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10/19/2019 B Nelson

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to Athens via Belgrade. Worst airline ever! Rude staff, long lines, no food, dirty airplanes that have a weird smell. They changed the airplane before the flight from an Airbus A320 jet to some old Boeing (probably 737) it took off shaking left and right and smelled like something was burning. The soun...

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9/20/2019 Cassandra Ylioja

Not Verified | Helsinki to Rome via Belgrade. Was very impressed with my flight with Air Serbia. The seats were OK comfort wise. I was very impressed with the food service - our flight to Belgrade was 2 hours long and we got complimentary cookies and water. On our next flight, which was 1 hour, we got complimentary chips and wa...

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9/18/2019 Kyriakos Forakis

✅ Trip Verified | Ljubljana to Athens via Belgrade . One of the most unreliable airlines in Europe: constantly long delays which frequently result in missing connections. Lack of professional service both on the ground and in the air. Unfriendly and indifferent cabin staff. Unacceptable preseating policy. A very cheap product i...

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9/16/2019 Aleksandar Dragojevic

Not Verified | I wanted to book a ticket from London to Belgrade, but the web site displayed and error during the payment step (I am using a MasterCard issued by a big UK bank and haven't had many issues with online payments). I tried to pay again, and got the same message. Then I went through all the steps again, but the web p...

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9/11/2019 E Yan

✅ Trip Verified | Split to Madrid via Belgrade. Was meant to transit in Belgrade for 45 minutes. However first flight was delayed by about 50 minutes. When we got to Belgrade we had to rush to collect transit tickets and run to catch the flight. When we arrived in Madrid, our luggage never showed up. Had to spend even more time...

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9/5/2019 M Karmo

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Belgrade. My wife and me fly a lot of times with different airlines during the year - and this could also have been an flight with Eurowings, Austrian Airlines or something like this. The personnel was not too friendly but were polite. As we had booked an Economy ticket, we were able to check in our ...

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9/4/2019 K Martin

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Tel Aviv via Belgrade. Worst airline I have ever flown with. 2 big delays. No solutions for the people. The only solution is to stay 2 nights in Serbia. Shame. Ruined my experience in New York. Will not book this airline ever again

8/18/2019 Liia Gromova

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Podgorica via Belgrade. One of the worst companies I've ever flown with. 1.5 hr delay, lost luggage, no answer the whole day, when finally answered, the representative said they don't work on weekends! I'm in a foreign country without having a piece of cloth to put on myself, no info, no answers, neve...

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8/16/2019 M Bayam

✅ Trip Verified | Beirut to Barcelona via Belgrade. Worst flights ever! They took me all around Europe due to the connecting flights that they delayed and missed! Time is disrespected! We were like bunch of beggars at the counter in Belgrade where staff maltreated us, as if we were garbage.

8/12/2019 M Gawaria

✅ Trip Verified | Booked flight Etihad from Kuala Lumpur to London on 10 August. First transit in Abu Dhabi, second transit in Belgrade. Code share with Air Serbia (JU). Flight from Belgrade to London was cancelled 1 hour prior to departure. JU reschedule flight 24hrs after that (4.50pm, 12Aug). Our agent in Kuala Lumpur have ...

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8/7/2019 Cvijetin Grujicic

Not Verified | Belgrade to Stockholm. We have flown with Air Serbia many times and I am sorry to say that every time it has been a bad experience. Always late and the service is very bad - not to recommend.

8/3/2019 A Gahmar

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Cairo via Belgrade. Company is a complete and utter disaster. Starting from the booking of my ticket, I did not get an e-ticket via email as the booking process got interrupted only to find out the ticket was booked via my credit card notification. The flight from Berlin to Belgrade was delayed 2 hou...

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7/27/2019 V Marija

❎ Not Verified | Amsterdam to Belgrade. This company is terrible! I booked the ticket for my mom to visit me in Los Angeles. She had a flight back from LAX to AMS and then in Amsterdam, she just received a text that her flight to Belgrade (operated by Air Serbia) was canceled, without any further notice for more than 24h. She is...

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7/16/2019 Aske Stentoft

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Athens via Belgrade. The plane arrived almost an hour late on their first flight arriving from Belgrade. They didn’t pick up any of the lost time on the way and feared our luggage wouldn’t make it on to the connected flight from Belgrade to Athens. That didn’t become an issue. Because the next pl...

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7/10/2019 J Poole

✅ Trip Verified | Ljubljana to Split via Belgrade. 50 euros baggage fee for 1 checked 10 kg bag was excessive. Also, my last 3 messages to their Facebook page about my flight were never replied to. One part of my flight was 25 minutes late, no explanation.

6/22/2019 S Garentos

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Stuttgart via Belgrade. Well-kept aircraft, seat pitch was very good and seats were leather covered. Service was limited to a small bottle of water and crackers, everything else you have to pay. There is a good option to visit the Belgrade Airport lounge for €18 where you can be in a modern, quiet sp...

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6/4/2019 Milan Tomic

✅ Trip Verified | Belgrade to Berlin. I recommend avoiding Air Serbia at any cost. Their badly implemented website made me thinking I successfully bought ticket with hold luggage included which was not the case. That's gonna cost me additional 50 euros now. I couldn't even bought an extra-legroom seat due to 'unexpected bug', a...

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5/7/2019 B Gardener

✅ Trip Verified | Venice to Athens via Belgrade. I rarely give bad review so I will keep it short; mighty be best to avoid if at all possible, save yourself the hassle. The price is not worth the stress of late flightS or the unpleasantness of the flight (the noise from the motors was very loud from beginning to end). Flight and...

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4/30/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) место 2K

The seats in the right-hand part of the business cabin have extra privacy as the herringbone orientation of the two left columns creates a wall. Very comfortable seat, excellent service.

3/29/2019 S Adams

✅ Trip Verified | Belgrade to Amsterdam. Serious bag and problems during online check in process. They need to fix this at once! Once you have selected and paid for seat in online check-in process you can't go back or deselect them and return to a free one. The only thing you can do and that I found out after calling customer su...

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