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7/4/2019 R Davies

✅ Trip Verified | This has got to be the worst experience I ever had. Started out in Memphis our flight was supposed to leave at 7.35am, however there was something wrong with our plane and it took maintenance over 30 minutes to show up to fix the problem. By the time maintenance did show up thunderstorms rolled in (had maintenance been on time we would have left before the storms rolled in). Ended up leaving Memphis at 12pm and by that time had missed my connecting flight in Dallas at 12.35pm so they routed us from Dallas to Chicago. Nightmare gets worse, our gate and time changed 4-5 times sometimes without notification. Finally leaving for our final destination Sioux City IA at 10.26pm. Mind you my mother’s funeral was scheduled for the next day at 11am and there are not many flights in and out of Sioux City. Get to Sioux City, no luggage! Therefore no clothes or toiletries to shower before the funeral. We were told the earliest our luggage would be there is noon the day of the funeral, hence we had to purchase something to wear. Lucky enough we had money to buy clothes and toiletries. My last time flying American! Staff not friendly or empathetic and could have cared less what I was going through.

7/3/2019 J Lane

Not Verified | AA Advantage, not on this planet! After sitting on the runway for over an hour due to incompetent staff at O'Hare Airport (they couldn't get the crew the paperwork they needed to take off), I'm now reduced to sitting on the runway for another hour because of storms in the region. And the best part, American hasn't even updated my app to show the flight as delayed. Can't wait to tear my AA Card to pieces later this evening. And a bit of advice to American (even though they clearly don't seem to be able to either listen or take advice) just be honest and update the app. I know they can't do anything about the weather, but it was totally their fault they couldn't find their paperwork.

7/3/2019 R Sanyal

✅ Trip Verified | London to New York JFK. This was my first experience traveling on a basic economy fare. For the money I paid, it would be churlish for me to find any fault. I was assigned my seat when checking into a self service automatic machine. It was an exit row seat on the left third of the 3x4x3 configuration. When the doors closed and no passenger came to claim the window seat, I moved over to it. Lots of leg space, of course, but a toilet is in front which could be a nuisance. Blanket and pillow on the seats. Ear phones provided free. A dinner with choice of pasta or meat balls served soon after takeoff. I would have liked if they had a beverage service before the dinner. Wine and beer were complimentary. Before landing, a snack was offered - I chose the cheese rather than the pepperoni roll. Storage space overhead was not as spacious. For the fare, you could carry a regular cabin sized suitcase and another personal bag. Flight attendants were friendly. The selection of movies on offer was very small - I passed on them. Bathrooms had become untidy and had ran out of toilet paper. Plane landed on time but it was at least 25 minutes before we docked at a gate. It was the hot hot day in London when we started. A cold towel on boarding would have been a welcome relief. But overall, it was a very positive experience. And I received some frequent flyer miles too!

