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5/28/2019 J Alston

✅ Trip Verified | On May 20th me and my partner flew from Amsterdam to Mauritius on board one of the A340s of Air Mauritius (Economy class). I’ve read some bad reviews about the airline and its aging A340s, but I was pleasently surprised actually. The flight departed on time, and the loadfactor was around 70-80 percent. The legroom was sufficient, and the seats were comfortable with a nice headrest en decent recline. Even when the person in front of me reclined the seat I didn’t feel cramped. The only downside was the lack of IFE, as around half of the PTVs on board weren’t working. The cabin crew was very friendly and professional. Both meals were tasty (dinner and breakfast), but were a bit small. As I slept most of the flight I’m not sure how the service between the meals was. Conclusion; I was surprised by the quality of the flight, and it will be even better when the A340s are finally upgraded (set the be done later in 2019).

4/3/2019 Francois Koenig

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Mauritius return. Both flights very good in terms of cabin service, friendly engaging and polite crews, food OK (ex CPT) to good (ex MRU), plentiful drinks rounds, seat space, VOD quality (although very small screens). Both flights on time, quick baggage retrieval on arrival and a breeze through immigration + customs in both CPT and MRU. Would definitely fly Air Mauritius again and glad to have paid a little additional fare for non-stop flights rather than transferring via JNB.

3/27/2019 L Careno

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Mauritius via Singapore. This is a 'trying' airline. They try, but they don't quite get it right. I had 4 flights with Air Mauritius. 1 was cancelled without notifying me and then rebooked for a departure a day later, another delayed by 3 hours and the aircraft substituted with a smaller plane. As a result of the plane substitution, all pre-arranged seating allocations were scrubbed and worse seats allocated instead. The inflight entertainment didn't work and to top it off, my partner and I were asked by the purser to move so a 10 year old boy could sit in a very slightly different configured seat with his mother to the one that they had been allocated. No other passengers were asked to move. Ground crew and on board crew carried out their jobs in a perfunctory and robotic manner, going through the motions, but not really caring at all. The inflight fish curry meal was good. The web site provides limited and misleading (or no relevant information at all) particularly in relation to updated seating maps and airline lounge arrangements.. When I called the Service Centre I was told that when I arrived in transit from Australia into Kular Lumpur on an Air Mauritius code share I would have to collect my baggage and recheck it in. This was incorrect, as was the information I was told as to which airline lounge to use. All first world problems I suppose... and perhaps not the biggest of issues for an airline from the third world. Service was passable and safety good, but nothing more and cannot be recommended. One of my flights was on an A340 which was looking very dated, particularly from an inflight entertainment (tiny screen) and seat comfort perspective (rigid, won and uncomfortable). I would definitely avoid that type of aircraft on a long route.

3/12/2019 Laurent Clermidy

✅ Trip Verified | Shame on you Air Mauritius: flight MU0843 (Mauritius to Cape Town) postponed twice without any explanation (technical issue means everything and anything) nor possibility to take another flight for South Africa the same day. Spent the night in a nightclub going motel and forced to cancel all my meetings for today. When we ask for partial refund of the tickets we get the following answer "it’s not company policy". Be careful people before booking with Air Mauritius

2/18/2019 Svetlana Cerrone

✅ Trip Verified | London to Mauritius. The worst flight, we was flying as family. Seats was so small, 38C, D E. Aircraft was so old, it had ashtrays there? My husband was moved to other seat after we told staff about his DVT, but they only acted after we decided to get off from this plain. Seat was so small I actually ended up standing for half of the flight because if person in from of me reclined his chair and I couldn’t seat move my knees was trapped. It’s was so cold too, other people was cold too not just us. I hope air Mauritius will scrap this aircraft as soon as possible.

2/13/2019 W Gan

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Reunion via Mauritius. I've flown with Air Mauritius for more then 30 times but this was the worst experience. First there was no connecting flight from Singapore to Reunion, I was told to book a hotel in Mauritius and stay over night. Bad experience, the flight was delayed for 30mins, then an announcement was made that more information will be announced at 11am. My flight scheduled for 10am was cancelled but only at 1pm the announcement was made. How can one spend so much more money in Mauritius than the flight ticket itself.

