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7/4/2019 Courtney Wagner

✅ Trip Verified | Detroit to Orlando. I am very disappointed with Frontier Airlines. My flight was supposed to leave from Detroit at 10:09am and is now delayed until 2:30pm because battery acid was spilled in the cargo area. I do not recommend Frontier, and I will not be flying with them again after my experience.

7/3/2019 L Wood

✅ Trip Verified | San Diego to Denver. I will never fly Frontier again. There were 3 of us traveling together. The flight was delayed and then rescheduled to the next day. They would only give us 1 voucher for the 3 of us for the hotel. We had a difficult time finding a hotel and restaurants that would accept their vouchers. The whole incident was handled poorly.

7/3/2019 Kimberly Montgomery

Not Verified | Denver to Orlando. It will definitely be the last time I ever fly with them! They made my travel a living nightmare. My honest opinion their too expensive for the quality of service you receive. Pay the money to fly a different airline, it's worth out! From the moment we went to check in, they were yelling at you and if they weren't yelling at you they were ignoring you, rolling their eyes, or making snooty comments. Their flights are never on time. If you're flying with young children I recommend not taking this airline. If you don't purchase where your sitting you'll probably be on the other end of the plane than your child. "And there's nothing there gonna be able to do about it." If you have a stroller make sure it's very sturdy and cheap. It will be thrown around and if pieces come off of it, they will just throw it away. And they will enjoy telling you that. Don't bother going to customer service because they're just as useless and disrespectful as the rest of the staff. By the look on their face can care less about what you got to say to them. They will tell you that "if they find anything they will probably just throw it away". If you're flying solo or just adults with a carry on it might be worth flying with them. If you can handle the rudeness, disrespect, and not being on time.

7/1/2019 C Lartale

✅ Trip Verified | Nashville to Chicago. Frontier cancelled this flight just as we arrived at the airport, due to some issue on their side. Since they have no partnerships with any other airlines, their offered option was the next Frontier flight, which was 2 days later! Missed 2 days of work and had extra expenses with pet boarding, hotels etc. After spending over an hour on the phone with customer service and escalating to the supervisor, their "customer service" compensation for my "inconvenience" was a $25 travel voucher. By far, the worst customer service experience I've ever had in my life. will never fly this airline again nor recommend this airline to anyone either. Please do yourself a favor and use an airline that cares for their customers and has a real level of customer service. Would have rated a "0" if permissible.

6/30/2019 David Hart

Not Verified | Atlanta to Las Vegas. I booked a flight with my family and had no knowledge that it was a requirement to check in early or the previous day for our family to be able to sit together. They didn’t care if my family sat together or not and said we should have just paid extra for us to sit together. It’s not really what they said, but how they treated the situation. It was very apparent that it wasn’t important to them. My Frontier flight to Las Vegas has been a bad experience today, with no one willing to help. When asked if there was something that was able to be done I was told “let me check”, without looking at his computer screen then followed by “there’s nothing I can do to help.” On top of this, the rude representatives talked about customers behind their backs as soon as they walked away, in front of other passengers waiting at the desk. Along with complaining about other team members behind their back. But it wasn’t not being able to sit together that pushed me to write this review it was the blatant lack of care that made me feel it was my duty to warn anyone from dealing with the mess they call an airline team.

6/29/2019 Matthew Peters

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Dallas Fort-Worth. Imagine the slimiest, most immoral, dirtiest cheat of a car salesman you can think of. I would like to enter a review of how the actual flight was, but I wouldn't know, because Frontier decided they wanted to cancel my flight 1 hour after it was supposed to depart. This is bad enough, but they then refused to refund the cost of the flight after they said they would. They handed me a paper saying they would reimburse the cost of my next flight up to $400 if I submitted my ticket. I did this, and two weeks later, I received a follow up email stating they would not refund the cost of my flight because it was cancelled by the ATC. I called customer service and they said I was a no show, which is a lie. Frontier doesn't care about the customer. I don't even think they care about money because the way they run their business is idiotic. In summary, I paid $200 to be told by their horrible customer service that I didn't show up to a flight that was cancelled, despite having the baggage tags to prove it. Unfortunately there is no option for negative value for money.

6/27/2019 M Gale

✅ Trip Verified | Phoenix to Chicago. My flight was cancelled and I received my notice at all - no email, no SMS. I was continually checking the flight status on the airline site and it was not shown as cancelled. I only found out when I arrived at the terminal. Frontier cancelled the flight for "weather" (standard snow) but I knew that other airlines were flying out such as AA, United and Delta. I was offered a flight 6 days later which I could not accept. They offered no other options. Because of my work schedule and monetary reasons, I was forced to buy a ticket on another airline which was six times the cost because it was a last-minute purchase. Their customer care offered no compensation for the huge inconvenience and cost. They even claimed they sent an email about the cancellation. That is not true. I purchased my check-in bag online after the supposed cancellation email and I received an confirmation email for the purchase. I also received an email the day before for early check in. So their claim rings hollow. When I told their customer service about my issue, they responded with a canned message. No empathy, no concern. I will never book with Frontier Airlines again and I recommend the same to anyone reading this. Save yourself the misery.