7/3/2019 D Karvin

✅ Trip Verified | American has started flying direct Munich to Dallas Ft Worth this month. I booked myself on one of the first flights. I picked a seat 1L, because I have already flown on AA 787-8 few times before. It is in a good area and it seems to have few extra advantages, one of which is not to have to face another person in awkward biz class configuration. American since left these seats and uses different manufacturer on 787-9 series. Munich airport terminal one is old and it is more than showing its age. I often fly out of PRG, which is much better and has better lounge. Onboard, the service was rather underwhelming, but definitely better than the next day connection from DFW to PSP on 737. (I will not even bother reviewing this, because AA has evidently given up on their domestic product - no drinks served, no food choice, rude service - .no point in a review as I mentioned). 787 is a great aircraft and after the take off came a quick meal service. When I say quick, I mean about 60 mins into the flight all of the meal service was served and the purser and flight attendants happily seated and chatting in front cabin. I have gone to the bathroom in front by the pilot's door at one point, only to be rudely "thrown out" by a blond flight attendent telling me the curtain was closed and to use other bathrooms. I quickly realized the reason for this. They were eating, drinking, playing their iPad games and I saw it all. I am not an arguing type, so I simply left, only to be called back by a somewhat nicer flight attendant, who ended up having an argument with the other over which bathroom I could use. Mortified, I proceeded to the bathroom, only to leave it few moments later with a deadly look by the blond flight attendant, who then went onto serving me my pre-arrival snack, by slamming it onto my table and giving me the evil eye. Oh American...it is HUGE understatment to say that as an Executive Platinum, who used to like the new AA is overall discouraged. I fly every month for business. Mainly LAX-LHR or SYD, I have seen the service to go steeply downhill in the past year and half, but nothing prepared me for this. Should I mention the horrible defrosted cold lamb offered submerged in what seemed like pieces of ice mixed with water and what remotely resembled potato puree? Or should I mention the red wine, which evidently could not beat $3 bottle of Chuck Shaw at Trader Joes? Amazingly upset stomach, horrible headache and 10 hours later, I finally reached my point of taking my business elsewhere. I also heard, AA is changing their frequent flyer award redemption, following DL nad UA (how about being a leader AA and being loyal to your customer base and keeping the current FF system, afterall you slashed 80% of the value only 2 years ago, do you need to screw us even further with your 5 billion dollar net profit?) to "dynamic" awards. I have left DL and UA for this very reason, and avoid flying them. I guess now it will be AA, unless they make radical changes to their service and treatment of the loyal frequent fliers. There are so many options out there from EU or Asian carriers. AA, don't underestimate word of mouth.

7/3/2019 Michael Goulette

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. Flight was delayed two times back to back to the point that I won’t have missed my connecting flight to Pittsburgh because of ac issues!! Lost a day of work/ pay! Not offered to discount my ticket or anything.. Finally made it Philadelphia boarded plane only to be taken back off the plane on flight 901 again because of Ac issues again! Theres a reason why this airline gets a 3 out of 10 stars! Completely unreliable with customer experience left at the bottom of their to not do list.. sad sad airline

7/3/2019 C Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Buffalo to Washington. My flight was cancelled 5 hours before takeoff for alleged weather issues. There were no weather issues going on. We lost an entire day outfit our vacation. American Airlines changed our gates multiple times delayed our flight home, and we almost missed our flight.

7/3/2019 Gerald Feldman

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Palm Beach via Charlotte. Terrible flight. Very little leg room. Internet didn't work. No TV. Flight arrived late to connecting flight in Charlotte. We only had 20 minutes to run across the terminal. I was out of breath. My son had to beg them to wait for me. After we arrived in PBI 6/27, late, our luggage was lost. It took 1.5 hours with baggage claim to locate it back in Charlotte. It never made it on the flight. We had to return to PBI the next morning, $30 Uber each way. It killed our day. That's the 2nd American Airlines flight in a row that was bad, never again. Delta or JetBlue for now on.

7/3/2019 P Sears

✅ Trip Verified | Honolulu to Phoenix. Worst service I think I’ve had while traveling. The security check point was a two hour long line or more. I had been standing in like for an hour my flight was going to board in 15 minutes and so I asked one of the crew members at the desk if they could do anything for me to avoid missing my flight. All they had to say was “sorry you will just have to try to make it in line or leave but that’s on you.” The crew member was pretty young, but regardless please be a bit more professional and do your job and at least try to service your customers. Meanwhile, the Alaskan Airline crew members were pulling people out of line so they didn’t miss their flight. I asked if I could join and told them my situation and they said I had to ask the airline I was traveling with, which I respected.

