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7/3/2019 P Masena

✅ Trip Verified | June 31 was our flight I supposed to be flying from Abu Dhabi to Ammanbut unfortunately they lay off me And my two kids in check in baggage. Because the agent told me that I don't have visa going to Jordan. But we explain to them that I'm married to a Jordanian citizen and my kids are Jordanian that's why my visa will be on arrival. We used to do that and this is not my first time travelling to Jordan. Even I showed to Eihad agent that I have my old visa on arrival stamp with my marriage contract when I visited Jordan before ,but still the agent insist that I cannot travel and cannot check in my luggage. I tried to explain to them that if we are a UAE resident your visa will be on arrival. But still the agent didn't accept me and my kids. After that we went to ticketing area to check with them about our ticket. The agent even told us that they will make our ticket open and we can pay only 350dhs per person if we find the same offer. We believe them but unfortunately they also lied to us. After the ticketing we went to Jordanian embassy and told them what happened. They said that I can have my visa on arrival in Amman. We was very shocked. Then the Jordanian embassy start process my visa to have less stress. And they are willing to give me written letter from Jordanian embassy that I'm allowed to have my visa on arrival. But when we call to book a ticket they told us that we need to pay around 9000 dhs. For me and my two kids. Its to expensive and take note we paid already our first flight for almost 5000dhs. Then we need to pay extra 9000 dhs. I think there is some mistake from agent. It's very stressful and very bad customer service. We are not gonna pay extra 9000dhs for our ticket because it's specifically not our mistake. We went back to airport to show them the paper from Jordan embassy that I'm allowed to enter Jordan and to have my visa on arrival but what they reply to us they cannot compensate my our ticket and we lose out money.

7/3/2019 N Jesin

✅ Trip Verified | London to Cochin via Abu Dhabi. We had a very bad experience while traveling with Etihad Airways. I was traveling with family with an infant (6 months) and kid (4 years old). We had requested Bassinet and wanted to travel together. I called agent to make sure there is bassinet and we are traveling together. He said he cannot make sure we are traveling together without paying extra money but he said families travel together. When we went for check in I had different row seat. But was able to sit together till Abu Dhabi. When boarded the flight Etihad Airways 0246 to COK, I had the seat 3 rows behind and we requested with flight attendant to sit together. They were least helpful and said if you want to sit together request with the passenger and swap the seats and they cannot help us. I had to request the co passenger and sat together. It was worst experience we got while traveling all these years.Also even after requesting for kids meal we did not receive it. On return flight I called to make sure that we are sitting together. The customer service agent again said if you want to sit together need to pay. At Cochin airport I was able to get the seat together till Abu Dhabi and asked me to request in transfer desk in Abu Dhabi. In the transfer desk we met some staff who were there for fun time, made me wait with my kid for 20 minutes to tell they cannot help and please request with your co passengers to sit together. They were talking and having fun while my was tired and exhausted with the travel. In flight we had a flight attended who tried hard and make sure we are able to sit near. They did their best with smile. We except only a smile and polite replies while we request. Etihad has lost all the good service and no more care about there customers.

7/2/2019 Jin Wang

❎ Not Verified | Singapore to London via Abu Dhabi. An average quality airline, prob one of the worst ones. Food quality was bad, neither the main course or dessert was decent there was no regular drink supply, and food trolley only came by once every 2 hours no bottled/cup water supplied so very limited supply of water economy seats were ok, nothing to complain about service was infrequent and average movie selection is decent.

6/30/2019 Darshil Vora

Not Verified | After I booked my flight, I started reading reviews after a few days and I started worrying. I read that, sometimes they don't even provide water. So i was prepared, i had water bottle and some snacks with me. This flight was just 20% full. The staff was nice. But the food provided is just horrible. The quality and quantity is just terrible. The plane interiors feels really old and the infotainment system is dated as well. While returning back on the same route, the plane was full and you can feel the congestion. The check in staff at Abu Dhabi airport is horrible. They will make sure to let you feel that, they are doing you a favor by doing their job. Staff in the plane was average, not very attentive. And as expected, the food was again garbage. To top it off, my baggage was lost, but they returned it after two days. The bus service provided from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is good. It has wifi and water. You have to collect your bags at Abu Dhabi airport and then go outside the terminal to catch the bus. Overall, below average trip. If you can spend few bucks more, just take Emirates directly to Dubai.

