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7/2/2019 Danyang Ma

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Peking. I found the food provided on the plane is quite delicious. They have beef, shrimps, fresh vegetables and Heineken beer, which is my favourite. The seat is quite comfortable and you could stretch your legs even in the economy class. The service is pretty good during the flight. The smile could be seen on the face of flight attendants. Their service is professional. I really appreciate and recommend Hainan Airlines.

6/14/2019 G Han

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Shenzhen. My first time on Hainan. Check in staff were helpful. The flight was smooth with little turbulence. Cabin crew were very friendly and greeted everyone as they entered the plane. Service throughout the flight was excellent, especially the female lead cabin manager who assisted me when my first meal choice was unavailable. She later came back to check on me to make sure I was happy and satisfied and took my order for the second meal service in advance. What a star! My seat was comfortable and inflight entertainment was good. I had a high expectation before departure and was very happy that I chose Hainan Airlines.

5/18/2019 Guangya Xu

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Beijing. Great flight with nice cabin crew. Real 5-star experience. I was a Gold member of Hainan, but for a long time, I didn't fly enough to keep my elite level. After this flight, I decided to keep my gold I was planning to fly back to China on my Birthday just few days earlier. But for some force majeure, I rescheduled it to this flight. When the cabin manager came to send me her greetings, I did tell her a little about this rescheduling thing. To my surprise, after the cabin service one of the flight attendants gave me a Birthday card. I did take some Israeli sweets in my carry on baggage, so I decided to visit the crew to share my pleasure of flying near my Birthday with them. I found it impressive that Hainan has three foreign crew members on this flight. This mixed cabin crew was very cooperative and complementary. From my point of view, this combination of attendants is very good, so Hainan please keep that up. I was flying business, Hainan is one of those few airlines that offer pajama in business class, and the pajama is really nice. Also offered me amenity kit with slippers, etc. The entertainment system is loaded with my favorite movie. Also, the food is and might always be one of the best you can find in the sky. Few things could make it even better. For example, those staggered configuration business is not my favorite. I like the new dream feather reverse herringbone. Yes, sure this staggered A330 business has one of the biggest legroom but is lack of storage space comparing to my favorite configuration.

5/10/2019 Guangya Xu

✅ Trip Verified | Chengdu to Los Angeles. It's a very pleasant trip to fly with them. The cabin was well maintained and well cleaned. Both dinner and breakfast were delicious. The crew was nice and ready to provide any assistance. One passenger lost his passport, the crew made a lot of efforts to find it for him, which was very lovely.

5/8/2019 Guangya Xu

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Chengdu. Overall it's a great flight. Cabin was well maintained and cleaned. Crew were nice and willing to provide assistance that you might need. Food was decent, and snacks were provided. The flight was not fully loaded, so few people had the chance to set with empty seats next to them, which is lovely.

5/4/2019 Zheyu Lu

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Beijing. The cabin staff of Hainan Airlines is very nice and friendly. During the long journey, they offered me delicious food, friendly service, and an interesting chat. It is my first time to have a chat with the cabin staff in the airline and the journey is no longer boring but relaxing because of them.

4/26/2019 J Reichter

✅ Trip Verified | Shenzhen to Paris, having flown into Hong Kong a week earlier with Cathay Pacific. Had not heard of Hainan Airlines but their service is totally 5 stars, and so much better than grumpy and cold service on Cathay Pacific. On this Hainan flight, everything was just superb and really nice flat bed seats to sleep on. Food was just excellent with a chef in the cabin, and far more food served than other airlines business class. Nice sleepsuit, amenities, constantly offered hot and cold flannels, and staff were the most attentive I have experienced. Service was with a smile, staff spoke okay English, and in Asia I would put these guys above Singapore Airlines for good service. Try it and see what I mean!

