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10/25/2019 R Reade

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Tel Aviv. Was heading to Israel to Volunteer for The Jewish farmers in Samaria. Some of the staff was very abrasive, while others were very nice. We'r were loaded onto the plane and sat there for 3 hours until they finally canceled the flight due to mechanical issues. It then took an hour and a half...

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10/19/2019 Harry Aronowicz

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Berlin. Flight left on time and arrived before schedule. Spacious dedicated business class cabin, friendly and efficient crew. Food was nicely presented, fresh and flavourful. Business Class service at and in El Al quite good. Very pleasant journey.

10/12/2019 S Abraham

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Tel Aviv. One of the last flights of the 747 for El Al before they will be replaced by the new 787 8 or 9. Well it was a vintage flight with an old aircraft that we all loved. The business seats are like they are from the 90's so no real flat bed and the audio was very old without VOD etc. Service ...

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9/25/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-9 (789) место 10A

Much better than the old 777, but missing the mark on the foot well. The well is so narrow that when laying down you get this "coffiny" feeling of being unable to move.

9/17/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) место 10A

The seat is quite good. There are a few issues with it: when you recline to comfort mode, the whole seat moves forward, bringing you uncomfortably close to the TV which, btw, is very good. The IFE in general on these 787’s is good and on par with the industry today. What a massive leap for EL AL from their aging fleet. In bed mo...

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9/17/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-400 (744) место 77A

The 747’s upper deck is always a unique experience. The small cabin, less people, more personal service. It’s a great way to travel and too bad its slowly fading away. Seat 77A is good. Endless leg room, so no need to step over the person sitting next to you. You have 3 windows all to yourself, and probably the best thing about ...

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9/17/2019 A Hattil

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Munich. Absolutely horrible staff. Asking same questions again and again. Then did extra checks on my suitcase. I had liquids placed inside which were nicely wrapped up. They removed the wrappings and padding when checking the inside of my suitcase. When I opened my suitcase everything was spilled ...

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8/22/2019 Liza Avgust

Not Verified | Moscow to Tel-Aviv. Worst trip ever! Before I came even, asked me 100 of questions, even though it is the 4th time I’m going there. All the time the same questions. Every time keeping me for 6 hours on the border. Was flying there with economy and business. Doesn’t make a big difference! Once, I came at 12 at the...

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8/15/2019 E Pan

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Bangkok. Extremely lousy airline. Lost my baggage and did not bother about my claims. Multiple emails sent and also contacted local handling agency but still no avail.

7/21/2019 S Allen

✅ Trip Verified | Nice to Tel Aviv. Old 737 that was refurbished very nicely. Looked like new. All seats and cabin are new. Real Business class with recline seats and all the rest is economy. Gate and counter location is awful - no place to seat, super busy and feels like low cost. The crew was OK not more than that as El Al rec...

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7/18/2019 B Thompson

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Tel Aviv with El Al Israel Airlines. Worst airline experience I've ever had. Planes are very old, my in-flight entertainment was unusable, the remote was missing buttons and the screen so fuzzy it was impossible to see. Flights delayed, endless interrogations and bag searches, they didn't del...

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7/11/2019 Ruslan Shaskin

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Tel Aviv. What a horrible experience with this lousy company, the worst company i ever use. Our flight supposed to take place on 16/7 at 17:15. Tt been delayed to 8pm, then 9pm then 10pm. We got offered to stay overnight in Athens due to small aircraft been sent instead of big one with free hotel and...

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7/4/2019 ChristinaRibena, Boeing 777-200ER (772) место 50K

There is no wireless on this plane. (777-200/200ER).

6/19/2019 Max Iliouchenjo

Tel Aviv to Prague. Flew with them not for the first time, and not for the last time. Security maybe disturbing, but it's their job. Crew was great, In the cruise I was invited to enter the cockpit. The food was very tasty.

5/31/2019 Amrita Banerjee

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to London via Tel Aviv. This airline is the worse airline I have traveled. They'll check you so much that while boarding you loose the enthusiasm of traveling anywhere. They'll check your checked in baggage in a horrible way and your purses and other handbags they'll completely ruin it. They ruined my e...

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5/30/2019 Shruti Agarwal

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Tel Aviv. Horrible way to board, unnecessary questions by some so called security. Staff doesn't speak proper English. Just here to create troubles. They don't scan your passport for details, but will ask silly personal questions, and personal details. They want your checked in baggage not locked, ...

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5/16/2019 T Sharman

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Bucharest. Boarding began on time. The crew was nice and helpful. I flew on the memorial so the movies were related to it. Small water bottles served to all passengers at the beginning of the flight which was a very nice thing. the meal includes the choice between two types of sandwiches. The seat ...

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5/15/2019 T Green

✅ Trip Verified | This was my first time on El Al's 787 in Premium Economy, a modern version of what Business was when it was introduced over thirty years ago. The seat was very comfortable, there was plenty of leg room, the video screen was large and very responsive and there was a good selection of movies. The seat had a pop ...

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5/5/2019 Michelle Felicia

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Tel Aviv. Worst airlines I have ever taken. Paid for an expensive flight to be treated like dirt. Flight delayed for 12 hours, baggage did not fly with me and was stuck in Athens for another 12 hours. They told me they will get it on the next flight (12 hours later) and immediately send it to my house...

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4/28/2019 N Rafe

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Mumbai. 2x3x2 configuration with an old business class- not a full flat bed and old school business class. entertainment was also old with very little option and poor quality. no WIFI. cabin crew was very good as always in ElAl - they are very professional kind and nice. food was poor due to Passov...

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