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10/12/2014 J Lane

The aircraft was on time from Manchester and on the return journey from Lourdes (Bartres) the aircraft left early. The staff were a bit distant the food good overall OK.

9/10/2013 Kaufman Yefim

TLV-TLS. Flights were on time the plane was clean inside and the seats were comfortable but there was not enough legroom. The crew were very friendly and professional. We got tasty sandwiches and drinks. Take off and landing were excellent. We will recommend.

5/1/2013 D Hackett

Glasgow to Lourdes this journey proved all the negative reviews I had read about this airline to be spot on. Plane arrived at Glasgow four hours late after which we eventually boarded. Our troubles were just about to begin. After counting the passengers on the plane at least half a dozen times the cabin crew asked passengers sitting in the front seats to move to the back Caused great inconvenience and lost time. We arrived at our destination approx seven hours late - and five hours late going home.

5/24/2011 D Carver

Paris to Tel Aviv with group of around 35 (charter) no problems. Return a week later - big problems. Flight due to leave around 2100 delayed as plane had not yet left Paris. No explanation. After several false starts finally informed no flight until next day. Agency found us a hotel (very good). Next day after a few time changes finally left at 1930. Explanation of previous day's problem: mechanical and crew unavailability. Crew aboard our flight "volunteered". Good people lousy company. Too small and probably not profitable enough to meet obligations. Surely destined to close shop before long.

1/20/2009 Camilla Moe

For a return flight from Paris to Mopti Air Mediterranee proved horrible from start to end. Despite several calls to their customer service center in Paris no-one could tell us what time the flight left nor from what Paris airport. In the end the flight left one day before its originally scheduled departure in the afternoon from Orly instead of CDG the originally announced airport. The leg-room in the completely full flight was pitiful and as a woman a little above the average European standard my legs were constantly hitting the back of the person in front of me. In spite of the trials of the flight to Mopti the worst part of the flight was still the return. Calling the airline on the day before departure they could tell us departure time was moved from 0900 to 1200. No information would have been given to us had we not called. However the airline still insisted we would have to be there at 0600 for check-in. Calling a second time on the day of departure they told us it was sufficient to be there at 1030 because the flight would "probably not leave" before 1400 anyway. Treated like kettle just as we had been in the departure hall of CDG on the day down we were held in various queues most in the scorching sun until the crew decided to let us on board a little after 14. Many people having waited since 6 that morning were getting hungry by this stage and this is when it turned out Air Mediterranee had not provisioned for sufficient food for the journey. For a trip lasting 8 hours including an un-announced fuel stop in Algeria we were served the following: one tin containing 150 ml of salad one tin containing 150 ml of apple puree a stale muffin and a glass of water or juice. No bread no coffee no hot meal no second meal. Despite the pitiful amounts of food several passengers still had business to do in the toilets. Unfortunately there was no water in the toilets which soon became a no-go zone so dreadful only thinking about still makes me sick today. Arriving in CDG around mid- night starving with all shops closed having missed my flight out of Paris and longing for a clean toilet I swore never to use Air Mediterranee again.

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