2/6/2019 Donald Macleod

Not Verified | Mauritius to Paris. We had flown the outward journey from Amsterdam on a KLM Boeing 787 and I had wanted the opportunity to fly in the A350 to have a personal comparison of the two aircraft. My wife and I were really pleased we had chosen the A350 for our return journey; it is more comfortable, stable, roomier and significantly quieter then the 787. I slept for five hours during the overnight journey from Mauritius having failed to sleep at all during the outward 787 journey, also overnight. So, thumbs up for the A350. The service throughout the return journey was excellent, from the staff at check-in to the lounge staff and the on-board staff. Food was excellent, the fish dish served at dinner every bit as good as any of the several fish meals I had enjoyed on the island. Well done Air Mauritius and well done the A350.

2/4/2019 Tony Chung

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to mauritius on the A350-900 ,all were good except that my 7 years old daughter was not on the list for souvenirs as other kids on board were. My main concern is my return flight Jan 18 2019 on the A319. I’m a 90kgs guy and my nightmare started once the flight took off with the front passenger who decided its time to rest so she leaned her seat backwards. I was squeezed, even the magazines I couldn’t read as the space was very tight. Arrived the time for lunch,the hostess served her and didn’t inform her she need to put her seat back to its normal position, I’m the one you did it by tapping on her arm to please move forward so I can eat properly. She wasn’t very happy by me asking but I couldn’t care more as I paid to travel. I saw the hostess distributing a small backpack bag to the kids then again nothing for my daughter and I asked this time,what the criteria to qualify to receive? Was told my daughter wasn’t on the list. Second time no souvenirs. Was told they would post them to us but didn’t mention which year. Until today Sunday feb 03 there is no updates from Air Mauritius about it.

1/16/2019 C Carnell

✅ Trip Verified | Mauritius to Rodrigues. Horrible service! I sent numerous emails, I phoned the recovery department so many times regarding my flight which happened 3 weeks ago (which was delayed by almost 5 hours). And nobody even had the decency to answer one of these calls / emails! In my opinion the department does not even exist, even the manager is MIA. The only option I have is to call call-centre agents who are not even capable of directing me to the right person, they just pass me through to another department. One of the agents even told me that it's easier for me to go directly to the office in the capital to talk to someone from the department. I wonder why they have phones to begin with. The customer service is really poor! They'll definitely be there to take your money, for the rest, not so much. You definitely won't get anywhere close to what you paid for. Stay away!

1/12/2019 Kevin Harris

✅ Trip Verified | My wife and I have just travelled London Heathrow to Mauritius and return via Virgin holidays. Having read a number of reviews criticising the airline, I was a little apprehensive about our flight. No need to have worried. As an economy class passenger, I found the service as good as any airline I have flown with. The food was acceptable, the service from the crew was as good as any. The aircraft was old and the seat size was small. The ground service was again as good as any airline. In conclusion I would not hesitate to fly Air Maritius again.

1/10/2019 S Keal

✅ Trip Verified | I was apprehensive to begin with when booking Air Mauritius but decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately, my concerns were proved right. We flew them from Perth to Johannesburg, with a 3 day stopover in Mauritius. Upon arrival in Perth, we discovered that the inbound flight was cancelled which meant an overnight stay in Perth. The replacement flight was due to leave at 8.30am the following morning. Upon arrival to the airport we discovered this had changed to 9.30am. 20mins after boarding was due to start, the flight crew stroll into the airport lounge, none of them worrying or rushing to get going, the end result being a further 90min delay to an already 20hr delay. Upon boarding the plane, we sat down in seats that had an entertainment system from the 90s, not even worth having there. On board service consisted of a snack and drink, followed by lunch and a drink shortly after. We did not hear from the cabin crew again for another 5hrs (prepare to be thirsty). Even when pressing the button for flight crew service, nobody came to my seat to assist, with flight crew even walking straight past the service light on the panel above the seats. The end result of this experience was a planned weekend in Mauritius turning into a single day. Very, very disappointing.

1/5/2019 M Sorour

✅ Trip Verified | Mauritius to Johannesburg. Not only did the airline staff let us know that the flight 15 min later, 2 hours later and we are still waiting for our flight without explanation. As someone traveling with a baby and had to be at the airport at 5am I find the service absolutely ridiculous. What a let down!

12/8/2018 Roberto silveira

Not Verified | Mumbai to Mauritius was delayed due to late arrival of the incoming aircraft from Mauritius. During check in we were advised that the departure was rescheduled due to the late arrival of the aircraft to Mumbai. We were also informed that because of this Refreshments would be served at Cafe Indiana from 05:00 hrs onwards. The ground staff were very courteous and patient and displayed professionalism while dealing with the passengers. I could see them interacting with the other passengers and again at around 07:45 hrs they made an announcement that those passengers who wanted more coffee/ tea and refreshments could approach the counter. Enjoyed the flight.

