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7/1/2019 T Shanekar

✅ Trip Verified | Nagpur to Pune. The flight got delayed by almost 2 hours. The flight time was 00.05 hrs to 01.10 hrs, the shops were almost closed. The staff didnt provide tea or coffee as it was so late hours and none of the shops were open. Very disappointed with this service. We were informed about the delay just 20 mins before boarding time.

6/24/2019 Deepa Mukerji

Not Verified | Kolkata to Bangalore. Excellent service! Very touched with prompt service. Well done. Hope you keep your service up. Very touched that my tea was replaced with a fresh cup. The cabin crew was very polite.

6/15/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A320 (320) место 1F

The first row does not have a restricted leg room - infact these are the premium seats sold by indigo airlines which have extra leg room and also makes ingress and egress easy

6/12/2019 Arathi Pv

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Kochi. On May 31, I reached the airport at around 6:00 AM and checked in at the emergency counter. I had a friend also traveling with me whose luggage was less than 15 Kg. I asked the indigo staff if my excess luggage can be adjusted with him. Staff told me to pay the extra amount. I immediately agreed to pay. Hence as per the baggage policy, I paid 400*10Kg -4000Rs. On arriving at Kochi airport after a 40-minute wait, I discovered that one of the luggage was lost and reported to the baggage claim representative. After waiting for more than 30 minutes, she cross-checked with the boarding pass and confirmed me that the bag of 10Kg is missing. I spoke to the indigo staff and have no information for me as to the whereabouts of my luggage. One of the senior officials of Indigo called me on June 9th and confirmed that the bag weight was 10Kg and a refund of 3500INR will be given. I expressed a complete dissatisfaction as I paid 4000Rs extra for the same bag. The staff promised me that he will check with the finance department and revert back. But I haven't received any call yet. I find it unprofessional how such a large airline like Indigo can lose luggage. To add insult to injury, I am faced with obtaining compensation for those items that are far less than their worth.

6/2/2019 Ankit Dubey

✅ Trip Verified | This airline has never disappoints me even though you dont get free meals, however I had booked my meals and they were very tasty and also their check in and hand baggage allowance is similar to that of many full service carriers and their on time performance puts other airlines to shame. The one hour flight from jaipur to Lucknow was on time and landed 5 minutes before arrival time. The ground staff was courteous and so was the cabin crew with genuine smile.

6/1/2019 P Chalnish

✅ Trip Verified | Ahmadabad to Mumbai. Total chaos, paid for extra luggage but receipt printer not working. A girl trying to fix but she has no clue how to fix? Asked to wait 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes but printer did not work, she filled up manual receipt and handed over to me, by this time already running late for flight, she allowed 2 small carry on but supervisor did not allow at security checkpoint, now I have to start from square one, scan bag, bag drop off. A girl at bag drop off wants to charge for extra luggage but printer is not working and I am running out of time, supervisor came, things did not work, bag was checked in without any charge. I rushed through security, heard my name announced on PA, before last call rushed to boarding gate.

5/31/2019 L Bursell

✅ Trip Verified | I was in India on a holiday and I decided to fly with IndiGo from Mangalore to Mumbai. The ground staff and the cabin crew were really helpful and welcoming. The in-flight meal options were limited but it was a standard domestic flight like menu so no complaints there. The flight was tidy and the journey was very comfortable. The best part about the flight was the punctuality. Overall it was an excellent experience and if I would need to travel by a domestic flight in India the next time, I know which airline I am going to look out for.

5/22/2019 Ayushi Dixit

✅ Trip Verified | I accidentally interchanged the boarding date and ended up messing up my flight tickets FOR jUNE 2019. My tickets were under the category which cannot be rescheduled, so I panicked as the amount I paid was over 20000 rupees and with my previous experience with domestic airlines, I was sure I am losing all the money and would be asked to re-book the entire journey. Much fortunately, I called Indigo and got connected to this very helpful person who was so patient with my panic state and assisted me with all my queries and infact rescheduled the tickets considering they were booked a few minutes ago. I cannot thank this person and Indigo enough to explain how helpful they were towards my situation and how efficiently they fixed this issues.

5/22/2019 S Marbanian

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Istanbul via Doha. We had booked the XL seats in the 1st row for Rs 1000 each considering the nearly 10 hours journey, but realized what a mistake that was. First of all, Indigo added a stopover in Doha, which meant a direct flight that was advertised as 8 hours duration at the time of booking, became nearly 10 hours. The seating configuration is identical to the domestic flights, with just a few more rows added in the back since the A321 is longer than the A320. This means that they use the same seats (with just about 4 cm of foam padding). The in-flight menu has no options for hot meals to be purchased, and the best food you can buy on-board is cup noodles made with hot water. Even Air Asia, which is a much more LCC provides options for passengers to purchase hot meals for all their flights. Additionally the flight does a 1 hour stopover at Doha during which they park in a remote bay, and open the doors for crew and cleaning. This means that if you are seated near the front of the plane, you will be exposed to hot desert winds of Qatar for about an hour. On top of this, even though the crew announce that certain rows such as the first row, emergency exits are paid seats, they do not do anything to prevent random people from sitting in these seats during the flight. Why on earth should anyone pay for these seats beforehand then, only to get scammed during the flight like this? On top of this, the crew treat the first row like the "toilet waiting area", since any passenger who is waiting in queue to use the toilet needs to be seated when the seatbelt sign is on. But the crew instead of sending them back to their seat, make them sit in the first row, which is a paid row.

