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6/19/2019 Max Iliouchenjo

Tel Aviv to Prague. Flew with them not for the first time, and not for the last time. Security maybe disturbing, but it's their job. Crew was great, In the cruise I was invited to enter the cockpit. The food was very tasty.

5/31/2019 Amrita Banerjee

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to London via Tel Aviv. This airline is the worse airline I have traveled. They'll check you so much that while boarding you loose the enthusiasm of traveling anywhere. They'll check your checked in baggage in a horrible way and your purses and other handbags they'll completely ruin it. They ruined my expensive bag, broke the zips completely when as instructed I kept my bag unlocked. I was travelling in a group. They lost the baggage of one of my colleagues and it came after 3 days. The flight was also late. If you get this airline at a cheap rate please skip it, you'll save yourself and your baggage. I can't understand that Israel is so modern in terms of technology, they hardly don't know how checking is done in a less ruthless way.

5/30/2019 Shruti Agarwal

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Tel Aviv. Horrible way to board, unnecessary questions by some so called security. Staff doesn't speak proper English. Just here to create troubles. They don't scan your passport for details, but will ask silly personal questions, and personal details. They want your checked in baggage not locked, and remove your stuff for screening without your presence. I travelled with my husband for vacations, but made a huge mistake of booking El Al. I will never fly with them ever again. Absolutely uncomfortable and mentally traumatic experience.

5/16/2019 T Sharman

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Bucharest. Boarding began on time. The crew was nice and helpful. I flew on the memorial so the movies were related to it. Small water bottles served to all passengers at the beginning of the flight which was a very nice thing. the meal includes the choice between two types of sandwiches. The seat was extremely comfortable and I had plenty of leg room (I'm 185 CM). Overall experience was great!

5/15/2019 T Green

✅ Trip Verified | This was my first time on El Al's 787 in Premium Economy, a modern version of what Business was when it was introduced over thirty years ago. The seat was very comfortable, there was plenty of leg room, the video screen was large and very responsive and there was a good selection of movies. The seat had a pop up footrest but I didn't use it as I always find them particularly useless. I fly quite a lot and am sick of the regular meals served on all the airlines so I ordered a Vegan (VGML) meal. It was very nicely presented and was delicious. My husband joined me on the return flight and chose the fish (there were three main course options) and also said it was delicious. There were regular cabin patrols by the cabin crew who were very friendly. We could not fault the service. Outstanding flights. El Al was never my first choice of airline but I would not hesitate in the future. Wifi was available but I didn't need to use it.

5/5/2019 Michelle Felicia

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Tel Aviv. Worst airlines I have ever taken. Paid for an expensive flight to be treated like dirt. Flight delayed for 12 hours, baggage did not fly with me and was stuck in Athens for another 12 hours. They told me they will get it on the next flight (12 hours later) and immediately send it to my house but did not tell me when I can expect it. I reached Tel Aviv, tried to speak to EL AL office and waited 1 hour before getting turned away. Flight reached 12.20am, waited for nothing up till 2am. Tried to call customer service the next day but they had me on hold forever. One time, was on hold for 30 mins before I gave up. Called them hourly thereafter. Same thing. National airlines? Truly reflective of the state.

4/28/2019 N Rafe

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Mumbai. 2x3x2 configuration with an old business class- not a full flat bed and old school business class. entertainment was also old with very little option and poor quality. no WIFI. cabin crew was very good as always in ElAl - they are very professional kind and nice. food was poor due to Passover probably - Jewish holiday, this is not typical for elal. Overall its the time to renovate the 777 especially the business class.

4/23/2019 E Valken

✅ Trip Verified | I have been a loyal El Al member since 1993 (so has my entire family). Up until my very last flight, I have never had such issues with the staff and service and I may never fly with El Al again. Prior to booking my flight from Toronto to Tel Aviv, I called El Al office to ensure that I get an exit-row seat. The agent advised me that there are several emergency row seats available and seat number 45A is free. I booked the ticket online, selected that seat and got my confirmation email thinking everything is good to go, but it wasn't. Once I arrived at Toronto Airport, the agent gave me my boarding pass with seat 45A, as they should have. However, in pre-boarding, they changed my seat to 28J (between people). I asked the reason why and the agent refused to answer! I asked for a supervisor, which informed me that 45A is a paid seat and the plane is full, therefore I will have to accept my 28J seat. I explained that I have a headache and I need a seat to be able to lean, as I have migraines from time to time. Please explain to me how this is acceptable, as my seat number was confirmed TWICE? After waiting for 15 minutes, the supervisor agreed to give me back my 45A seat. I proceeded onto the plane and after a short period of time, the supervisor came back onto the plane and kicked me out of my seat. When I asked the reason why, the supervisor said it's because of my migraine. What does my migraine have anything to do with my original seat number? The reason why I got a migraine in the first place, is because of your beyond unprofessional staff members and their horrible service. This was an absolutely disgusting experience flying with El Al and it could have all been avoided if staff just honored my original seat number and listened to me.

4/20/2019 R Hofmann

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Tel Aviv. We were at the airport 3 hours early but security took only a few minutes maybe because we are 71 year old Americans. Very polite and friendly hosts. Did not like the entertainment which was stripped down for a brand new plane. Overhead movie or use your device. Decent legroom. Food was the pits. Seats comfortable. Took 2 flights both of which left late but arrived early. Did not like how little luggage we could bring!