6/25/2019 Janine Roberts

✅ Trip Verified | Direct flight from Fort Myers to Milwaukee was cancelled. Frontier staff did nothing to help the passengers find alternate flights home and left all the passengers to figure it out on their own. Now will not receive reimbursement check for 4-6 weeks. Horrible airline that I will never use again.

6/25/2019 Corey Loyd

✅ Trip Verified | Cancun to Denver. Do not fly this airline. The worst airline I have ever flown on. Had a diversion due to an emergency and had to land at a different airport, no drinks or snacks were offered during the sit on the runway for over an hour. Sent us out at the Dallas airport with very little info. Most passengers were lost and as we tried to get through security again, no one knew about the emergency landing so we were kicked out of lines only to have to go through 2 more times. Offered a $15 voucher for $500 tickets.

6/25/2019 Shannon Kawahata

✅ Trip Verified | Norfolk to San Diego via Orlando. Flight booked for my adult daughter through Priceline on frontier. The first flight boarded but didn’t take off. After an hour my daughter got off the plane. Weather issues (not the airlines fault). The connecting flight also was cancelled. The first flight took off 7 hours later. We already left the airport with a phone number the airline gave us to rebook. Called the number for 4 days. Only got through twice and was hung up on. Today I had Priceline call and connect me with frontier and I was hung up on by frontier again. Called Priceline again and they were going to stay on the call until it was completed except they could not even get through to frontier. Waited a couple hours and called frontier again. I finally got through and the representative repeatedly informed me that we were a no show and the flight had taken off! I told him that I have an email that says the flight was cancelled. He then asked if we were even at the airport and maybe we were a no show. I asked him if he could see the $50 charge for her bag. He said yes. So obviously we were at the airport since we paid for it at the counter. He then told me again that the flight had taken off. Every time I was speaking he would talk over me. 2 other family members had their flights cancelled on the same day but were flying on a different airline. They had no problem rebooking. I was informed that my only option was to receive a travel voucher refund and I could then book a new flight on frontier. No thanks! In the end I received a refund and will book her return flight on any other airline. I will never fly on Frontier. If you have a problem their customer service is horrible.

6/24/2019 Charles Hines

✅ Trip Verified | Don't be incited by their low prices. Go ahead and book the more expensive flight! Me and two other colleges flew Frontier from Orlando to St. Louis. A quick two our flight there and back for a two day trip. The trip there, our flight was delayed an hour. This was after the gate was changed twice! The flight staff all seemed incredibly confused. The pilot spoke over the intercom like: "Welcome uh to Frontier uh Airlines. We're um...flying to St. uh uh Louis. We should um uh get there soon and safe..." However, all this was forgivable. We received news that our 6:30AM flight back to Orlando was cancelled 30 minutes before it was scheduled to board. Leave us and about 40 other people stranded. After being left standing around for forty-five minutes or so, the airline contacted us about of cancelled flight through text to offer $100 vouchers for an upcoming flight with them to compensate. This did not work because the next flight to our destination or anywhere near our destination wasn't until the next morning. After seeing this I called their customer service line to weigh my options. This is the only redeeming quality of the airline. A person answered immediately and gave me many solutions: the best being to book a flight to our destination through any airline and they'd reimburse us up to $500 per person. Although difficult, we did find a flight the day of within our financial restrictions. Still costing a little over $1400 for the three of us. It was three connecting flights from St. Louis to Houston to Pensacola, to Orlando, departing at 11:30AM and arriving at 11:10PM. Thanks to the unreliable quality of Frontier what was supposed to be a two hour commute stretched into 12 hours. I lost and entire day to correcting their shortcomings and now have to was 7-14 business days for a $1400 check in the mail. I appreciate each customer service representative I spoke to, they did their job immaculately, but the airline's one job of getting people to their destination wasn't accomplished. I cannot express my flat out anger and extreme exhaustion after the incident. Do everything you can to avoid flying with this airline. From my day wasted at multiple airports, I also noticed quite a few delayed Frontier flights for other destinations. And I didn't even mention the just okay quality of the one flight I did have with them! They couldn't get me to book with them again even if it was free. I would rather walk.

