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7/1/2019 Sander van Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Dusseldorf to Berlin. Eurowings flight operated by Germanwings EW9050. Flight had a slight delay of 15 minutes. Flight was smooth and good. Seat was fine with enough legroom. Food and drinks for puchase, crew was just average.

7/1/2019 Sander van Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Dusseldorf. Eurowings flight operated by Germanwings. This A319 was a different configuration then the first flight. Legroom was less and was just enough for me (1.80m) crew were smiling and good. The flight delayed by 40 minutes.

7/27/2017 Bastiaan K, Airbus A319 (319) v1 место 1A

The overall Eurowings/Germanwings experience is up and down... Some of it all is good .. some of it not so much. On the Flight TXL-KEF there were no BEST seats, so no free seat in the middle, I was able to reserve the seat for 7 eur while on Smart-tariff however, which is a reasonable price. I sat in seat 1A on the Airbus A319... Whoever came up with the idiot bulkhead in front of 1A-1C should be fired, it serves no purpose other than preventing the passengers that paid extra to sit there to stretch their legs (other airlines don't have it) I was not bothered by anyone going to the toilet or having the tray table in the armrest as described... Peculiar on the inflight service... I ordered some wine, 4,90 as it's not included in the free smart menu, the credit card minimum is 5 eur. I told her just charge me 5 then, but "the system" won't let her... no wine for me, because of a 10 cent "computer says no"-issue, not very customer-centric.

4/9/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A319 (319) v1 место 2D

Plenty legroom. Fresh air until row 10/12.

1/4/2017 Andrew Maynard

Check in process at Cologne very poor. Flight displayed as delayed 35 minutes. 45 minutes past scheduled time, announced flight cancelled with no explanation. Luggage had to be retrieved, only two agents available to process 150+ passengers. Gave up after two hours stood in line and found own hotel. Still unable to get a reason for the cancellation. I suspect there will no be months of aggravation reclaiming our costs. Arrived home 16 hours late via another airline, without any Germanwings/Eurowings assistance.

9/13/2016 T Steen

✅ Verified Review | Amsterdam to Stuttgart. Good flight and a friendly staff. Airplane departed and arrived on time. I booked a Smart ticket. I was able to select a seat without additional charge and they offered a snack and drink on board. The only negative part of the flight was the snack. It contains a very small sandwich, a small bottle of water and something sweet. The taste of the snack was bad, even for airplane food.

8/16/2016 Karen Kirner

✅ Verified Review | I have been a frequent traveler for 15 years and have flown every distance and cabin from first class to budget. Yet I have never been treated as badly as on today's Germanwings flight from Düsseldorf to Vienna. The purser was outright cruel.

7/15/2016 SeatGuru User, Airbus A319 (319) v2 место 9F

Flew outbound in 9F (exit row) and returned in row 6. Decent legroom in both seats in "Smart" class. "Smart" is the best value for money part of the plane being only slightly more expensive than "Basic" but significantly cheaper than "Best". Your fellow passengers have also worked this out so it is likely to be the part of the plane with the highest occupancy. "Smart" comes with a free snack but beware this is an indifferent offering. You have to explicitly ask the Flight Attendant if you want food from the inflight menu or an alcoholic drink (not free). The tray tables in the exit row are in the back of the seat in front rather than the armrest as described in Seatguru.

6/11/2016 SeatGuru User, Airbus A319 (319) v3 место 26A

The row 26 is the worst place to sit in the plane. There is no window, and no pitch. Not all planes in germanwings have this row.

5/11/2016 Mark West

✅ Verified Review | Flew Germanwings from London Stansted to Cologne Bonn. Flight delayed by over an hour at London Stansted. Inconvenience made worse by fact that this was not announced or posted on display boards (I know this is airport responsibility) so I left VIP lounge. As the departure is in different area of airport to lounge (accessible only by a mono-rail and no return allowed) this meant a long wait in a crowded gate area. Flight was full to capacity and very cramped. Normal offer of high priced beverages etc. offered during flight. Low cost option with more service and professionalism than other LCCs. I would use again.

