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7/3/2019 Nelson Jones

✅ Trip Verified | Puerto Vallarta to Bosto via Atlanta. Booked with Delta in advance. Delta indicated the seat assignment would be available at the gate. It was. I was informed at the gate my young child would be seated 15 rows away from me. Would you let your young child sit 15 rows away from you. Never booking with Delta again. I would have paid more if I was aware they would attempt to place my young child 15 rows away from me.

7/2/2019 Gerald Feldman

Not Verified | We had a stopover in Atlanta from PBI to LAX. 1hr 45 minutes. After boarding the plane they changed our seat, the plane changed. We arrived in LAX and no luggage. We were told where to pick it up, waited a half our and went to claim agent. She told us to walk to terminal 2 from 3. NO luggage, claim agent kept telling us it's coming, 2.5 hours later, he finally realized we were not getting the luggage and filed a claim. We were charged UBER cancellation fee waiting. Flight arrived 8:46. We were picked up by Uber around midnight. Luggage was delivered next morning around 11:30. The flight was comfortable, plenty of leg room, TV worked most of the time.

7/2/2019 David Bergstrom

Not Verified | Traveled on paid first from Atlanta to Austin. New A321 aircraft was very nice indeed. Pre departure beverages and another few rounds once airborne. I'm really not fan of the snack basket, but at least it's something. Delta really has made strides with its boarding process and empowering its employees. It really shows. Thank god for Sky Priority. Atlanta's TSA check point lines seemed to stretch for ever.

6/30/2019 Brooke Myallaou

Not Verified | Where do I even begin with my nightmare of a flight. On our ride to Orlando from LaGuardia we had a nine hour layover due to the incompetence of the Delta staff. After our original flight was delayed and we missed our connection we were put on the waiting list first. They told us there was no room for us and proceeded to board the people after us on the list. When we got to Orlando Delta lost one of our fellow passengers luggage and said “whoops we’ll see if we can send it to your house later”, the lady whose luggage was lost was in tears and the Deltas employees flippant attitude made it worse. Delta had to cancel a flight to Georgia due to the weather in LaGuardia even though other flights were still taking off. Because they blaimed weather that affected no other flights the people whose flights were cancelled were not compensated. The gate changes are almost impossible to keep up with too. As I write this horrible review I am waiting for a flight that has yet again been delayed last minute. I lost a day at Disney due to Deltas incompetence. Here is my parting advice Delta does not care about you they just want your money they will lie to you and cheat you and swindle you because in the end they know you’ll come back if the flights are cheap enough. Its an air plane menopoly and they will never ever be honest with you. The only minor source of joy is a small TV with no volume.

6/28/2019 Rich B, Boeing 777-200ER/LR (7CB) v1 место 56B

Row is slightly offsef toward the window to allow for wider aisle, so TV screen is not quite centered in front of you. Middle armrests in this row are fixed (although aisle armrest can raise), although row 55 and 57 both raise. Tight fit!

6/28/2019 Rich B, Boeing 777-200ER/LR (7CB) v1 место 57C

Boarding pass calls these seats A and B, they are offset toward the window, not the aisle as shown in Seatguru diagram, more elbow room, every other row is 3 seats