6/29/2019 K Parmul

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to New Delhi via Abu Dhabi. The flight from Dublin to Abu Dhabi was smooth. The moment the flight attendants announced that they have snack buy option, I had realised that I am not going to get real food here. A 7.5 hour flight and all they served was a small pasta and some pretzels with a drink. Inflight entertainment was fine, I had blocked seats in something called as economy space, so seating was comfortable. The attendants don't serve you water till they are serving the paid snacks and we all were parched, eventually one of the nicer attendants gave us a water bottle. The Abu-Dhabi to Delhi flight was worse, it was a 2.40 AM flight and I had blocked seats, however as soon as I entered the airplane and realised there is no inflight entertainment (no screens), it was as domestic one could get. Food was okayish, minimalist in quantity, seating space was like a hellhole (and I was wondering why did I block seats), attendants were ok, mostly chatting in their own language (not English) and the flight does not even get docked to the airport. I would now try and avoid Etihad and if I cannot, I would avoid the Abu-Dhabi to Delhi leg at all costs. The only bright spot was the ground check in personnel at Dublin Airport who were cheerful and keeping a straight face even with the huge queues.

6/25/2019 PB Purvani

✅ Trip Verified | We traveled from Ahmedabad to Chicago on May 15th. We had pre-selected our meals as Asian Veg sometime in January so we get proper food in the flight. Even after doing this well in advance, we were denied veg food on the flights saying that their veg meals were over. What's the use of pre-selecting meals if there aren't enough on the flight? The data being added on the app is clearly not syncing with their records. After this, the crew also had the audacity say that the meals should have been selected. After this, we requested for at least fruits or some snacks because there was no veg food available but we were not provided that. We spent 7-8 hours hungry and this sort of behavior is unacceptable to me. It was only after we showed them the meal selection in our email that they realized their mistake and served food at the end. The crew was also extremely rude.

6/24/2019 Sinead O'Cuinneagain

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Dublin via Abu Dhabi. Just settled in Ireland and couldn't wait to write the review. What has happened to the food? First of all, food served 1 HR into flight, leaving a huge gap between the stodge we were served. Starving. On the 14 hour leg most was inedible. The food was cheap and nasty. Everything came wrapped in plastic and tasted like plastic. But of course this happened to coincide with a new snack menu that u have to pay for. Meals so stingy that you have to buy extra food. Budget airline experience. Cabin crew were nice. Aircon so cold I couldn't sleep a wink. Had four layers and two blankets. Was this to keep me awake so I would get hungry and buy more food from the snack menu? Lost a customer.

6/22/2019 Faiza Rahman

✅ Trip Verified | I was a passenger on flight EY 10 from London to Abu Dhabi on 18th June. As I leaving the flight to board my next flight I accidentally left a Jo Malone bag with $250 dollars worth of items (gifts for loved ones) under my seat 45A. After 10mins I realized and ran back to retrieve my items from the aircraft but no one was being helpful in advising me what I can do to get my items back. After running around like mad trying to get assistant, a gentleman from Etihad advised I go to my next flight as it is the same aircraft that I had left with my items which I will be boarding again. I spoke to airway employee who told me he had in fact, found the bag and gave it to Lost and Found but said it is too late for me to get my item. He suggested when I get home Sydney (which is the flight I was boarding to) and try to contact Etihad to retrieve my item. I got home and called Etihad help centre in Belgrade who advised that they can make an exception and send the item back to me. I immediately filled out a file and received an email from Etihad Airway that they can send the item back to me. I responded back within a few minutes but I received no further follow up email. After an hours wait I then contacted their Facebook page and the contact person said there is nothing they can do. I got mixed messages from them on my item. It was disappointing to be jerked around and not being told clearly how to retrieve my item. I believe if I had received proper support I would have been able to get my item back within the airport (as I had 2 hours to spare). I will never fly or recommend Etihad again if this is how they handle customer issue. I acknowledge I made a human error and left an item, but I tried my best within that 10 min mistake to do my best to get my item back. It ended my trip on a bad note.