7/2/2019 Allan Chambers

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Chattanooga. We were bumped off our flight Saturday morning (6am flight) from New Haven, 5 hours before it was due to depart. Re-seated on a 12:30pm flight. Which we made.. And flew to Philly.. Landed at Philly 1:15pm.. Sat around waiting for our 6pm flight to Chattanooga. 4pm announcement made "all flights cancelled" we were then sent e mail to say next flight we were booked on was 1pm following day. AA wont pay hotels etc..turns out so many flights cancelled that there wasnt a free hotel room for 30 miles from airport. We decided to drive 750 miles home instead. It took them 2 hours to find our bags before we could even start the 13 hour drive. We cancelled our flighys and are now awaiting refunds for the flights. We did however get an e mail 11am the next morning to say our 1pm flight was cancelled.. So next flight was 7pm It took us 16 hours to drive 750 miles home.. (Including stopping for food and gas) but we were still home before the 1pm scheduled flight. If we had stayed at the Philly airport we may still be there now.. AA are useless.. There were elderly people and young families stranded at the airport and no one cared. I will never.. Ever.. Flight AA ever again! Always flown Delta and never been bumped.. Let almone a flight cancelled with 2 hours notice. Avoid AA.. You'll regret it.

7/1/2019 Sarah Stiverson

Not Verified | Dallas to New York. American Airlines is the worst. Flew a flight to NYC Friday, there were no seats left in business class so I had to fly economy. Went out of my way to pack a carry on, because AA lost my bag 2 weeks ago. I'm boarding and they seize my bag claiming there was no space in cabin, and when I tried to object they shamed me for booking boarding zone 7 (like I said there just weren't any seats left in business) I go to my seat and there are tons of cabin spaces available. So on the way home there did happen to be business seats available so I book those.

7/1/2019 David Bergstrom

✅ Trip Verified | Paid First from Austin to Atlanta via Charlotte. Both flights on refurbished A319 aircraft. Seats actually provide really decent legroom. No seat back IFE is a let down. Pre departure beverages on both flights, really nice lunch to CLT, Cheese Enchiladas and a decent red wine to go with it. Flight attendant did her job and did provide solid service, albeit, with out much personality. Connection to ATL a short 50 minutes in the air. Beverages and snacks were fine with a much friendlier flight attendant this time. Over all a solid trip with AA. If I have a complaint its the boarding and gate area chaos. AA consistently spills its passengers well into the terminals. Something needs to be done. I was in first, so priority security and boarding was enjoyed. I just felt bad for everyone else. I've been loyal to AA for decades now and have been lucky, as most of my trips are on time and I have always experience a fairly consistent level of service from them. Again though, I usually pay to fly up front.

7/1/2019 J Horton

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Charlotte. Flight was supposed to leave LGA at 7:59 am. First delay was until 10:00 am, second was until 2:00 pm. Then it was canceled at about 12:30 pm. By 10:00 am I knew it would be canceled because I ran into the AA maintenance crew chief at the food court and he told me that there was no way it was going back out today. Still AA jerked everyone around until 12:30 pm. Got a standby flight that was not nonstop but went to Atlanta and then to Charlotte. Didn’t leave NY until 2:30 pm. Got to Atlanta and the connecting flight to Charlotte was delayed for maintenance. How many maintenance issues does AA have? Sat in Atlanta through 3 delays. Finally left at 8:00 pm. Over 2 hours later than the flight was scheduled to leave. On top of everything else, in NY the guy made me check my bag at the last minute. No real reason other than that the plane was full. It was the same bag I flew to NY with as a carry on. That plane was full too. Have no idea if my bag will be in Charlotte when I arrive. I doubt it. All AA employees seem completely useless and they all have terrible attitudes. I’ll never fly American Airlines again. Their fleet is in poor repair and their employees are rude and incompetent.

7/1/2019 N Mertell

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Charlotte. Not only did American Airlines change our flight three hours before leaving LV, they refuse to pay any of the room fees we incurred, they sent us to the wrong airport in NY and are refusing to help get us to the correct airport. Never again.

7/1/2019 Addesha Collins

❎ Not Verified | Atlanta to Miami. Worse service ever. We got delayed because of bad weather in Miami. Landed into Fort Myers to get fuel. Upon inspection, there was a bulge in the tire. Tried to get our bags because we had a cruise to make by 7. The crew would not give to use because they “hoped” to have the tire fixed by then. 4 hours later not tire fixed try to get our bags again. Still a no. Finally by the 5th-hour tire not fixed and flight cancelled. Meaning we missed our cruise. No one could help us with vouchers or anything. I would not recommend them for anything!