6/28/2019 Philip Lombardi

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Tulsa via Atlanta. Boston to Atlanta on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 leaving Boston at 6:24 pm and scheduled to arrive at 9:20 pm. The connecting flight was Atlanta to Tulsa (where I live) scheduled to depart at 10:08 pm. The flight from Boston was a little delayed and landed at 10:32 but taxied another seven minutes. We knew our connection was tight but no flight attendants helped. It used to be that they would announce close connections, allow those people to get off first. Not here. We were at the back of the plane and didn't de-board until 10:44. We had twenty-four min to make our connection in another part of airport. I asked gate attendant to call ahead and let them know we were coming. He shook his head no and we started at a dead run. Me and family (four of us) We made it there at 10:58. The gate was closed. They closed a full 15 min early, knowing they had a close-connecting flight. A couple there who were in the front of our plane arrived two min earlier than we did. The gate was not closed because it's "regulation" to close 15 min prior to take off. It closed 15 mins prior to take-off to board their standby employees. That's what I was later told. I would like proof of this but don't have it. Delta has it. The next morning June 13 we took a flight (DL3467) to Tulsa departing at 8:25. It closed its gate at 8:21. Four minutes prior to take-off. So it is not a regulation. Six people I know of missed the flight the night before because Delta breached our contract and inflicted emotional distress in order to further their own causes by boarding their own people. When we went to customer service that night, they refused to pay for the hotel because the plane was "not that late." They blamed us for missing the flight. I told them that was unacceptable and they finally made a call and okayed ours and everyone's overnight stay (found this out later on bus to hotel). A side note: on June 7 fight DL1846 leaving Tulsa at 6:42 to Atlanta then Boston we also missed the connecting flight in Atlanta due to mechanical issues which I understand. But we spent the night sleeping on airport chairs. No apologies, no offer of pillows, no offer of blankets, etc. Delta is unfriendly and does not care about its customers. Once they take your money, they don't care. I answered their survey re these flights and asked for a manager at Delta to call me. I've heard nothing.

6/27/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-300ER (76T/76W) v1 место 1A

Pretty speechless boarding ICN - SEA in 763, Seat 1A that was by far on the most ancient aircraft I have ever flown. For such a coveted route, one would think that Delta would want to showcase their services from Asia, such as their new A350 SEA - NRT service...NOT SO with this aircraft. Extremely narrow compared to any of Delta's other widebody jets. The screen was so small and burnt out from age that one had no way of watching a film to any enjoyment. Absolutely zero storage, not even for a eReader or smartphone. Lie-flat is questionable vs. other lie flats on newer aircraft. On this aircraft there was still a slight slant in the angle and extremely narrow foot hold area. Worst of all for seat 1A is proximity to the lavatories. Due to the plane's age, the plumbing in the lavatory needed maintenance and the lavatory fumes wafted back from time to time for 10 hours and 12 minutes. Finally, there is very little overhead storage due to several oxygen tanks in the overhead bin directly over the seat. Thus, one has to store carry-on baggage in bins further back from the front of the plane. Stinky, Tight and Worn-Out best describe this Seat in my experience today.

6/27/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-400ER (76D) место 30A

I flew this plane in Delta One (5A) for an overnight flight to Madrid and in 30A coming back to the United States. I have to say, in all honesty, 30A was more comfortable than 5A. Yes a flat bed is nice and it's great to not have a seat mate, but the reality is that I could not sleep in Delta One seat. The leg space was so incredibly narrow that even my moderate sized body (I'm 5'6) felt confined. They call 'em coffin seats for a reason and it's really unfortunate because the service and food in Delta One are great but the seats in this 767 are terrible. Having said that, 30A was fantastic. The window seat in the exit row is considerably better than the aisle. The aisle seat has to share leg space with the cabin crew sitting in the jump seat during take off and landing. The window seat has just a tiny bit of bulkhead coming out from the exit door but it's completely negligible. I had unlimited leg space -- more than any other seat on the plane except the other exit row window seat. Trust me when I say that the exit row is MUCH better than Delta Comfort + .. I shuddered when I saw how tiny those seats were, with their nonexistent legroom. Whereas I could not get to sleep in the Delta One "bed", I slept a good 3-4 hours in 30A. The only bad thing about this seat is that it got incredibly cold. I knew this going into it, so I made sure to have multiple layers.. but even with THREE layers on my legs and two pairs of socks, my feet were still cold. And this was a daytime flight.. My recommendation would be to bring whatever socks you wear in the arctic, in which case you will be fine. But truly, even with the frigid air, 30A is still the best seat on the plane and that says a lot about the plane.

6/27/2019 P Darhsan

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Columbus. I am a regular customer of Delta and I am very disappointed. Every time I fly the flight gets delayed, sometimes for maintenance issue, sometimes system problem and sometimes the plane itself gets delayed. Last time my both ways flight got delayed and it was delayed yesterday as well and is delayed even now for hours. This is very disappointing and i will try not to use this plane again in future.