4/20/2019 S Epstein

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Athens with El Al Israel Airlines. Wonderful flight, friendly cabin crew, departed and landed on time. The airplane was clean and comfortable. Food was nice and fitted to the route length.

4/17/2019 Harry Ganz

Not Verified | London to Tel Aviv. Flight was fine. On flight staff could be more friendly. Biggest complaint is the total absence of telephone or email customer service. I sent an email to try to recover my matmid number . I was told to send copy of my passport etc, which I did. Just two weeks later I get an email telling me that the email I used was only for unsubscribing, and I should phone customer service. Needless to say the phones were never answered. I have switched to British airways and get superb service.

4/12/2019 M Karovitz

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to New York. My wife and I arrived at the El Al Business desk for check-in. They tried to downgrade us due to business class being overbooked. No prior text, email or call warning. No offer of any compensation. We complained loudly. They then offered us a free biz ticket but we wanted our reserved seats (reserved many months ago). Disgusting yelling ensued destroying in five minute what had been a wonderful three weeks in Israel. We will never fly El Al again. They were extremely unprofessional, disrespectful to our rights and should just close shop.

3/23/2019 Flo DePolo

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Tel Aviv. We were served one meal (breakfast) on both flights. Food was horrible! Coffee lukewarm and no good bread left. We were never offered cocktails or snacks and service not equal to price we paid for airline tickets. Would not recommend this airline. Lounges in NY and Tel Aviv left a lot to be desired

3/16/2019 S Andrews

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Tel Aviv with El Al Israel Airlines. New 787 with excellent Business class 1x2x1 configuration. The new menu is more like Asian food with a touch of Israeli tastes - very interesting and good. Crew team are super professional and nice. Free wifi works well.

2/16/2019 K Tajillah

✅ Trip Verified | I had a flight from Milan to Tel Aviv with them. After seeing my American passport and asking some personal questions, they took me to check in and changed my exit seat that I paid for so now I'm sitting on the very last seat in this terrible, very old airplane. They also told me to arrive early at the gate because there will be extra security check before boarding. Their "security check" was the most embarrassing thing that could happen to anyone. I will never suggest it to anyone.

2/6/2019 Lisa Francisco

Not Verified | New York JFK to Tel Aviv. Worst airline I have ever flown. Terrible food, and good luck getting drinks because the airline is cheap and only offered drinks twice on an over 10 hour flight. And the airline staff? They are the rudest people I have ever encountered! Shame on them! When the plane landed, some passengers got out of their seats while we were still moving on the tarmac. The Captain came on over the intercom and told people to remain in their seats, but they didn't listen and continued to remove their luggage from the overhead compartments while we were heading to the gate. Where was the flight staff? Absolutely no where to be found. This is my second time visiting Israel. The last time I flew United. Same price, wonderful airline. I thought it might be fun to fly on an Israeli airline this time. Big mistake. Bad food, broken down, archaic airline, rude staff and I am so embarrassed I flew this airline with my friend. I could have flown United and had a wonderful flight. This airline isn't just cheap, it's miserly. Awful.

2/4/2019 arieh reichart, Boeing 777-200ER (772) место 17D

Wonderful. It was a 787 (not 777). Primum dep. good exchange to the cost

1/20/2019 J Griggs

✅ Trip Verified | London to Tel Aviv. Rude and hostile cabin crew who behaved differently depending on whether you are Jewish or not. As I am not they were quite nasty to me. I definitely won’t fly with them again.

1/17/2019 Miral Shethia

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Tel Aviv. When I entered the airport (3 hours before boarding) there was a long queue to check in the bags and I had no idea about pre security checks of El Al before issuing boarding pass. There were many Israeli citizens behind me in the queue but they were called before us for pre security and issued boarding pass before people like me ie Indians. This type of discrimination by the airline security staff should not be done and made me upset. The security asked me lots of questions which I answered to their satisfaction and to be honest I was never questioned so much in my entire life. Also just before boarding my all carry on items were opened and checked by the same security. During the flight the usb plug points were not working. Seating and food served was good and to the satisfaction. Just before landing in Tel Aviv the air hostess told me that my checked in bag has not been loaded on the plane and I’ll get the same within 24 hours. She informed me to collect the property irregularity report from lost & found at Tel Aviv and assured me twice that I’ll receive my checked in bag within 24 hours at my hotel in Tel Aviv. It has been two days that my baggage has not arrived and as per the customer care of El Al my baggage is still in Mumbai. My entire vacation in Israel is ruined because all my winter clothing / shoes is in my checked in bag. The airline is providing me a mere compensation of $100 to buy clothes for entire trip. This entire time I had to follow up with airline again and again, there is no communication from their end which surprises me. I’m still waiting for my baggage and I hope airline takes this seriously. Very disappointed with the so called national airline and there is lack of professionalism.

1/14/2019 S Rafe

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to New York JFK. Boeing 747-400 is an old plane but there is no other experience like the upper deck. Seat layout is 2X2 with old version of flat bed. Service was very good, food was good and overall experience was ok. No WiFi and very old entertainment system as its old aircraft.