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6/11/2019 S Heale

✅ Trip Verified | Casablanca to Madrid. The Check in for the flight was handled by Royal air Maroc staff, who were 20 mins late in opening check in due to an issue with a previous flight. It was a friday afternoon and only half of the immigration counters were open which resulted in an hour long wait to clear immigration. I wandered down to the boarding gate to wait for our flight. It was time to board but there was no aircraft at the gate. We were provided no infomation by Royal air Maroc ground staff about the flight or expected departure time 18.40. I discovered that the flight had not left Madrid. There was no food vouchers offered, no information provided regarding compensation for flight delays flights to the EU or details about the delay. The flight from Madrid arrived a little under three hours late. We were bussed to the aircraft which was parked some distance away despite having our boarding gate E1 free. The crew apologised for the delay and told us they had to swap an aircraft due to a technical issue. The CRJ 1000 has a narrow cabin and the seat was comfortable but a little tight. There were no complimentary drinks or snacks offered on board by the crew despite the long delay. After landing the aircraft taxied to a remote stand and we were bussed to the the Terminal (4S),. Our allocated baggage carousel was undergoing maintenance and the delivery of the bags was delayed by 15 mins. Overall a very unpleasant experience with Air Nostrum compounded by the poor communication. I arrived at my hotel over 4 hours late

12/8/2018 S Derlin

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a return ticket with Air Nostrum and found out that I could travel a day earlier. When I tried to change the ticket the price quoted was twice the price of the ticket I had paid before. I decided to book one sector with another airline and wanted to cancel that sector. The price to not show up for a flight that i paid for was over 100 euro. I could not cancel otherwise and if I would be no show the return ticket will be cancelled. I learned my lesson and will not book tickets with this airline again.

10/22/2018 A Martlew

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Granada. Excellent. Efficient and attentive cabin crew. Arrived and left on time. New aircraft and comfortable seats. Straightforward boarding and disembarking. Highly recommended.

8/15/2018 C Barton

✅ Trip Verified | This flight was reserved weeks ahead of travel and was part of a journey to enable me to travel to London with a connection in Madrid. Firstly the website would not let me check-in online (although I had chosen my seat on the same website) when I reached the airport it transpired that my seat had been changed. I ended up at the very back of the flight by the lavatory. The flight was delayed and the lack of communication was a real concern, A group of Chinese passengers became anxious as they had a connecting flight and sadly the ground staff were rather rude and ignored them. Boarding did not follow the rules at all and was chaotic with a few passengers going back through the barrier to use the lavatory! The ground staff did not seem to care one iota. Incredibly passengers were allowed to take on far too much luggage. Once in Madrid a passenger realised he had left a bag behind at the airport in Seville the cabin crew member did not care less and shrugged her shoulders and pointed the man to the exit.

8/13/2018 jose maria, Bombardier CRJ1000 место 12D

Buen avión. Esmerado servicio y amabilidad del personal. Asiento cómodo y buen vuelo. Excelente puntualidad. Vuelo de Escala en Mallorca y de nuevo el mismo avión hasta Santiago (hay que bajar ir a la terminal y volver). Todo perfecto. Es la segunda vez que hago este mismo trayecto.

8/13/2018 jose maria, Bombardier CRJ1000 место 12D

Buen avión. Esmerado servicio y amabilidad del personal. Asiento cómodo y buen vuelo. Excelente puntualidad. Vuelo de Escala en Mallorca y de nuevo el mismo avión hasta Santiago (hay que bajar ir a la terminal y volver). Todo perfecto. Es la segunda vez que hago este mismo trayecto.