6/27/2019 R Monahan

Not Verified | Grand Cayman to Salt Lake City via Atlanta. I am writing this review to recommend Delta and commend them for their customer service in a difficult situation. Due to weather, we missed our connection in Atlanta. The following day our flight was then cancelled due to mechanical issues. Delta customer service was excellent in providing accommodations and ensuring that we were still satisfied with Delta by the end of the trip. What could have been a terrible situation was handled very well and we will continue to recommend and fly with Delta.

6/27/2019 J Kearen

✅ Trip Verified | Providence to Miami. My bag was mis-tagged and sent to Augusta. We kept being told by Delta that this was impossible and they do not know how it happened. We were flying down to Miami for a cruise that left the next day. We went to the Delta lost luggage counter when we arrived in Miami and were told my bag was re tagged and would arrive to us by 11pm that night at our hotel. I woke up at 9am the next day and no bag had been delivered. We were boarding our cruise boat at 2pm and i had no belongings. The bag arrived 30 minutes later but it was not my bag. It is assumed that this was the bag of the man which my bag was mistagged under. It was easter so we could not even go to a clothing store to get any clothes since everything was closed . Our two vacation days in Miami prior to the cruise were ruined. We had to waste time at the bag counter and stop at stores to get belongings instead of enjoying our trip. We spent the two days on and off the phone with Delta. Luckily the bag arrived right before the cruise boat left. They did reimburse us for belongings we had to buy prior to getting on the boat which is appreciated, but does not fix the fact that they ruined part of my trip. I feel that mistagging my bag with a different persons name is a huge mistake. If that guy or someone else took my bag I would have never seen it again. I emailed Delta to speak with them about the matter twice and they have not even acknowledged my email.

6/26/2019 Anna Grady

✅ Trip Verified | My experience with Delta Airlines was absolutely horrific and will be something I remember from my most recent trip for the rest of my life. My flight schedule was as follows, DFW->DTW->ORD (with Delta) -> BCN (Norwegian) My flight out of DFW was scheduled to depart to DTW at 7:15 AM. Due to "technical difficulties," we sat boarded for two hours in the terminal. Finally, the airline crew then decided to restart the plane -literally turned it off, and turned it back on- and the issue resolved itself. This was not reassuring, as the pilot seemed to have a legitimate safety concern with the plane. It was also frustrating that it took them two hours to come to this solution. It goes without saying, I missed my connection from DTW to ORD due to this delay. The next flight out of DTW to ORD was at 3:55 which made it extremely close to missing the check-in deadline for my international flight with Norwegian at 6:30. Nevertheless, I was determined to make it work, so I got in the Delta Customer Service queue to make the arrangements. To preface this, the woman behind me in line had the exact same flight itinerary as me, so we were in the same dispositions. When I reached the counter they told me that there were no available seats at this time and that I would have to fly standby for the 3:55 flight and gave me a ticket for the 5:07 flight out of DTW - which would most definitely make me miss my international flight. I pleaded, nearly in tears, for her to do anything to help me as my flight with Norwegian was non-refundable. Unempathetically, she explained there was nothing she could do. After the line, I went to the restroom to catch my breath and met back up with the lady behind me to see what she was going to do. To my disgust and surprise, the same staff gave her a flight on the 3:55 PM seconds after she told me there was nothing she could do. After I heard this, I got back in line and she conveniently found me a spot on the 3:55 PM flight. Once again, the flight was delayed for various reasons- one time they said technical and the other was the weather. I approached a different help desk, as now I 100% was going to miss my flight, and I was serviced by a different Delta employee (I did not catch her name but I wish I did). She proceeded to yell at me to the point I had to ask her to, "Please, stop yelling at me." She responded in a yelling voice, "I am not yelling at you, just give me your ticket!" This reduced me to tears of frustration and humiliation. When I boarded the plane, which was a full flight, I was looking for a space to put my carry-on in an overhead bin. The flight attendant, quite rudely said, "Can you not see that these are closed? It means they are full." Rather than offering help to a visibly upset individual she made me feel stupid and unwelcome. Because Delta is not affiliated with Norwegian , they could not help me rebook my international flight and I lost my money on the ticket, a day of my vacation, and multiple tours and bookings due to multiple issues on Delta's part. I am disgusted by the lack of customer service.

