Air Vanuatu



10/31/2013 Wayne Bainbridge

NF 50 and 51 VLI-AKL return. 23 and 30 Oct. What a pleasant surprise to fly with a good old fashioned full service airline very punctual good service drinks trolley nice lunch with more wine top up round of drinks then choose of port or liqueur. Only problem is that the airport is hopeless and can't handle a full plane load for ...

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9/1/2013 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (73H) место ROW13AND14

The legroom advantage during flight is offset by the fact that when NF deplanes in Port Vila - the hub for all its flights - it uses both front and rear stairs. This means that the people in Rows 13 and 14 are the last off - and so always at the end of the (often very slow) Immigration queue.

7/23/2013 L Ford

Flew NF 30/31 from MEL-VLI on the 737-800. Nice leather seating. Very clean plane. However time for new seat cover as the leather from around the seat pocket is coming off. Foot rest would be nice but its only 4 hrs. Food was great includes potato chips (starter) salad main meal bread and a cheesecake dessert. Staff service was ...

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5/8/2013 Michaela Pollender

Flight Auckland to Port Vila. Left on time. Fast service and nice crew. Would fly with them again. Only poor aspects were the entertainment which is almost not existent and the meals. There is room for improvement.

1/7/2013 A J McDonald

Flew Port Vila to Auckland on NF50 flight departed on time and arrived 25 minutes early. Food was great for breakfast and the crew were very friendly. The crew are excellent and always willing to share their experience with you. Fantastic little airline and I look forward to flying with them again soon.

1/4/2013 A J McDonald

Traveled from Auckland to Port Vila. Requested seats in row 3 and the request was confirmed at time of check in. Seats are good with plenty of leg and the TV. Cabin crew were a little bit on the grumpy side. The food was nice although they didn't have the requested vegetarian meal I ordered. Seats were comfortable. Landing into ...

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10/12/2012 P Schubert

Sydney to Vila in September 2012. Incoming flight was delayed due to headwinds but the same winds then had us landing earlier than scheduled though the landing in Vila seems to be a very fast one. Plane getting a bit tired inside but great staff. The food was good for international economy and the wine and beers really kept flow...

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9/3/2012 F MacKillop

Brisbane to Santo and back in August 2012. Flight slightly delayed due to 'missing spare part'. Service on board very good and smiling good food good beverage selection. Same applies to return flight although it was slightly scary to see that your luggage does not get x-rayed in Santo: a smiley woman asks you to open your bag an...

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8/9/2012 M van den Bosch

Food service on flight from Sydney to Port Vila very slow. Fight was 2 hours under way before we received our meal with no choice as to what we wanted. Connecting flight from Vila to Santo delayed one hour and luggage was left behind. Our return flight was as equally disappointing my wife and I were seated together on flight fro...

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9/11/2011 R Mendes

SYD-Villa. Crew were nice and helpful and the food served was great. Seats are comfortable with good recline. However they could improve entertainment the video is only about Vanuatu and gets boring after a while. The audio was okay. Other then that a good small airline.

1/10/2011 S Burrell

Brisbane - Port Vila - Brisbane on new 737-800. Cabin Crew were attentive and helpful and meal was tasty. Seats were comfortable and entertainment was interesting. A good small airline.

10/29/2010 Nicholas Janides

Melbourne-Port Vila-Sydney on B737-800. Seated in exit rows on both sectors and legroom is amazing. The cabin crew to Port Vila lacked smiles and warmth but crew on the return to Sydney were excellent. Meal and beverage services were poor to very good but overall a good little airline.

9/25/2010 R King

SYD-VLI-SYD. Fantastic new aircraft great crew awesome food. Really impressed by Air Van. Plentiful alcohol including Tusker beer which is great! On time both ways. Entertainment is lacking as it is just a video about Vanuatu but audio ok. Really enjoyed this airline!

8/22/2010 David Mallowes

Auckland to Vanuatu B737-800 return. Seats good overhead screens played for half of flight. Meal okay crew frumpy but hardly seen with Air Vanuatu. I was kicked in the back by a young child every minute of the flight until the last half hour and the two children were raucous and out of control the whole way.

8/17/2010 G Bell

Brisbane to Vila via Santo return Santo to Brisbane. Friendly smiling flight attendants comfortable seats and meals and drinks provided. Santo to Vila on the same 737 we were given bottles of water and packets of banana crisps. However the flight from Vila to Santo was a very different story! We waited anxiously for the 737 to a...

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2/22/2010 Rathin Roy

Brisbane-Portavila and then Portavila-Sydney economy class. Excellent service good recline of seat in economy nice inflight reading material. All in all a superb service.

9/16/2008 Anthony Gibbons

Auckland- Vila return. Out in Business and return in economy. Service on both sectors friendly and efficient - business class was in most respects a good experience with exception of the terrible seat pitch. Not a true business class pitch but sectors flown are mostly under 3 hours. Pitch more like about 35-38 inches felt like a...

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9/11/2008 M Reisinger

Economy class from Brisbane to Santo return. The crew tried its best to make the journey most comfortable with decent food and a few rounds of drinks including wines and champagne. FA's smiling. The 737-800 seemed to be new. The entertainment system consisted of music programme and advertisements on Vanuatu which is okay for a 3...

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8/26/2008 Henry Tib

Syd-Vli-Syd on new tropical livery 738. Comfortable leather seats with good legroom. Service with good choice of beverages followed by a hot meal. Cabin crew in attendance and responded with a smile to all passenger requests.

5/21/2007 Claus Dirnberger

SYD-VLI-SYD in business class. I agree with others comments on the service and friendliness of the airline but Air Vanuatu must do something to improve their business class seats - although they are wide enough the pitch is dismal and does not even allow a footrest. I would urge Air Vanuatu to at least upgrade to Air Pacific sta...

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