10/23/2018 I Adana

✅ Trip Verified | Mauritius to Johannesburg. The food was appalling, disgusting and it tasted like left overs from couple of days before. Canned food taste much better. Even the staff was speechless when I showed them how bad the food quality was. The only option they had for me was some Pretzels. I can only have Muslim meal and I was Not the only one with the Muslim meal option who complained on that flight. Too much for a coincidence to me. Purchased my ticket to travel by SAA but unfortunately ended up in the disappointing Air Mauritius. What a shame

7/19/2018 B Fusullah

✅ Trip Verified | The attitude of the cabin crew has improved. The quality of films has improved as well but the screen is abysmal so one cannot really see the film. Or for some passengers around me, their screens were not working at all. But what is disgusting with this airline is if there are delays and communication. The communication of the on ground staff is appalling - first they do not know how to handle angry passengers, they do not know how to keep the passengers updated and the airline does not have a CRM (all complaints fileId directly with the airline will go into a black hole - not even an acknowledgement of receipt). It is an unpredictable airline - if you manage to get onboard, service is ok but if something goes wrong such as cancellations (which happen very often) or long delays, then only God can help you. The only choice we have on this route (direct flight) is British Airways and therefore, if you have the choice, it is preferable to avoid Air Mauritius.

7/8/2018 Noorhassen Kausim

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Mauritius. Amazing experience compared to my flight from Toronto to Paris. Smooth flight with a very soft landing. Amazing on board staff providing caring service. Food was excellent and breakfast superb. I am very proud to see the effort which is put by the staff to make the trip for passengers remarkable. Thank you for ensuring excellent customer service provided to travellers.

6/30/2018 B Mareesha

✅ Trip Verified | Mauritius to Singapore. Flight was cancelled 3 hours before departure. No update was given to know what was the way forward - especially since a connection was involved. When you call Air Mauritius, the people were rude, and could not help at all. It took 7 hours of timeless wait on the phone, without someone to even lodge a decent complaint to finally get redirect to another flight combination, with inconvenient timing. They do not even get the emails right. No compensation for the delay - no apologies for the inconvenience. No miles, no upgrade, nothing. It's as if we need to be grateful that they actually redirected us, for a ticket which we have paid for! The service on board was below standards compared to the price, but I never knew that the on ground customer service was so lousy as well.

6/12/2018 Deepak Tammineni

✅ Trip Verified | Mauritius to Chennai. Since the plane was overbooked, I was upgraded to business class. My first notion on the journey was that it would be a hectic journey as I has to travel overnight. But the attendants onboard the aircraft made sure to keep me as comfortable as possible. The seats were excellent, cabin service was outstanding. Staff was well trained, polite and professional. I would recommend flying in the business class on this airline.

10/14/2017 N Nellaya

✅ Verified Review | London to Mauritius. In July 2017 myself, my wife and 2 children aged 1 and 3 travelled to Mauritius. As a regular kestrel Flyer, I expected better treatment and better service. They are very child unfriendly. When we landed, one of our luggage was missing. This is despite the flight was the flight was delayed by more than one hour. We landed on a Sunday, and had to attend a wedding the same night. My wedding clothes and that of my wife were in that luggage. I complained to the staff, they could not care less and said I was not entitled to anything and was sent away. No manager was available and later in turned out that the duty manager on the day was busy attending to the Prime Minister's wife in the State lounge and could not be bothered about paying passengers. I complained to their customer service, and the service I received was poor. I wrote to the CEO and their Chairman. No response at all from them. When we returned to the UK 2 weeks later, two Air Mauritius Staff were travelling. They were being given business class treatment when they were travelling in economy in front of paying customers. I spoke to the cabin crew about this, and they could not care less. What they offered me is 5000 travel points, 50 Euros, and to use their lounge when I travel next which is pathetic to what my family went through travelling with them.

9/28/2017 P Marinova

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Mauritius. The food was good (chicken, fish and special meals). The entertainment on the plane wasn't good (little screen with 18 channels and you couldn't choose a movie). Another issue was the leg space, a problem when you are bigger than 180cms. The cabin crew was friendly and can speak at least 3 languages (French, English and a native language). When you have a question, they will try to help you with a smile.