6/25/2019 Hayato O, Airbus A350-900 (359) место 41J

With no seat in front, there is practically unlimited legroom, and the view from the two windows next to you is also an added bonus. However, the proximity to the lavatories is more than an issue for this seat, with a noticeable foul stench on a regular basis. I would recommend this seat for anyone who would prioritize legroom over all else; otherwise, sitting further away from the lavatories may be called for.

6/25/2019 Roxana R, Airbus A320 (32K) v1 место 21F

Tight fit but great IFE system

6/24/2019 S Hearen

✅ Trip Verified | New York JFK to Brussels. I paid for Comfort+ seat which includes extra legroom and dedicated overhead bin space. My connecting flight (DL140 to Brussels) said that I have to check my carry-on baggage because the flight is too full. I am very upset that Delta would put other personal luggage in my overhead bin that I paid for. Then force me to check my baggage. It was such an inconvenience to take out my work and personal laptop.The staff members were very unprofessional and discriminated against me because of my skin color. I never like flying from New York, but I had no choice. I will never fly out New York again. Flying from Atlanta is more convenient and the Delta Staff members are friendly. Something has to done about this. It’s not fair to those who paid extra in order to avoid circumstances like this.

6/23/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) место 13A

Window seats in Comfort+ are narrower than the others, noticeably so. Definitely 13A, would review all the others as well. Seat should be YELLOW or RED - I'm over 6' and it was very uncomfortable

6/22/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200ER/LR (7HD) v2 место 23G

My family and I recently flew on one of Delta's retrofitted 777 which featured the new Premium Economy cabin. I have to say we were all very impressed. From a pure seat standpoint premium economy is similar to what you would find in domestic first class. There is plenty of space to easily cross your legs and the seats are wider and include a bigger armrest that can be used to hold drinks etc. The foot rest was very nice for a long haul trip. Only downside was that I hoped the seats would lean back a little more (felt like it was no different than economy comfort). Entertainment screen was nice and big and the noise canceling headphones were great for watching movies. Food was outstanding and comparable to what you would find in international first class just a few years ago. Champagne was served during boarding. Plated meals included multiple courses and premium wine and drinks. Overall, premium economy was outstanding and definitely worth the extra money.

6/21/2019 Angelo Menezes

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Montreal to Minneapolis with Delta both ways. The last of the great the three great American airlines I fly with. Boarding was a mess: there were so many different classes, it gets confusing. Also, people are called out for a boarding class that does not match what is written on the boarding pass (e. g. "basic" can be "main"). And with two flights boarding at very close times, in such a tiny space, it got very confused to know who was being called for boarding, as the staff kept on talking one after the other (in Montreal) or kept on passing information one over the other (in Minneapolis). Some seats are assigned at the boarding stage. Had never seen this one and it seems an extra unnecessary step. Service on board could see some more smiling and some less mobile fun by some of the staff, in some cases.

6/20/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A319 (319) v2 место 11A

The luggage bins on this new version of the A 319 are absolutely awful. They have springs which do not allow them to remain open if empty. So if you are the first customer to use a bin, you need three hands. One to maintain the bin open and two to lift your luggage into the bin. The last time I checked, our species, Homo sapiens, only had two. A useless flight attendant, twiddling her fingers and providing no help, commented that these bins are vastly improved and a great help to them... Go figure, but certainly not to the customer. These bins are not only a disgrace to the airline, but also an insult to the customer, whose money, paid with the fare, has somehow contributed to paying probably a huge fee to the smart-alec-who-has-never-traveled-with-a large-hand-luggage and who designed them. Because this comment affects all the seats on the airplane, they should all be marked yellow.