number 19 who guided her and told her that they are supposed to reach gate number 16 which was really not anywhere near gate number 32. She rushed back to my father and told him the scenario. They couldn't find any other ground staff near by who could understand them so she decided to take my father on a wheelchair by her own along with the 2 hand bags they were carrying. They made it till gate number 20 when someone showed up to help after maybe observing them struggling. The nightmare didn't end there, after taking off for next flight, they were offered Fish to eat. They told the crew that they are vegetarian (I booked AVML which is reflected on their tickets too) and can't eat fish. The crew told them that since there is no vegetarian option available, they have to either eat it or wait for landing to eat in Vancouver. They didn't eat for 12+ hours of flight. I have read about people sharing their experience but never imagined that something like this could happen to my family. How does some big airlines do such kind of money business without having feelings for their passengers?

5/12/2019 E Parathati

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to New York via Beijing. Ground staff is subpar and not helpful. I was traveling with my husband but we got seated separately despite there being some vacant seats available. Crew are not helpful and rarely speak English. Food portion is too small for an average man. The taste is bland but edible. Some good thing is that an ice cream is served on a long-haul flight. Entertainment on board is out of date and difficult to use. You have to select everything from a remote control attached to the seat. The flight from PEK to JFK delayed for more than 2 hours. I have checked the flight history and it looks like there is always some delay in this flight. Anyhow, the flight is dirt cheap.

5/10/2019 Swagata Bhowmik

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Mumbai via Beijing. The flight was delayed by 2 hours from SFO due to the delay in incoming flight. However, the Beijing to Mumbai flight waited for the SFO to Beijing flight to arrive. No lost baggage and the FA went above and beyond to make us comfortable.

5/3/2019 Adam Wang

✅ Trip Verified | CA937 from Beijing to London: shameful ground service and excellent onboard services The ground service is an absolutely shame, failing to do any customer service, and even sound checking me in as a favor. Travelling with a toddler, the ground service is simply say she does not care to put us together, and it is our responsibility to check in early (we arrived the airport 3.5 hours before the flight). When checked the luggage, we are allowed to check in 3 23kg bags, but we only have 2 (20kg and 24kg respectively), the check in agent insists 24 kg is way too much, without realizing we have extra bag weight not used, and the weight per bag is not beyond 32kg - absolutely shame. Asking us to re-pack in front of the long queue, and force us to queue it again after rebalancing the stuff in the checked luggage. In contrast, the onboard service is fantastic. Seat ok with better than average leg room, entertainment improving, food is edible. However, the crew are exceptional, frequent water runs over the night, personal greeting (in economy), and also keep entertaining and interacting with our 22 months toddler, even the flight is completely full. Could not ask for more and absolute fantastic! Air China could be a 5 star airline if the ground staff has half of the professionalism as the crews. Overall highly recommended

5/3/2019 Quresh Lokhandwala

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Mumbai via Beijing. Flight was delayed. They put me on a Lufthansa flight. I had purchased the ticket for 410 usd and paid 166 usd for an extra baggage. However, since they changed my flight to Lufthansa, I had to pay the Lufthansa extra baggage charges which was 287 usd. More than half my ticket price. When I emailed Air China, and requested a refund of 166 usd plus the extra charges I had to pay to Lufthansa beyond the 166 usd, I received no reply to the email. (I received a refund of the 166 usd I had paid them). This is unethical business conduct and bad customer service !

