Схема салона Boeing 737-900 (739) v2 Alaska Airlines

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Боинг 737-900 (739) v2 авиакомпании Аляска Эйрлайнс с 3 классами и 178 сиденьями на борту. С помощью наглядной схемы салона и отзывов пассажиров вы узнаете где находятся лучшие места, а какие стоит избегать.


10/13/2019 Abdallah E, место 11A

Seat 11A does NOT have a window. There is a solid sidewall that connects the upper and lower fuselage.

9/3/2019 Abdallah E, место 34D

33D & 34D are the worst seats on this plane. Alaskan corporate greed at its best.

6/30/2019 Abdallah E, место 9D

9D is NOT a premium seat. Alaska thinks it is, but the legroom is normal economy, the literature is economy and so is the service.

6/16/2019 Abdallah E, место 34D

Avoid this seat all all costs, must be the worst on the plane and it is just horrible. I got assigned 34B, asked to move to an aisle and got 34A but the 3 toilets are there. It is so busy and noisy. There is no possibility of relaxing and you get all the smells of the toilets. People constantly knock the seats. It's quite shamef...

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11/14/2018 Charlie P, место 21F

Above average legroom and *width* for sure, compared to other 737 NG series I've flown. My aircraft was 2 years old, N493AS, and the interior was clean and spacious. BIG PLUS: outlet and USB in the seat in front of you near the knees, making super easy access.

6/11/2018 SeatGuru User, место 12F

If you're anything like me and love the engine buzz, but you also think its a bit loud, then this seat is perfect! Not too noisy, just the perfect "hummm"AND, you have a seat near the front of the plane, so you're out first!

5/5/2018 SeatGuru User, место 2D

PDX to ORD on an Alaska 787-900. The new first class seat pitch makes a huge positive difference. Leather seats have adjustable "wing" type headrests. New overhead bins are huge. HVAC air vents provided adequate (cool) airflow. Power outlets/USB between seats. IFE is either a pre-loaded tablet (no-charge) or streaming conte...

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12/3/2017 SeatGuru User, место 6A

Curtain between 1st and Prem Econ being replaced by fixed panel on overhead bins. There is a six inch 'window' between seat top and bottom of panel. No flapping curtain! Underseat storage not a problem.All 3 seats have a space. The 3 seats in row 6 have to share 2 sets of power ports as the power ports are in the back of the sea...

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11/25/2017 SeatGuru User, место 7C

Great seat especially with middle seat empty. Nonstop SEA-TPA flight. Breakfast items purchased were very good, great crew, early arrival. Baggage delivery slow in Tampa. Premium is the way to go

11/10/2017 Jaél R, место 2C

First row in first class takes the most hits from bags and butts when people are coming on the plane. Second row is the best. One of the first to get off and you get your first selection on food.

11/9/2017 SeatGuru User, место 7D

Alaska says Premium Economy has priority boarding and reserved overhead space but IMO its not Priority Boarding. After First Class boards they call everyone with any flight status, which is half the plane, THEN you get to board. By the time i got to my seat, the overhead was already full from passengers boarding earlier and NOT...

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8/29/2017 James T, место 1C

This bulkhead seat does not have a front pocket. Only the A/D seats have anything to store small items. No frills, though decent food relative to Delta. Thats the onky thing that rated better though.

6/5/2017 Alex B, место 11D

Row 11 has less legroom than row 9 or row 12 yet is marked as a premium seat with more legroom on the checkin computer. Also all center seats on this aircraft have AV equipment under them making same leg with as aisle seats.

5/29/2017 SeatGuru User, место 13C

Standard economy. Clean cabin with Sky Interior amd nice mood lighting which makes cabin feel roomier, but seat pitch still toght with Recaro seats. As mentioned, but stiff cushioning...particularly bottom cushion is less than comparable United seats, but slightly better recline. Food options pretty good, though Sonoma. Hucken b...

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