6/18/2019 Ray Makwela

Not Verified | I travel frequently between Johannesburg and Abu Dhabi, and have always flown Etihad. After my last flight however, I doubt I will be using them again. The food quality was worse than that of a budget airline. The bread roll was tasteless and inedible. There was no salad, dessert or butter. The plastic cutlery was of a cheap quality. The overall experience was traumatizing.

6/18/2019 Othman Bin Mat Taib

Not Verified | Etihad downhill service. I have standby tickets for Business Class, since it was full due to KLM cancelled flight, my sick wife and I were given economy seats. Although the front rows with big legroom were available, EY did not offer me those seats. When in flight, I moved to those seats but was practically chased out by the lady chief stewardess and even treatened to report my action. There was no respect shown whatsoever and she treated me like a criminal. I calmly explained that I was supposed to be in Business since seats initially which was available earlier (I checked 3-5 hours before my flight) but because of KLM flight being cancelled, the Business Class seats were filled. I requested softly but she said its a paid seat and it was Etihad policy not to allow anyone to take those seats. I felt that Etihad does not have consideration and empathy to its passenger's coupled with bad quality food and service. However, some stewardesses especially from Asia except Sub-continent are pleasant. The worst are from eastern Europe. They did not even smile. I have been auditing Etihad since 2004 and instead of performing better, it appeared that they are on a downhill trend. Sorry Etihad you are no better than a 2 star airline.

6/17/2019 C Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Riyadh to Athens via Abu Dhabi. The flight was ok but the food quantity was not and the taste unlikable. Otherwise, you need to shell out some penny and buy their snacks on-board. This is not a character of a full service airline. Is Etihad transitioning to a low-cost carrier? I know they are cost-cutting but for the price I paid it wasn't worth it. My bag was damaged when it arrived in Athens. Next step, look somewhere else.

6/15/2019 S Holmes

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Frankfurt via Abu Dhabi. Having flown with Etihad for the 1st time, I was initially satisfied. However, my 1st impression has been completely broken and now find myself writing this review in an attempt to express my great dissatisfaction and treatment upon my last booking with Etihad. I booked a flight from Sydney to Frankfurt for my Australian wife. At this time I was unsure about her visa conditions in Germany, so I called Etihad asking how I should make her booking. The Etihad agent informed me that because my wife didn’t yet have the long-term visa, that she need to book a return ticket within 3 months after her arrival, otherwise she wouldn’t be allowed to board the flight to Germany. She then recommended to book a return ticket, as a classic or flex, to have low or no cancellations cost. I proceeded to book the “deal” ticket for the outbound flight and the classic for the return flight. Once we arrived in Germany and my wife was granted her visa, so I then called Etihad to cancel the return flight as already having previously explained I would do. That’s when the cycle of disappointments started. I was told the 1st time that in Etihad’s policy “Most restricted refund fare rule applies in the event that different fare choices are combined” and that my flight is not eligible for cancellation, since I “automatically agree when booking a flight”. I replied that I wasn't told this condition and that I should book either Classic or Flex. I was then answered that an investigation process was being started to check this call and they will contact me. After over 1 week of waiting, I called Etihad again, just to be told that they only traced the last 2 calls, but not the 1st one I made, which is where I was given the wrong instructions. I was told again that they would start another investigation and that they would call me back. After several weeks, again there was no call back as promised. I’m therefore extremely disappointed by Etihad’s customer service. After my most recent call to Etihad, I was told that they couldn’t find the 1st call and starting an investigation and that I would receive a call back. At this point I don’t know if I should laugh or cry? Etihad finds 2 calls, but not the 1st one, even though I provided date and timing, and it was due to that call that I was wrongly informed and proceeded to book the return ticket. Otherwise, I would have never bought the return ticket. It was totally wrong to advise me that I need to buy a return at Etihad to prove that my wife will leave the country within 3 months – since I could have booked a flight to London for less than 50 Euros (having been told this by the immigration officer later on). Also, I would have not bought the ticket for 1100 AUD, if the agent had told tell the canceling conditions, and I made it very clear that I would be cancelling the return flight. Apart from that, the booking process itself was extremely misleading. If you book a return flight, and chose the outbound flight deal for one way and the classic for the return, it is then clearly shown on the return flight that it can be canceled. So there is absolutely no indication that “Most restricted refund fare rule applies” from the beginning till the end of the whole booking process. But it's so easy from an IT point of view. This is misleading the customer when you don’t have such important information which changes the prices for cancellation. I won’t never fly again with Etihad and recommend the same to my friends and family.