4/11/2016 S Lueth

My boyfriend and I booked the basic fare from Hamburg to Rome Fiumicino. I didn't expect much because Germanwings is a low cost airline but it was great. The staff were friendly, when boarding was completed the pilot welcomed us all on board and although we had just booked the basic fare the stewardess gave us drinks for free. Departed and arrived on time. The first time I was in Rome I waited nearly 40 minutes for my bag but this time they were really fast. Would recommend flying with Germanwings.

2/8/2016 SKYTRAX Editor

Germanwings operations have now been transferred to and taken over by Eurowings. You can read their reviews here » Eurowings Customer Reviews

1/23/2016 Szymon Opaliński

Lufthansa operated by Germanwings from Barcelona to Berlin Tegel and back. Both fights on time with very quick boarding and ground service. First flight was a 16 year old A319, plane was very clean and comfortable. The return flight on a 23 year old A320, despite the old age of the aircraft it was very clean, comfortable and showed signs of great maintenance service. You cold only tell that it was that old becouse it was considerably louder but the journey was very enjoyable. The snacks are not very good, but I can forgive that on a 2h 15 min flight. Great comfort in the seats with more legroom. Great value for money and going to try Eurowings.

1/21/2016 V Cozzi

Germanwings from Bangkok to London via Cologne. Imagine to fly with Ryanair for a 12hours long fly, without any food or beverage included in your ticket. The price wasn't cheap at all to justify such a lack of service. If you would like to eat something make sure you carrying euro (only currency accepted) or credit cards to buy food they are offering. The seats feel small. One of the cabin staff was very kind but other cabin crew service was not as bright. If you fly with Germanwings, make sure you pay very little money and or fly on shorter flights. The short connecting flight from Cologne to London was good though.

12/22/2015 R Schouwenberg

Germanwings flight from Berlin Tegel to Dusseldorf. Cabin crew were friendly and professional. Good late evening snack: a cheese or salami sandwich, chocolate bar and a small bottle of water. Too bad the there is no in-flight entertainment.

12/7/2015 J Tydeman

Not a bad price but little choice of airline as BA don't fly this route. Essentially Germanwings is the low cost wing of Lufthansa and it shows. Unruly boarding. No inflight catering at all - weak and tasteless tea for €2.50! On the other hand, flights reasonably punctual, though outbound was 20 mins late.

11/16/2015 H Oberbeckmann

We have been flying Dortmund to Munich return with Germanwings as a feeder flight for long haul with Lufthansa from Munich, and were very satisfied. The flights were on time, we got a snack and a seat with more legroom due to the Smart Fare booked and the staff was friendly. Online Check-In was easy and fast, so was bag drop.

11/3/2015 Y Wong

Bad arrangements if outside the protocol. There were heavy fog in London and due to weather condition flight is cancelled. Reasonable but only one number that can never be connected is given to rebook Germanwings flights or claim hotel accommodation. It is fine that the Hotel/ flights needed to be rebooked but no instruction of how to claim those back. Flight booked again at the same time 7:15pm to Berlin and was delayed to 9:30pm. No info or staff until the monitor suddenly show the gate numbe at 8:40. Flight delayed so no public transport out of Tegel Airport for Berlin city center. No arrangement at all. Need to get a cab to hotel around 1am. So a lot of money like 500 pounds was paid for everything but no way to get it back. Only good thing is staff are nice.

10/27/2015 John Hamill

Flew from Dublin to Rome via Cologne on Germanwings. Website booking is very efficient and due to my fare type, I was able to select seat 1D for both flights. Check in was smooth and all flights left on time. Again due to fare type, I was given a sandwich, coffee and bottled water on both flights and the cabin crew were very friendly and professional. Transfer in Cologne was extremely efficient with no need to reclear security and a small and compact airport. Baggage claim in Rome was a zoo, but I would blame Rome tourism in July for that. All in all, a very positive experience on Germanwings and connecting in Cologne would by no means turn me away from flying them again.

10/21/2015 O Driver

Flying Germanwings "Best" section on domestic flights is the best product for a short haul domestic flight within Germany. Full catering and drinks service. Addtional 10cm seat pitch in rows 1-3, free middle seat etc. Free Lufthansa Lounge access. Flight was on time with a very friendly and professional cabin crew. The only downside is the A320 fleet is relatively old but obviously in good shape).