5/3/2019 H Hallen

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Paris via Shanghai. I expected the same budget experience like on the journey to Tokyo but it went worse. The ground experience at NRT was excellent. Quick check-in, security and passport controls, great ANA lounge, priority boarding for Star Alliance gold members. Greetings while boarding was not particularly friendly and so was the service also on the flight to PVG. The food was more than ok for this 2h30 flight. The real odyssee began at Shanghai airport... There was no visible sign for international transfers so I asked my way and was told to go first to the fingerprints collection and then to the regular immigration line. When it was my turn, the customs officer told me to fill in a blue form (for long layover without visa!). After a while there were more and more people to Paris asked to do so. But then someone told us that it's not necessary and we were asked to follow her up to the (well hidden) international transfer counter where we waited about 20-30 minutes. We were around 25 passengers to Paris waiting there until someone came to exchange our boarding passes against new ones (why?). Then all of us had to go back to the immigration counters to get their boarding passes stamped., before going back to the international transfer counter again for our boarding passes and passports getting checked once again. After that we still had to go through the long lines of security control. The whole procedure took over 2 hours ! There should have been trained Air China staff to help customers and the airport staff should known the process of international to international transfers and give the right information. If you book international to international you should count on 3 hours transit to be on the safe side. Our aircraft to Paris was on an apron position and we had to take a crowded bus: chaotic to board a large plane with only one stairway. FA were not particularly friendly but the service was quick and OK for a budget airline. The seats were also OK and the entertainment sytem also. We arrived slightly delayed in Paris. I wrote them a friendly e-mail to complain about the disastrous transfer in PVG and I received a short answer: 3 lines in very poor english. Not really giving the impression they care about frequent flyers and Star Alliance gold members. The ticket was cheap and for a very cheap price I would fly them again but only for a direct flight to China, not with an international transfer. For a flight to Tokyo again, I would pay 200-300€ more to fly Lufthansa or ANA: much better service inflight and on the ground, and much better customer service.

5/3/2019 J Halien

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Tokyo via Beijing. The price was great and I wanted to give the airline a chance and fly with them for the 1st time. Tickets not booked on their website: not able to choose seats or special meals. I contacted the airline per e-mail and I could order one special meal. I checked in the day before departure to be sure we sit together. Seating was 3-3-3 on the B777 if I'm right: better than the 3-4-3 on some airlines. Check-in opened around 3 hours before departure: the economy class line was very long. I'm Star Alliance Gold member and I could use the business class: pretty fast and checkin staff in Paris very friendly. But the seats I had checked in for the day before were not available anymore and I ended up on a middle seat. Boarding began 30 minutes later but we arrived on time at Beijing airport. I was positively surprised about the service onboard. Well, it's just a short version of the service of Lufthansa, Turkish or ANA and they don't come as often with drinks during and after the service; you get plastic cutlery,... but it's OK for the price! The food was not a highlight but not bad. The flight attendants mostly friendly with a good understanding of english. They are quick to serve but don't expect too much interaction like you have with ANA or Lufthansa... They are here to serve not to answer questions. Inflight entertainment a bit old, not very responding, froze and had to be reset. The problem was the transfer from international to international: expect long lines for passport control (yes, they do have one) and security check. And no special line for gold members, business class. The line was huge and disorganized. Passengers with a European passports were eventually asked to bypass the main ine and line up for the automatized passport control, which was much quicker. Afterwards again disorganised line for security control. Lighters and larger power banks are not allowed. All electronic equipment (also Bluetooth headphones !) and wallets/purses had to be taken out of the bag... unfriendly staff. You should always calculate at least one hour and half for connecting flights. There is no smoking area at PEK airport, keep in this in mind if you book a long transit time. Air China business / gold lounge pretty full but OK (for the price again). The airport has several restaurants and many shops and is modern with big windows over the apron. Boarding to Tokyo HND began on time. The service for a 3 hour flight was good and quick, but not so friendly. The A321 was dirty: not only my tray table was dirty with stains (food, sauce?) and also the overhead bins and panels had grey stains. We arrived on time. Business class passengers and gold members didn't get their luggage before normal economy passengers. Overall I would say you pay for what you get. The inflight experience was satisfying but the ground progress at PEK changed my mind. For solo travellers ok with a cheap fare, not for families or business travellers.

5/2/2019 Gokul Raj

Not Verified | San Francisco to Mumbai via Beijing with Air China. Business class was good for the price you pay, but not worth the delays. The food was good - lots of sea food and steak. (Very limited options for vegetarians though). My connecting flight to Mumbai was delayed by over 5 hours at Beijing. We spent hours circling around in the airport runways, taxing then circling around again. So a 6 hour flight to Mumbai turned to 11 hours. Really frustrating. The airline staff didn’t give any proper updates for the delays. The delays seem to be common at airports in China. No WiFi in plane. Changed my return flight to American Airlines via Hong Kong.

