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10/27/2008 Neil Tofield

PEK-FNJ on old Tupolev 154. Professional if solemn crew but decent flight and lots of food.

9/28/2008 Per Nilsson

Round trip PEK-FNJ. New Tupolev plane. Service inflight entertainment and food excellent. A clean and comfortable plane comfortable seats and professional flight crew.

6/9/2008 Alain Kupferman

Beijing to Pyongyang and return and could enjoy the new Tupolev planes of Air Koryo. The business class is very small (8 seats but comfortable with good seats). Stewardesses attentive entertainment is miserable and so is the food. Anyhow the Tupolevs bring a huge improvement to the image of Air Koryo.

5/20/2008 K Leung

I took a round trip of Beijing to Pyongyang - Il-62 and Tu-154 aircraft - and the experience was to say the least memorable. As I was sat quite far back in the Il-62 it was right next to the engines and I'll never forget the feeling of impending dread and doom as we descended down to Sunan Airport. We landed safely. The food was...

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11/9/2007 O Trudo

PEK to FNJ roundtrip on Ilyushin 62--The flight was only 1.5 hours. Aircraft was very old-looking and used. I had to work hard at attaching my safety belt. The fabric on the seats was old and frayed. The crew was very perfunctory in their duties but still polite and civil. The crew was not service oriented nor did it seem inclin...

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11/27/2006 Jason Birbeck

PEK-FNJ FNJ-SHE. Beijing to Pyongyang on Tupolev 154 very old plane revolutionary marching music played before take off and before landing. Attentive service meal on 1.5 hour flight - food a little processed but edible. Return to Shenyang on Ilyushin IL-18 - by far the oldest plane have flown on and was very happy to land! Food ...

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11/20/2006 James Cole

I was fairly disappointed by the service however was amused when both pilots came around to say hello to the dignataries with me presumably leaving the aircraft on autopilot anyway! Made the journey exciting I can tell you.

11/17/2006 James Backinaw

Short flight of about an hour from Beinjing to Pyongyang you get a comfortable seat and every manner of food and drink - food is not 5 star but it's not bad and more than you can eat. There's reading material (P'yang times) and flight attendants are reasonably helpful and polite. Aircraft are old Soviet ones but there is ample r...

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9/23/2006 Mike Stapleton

I have travelled on Air Koryo frequently for almost seven years mainly between Beijing-Pyongyang and occasionally Shenyang-Pyongyang. Flights are usually on IL-62 sometimes on TU-154 or TU-134. On one occasion on an IL-18 from Vladivostok to Pyongyang. During the 'SARS period' in 2003 when flights to China were suspended Air Kor...

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4/7/2006 Eric deBrie

PYO-AMS-JFK. I was lucky enough to be on this exeptional flight. It was definitively not a routine flight but a special flight with respect to the deputy-minister foreign affairs of DPRK visiting the States. Safety procedures were good this once as well as the inflight meal services. There's even rumour of a Koryo frequent flyer...

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4/6/2006 Peter Graczer

Flew Beijing to Pyongyang return on an Il-62. Some wonderfully nostalgic touches including dry ice and folk music in the cabin that gave the flight a cool '60s feel. Flight was full as the Thai football team were on board. I think one of the engines may have been inoperative but otherwise the flight was fine. The meal in fact wa...

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12/2/2004 Neil Fitzgerald

Koyro PEK-FNJ Ilyushin IL-62. The inflight product was great however their safety standards are in need of international review - no cabin crew jump seats are provided - they hang on to assist handles in the galley curtains are drawn for take-off and landing exits blocked with service carts no cabin baggage storage checks and th...

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10/7/2004 Christian Kracht

Beijing to Pyongyang on economy - the airplane was an Ilyushin 62 quite roomy business class is separated from economy via the galley which one walks through to get to the back of the plane. Service was excellent the food was ample and more than enough for a one hour flight; fruit a green curry with rice fine-tasting North Korea...

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7/3/2004 Alex Inacio

Beijing to Pyongyang return on an Il-62 in economy. On the outbound sector the most beautiful cabin crew I have ever seen (all female). The meal although huge was of the horrible processed type. 70s style interior with sick bag stating "for your refuses" hmm. Amusing to see the crew hanging onto the galley for dear life on take ...

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