Схема салона Airbus A330-200 (332) Layout 1 Air France

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Схема салона Аэробус A330-200 (332) Layout 1 Эйр Франс
Схема салона Аэробус A330-200 (332) Layout 1 Эйр Франс

Аэробус A330-200 (332) Layout 1 авиакомпании Эйр Франс с 3 классами и 208 сиденьями на борту. С помощью наглядной схемы салона и отзывов пассажиров вы узнаете где находятся лучшие места, а какие стоит избегать.


10/22/2019 1kenthomas, место 23A

All row 23 faces a thin hard bulkhead between Economy and PE, but amount of space is good-- at 6'0", my toes are just touching the bulkhead. Center looks about 4" closer, but center aisles have only partial bulkhead.

10/21/2019 Abdallah E, место 23A

23 A,B and J,L ("duo" seats) have extra space due to the position of the bulkhead-- legroom is somewhat limited, but at 6'0" my toes touch the bulkhead. Good seat.

8/9/2019 Juan Garcia, место 28B

The seat is extremely close to the bathroom and the bathroom door opens towards the seat. You will hear all the bathroom sounds and smells, you can’t sleep and all passengers stop right at your seat to wait for the bathroom

10/14/2017 Lois Hoag, место D

We were informed that the premium seats had a footrest (we had a thigh rest, no footrest) and a seat that reclined further than the economy class seats. None of which was true!! Pictures we had seen were not the same as what we got! Very disappointed!

5/31/2017 Justin, место 29J

Emergency exit seat, so plenty of legroom but no foot rest. The in flight tv folds out from the seat and is a little small. The seat was quite narrow which made it hard to use the seats headphone jack or get comfortable.

5/29/2016 Rebuzz, место 36J

The only positive is these seat is that 36J and 36K allowed my wife and it to be on our own row. But row 36 is just where a subtle angle in the aisle (where the plane body begins to narrow to the tail) begins and the aisle seat on this row--36J--gets hit by everyone going up the aisle. As stated by another reviewer, Air France h...

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4/16/2016 Andres, место 27D

Normal legroom for me, seat location is not bad, even it was close to toilet. A lot of new and old movies to watch.

7/21/2015 Robert Felton, место 19F

This was THE WORST SEAT that I have EVER had on any aircraft any time including USAF! My wife was in 21F and this was ever worse. I don't know how Air France gets away calling this caban "Premium" anything.

1/3/2014 me, место 26G

There are "black boxes" underneath some seats, which reduce place for feet to about 2/3 of normal space.This is the case of 26G.For me, with long legs, it comes to be quite annoying, since you can't have enough feet-freedom.The black-boxes seem to belong to the media-streaming system.Each box might serve some of the video-device...

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11/20/2013 Hak, место 2B

Excellent row and luckily had the seat next to me empty so it was a wonderful flight. Great meal and slept most of the way.

5/23/2011 Matt, место 19F

Don't go with the front row premium voyageur. You have a bit more leg room but no foot rest, so it's harder to get comfortable enough to sleep. Also, the table and tv come out of the armrest, limiting the armrest size. And worse the table is tiny, far too small for a laptop. Rows 20 and 21 are much better.I continue to wonder wh...

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2/22/2010 Robert Mitchell, место 2A

My wife and I had 2A & 2B ORD to CDG and return. Both were excellent seats, I like window my wife likes aisle access. We consider them the best in Business class.

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