5/20/2019 Aastha Gupta

✅ Trip Verified | Bengaluru to Jaipur. I had done web check in and had my boarding pass as pdf in my phone as I couldn't get a print out. Upon reaching the airport I was not allowed to print the boarding pass, they didn't have to give the boarding pass, just print the pdf that I had. The worst part is if they had not wasted my time in queues when I had already mentioned I was in a hurry, I could have gone outside and gotten a printout. I missed my flight just because I didn't have a printout of my boarding pass, even though I had the pdf. There has to be some understanding, they should guide us properly.

5/8/2019 D Alagiah

✅ Trip Verified | Jaipur to Lucknow. I got what was expected and that was low cost flying, and the flight was on time and that's what really matters. The crew was courteous and overall an average flight experience however some seat covers were torn. I hope they clean their aircraft before flights.

5/1/2019 P Densah

✅ Trip Verified | Jaipur to Mumbai. Ticket was booked under corporate fare with meal included. Flight time was 5.20pm and total duration from Jaipur to Mumbai was 1hr 55 min. The cabin crew started serving refreshments at 5.50pm. my seat was 20A. The cabin crew reached my seat at 6.40pm (15 mins prior to landing, the first officer announced landing time of 6.55 pm). The meal was complimentary and being corporate meal it should have been ready but the cabin crew member said she will get back to me with chicken sandwich which she never came back. She even refused to serve anything hot (beverage and/or meal) to me and few other passengers on seats nearby my seat since we were near to landing time. How was it passengers fault that meal was served or about to be served at time of landing. I raised this issue with the cabin crew head and all I got as meal after landing while getting out of aircraft was a box of cashew nuts.

4/28/2019 N Rafe

✅ Trip Verified | Male to Mumbai. 3hr flight with 1 class only - no premium or business. Crew is very nice and service oriented although its a low cost airline. We booked what they called 6E - food, drinks and priority during tickets reservation. We got a rice (spicy) and soft drinks. I would not say it was good and for our kids they served the same - so it was kind of waste if time and money - no entertainment on board.

4/27/2019 I Tavoni

✅ Trip Verified | Kolkata to Delhi. I have been in India for few months and travelled with Indigo few times, and I have always had a lovely experience until today. I’ve arrived to Kolkata. As I went to drop my bag at the check-in desk, a barrier was lower, so I took a shortcut and stepped over it. Straight after staff come up to me and with a intimidating attitude asked me: is everything ok?! At first I didn’t realise, but then I told me in that I should not step over the barrier as a matter of security. Honestly I felt very embarrassed, so I apologies. Few seconds after I saw some older guy doing it, but staff looked away. Then another guy did it in front of him, and staff smiled away. So I asked staff why it was ok for some people to do it and not for me? It was then become aggressive and rude, so I decide to let the argument go. He should be fair with all, no just pick arguments with foreigners so that he can feel good and embarrassing customer in front of all. I hope Indigo can address this with staff and provide him with a customer service training. He is the face of Indigo when people arrive at the airport, and people like him can ruin the reputation of Indigo. Then on the flight they didn’t have changed for cash payments and instead wanted me to buy more things. That was pathetic, they offer a service they should make sure they have changed, it was the first flight in the morning and I was seating 1st row and they didn’t have changes.

4/26/2019 S Gordon

✅ Trip Verified | Tutocurin to Chennai with IndiGo. Very pathetic. Very unprofessional in handling the excess weight. Felt like I was cheated. I have almost traveled with all major airlines but have never had such a bad experience as today with Indigo. I would give minus five stars if I have the option to do so.

4/25/2019 Amitha Sathish

✅ Trip Verified | Jaipur to Bangalore via Mumbai. We were a group of 6 students who happened to miss our flight. The IndiGo staff at the Jaipur airport as well as the security were all really helpful and they helped us get through the critical situation. They were with us till the issue got solved. We will never forget this experience which was turned into a pleasant one by the IndiGo staff.

4/18/2019 N Kahlasanan

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to Udaipur. The flight was 25 minutes delayed. During the flight too the cabin crew was rushing about offering snacks to getting the money from the customers. I felt uncomfortable with the crew behavior during the entire flight. I will try to look for better service in the future.

4/9/2019 C King

✅ Trip Verified | Udaipur to Mumbai. Beautiful blue plane, one of the best low cost airlines in India. route goes to every corner of India. Flew from a small city to Mumbai, the whole journey was excellent from staff welcoming on board until landing. On time as well. There is no reason to give a score under 10. Worth this price.

4/9/2019 Shirin Kakayeva

✅ Trip Verified | Hyderabad to Rajahmundry. The staff in both locations was very pleasant and helpful. They went out of their way to accomodate me. I left my laptop and phone in the security check line because I got distracted by all the rigorous questions asked by the security personnel and my stuff got separated from my bags they were checking, so I did not realize I did not put the laptop and phone back in my bag. On the plane I finally realized and we started calling the lost and found at the airport in Hyderabad. They were closed because it was Sunday. In Rajahmundry we spoke with IndiGo personnel and the airport manager who helped me get hold of someone from the airline in Hyderabad and assure me that my articles are secure with them. They even offered to send my stuff via a next available flight but I was coming back the next day, so I was just willing to pick it up then. In Hyderabad staff were very pleasant and helpful and quickly gave me my articles after checking my identity. Someone from Indigo actually went to the security, got my stuff and kept it at the counter. Everyone went above and beyond and I quickly got everything back but knowing that my stuff was safe waiting for me on a Sunday night was very reassuring and stress relieving. Thank you, IndiGo staff. I am not familiar with airlines in India but I would recommend them to anyone who is traveling within the country.

3/28/2019 Olena Viechkanova

✅ Trip Verified | They rescheduled my flight 3 times without offering any accommodation and even apologizes. They did it at the very last moment when I already couldn’t book another flight from normal company. I payed for direct 6 hours flight from Delhi to Istanbul. Finally they operated 9 hours with a stop in Doha when they even didn’t let passengers to come out from the aircraft!!