7/1/2018 B Lanielli

✅ Trip Verified | Bologna to Madrid. The service of the leaves much to be desired, from the attention at the time of check-in to the punctuality that does not exist. One hour delay on the outward journey and two and a half hours on this return trip, of which an hour and a half were inside the cabin without any attention or explanation. The captain, already with all the people ready to leave, says that we were going to have to wait two hours to get out. ES: El servicio de la aerolíneas deja mucho que desear, desde la atención al momento del check-in a la puntualidad que no existe. Una hora de demora en el viaje de ida y dos horas y media en este viaje de regreso, de las cuales una hora y media fueron dentro de la cabina sin ninguna atención no mayor explicación. El comandante de a bordo, ya con todas las personas listas para partir dice que íbamos a tener que esperar dos horas para salir.. las compañías aéreas tienen todas las concesiones habidas y por haber mientras los clientes somos siempre rehenes.

1/29/2018 M Cristea

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Air Nostrum from Madrid T4 to Ibiza. Nice short flight on a sunny afternoon. Fast drop-off baggage, a gentle Iberia staff member helped us to print boarding-passes, half-hour late boarding (walked to the plane). Comfortable seats, very kind cabin crew. Flight itself was great, splendid manned by a Lady-captain. So, we started our summer holiday relaxed. One week after, second leg, Ibiza to Valencia, 45 mins. flight on turboprop. Bit cramped seats, bit noisy, but for a such a short time wasn't important. Final approach was rather steep, but landing was OK. Both flight were on time (less than 15 mins. late arrival), uneventful, luggage claimed fast and in good situation, decent priced. I will not hesitate to use Air Nostrum for Spanish domestic flights in the future.

1/19/2018 E Sammani

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Malaga via Madrid. I was flying in business class with Iberia from Gatwick to Madrid and with Air Nostrum from Madrid to Malaga. The first flight landed in Madrid with a delay and my connection to Malaga was a bit strict of time also because the first flight landed on a gate far from the boarding next flight gate. I managed to get on time on the second flight and, afraid for my luggage transfer on the second flight, I asked to the crew to verify if my luggage was on board. This verification I asked, was just because for the previous 3 flights in 2017 I had with the same route with them, my luggage went lost every time. The answer was that it was not in there duties so nothing to do about. Just because this question, I received a horrible treatment during the flight. Food was awful as the service, the plane was not clean and no complaint form was provided after my request. I will never fly again with Iberia and not with Air Nostrum as part of Iberia. Dirty aircraft, no customer service, also if in business class, no decent food.

12/14/2017 D Matado

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Lisbon. I feel very happy about my experience with Air Nostrum. The flight was cheap, ground service was fast and helpful. The pilot and the crew were very kind. The seat was comfortable and the choice and quality of food and drinks was good and convenient.

12/11/2017 Christian Peguero, Bombardier CRJ200 место 7D

Good for a short time ( 1 hour), the legroom is sufficient for a man with 1.88 m tall. The seat width short for me ( 104 kg). The seat don't recline and the only entertainment is the music before the take off. I have a drink during the plane. And the service was excellent.

11/21/2017 Angelo Menezes

✅ Trip Verified | Porto to Madrid. A small aircraft and we were asked to check-in our hand luggage or to leave it by the aircraft and pick it up upon arrival. I find this irritating, as I had one piece of luggage, within the rules. Other people didn't. Those should be asked to do this. Besides this, staff were nice. Seating was OK.

11/18/2017 P Bowman

✅ Trip Verified | Alicante to Madrid. Uncoordinated ground staff who left 2 wheelchair users waiting without communication for over 30 minutes in a communal area. Check-in was laborious with one staff member conducting personal conversation rather than processing her passengers. Boarding was slow, very slow indeed! Two wheelchair users were left in a hot area without communication and were then boarded first. This was no problem other than other passengers being required to descend narrow stairs and wait for a bus. The bus was very full and needed to make 2 journeys. Passengers were allowed to carry with them far too much luggage and this proved to be problematic in the extreme. Following departure the staff were poorly coordinated and communication was poor. Arrival was prompt but a bus was needed to negotiate a very large Madrid airport! Clearly, much needs to be done to improve matters. One would expect better from Air Nostrum.