4/26/2019 Aakansha Joshi

✅ Trip Verified | I took my flight from New York to Bombay via Beijing. First the flight got delayed for 1.5 hour at JFK airport then it got delayed at Beijing airport for another 4 hours, when plane was on runway at Beijing airport the it stopped there and took a halt for 2 hours and they stated the reason that there is no fuel in the plane. This is very negligent on a part of international airline that they didn't check for fuel when waited for 2-3 hours, its like keeping the life of customer at risk. When I reached Mumbai Airport, I didn't got my baggage there and airline employee informed me that my baggage is at Beijing airport, they forgot to transfer my bag to the connecting flight. I got my bags after 4 days at my home with items missing from my bag. Air China's customer service is very bad and they take no responsibility for their customer's safety and product security. I have contacted them several time but got no proper response, it is very irresponsible behavior. Air China is taking no responsibility to help me find my items or compensate me for the loss. Even during flight when I asked for water, they told me they are out of disposal glass which is very bad on part of service the airline is providing. Worst service for safety and security.

4/26/2019 Stephen King

Not Verified | Copenhagen to Beijing via Stockholm. Premium economy ticket purchased through agent which means that you cannot use Air China website to check in, manage booking etc beforehand so we were assigned seats at check in. Air China website has very limited info on what you get for Premium economy - more legroom but nothing else. The first leg was with SAS plus which provided all the details so we were able to take advantage of priority queues and lounge access at Copenhagen which was excellent. When we transferred at Stockholm we were not permitted access to Air China lounge or any extra services. Food on plane was standard and not very appetizing. We had an additional Air China flight Beijing - Hong Kong which was delayed due to weather with no information from AC on reasons why. Return flight HGK-PEK-CPH was ok but nothing to get excited about. Cabin crew did a professional job. In flight media was hopeless. It is controlled from remote fixed into arm rest and is very small in size and buttons are difficult to access. It was very difficult to select items and i often hit call attendant by mistake. Most programmes catered for Chinese passengers with limited up to date western movies or music Overall, despite cheaper prices than competitors I don't think Premium economy is worth the extra. By contrast i wish we had flown SAS Premium economy the whole way.

4/24/2019 M Bamardi

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai to Jakarta via Beijing. This is the worst flight ever! I have a bad stop over condition with 1.5hrs time ti change the flight from domestic flight to international flight. It is a combination of huge airport; not clear signage; short time to change the plane and so tight security checking made me arrive in the gate 10 mins prior to departing. Which i didnt found any ground officer; there was one lady inside the isle and notice with my appearance but apparently she didnt open the glass gate for me. I contacted one of friend who were able to enter the plane in order to inform the staff to let me in without any result. The process to get to international counter wasnt easy as well. I have to ask several times till finally arrived to the counter which located in domestic terminal. No solution given and the lady was insisted of saying the airlines was able to replace my ticket with same same route for another two days because Air China doesnt have daily flight to Jakarta. It was suck!! Since air china wasnt able to compensate me with the accomodation since i have to stay for another two days; cant refund my ticket; cant give me rerouting ticket; cant give me another ticket from its affiliates and i have to book another ticket myself if i want to catch up the earliest flight to my country. The staff also didnt communicate well because apparently my baggage was being taken out from the plane. Later i found out from my friend that the flight got delayed for more than one hour for the sake of taking out my luggage. Still dont understand why Air China sells ticket with short time for stopover if the condition is not supported. Later I read in Beijing capital terminal mentioned that at min should have 2 hours stop over to process with all those checkins and moving from one to other terminals.

4/23/2019 P Tarega

✅ Trip Verified | Budapest to Tokyo via Beijing. Worst service ever. We were 4 hours late to Tokyo and we arrived at midnight, when there are no mass transportation. We had to take a night taxi for a lot of extra charge in order to get to our hotels. The stewardesses are not friendly either except if you're Chinese. And on top of that, our luggage got lost on our way home. I do NOT recommend this airline to anyone. Just save up more money and travel with a better one.