7/1/2019 Bismita Niraula

❎ Not Verified | Dallas to Washington. Do not ever fly American Airlines at all, they are the worst airline, they cancel their flights last min and they are so rude that they won’t compensate you according to your convenience. It has been the fourth time within a month that they cancelled on me. They should stay outta business if they can’t provide good business.

7/1/2019 Jennifer Budge

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas to Houston. Airlines do not assign seating to allow you to sit next to the person you purchased the tickets with. If you buy two tickets, you will not sit next to that person unless you spend even more money than the ticket price you paid. Ridiculous. I will not fly with American Airlines again. To top that off the flight wasn't full at time of boarding the plane. The flight crew informed me that it was so they were unable to seat us together. That was a lie. They then started to fill those seats with people from a different flight since their flight was cancelled. The flight attendant told me a flight was cancelled and they needed to be on this flight. That's great they are doing that for another flight, but the customer already on the flight deserved precedence. They should have given priority to those already on the plane and filled the seats after. Not happy with this company and the way they care for their customers is lacking. They have a lot of work to do to be a better company.

7/1/2019 T Beck

❎ Not Verified | Washington to Charlotte. I’ve flown with American 3 times in the past month and I can honestly say, worst airlines ever. I am a frequent traveler and they have to be the absolute worst. The flights are always delayed and they leave us on the plane without any information. I once had to wait 4 hours on a plane from Miami to Charlotte. Terrible inflight service. They truly do not care about their customers. I am currently on their aircraft waiting for my flight to take off, which is delayed yet again. I have been on this flight for an hour now just waiting to take off. Never fly American. You’ll waste your money and your time.

6/30/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) место 21C

Would avoid. Proximity to the lavatory in this instance is particularly annoying as (i) the odor does not make for a pleasant eating experience (or indeed flight experience full stop) & (ii) people will crowd your seat whilst waiting. The A332 overall is one of the better ships crossing the Atlantic but this seat is to be given a hard pass. Row 9 is where its at if you can get access to MCE.

6/30/2019 S Davis

✅ Trip Verified | Columbia to Wichita Falls via Charlotte. We had a 2.5-hour layover in Charlotte. Then our plane was 2 hours late. They told me because my husband was 85 and had a stroke three months ago we would get a hotel. They lied. The ticket agent also told me to get my bag at Dallas. So I left my disable husband inside as I went to check on our bag. No bag to get. He's misinformed us and now I am stuck outside in baggage and my husband is inside. He needs me to talk for him and help him. So this is what America Airlines has gone to.

6/30/2019 Tyler Perocchi

✅ Trip Verified | I spent an extended time away from my family for military training. My flight left at 3pm from Wisconsin and was expected to be home in Tennessee around 11pm. I got to the airport excited to go home and see my wife and kids, but my flight was delayed. And delayed again and again, until it finally left at 8pm. When I arrived at Chicago, I had missed my next flight and they would not help me in any way to find a place to sleep. I had been up since 3am and they said since it was due to weather it was not their problem. They rescheduled my flight to arrive home at 7pm the next day and refused to transfer me to another airline. To fix the situation, they gave me a $12 meal voucher. That was the value of the extra time I spent away from my family. Over a hundred Soldiers who left training with me got the same run around, but those who were able to hustle their way on to another airline arrived home way before the rest of us. I am still stuck over a thousand miles away from home and had to listen to my son cry on the phone because he wanted me home that day. American Airlines doesn't care about getting me home to my family faster, and they didn't care about the majority of Soldiers trying to do the same. If you can help it, don't use AA and stay out of Chicago airport, so you don't end up exhausted away from your family for double the amount of time with a $12 meal voucher.