Схема салона Airbus A321 (321) European British Airways

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Схема салона Аэробус A321 (321) European Бритиш Эйрвейз
Схема салона Аэробус A321 (321) European Бритиш Эйрвейз

Аэробус A321 (321) European авиакомпании Бритиш Эйрвейз с 2 классами и 177 сиденьями на борту. С помощью наглядной схемы салона и отзывов пассажиров вы узнаете где находятся лучшие места, а какие стоит избегать.


10/27/2018 Raymond Dowling, место 8C

Excellent seat for solo passenger as adjacent seat is not sold

10/1/2018 Gerard D, место 15F

15F window is misaligned, however the bottom of the back of each seat in this row is missing and makes it uncomfortable

9/21/2018 Marek K, место 7A

Great seat. Nice and quiet. Good leg room. Emergency Exit behind so no one banging on this seat to access literature or to go to the loo.

8/21/2018 SeatGuru User, место 8E

On LHR-MXP flight this seat was sold as an exit row in World Traveller. There is an extra cost associated with choosing this seat. Note that the seat is in a row of two, next to a reversed staff seat. There is no window, the seats cant recline, one cannot have under-seat luggage as this is treated as an exit row but worst of a...

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8/21/2018 Serena W, место 8D

Poor seat. Only 16.5 inches wide to make space for a reversed staff jump seat at the exit door behind. No window. No under seat storage. No recline. This is a premium exit row seat with an extra cost for booking and brings only the benefit of being in a row of two.

9/10/2017 Meredith S, место 22C

Seat is narrower than standard ET and has no extra legroom. Avoid.

7/4/2017 Will H, место 2D

Comfortable seat in Club Europe. No problems.

2/19/2017 SeatGuru User, место 22D

Beware - seats in row 22 are sold as extra legroom for £23 additional fee - but are in fact regular seats with no extra legroom.

10/26/2016 SeatGuru User, место 27F

Nice flight in a very new looking A321(not sure which version). 27F a good seat for looking out - not above the wing. BUT warning BA make you pay to prebook seats - that includes if you want to change the seat they allot to you - even when you check in on-line. Think of using another airline if they don't try to make these addi...

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10/20/2016 SeatGuru User, место 04C

04C is a standard seat. It is worth noting that only the first three rows have air vents.

10/18/2016 SeatGuru User, место 22C

Terrible seat. Very uncomfortable.Although 2 seats only area dark and dingy no windows.Avoid it the same for 22B.

9/12/2016 Ben H, место 9A

Great seat, absolutely loads of legroom due to exit row, and the two-row staggered row in front. You essentially have two rows worth of legroom.

7/5/2016 Chris K, место 8B

All seats in Row 8 do not have air vents. The people in these seats were extremely uncomfortable, this would be good to mention.

5/30/2016 SeatGuru User, место GOOD

Sat next to the Window on an Exit row with a seat in front of me. I have long legs and found this short 3 hour flight absolutely fine. Nice window position.

5/30/2016 SeatGuru User, место NOTTOOBAD

Back Row 35. We wanted seats away from all the children on the flight. When we asked at the desk the check in agent said no children were around this area so we took it! Nice window positioning. Not too bad for a 3 hour flight. Normal Economy leg room. Great BA service on this short haul

5/14/2016 Steve W, место 21D

Seats about 4cm thinner in width than normal, ok for couples as no 3rd seat

5/3/2016 SeatGuru User, место 4A

I thought Club Europe on an ancient 767 was bad.... until I was wedged into an A321! Be very clear, the "new Club Europe" is an Economy seat with Economy legroom (i.e. none). Do not under any circumstances waste your (or the company's) money on this product. Useless.

10/19/2015 SeatGuru User, место 2D

Strangest "Business Class" seat I have experienced where the leg room is the same as economy with my legs butting up against the seat in front.

10/8/2015 SeatGuru User, место 21DAND21E

These seats are 2 to 3 inches narrower than std seats to allow for a rear facing flight attendant jump seat in the place where 21F would be. Also, pitch to row 22 is very small. Thus any seat recline could be very uncomfortable for an average to tall passenger in row 22.

8/25/2015 Catfish H, место 14D

All BA A321 former BMI planes has a problem with the AC in rows 9-19, it's not the first flight it was extremely warm in those rows. When i asked the crew they admitted BA know about this problem but it has not been fixed yet.