Схема салона Airbus A330-300 (333) v2 Iberia

Схема салона Аэробус A330-300 (333) v2 Иберия
Схема салона Аэробус A330-300 (333) v2 Иберия
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Аэробус A330-300 (333) v2 авиакомпании Иберия с 3 классами и 292 сиденьями на борту. С помощью наглядной схемы салона и отзывов пассажиров вы узнаете где находятся лучшие места, а какие стоит избегать.


6/8/2019 Liz, место 14E

This is a middle seat in last row of premium economy. Can fully recline without anyone behind you which is great. Good seats but far from restrooms. Not able to use business class restroom that is very close. Coffee, tea and water offered often. Entertainment system and headphones are great, but headphones collected by crew well...

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6/3/2019 Lía, место 52L

Sinceramente, horrible. Es el último asiento y no se reclina. Además los asientos en turista están hechos para gente que no mide más de 150cm. Yo mido 165 y las rodillas las tenía justas. Para un vuelo tan largo, esos asientos de turista no deberían ni venderlos y mucho menos aquellos que no se reclinan. Fatal.

5/14/2019 Abdallah E, место 6L

The seat is very good, but problematic if you want to go to the bathrooms, since both are right on the other side of the cabin (not very smart solution). The on board service is terrible, the flight attendants seem always to be in a hurry doing things more important than taking care of passengers.

1/9/2019 Lynn Hensley, место 28C

It was alright, we were not able to upgrade as we usually do.

11/10/2018 Leandro M, место 37A

As it is so close to the bathroom, this space is crowded with other passengers frequently- 37A and C

11/10/2018 Leandro M, место 37A

Very good space for your legs at 37A

11/6/2018 SeatGuru User, место 4L

The seat is great, but the service on board is far from good. The flight attendants just disappeared after the main service and showed up again before landing for the snack service. The configuration of the business cabin is not really smart. Both bathrooms are on the same side, so if you are sitting on J or L, you would have to...

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10/15/2018 Pablo, место 5E

Buen asiento. Servicio a bordo bien. No funcionaba wifi. En esa fila se transmiten los ruidos de la cocina que se ubica entre ejecutiva y turista un poco molestos. Casi todo el personal muy amable.

7/25/2018 Leandra G, место 37A

A330-300 MAD-MIA #37A (emergency exit): decent food, unrestricted legroom, recline was acceptable, but at 7:30PM all window pax had to shut down their sunscreen! But besides that, it was a good flight

6/25/2018 SeatGuru User, место 8L

I traveled from Madrid to Miami on the vs. 2 330-300. Seat 8L is a great seat for a single traveler. I experienced no disturbances from the galley activity and the location and set up of the seat allows a large amount of privacy. As you are seated at the very rear of the cabin you have less passersby. This seat is far superi...

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5/20/2018 SeatGuru User, место 21J

Plenty leg room. Flights attendants around so a bit noisy. The lavatory in front is just for business class purposes so not really crowdy,

2/25/2018 SeatGuru User, место 41C

Extremely claustrophobic seat. Iberia has the lowest seat pitch from all the airlines. Even though they claim it has 31 inches it feels like 29 inches. Avoid Iberia if you want some legroom. On a positive note, the food was good (for plane standards)

2/17/2018 SeatGuru User, место 11L

The passenger on our flight that sat in 11B would agree with the comment before mine. He was not pleased. However, in 11L were I was placed it was a great seat. Plenty of legroom and easy to get up if the person next to you was watching TV. Service was OK on Iberia, but it was better if they were not coming around all of the tim...

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11/14/2017 SeatGuru User, место 11A

Seat 11A and C and all bulkhead PE seats are not good seats. The 2 row seats have a curtain that separates the Business class and the crew goes thru them continually throwing the curtain all over you. The crew continually walks across the middle of row !! to get to the other side waking everyone up. It was like being n a hospita...

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11/8/2017 Cruiser, место 18A

Seats are hard, not comfortable for long flights. Also no legroom at all. When the person in front of you reclines they are in your lap. Not a good choice.

4/7/2017 Miamiair, место 8A

The best seat in the business cabin. Comfortable and private. Being in the back of the biz cabin, you may not get your choice for the meal. There service is good, but once it is over, the flight attendants disappear. The IFE is good, with a good selection of movies and music. I prefer Iberia's business product over American...

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12/10/2016 EC-XPF, место 10D

First row after Business Blus (BP). Correct legroom space and if necessary you can lengthen your legs in the aisle that accesses BP. Meal: I made use of the new way of buying in advance a menu among of 6 different options. Good quantity and quality, pity that it can not be complemented with a wine different from the standard ser...

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9/5/2016 cristina, место 27J


8/12/2016 Julian Peris, место 24J

Acabé con dolor de rodillas porque no me cabían las piernas en el asiento de turista, he viajado cinco veces a Seattle y nunca me había pasado, incluso con Iberia, parece que le han quitado unos centímetros a la separación entre asientos. Mido 1,92 y tuve que poner la manta y el almohadón de protector de mis rodillas durante el ...

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7/24/2016 Maria, место 11L

Average seat