10/26/2019 S Tan

✅ Trip Verified | Delta repeatedly has bad ground and customer service staff. The breaking point which compelled me to write a feedback on this airline after flying with them for so many years came when they did not handle my luggage professionally. When there was damages found on the bags, the ground agents denied liabilities ...

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10/25/2019 Erik Frijlink

✅ Trip Verified | Buffalo to Los Angeles. Bad experience with Delta, for a strange reason, was my baggage to heavy (3 kg) this is strange because on the KLM flight the weight of my baggage was not too heavy. I must pay $100 extra for my baggage so the total amount for 3 pieces of baggage was $190.00. Never Delta airlines for me.

10/25/2019 Josie Cipolla

Not Verified | Dallas to Atlanta. I have been a faithful Delta customer for many years, flying about 1x a month. They have fair reliability. They treat economy customers like trash. I have over 140k in miles but get zero upgrades or assistance. Several times I have not received snacks or drinks because I am in the back of the pl...

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10/24/2019 Devin Smith

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Kona. I was so pleased with my flight and this was my first time flying so I had all the jitters. The staff was amazing, comfort level was top notch. They had pillows and blankets and little televisions in the seats and you can track your flight. The pilot kept us updated. I literally will only fly ...

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10/24/2019 K Smith

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Munich. We had connecting flights both departing and returning back to New Jersey from Munich. Everything ran smoothly. We did have to retrieve our baggage on our return flight because of international customs but Delta had an place in the Detroit departure area to drop off luggage and forward them t...

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10/24/2019 Isaias Chavez

Not Verified | Mexico City to Los Angeles. Great customer service. Staff was honest and helpful with any assistance we needed. I would recommend the Delta service in Mexico City

10/23/2019 L Andrews

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Frankfurt. I have decided to fly with another airline going forward just because my overall experience with Delta is simply too frustrating. I was also pretty unhappy with the unreasonable 1st checked baggage fee. Also my not being able to choose my seat during check-in. And when I asked the agent to...

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10/21/2019 Charlie, место D

Seems a little old, worn and tired for an international route bird in the DL fleet, especially as compared to the more modern and luxurious offerings from Virgin Atlantic and some of the newer planes in the DL fleet. Still it was fine for this 10.5 hour routing. The service and meals were very good as one would expect on a DL fl...

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10/21/2019 Lucretia Elliott

✅ Trip Verified | Louisville to Newport News via Atlanta. The flight was delayed a pretty long time resulting in me missing my flight. We flew into Atlanta where the staff was so terrible I know I will never use you guys again. She was rude and very unprofessional. I just don’t understand how you guys don’t coordinate with late ...

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10/20/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-900ER (739) место 26F

Awesome seat. My plane (N901DN) was a year old and the window was big and perfectly aligned with the seat. The free IFE was a pleasant surprise. I could easily see myself flying coast-to-coast in that seat.

10/20/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-400ER (76D) место 18F

Paid $200 more for extra comfort. It was not! Maybe 2" more leg room, same with and was an old and tired seat as was the plane. Screen was scratched and plane was dirty. 2 cups under my seat when I boarded. No one cleanse I guess. Horrible 8 hours from BCN to JFK. ABOUT 55 degrees F and most people were freezing. Flight attendan...

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10/20/2019 Jennifer Muckelrath

✅ Trip Verified | Kansas City to San Jose via Atlanta. Ok Delta. Today you did us wrong and caused us to miss the flight. Let the connecting flight leave early without 8 passengers knowing we were delayed because of the weather. 7 hrs and $350 dollars later because of you. Not happy. Hate Delta. Wifi on the plane doesn't work an...

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10/20/2019 Jennifer Muckelrath

✅ Trip Verified | We were in flight delayed, forced to circle terminal for more than 20 minutes, which put us arriving close to our next departure. Then they changed our terminal to the furthest terminal to have to run and catch our plane to Costa Rica. Never mind the people who didn't listen to the announcement of please sit i...

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10/19/2019 Tamir Goldberg

Not Verified | Delta is a very good airline to fly on. we flew from Jacksonville to Atlanta. the plane was old, but had new IFE monitors. The staff on the plane and on the ground were very nice. I am looking forward to fly with Delta again.

10/19/2019 M Balatore

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Las Vegas. The process to get to the gate is slow and stupid. It seems they could do it more efficiently but would rather annoy everyone. There’s never enough room to put your carry on because they don’t enforce carry on size. One suitcase will fill an overhead bin where three carry ons should go. I...

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10/18/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-900ER (739) место 25F

This was Delta 845 (N859DN) from Atlanta to West Palm Beach. Row 25, either A or F, has 2 windows. The legroom is good for economy seats, and this seat is located on the back of the wing with a perfect view of the flaps and, if applicable, the split scimitars.

10/18/2019 Hugh Morrison, Embraer 175 (E75) v1 место 11C

It was the smallest seat I have ever had. Luckily only an hour and 42 mins but not even enough room to set up my laptop. Free text messages and most important... an awesome pilot that landed us safely in high winds and rain. He was cheered!

10/18/2019 Jeremy Carpenter

Not Verified | Mobile to Raleigh. My son was sick and unable to make the flight so I called Delta customer service and they were just the best. Did a refund for his ticket without any hassle of any kind. What a great team you have that treated us like real customers in all areas of your business. Will fly Delta only now.

10/17/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (359) место 52D

Overhead is lower than other overhead thus less room/space when standing up. Also, storage bin is smaller in volume thus accommodate less luggage. This apply to 51-55 DEF seats.

10/17/2019 T Whitening

✅ Trip Verified | Washington Dulles to Atlanta. I arrived to the airport ahead of schedule about 1 to go thru processing & enough time for my flight. The plane arrived, the passengers got off & we started boarding the plane about 4:45. While sitting for about 30 minutes the stated they was looking into some things & would updat...

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