6/15/2019 Mosaab Alrababah

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Amman via Abu DhabiThey told me that my ticket can enjoy a stay in hotel as my transit in Abu Dhabi international airport was 11 hours. I was surprised when i got off the plane and headed straight toward customer service counter telling me my ticket is illegible, so I had to pay by myself for hotel reservation. Was surprised of food quantity for 7.5 hour flight.

6/13/2019 N Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Abu Dhabi. I'm unsure which was worse, the abhorrent service from the flight attendants or the measly food servings which no longer includes a salad or crackers or butter or jam. I was expecting the same service from Etihad that I had experienced last year but to my disappointment, their standards have nosedived. Quality is missing from every aspect, from the food to the flight attendant service to the range of movies available. Instead, it appears that they are more interested in up selling food and drinks from their on-board menu. It feels like they deliberately make you hungry and/or thirsty by serving you smaller meals and coming around only once for drinks, just so you can buy from their on-board menu. The prices by the way, are not exactly affordable, e.g US$3 for a small nut bar or US$4 for a bag of crisps.

6/11/2019 M Healey

✅ Trip Verified | London to Abu Dhabi. I recently reviewed the flight from Abu Dhabi to London. Despite my severe reservations about the food and drinks service, I still felt able to recommend Etihad. After this return flight, my opinion has changed. The food on this flight was poor. The bread roll was in edible, the chicken had an unpleasant texture and of course the lack of food left my family feeling hungry. Fortunately I had brought food from home. The need to pay for food towards the end of the flight is demeaning for all involved and has resulted in Etihad feeling like a low cost carrier. Other niggles include the entertainment system not being turned on till well into the flight and then turned off during the descent. The cabin lights being turned on maybe 2 hours before landing for this paid food service, then the lights going down again. When the price of an Etihad return flight to London Is usually far more than the same flight with British Airways, I really cannot recommend Etihad anymore. I have booked two return flights to London with British Airways for the summer and Christmas.

6/10/2019 Melvin Manalo

Not Verified | I was very disappointed with my trip flying with Abu Dhabi to Manila return. I didn't expect that the quality of service was downgraded into its lowest level. Food was just a the main course without salad and dessert, drinks was just water or soda, and their last serving of food was just a very cold, hard sandwich with a piece of cheese and offered a tea or coffee. I felt like a flew only in a low cost airline. No amenities at all. The only good thing that i experienced in this fight was the cabin crew. I guess this is my last time flying with this airline.

6/10/2019 C Toerley

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Brussels via Abu Dhabi. Etihad has become the Middle Eastern Ryanair, feels like your flying low-cost for still a reasonably high price. Check-in queues up to 2 hours, without opening any extra counters or an explanation. The food not what it used to be and really little, bread but no butter, no extras at all. There’s only 1 drink round. Staff doesn’t seem to care about the passengers and have loud chats in the back, even at night time. Won’t be ever flying with them again. Sad!

6/9/2019 Yulia Valiullina

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Abu Dhabi. It's extremely disappointing the way flight was handled. Once we got into the plane and we waiting for the take of, we got informed that the there is some technical issues and they have to switch off the power. All of us had to sit with no a/c under +30 digress temperature in plane. It lasted for almost 3 hours, and they were switching on and off the electricity. Some of the people had to ask for medical assistance. Later on, we got informed that we need to step out from the flight (on the same time no one confirm the cancellation of the flight). We had to wait in the airport terminal for 6 hours more to get the final decision that the flight is cancelled. Keeping us waiting we got served with chocolates and water which was already ridiculous, and after all we got cold food from the plane itself. The person who was handling the complaint, first of all, was not the direct representative from the Etihad airways and was closing his name tag as some people tried to take a picture of his name. I hope the Etihad airways could make sure that the flights are working and in good condition before they let people to get into the flight. I wouldn't recommend taking Etihad any longer.