8/13/2017 S Nelson

✅ Verified Review | IB8483 from Menorca to Palma operated by Air Nostrum. Boarding was on time and fast. The crew were friendly and their English was excellent. Apart from Spanish and English, there even was a shortened announcement in Catalan after boarding which I found very original. This was the first time this happened to me in the Catalan speaking regions of Spain. The aircraft wasn't very clean, there even was some chewing gum stuck to my window frame. For this short flight of about 35 minutes, snacks and drinks could be bought. The leg room was somewhat limited but for that short duration it was absolutely no problem at all.

8/9/2017 S Norris

✅ Verified Review | IB8496 from Palma to Menorca, operated by Air Nostrum. Boarding started with a significant delay of two hours but the ground crew were very conscious of that fact and tried to speed up the boarding process as good as possible. At boarding, the aircraft was baking hot. This bettered only a little during the flight but with the flight being just 30 minutes long, the temperature wasn't as big a deal as it would have been on a longer flight. The crew were friendly and talking to them in English was no problem at all. The aircraft was very clean. The leg room was a bit on the short side. There was no complimentary drink or meal service.

8/23/2016 Oscar Dunstone

I flew from Madrid to Marseilles with Air Nostrum, everything was what I expect from flying on a short flight. I flew on a brand new CRJ1000. I liked the size of the plane, to the bigger A319. (operated by Air Nostrum's owner, Iberia). I also found the seats more comfortable than Iberia, more legroom and 2 by 2 layout rather than a three by three. Warning, If you are claustrophobic or don't like flying in small, regional jets, fly Iberia, or Iberia Express, but still very good and would choose them again.

5/27/2016 Mauricio Libersohn

Flew Air Nostrum from Melilla to Madrid. Was a business flexible ticket. Quality / price excellent. Ground service in Melilla is nothing special for business flyers. Just a different row for check-in. The seat comfort for a short flight (less than 2 hours) was OK even though for a business class you could expect more. Breakfast is served for free for Business class giving two or three menus. I had fruit and it was very well served with yoghurt / cheese. The quality was excelent. I asked for kosher food and this wasn't given. They said they do not have kosher menu but suddenly on my way back they brought me kosher food. No entertainment on board. Bathroom without hand towel. Cabin staff very kind.

5/22/2016 S Rasmussen

✅ Verified Review | Our direct SAS flight (to be operated by Cimber) from Vilnius to Copenhagen had been cancelled, so SAS re-routed us through Stockholm. The airlines between Vilnius and Stockholm turned out to be Air Nostrum. Seat pitch was the same as with SAS. Cabin staff did not speak any Scandinavian language nor Lithuanian, so announcements, including security instructions, were carried out in Spanish and English, and my wife and I didn't understand. Onboard we wanted to purchase some items, such as sparkling water and a sandwich. The purser then told that none of the goods from the menu card could be purchased. I thought that it was an SAS flight operated by another airline, and I actually expected SAS service. However, the only reaction to this was that they couldn't do anything, because this was Air Nostrum. I then argued that it said SAS on the ticket, and even the SAS logo was painted on the tail wing, but also this didn't seem to bother the purser at all. She said that all food/beverage services were only for business class. When my wife made it clear that if she actually did get sick during the flight, the cabin staff would have a problem, the purser got my wife sparkling water.

2/15/2016 David Bradley

Alicante to Madrid. Short flight to connect to a long haul flight. Ground staff were efficient at Iberia desk. As usual you have to leave larger carry on bags on the ground next to the plane and then pick them up on arrival next to the plane. Seats are leather and on a 2 by 2 basis in both business and economy. Service was adequate, leg room was adequate even for two over six footers.

2/2/2016 JMa, ATR 72-600 место 19D

Asiento muy espacioso si no va nadie sentado en el 20D que va enfrentado. Para gente alta es perfecto. De ancho es igual que el resto del avión, suficiente. El único problema y es generalizado en este modelo es la dureza del asiento. el vuelo dura 1:20 minutos y acabas con el culo plano.