Схема салона Boeing 777-300 (73Z) v2 Cathay Pacific

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Схема салона Боинг 777-300 (73Z) v2 Cathay Pacific
Схема салона Боинг 777-300 (73Z) v2 Cathay Pacific

Боинг 777-300 (73Z) v2 авиакомпании Cathay Pacific с 2 классами и 398 сиденьями на борту. С помощью наглядной схемы салона и отзывов пассажиров вы узнаете где находятся лучшие места, а какие стоит избегать.


11/28/2018 Jc E, место 47A

Fly this route twice a year during christmas and chinese new year to go skiing in sapporo. This route used to be run by 747s but alas they are all gone. Great seat for a 5 hour flight and great food and amazing cathay service as usual. Cabin is usually kept very cold though so be careful

8/3/2018 SeatGuru User, место 11G

This seat is horrible. the proximity to the galley meant that all of the crew activities could be heard throughout the flight. When I reclined my seat, the foot rest came in contact with the bulkhead. I'm 5'10" on a good day and I my feet were touching the bulkhead. Also, once the curtain to the galley was closed, EVERY time...

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5/13/2018 SeatGuru User, место ALLSEATSAFTO

The Boeing 777 series have loud engine exhaust because their huge engines are close in to the fuselage.

3/16/2018 Mark M, место 18A

Window seats in the 2:2:2. Business cabin make for impossible to very awkward ausle access when sitting next to a slewping or preoccupied neighbour. The seni recumbent seats do not allow for a confortabke angle of sleep.

8/12/2016 Katelyn D, место 43A

Because this is an emergency exit row, the booklets, headphones and other papers for all three seats are stuffed into a pocket in the wall, which is right in the face of the person in seat A. Furthermore, the exit door tends to leak cold air from outside, so prepre for very cold legs. The lavatory light will shine directly in yo...

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8/6/2016 SeatGuru User, место TERRIBLE

I was in seat 40G, our flight has delayed for nearly 12 hours and yet this seat couldn't recline. I reccommend that they change the economy class in this plane, especially the front cabin (rows 39-52)

7/2/2016 Andreas N, место 78K

I found this seat to have more space and there was not a long que that disturbed either me or my traveling companion to the lavatories. Downside, you get served food last.

4/3/2016 SeatGuru User, место 66A

Wow! Lots of aroma from the galley make me an appetite to eat the inflight meals. Encore seats close to the galley! 5**

1/20/2016 SeatGuru User, место 16H

What a rubbish seat, rubbish cabin. To call this "Business Class" is an absolute joke. They even have a middle seat in the centre block. Uncomfortable, cramped.

1/12/2016 SeatGuru User, место 17A

Avoid this new regional seat as much as possible. It is just a larger econ seat. Gave me back pain and uncomfortablity through out the flight

11/7/2015 SeatGuru User, место 17H

Great Cathay Pacific service, as usual. But, not really up to their usual standards in terms of the seats. It really ought to be marketed as a Premium Economy seat. It's like an old recliner business seat from the 1980's. I would not recommend this seat/plane for any trip longer than 2-3 hours.

7/9/2015 Stefanus V, место 49C

My flight is 4 hours HKG-SUB.unfortunately i got a bad seat..... That can't recline at all. I think it's better if the seat configuration is 2-4-2 rather than 3-3-3

7/7/2015 SeatGuru User, место 46A

46A and 46K on this CX regional 777 version (77Z) is missing a window, a "be aware - see comments" yellow seat should be labelled.

4/8/2015 SeatGuru User, место 43A

Seatguru gotta ammend their settings. Cathay's B777-300 (New regional) seats 46AK and 49AK are missing a window! But seatguru didn't put it on their web :(

3/3/2015 SeatGuru User, место 15E

Avoid! Simple! Cathay bill this as a stabdard buisness class seat. Basically that means "we are goung to charge you for buisness but give you a seat slight larger and as uncomfortable as economy. Thank god i had a day flight. Couldnt bare the thought of this as an ovenighter! The seat is cramped, hard, uncomfortable. Leg room is...

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6/27/2014 SeatGuru User, место 14K

I traveled the sector NRT/HKG in what is billed as Cathay's new regional business class product. Initially, the seat was comfortable, but as the flight went into its 2nd hour, the lack of padding in the seat proved to be uncomfortable to the point of annoying and painful. Getting from the window seat to the aisle also required...

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