6/8/2019 J Lim

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Hong Kong via Abu Dhabi. I'll start off by saying that I can't really complain as I was paying a mere US$760 to travel halfway around the world to Madrid & back during the super peak period of the UEFA Chanpions League Final. That being said, I found Etihad to be mediocre at best. At least they were fairly on time and make an effort to be. I found that the seat pitch at 30 inches meant that legroom was compromised. That extra 1 inch makes a lot of difference, and I found the offerings on competitors to be at least decent at 31-32 inches, which is perhaps more ideal for long-haul flights. I would be referring to competitors like Qatar, Emirates, Turkish, Finnair etc. They also seemed stingy with the food & beverage & snack service as others have mentioned - hence I wouldn't elaborate. What really irritated me more is that the dhow-shaped tray that the food was served on has absolutely zero purpose other than aesthetics and it kept slipping down my tray table. Super irritating. Many passengers were also irked that the IFE system (specifically the movies & TV) is turned on only after the main ascent & will be shut down before the main descent. That's an hour of IFE gone. Passengers are still able to browse through connecting flight details or view the overhead plane cameras. I travelled only with hand luggage and hence I had no problems or negative experiences with ground luggage handling. But the standard 23kg was offered. As 95% of passengers would only be passing through Abu Dhabi, it is also worthwhile to note that connecting flights are fairly seamless and security probably wouldn't take more than 10-15 mins or so. At this price point (below US$800 for a transcontinental flight) I certainly wouldn't mind flying with them again. I wouldn't be terribly excited about it though.

6/7/2019 Helma Mulhall

Not Verified | Sydney to Dublin via Abu Dhabi. Having flown with Etihad previously and having had a great experience, my husband and I were amazed at the decline of service provided this time. On the flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi we were treated very indifferently by the cabin crew and the inflight service was very substandard compared to our previous flight with Etihad and other airlines. Our first meal out of Sydney consisted of a poor quality warm meal, a cold, hard roll in a packet, and a packet with a slice of cake and a plastic cup of drink of our choice. There was an announcement and also a brochure of the snacks you could purchase. All prepackaged chips, nuts, noodles in a cup, etc. No salads or sandwiches, or quality warm meals. Once the meals trays had been removed the cabin crew disappeared. No crew came with drinks. After an hour or 2, I was very thirsty and wanted water and my husband wanted a cup of wine. He pressed the crew call button at least 4 times, (which turned off by itself after about 10 minutes each time). No crew came. So we went to the galley where there were 3 staff. One was eating her meal, the other 2 not appearing to be doing any specific work. I was allowed to take a cup of water. My husband was told to wait for a while. While waiting politely at the galley, with the staff just standing / sitting there, another man came up and asked for a plastic cup of wine. He too was told to wait. About half an hour of waiting at the galley, with the crew, he was finally given a cup of wine. During the middle of the flight a pack of sandwiches had been given out. As I had been asleep when they were being distributed, when a crew member did walk past, I asked if I could have some sandwiches. She questioned me as though I was asking for a second helping. On the flight from Abu Dhabi to Dublin, an announcement was made they would be serving us a ‘complimentary meal’, after which we could purchase from their onboard snack menu. We were presented with a cold soggy bread roll and a drink. I asked for a glass of wine with my meal, and the flight attendant said he would come back with it, which didn’t happen. We were offered a few small containers of packaged water a few times during the flight. The attitude of the cabin crew during both flights was very cool, as though they were doing us a huge service. Positives, the seat was comfortable, the toilets were clean (probably because we had little need to use them because of the shortage of fluids distributed), and good inflight entertainment. We are booked with Etihad for our return flight. I will be and recommend to anyone, doing a long haul flight with Etihad at the moment to bring along your own food and bring along some containers you can fill up with water after you go through security. Would I recommend flying with Etihad at the moment. No! We were made to feel very unwelcome and everything was too much trouble.