4/24/2019 Changjie Wu

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Toronto. What a great experience to take the flight with Hainan Airlines because of the unforgettable assistance we got from Hainan Airlines staff at Beijing Airport! I was bringing my mother-in-law to Canada. However, after we checked in and went through the check point, my mom was notified that her passport was cancelled in 2014 for unknown reason. So she could not fly with me. We were completely lost as we had no idea what had happened. My mom was very sure that this must be a mistake. As all my other family members were 1600 KMS away, I was not sure what I could do -rescheduling my flight to stay with my mom means I have to cancelled a few important meetings, while having my mom flying back to my hometown by herself means I needs to take a big risk - she was over 75 years old and she was already very tired and frustrated. I contacted Hainan Airline in Beijing airport, hoping she could give me some advice. After I briefly explained the situation, staff calmed us down and said she would be very glad to offer assistance. Just after a few minutes, they rushed to the border check point and promised that she would take care of my mom, making sure she could fly back to my hometown smoothly with wheelchair service provided. With her promise that I had faith in, I continued my flight as planned. Luckily, the passport issuing office found the mistake and issued a new one to my mom within 24 hours. The next day, staff spent hours following up my mom's flight arrangement, including pre-booking a premium seat without charging extra fee, having her colleague take care of the luggage, and advising both Beijing and Toronto to provide wheelchair service so my mom would not get lost. Eventually my mom arrived at Toronto safely. My whole family were deeply moved by Hainan Airlines staff. Big thank you, Ms Qi, and big thank you, Hainan Airlines.

4/18/2019 Haocong Li

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to San Jose. The service in the flight was perfect! The meals and snacks are delicious. I was impressed by the heated bread. On the back side of the cabin, the burger snacks and biscuits was provided whether how much the passengers had eaten. The hardware and software in the cabin were excellent. The brand new Boeing 787-9 light provided inside the cabin was comfortable. The cabin crew were very professional and friendly. Their English was very good. They had a great conversation with everyone on board. As an aviation fan, I talked about aviation and airlines with them. They told me much information about the systems of aircraft and the service of the airline. They even helped me filling the flight log I've created. Hope to fly Hainan Airlines again.

4/9/2019 Derek Northcutt

✅ Trip Verified | Was a very pleasant flight though food very poor from Sydney. IFC just okay not much of a selection compared to BOAC, AF, or AA. The reason for the average score though is that this company does not transfer your bags from one of their flights to your connexion flight. You have to collect your bag in China, face a surly immigration official, pass your bag through an x-ray machine upon arrival, then drag it far away and upstairs and check-in a second time to get your connexion boarding pass and to reconsign your luggage. Also, if your connexion doesn't depart within three hours you have to cool your heels in the check-in lobby and sit with your luggage. That is a colossal inconvenience and when you're a man of my age (56) it is difficult. Also, Hainan AIrlines doesn't seem to have the right to use any of the gates at any of the Chinese terminals (or LAX for that matter) so plan on being bussed all over the airports. Another thing that is troublesome is that their staff in China speaks no English. They carry around their smartphones and show you the translations of what they want to communication ("one moment, please.").

3/2/2019 Yuanfang Song

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Beijing. The crew were really friendly and provided excellent service. The meals were tasty and seats were comfortable. After a meal, a Taiwanese crew helped me a lot when he passed by. When the plane was about to land, an old man next to me couldn't find his key or something and the purser, who was in charge of the economy class cabin, helped him find that. In a word, it was an excellent experience.

1/26/2019 Y Weng

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Haikou on 4th January, returning Dalian to Sydney via Changsha on 25th January. The A330 seemed very old and the cabin dirty. When I flew Sydney to Haikou, I was given an amenity kit but for some reason on the way back from Changsha sitting in the back I was not given one, but passengers in the front was given it. Crew did not offer headphones, I had to ask. Customer service was great from their staff however I did feel that they were rushed. Transfer experience was awful. I had a transfer from Dalian to Sydney at Changsha with an 8 hour gap but I had to take my luggage and recheck in Changsha.

