10/27/2019 Pablo Otin

Not Verified | Madrid to Sao Paulo. This company is a disaster in pretty much every category: customer service, in-flight service, even ticketing! Literally every time I am flying with them I have a problem and/or issue. I wish there were more options and competition between Spain and Brazil.

10/21/2019 Juan Diego, Boeing 787-8 (788) место 28A

Perfecto, super amplio, avión muy nuevo y super cómodo.

10/15/2019 P Darmina

✅ Trip Verified | Bogota to Bucaramanga. Inflight services are poor, uncomfortable seats. The checking app didn't work and the computers too, so had to make a queue for my check in, its not a low cost but they look like one

10/13/2019 W Vanteil

✅ Trip Verified | I purchased a ticket for me and my wife from Puerto Montt to Santiago for 25th December 2018. I made a mistake in the bookings date and purchased a new ticket for both of us in November 2018. February 2019 I started the refund request for the incorrect flight booking. Now 8 months after the initiation of the r...

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10/5/2019 Ian Davies, Boeing 787-9 (789) место 33L

Nice plane good staff woukd travel again

10/3/2019 Zachary Meistre

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Lima via Sao Paulo. LATAM's customer service is trash, on my last trip to Peru, on a previous flight months back I was notified about flight cancellation and put on another flight. This time around I arrive in Brasil and ask where my next boarding gate is and my other boarding pass and am told ...

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9/19/2019 Juliana Castaneda

✅ Trip Verified | I bought a flight Queenstown to Bogota, the Jetstar flight from Queenstown to Auckland was delayed 1 hour because of technical problems in the plane. Then we arrived to Auckland and after making us wait for almost 5 hours, our flight was cancelled. Good thing they provided us accommodation but when the bus arr...

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9/19/2019 G Dalchin

✅ Trip Verified | São Paulo to London. Very inconsiderate to people with children. There were a lot of babies in the plane I boarded. I’d expected that they put the passengers with babies in seats with more leg room. Instead the exit row seats were full of people who don’t look like they have special needs; people with babies ...

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9/14/2019 Sharlene Taufa

Not Verified | Auckland to Sydney. The service was Ok, but the food for breakfast and lunch was not that great. No option given just a sandwich and a small tub of fruit. Flight Entertainment was ok as well but kept getting interrupted by the Captain who spoke to long and slow.

9/13/2019 Virginia Bolton

Not Verified | Flew Latam Airlines under a Qantas codeshare, return to South America. All flights departed on time. I found the whole experience very easy and comfortable. The flight attendants were very pleasant and attentive, and provided very good service. On a couple of occasions they spoke to me in Spanish presuming that w...

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9/11/2019 J Nazeera

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Lima. I am platinum for Life member with American Airlines and flew for the first time with this airline. They didn't honor the One World Alliance with AA. Put me in an regular economy class and our luggage was not tagged Priority as customary with my status unless I was told pay a fee of $50 dollars ...

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9/11/2019 Peter Ries

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Madrid. I am a person living with disabilities. Therefore I requested mobility assistance well in advance of my scheduled flight. I provided government issued documentation to the effect. LATAM confirmed within a timely manner by email and assigned seats in advance, in accordance with German law. ...

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9/8/2019 Derek Northcutt

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Frankfurt. After a very positive flight from Frankfurt to Madrid, am profoundly disappointed by LATAM. Delayed my luggage three days (according to them 48 hours) and asked me to take a taxi from Osnabrück to FMO airport because they do not have an arrangement with Lufthansa for baggage delivery. The ...

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9/7/2019 E Maneres

✅ Trip Verified | London to Rio de Janeiro via Sao Paulo. Very uncomfortable seats, entertainment, poor food. Staff okay. The narrow seat has no enough room for the legs and it's extremely very uncomfortable for a long haul flight. The seat entertainment, TV program is really poor. The food taste was really poor without any ass...

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9/5/2019 C Larese

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Chile to Los Angeles. Second time to fly LATAM in a week. Comfortable seat, smooth check-in, got sidelined for additional security check (with no reason provided). In flight: ok meals - but portions were way too small. Again as previously experienced, not enough toilets in the economy class section...

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9/5/2019 C Larese

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Santiago de Chile. Overall good flight. Relatively comfortable seats, polite and smiling staff, ok choice of movies. Negative points: inflight meals and toilet availability. I pre-ordered a vegetarian meal - this was not acknowledged until I repeatedly mentioned the request (special meal request...

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9/4/2019 P Garten

✅ Trip Verified | Lima to Tacna. I have been forced to use LATAM for a number of business trips over the past three months, and have to say it has been the worst flying experience I have ever had. Customer service is terrible, and their aAirbus is bottom of the barrel quality. Would never recommend using this airline if you can...

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8/18/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) место 7

seats are standards, not old and not too comfortable as usual. the last rows are used to the crew for sleeping, so don't consider sleeping there if you think there will be empty spaces overthere. the first row (12 and 26) has extra space for legs and seats are a bit wider, but nothing much besides that. Rows 13,14,15 and behind ...

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8/16/2019 T Mallen

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Auckland. Pleasantly surprised!! Paid roughly half of the price as other carriers on this route. After reading horror reviews on here I got a little worried. Although I'm not a huge fan of the Boeing 787, the plane was immaculate. The in flight entertainment selection was great, the service extremely...

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8/14/2019 K Lin

✅ Trip Verified | My husband bought my ticket including one baggage from Santa Marta to Medellín on the website "gotogate" two month ago. But A staff at the check-in counter & a male staff Latam office on 12 August said that I had to pay $50 for my baggage. My husband showed them a screen shot taken from the website that was sa...

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