6/24/2019 T Keene

✅ Trip Verified | Nashville to Las Vegas. We saved up for the trip for months. My husband was taking me to Vegas for my birthday. We were at the airport 3 hours early. Got checked in went to find out just were we would be boarding and the walked to get food. It was 45 minutes before time to get on the plane. We walked back to the area the lady was on her phone talking to a friend. I know this because I could hear her conversation when I walked up to see if we were still in the right area. Well we got in the boarding line when we got to the check in door the girl taking the ticket said please go to the counter. I said for what, I had read all the bad things about this airlines but hey I try to stay positive we were excited about a getaway. We talked to the so called Supervisor. She said the plane was gone, she said she announced it several times I said but we were right here I even talked to her. She became rude saying well you all are the only ones that did not here me. Well can we get on another flight no she states well can we get our money back .. no it's not my fault she states. Then threatens to call security. What about our bags they are in the flight that has left. She said what you want me to do? Then she says we usually don't do this but I can try and get you all on a flight on Wednesday. I said but we would we do about rooming until then she said I dont know. Or you can get on a plane Friday.

6/24/2019 Matthew Kraus

Not Verified | My flight from Albuquerque to Denver was cancelled well before departure. The reason stated was weather. There were indeed thunderstorms in the area. I checked on all other flights on other airlines and they were delayed by about an hour but none of them were cancelled. I checked on Flight Stats to see the on time rating of this flight, Flight 630 and was shocked. The overall flight rating was "Very Poor" The On Time percentage was only 36%. The Excessive (over 3 hours) rate was 55%, and the "Very Late" percentage made up the remainder. This means that Frontier deliberately operates this flight with no intention of getting it's passengers to their destination on time or in my case, at all. I can understand why Frontier is rated the worst in the country, but this seems fraudulent. I cannot believe the FAA allows this bad an airline to operate at all.

6/22/2019 S Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to Denver. So first day of vacation was super crazy. We packed the house, dropped the dog off at doggy camp and headed to the airport at 1030pm with all 4 kids under age 7, 4 carseats, 4 checked bags and 1 grandma to board our 1255am flight. Papa dropped us off and we headed to the Frontier counter to check in. I hand them my id and they tell me did i know our flight was cancelled. No!? They said they sent me an email around 6pm for our flight saying it was cancelled due to weather in Denver. Not delayed., cancelled, and the soonest next flight would be 5 days later! Or they could refund my money in 5-7 business days. I cant believe how horrible i felt looking at my excited kids and the mountain of stuff we had to move with no plan. Frontier refused to accommodate us in any way and as of now i am not even sure the refund has started processing because all 4 times i called customer service it disconnected me. Of course there were no other available flights out last night but some out during various times in the week costing double what we had booked 4 months ago. Needing to get to a funeral, we decided our only option was impromptu road trip. Rental cars cost triple what we had reserved in Denver so we came home, threw everything into our traverse and away we went. After 26 hours of basically driving through the night we made it from Washington state to Denver. I will never fly on Frontier and dont recommend it to anyone who wants to get to where they are going!

6/21/2019 K Finn

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Denver. Absolutely had a great trip! Love this airline, this was my 4th time flying with them and they all have been great! Being over 6’ tall there is plenty of leg room. All my flights have been on time and the flight attendants were all friendly. You have to pay for you food and drink but for the money I saved on the ticket it’s well worth the 2 dollars. My ticket was 156 round trip, well over 200 dollars cheaper then anyone else. Thinking about getting there frontier credit card and will definitely be booking a trip in the future.

6/19/2019 Kayla Dalton

✅ Trip Verified | Nashville to Denver. They cancelled my flight back home and wouldn't have another flight out for 3 more days. My husband and I had to buy a $1000 ticket just to get home through Southwest. Don't fly Frontier, just go ahead book originally through a reputable airline. It may be a little more expensive right now, but it could save you $1000 later. They also charge you for anything other than water (soda, tea, coffee, crackers, etc), their plane smells, they charge you $50 each way for any luggage larger than a computer bag, and if you're 5'5 or taller, you're going to have an absolutely miserable flight due to having zero leg room.

6/18/2019 N Read

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Dallas Ft Worth. This airline is the worst company. Today they cancelled my flight. They offered a new flight 5 days later, they do not pay for hotel. I gave $ 430 to book a new flight from another airlines. My flight was at 7:42 pm. Now it is 23:49. And i am still at the Airport. I am trying to find a place this night.

6/16/2019 Bhim Pokhrel

Not Verified | I have fly with Frontier 3 times so far, 2 times from Dallas to Denver and 1 time from Columbus to Denver. Every time they have had multiple delays, this airline is king on delaying flights. It’s not just a few minutes it’s always more than an hour. They start with 20 min. Delay and keep adding until they frustrate their passengers. It’s not delaying because of any unexpected events or weather conditions, it’s always mismanaging their scheduling.

6/15/2019 O Baugh

✅ Trip Verified | Raleigh Durham to Las Vegas. Worst airline, every flight has been delayed 3 hours and one flight was delayed 3 days. Now my flight home after waiting 3 days of waiting is delayed and they are asking for people to volunteer to get a different flight.

6/14/2019 E Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Minneapolis. If you love missing shuttles, connecting flights, car rentals, or even whole events this is the airline for you. They feature delays and no notifications free of charge. The seats are so uncomfortable you won’t sleep a wink.