1/26/2019 Augustine Chan

✅ Trip Verified | Shenzhen to Beijing. It was a new Boeing 787-9 with seating 1-2-1 which gave ample room and privacy. The seat could converted into a flat bed which is rare to find in any domestic flights. Three course dinner was served with good choice of red and white. The hostesses worked hard to get their job done as it was a two and half hour flight, yet polite and attentive.

1/22/2019 F Lorven

✅ Trip Verified | Shenzhen to Vienna. The lounge that Hainan Airlines use in Shenzhen (it's not their own lounge), but you should not arrive hungry or thirsty, because this lounge can only be called a bad joke: no food, no spirits, no white wine, just some beers and a very poor red wine, soft drinks, instant noodles, that's it. Thankfully, the fun started as soon as we entered the plane. We were immediately offered a welcome drink (including a choice of Champagne) and were warm-heartedly taken care of, with help in stowing our belongings etc. This went on for the entire flight. Super-friendly and competent crew, delicious food, great inflight entertainment and a full range of drinks, from a choice of 3 red wines to even Cognac and other spirits if you wish. The choices of dinner and breakfast were amazing, nicely presented and very fresh and tasty. We very positively surprised of everything, from the cabin (a new Boeing 787 with 1-2-1 layout and full flat seats), through the flight attendants to the cook, who came even personally to you in order to confirm that the food was to our expectations. It was, actually, beyond our expectations. We fly a lot and have been on a lot of airlines, but this was certainly one of the nicest experiences we had (if you ignore the poor lounge-performance). Highly recommended!

1/17/2019 He Wang

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Calgary. I was having a fever when I was taking the flight HU7977, the Cabin Manager and the Purser were very professional and provided the best services they could to ensure the resting environment was comfortable for me since I felt so uncomfortable.

1/15/2019 Jiahao Zhang

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Boston, as an international student, flight comfort and ticket price are primary for me, and Hainan Airline achieved my standard. Great food and drink, 2 mean meals and free light meal between these with snacks. The cabin crew service is professional. I recommend Hainan Airlines.

1/12/2019 G Yang

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Shanghai via Changsha. Hainan Airlines provided the most enjoyable experience I have had in the economy last year in this route, surpassed Qantas and Cathay in my opinion. The cabins were clean, the services were exceptional. The cabin crews genuinely cared about your well being. I qualified for Hainan's gold membership after a few business class flights last year. I'm also a Qantas one world gold member. Hainan provided far better recognition to their frequent flyers than Qantas and Cathay.

1/11/2019 L Yang

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Shenzhen on 3rd January. First time flying with Hainan Airlines with much disappointment. I paid extras for the preferred Economy seats but I need to change as there is no point for speaker to be plug into when viewing movies. When I brought up, an attendant recommended me to watch mute movies. I asked another attendant mentioned about changing seats but the screen does not work at the new seats. I was told if I need to watch any movies, I will have to make do by watching from the screen beside me. Such helpful advice! A male attendant tried fixing the screen but was unsuccessful. But I must admit that he did try calming me down.

1/4/2019 Z Ford

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Beijing. This was the nicest airline. The food was great, seats were comfortable, the staff and crew were friendly and knowledgeable and the overall experience was pleasant. I was extremely impressed. Hainan will definitively be my first choice airline when I fly to China.

12/27/2018 P Boeckel

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Beijing return. It was my first time using Hainan Airlines. The online reservation was good and the support professional as far as I could experience. The food was delicious. However, when asking for a gin tonic (an option on the menu cards), it was not available on both flights BRU-PEK-BRU. I got 3 different explanations from different flight attendants. One of the flight attendants told me that this kind of drink was not demanded regularly and therefore not available in economy class, She brought me one from business class afterwards.. On the return flight the other told me that it was not available by exception, just that flight, and another flight attendant told me that it would be removed from the menu card. Afterwards the flight attendant got me one again from business class (with no ice or lemon). Also beer was not cold. These seem to be small details but it can have a negative effect on the flight experience. These are actually small things that are easy to solve. I think better communicating the policy to the flight attendants might avoid 3 different explanations for the same issue.