10/27/2019 S Rafe

✅ Trip Verified | Poor old 737-800 really basic without any entertainment screen and basic things. Maintenance, cleaning was also poor in seats, tables and overall cabin. Team looks desperate, tired and unhappy for the flight. Food was really awful – beef with un eatable, cold and hard with something cold I couldn’t even identi...

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10/24/2019 D Mardor

✅ Trip Verified | Budapest to New York via Warsaw. Never flying with this airline again. The aircraft was old and in a very used condition. There is absolutely zero customer service mentality at this airline. I could not find the option to select a “special” meal (vegetarian) while purchasing the ticket or during online check-i...

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10/15/2019 John Peters

✅ Trip Verified | Warsaw to Toronto. While my outbound was a pleasure aboard a 787, the same cannot be said for my return flight. This was supposed be a LOT flight when in fact I was on an aircraft operated by a Lithuanian carrier. Of the flight attendants, only a couple were from LOT with the balance from the Lithuanian airlin...

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10/11/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) место 6A

It's a good seat with a decent view, Seats are comfortable and the flight is good.

10/7/2019 A Ahmed

✅ Trip Verified | London to Yerevan via Warsaw. One of the few airlines flying from London to Yerevan on the dates I needed & included booked luggage at no extra charge. My flight was delayed from London Heathrow, but thankfully not more than an hour, once on the flight I found out as both legs of my journey would be under 5 ho...

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9/27/2019 N Damera

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Larnaca via Warsaw. Very upset on the company, 3h before my flight I get a call from a lady begging me to change the flight with another company because the connection one was fully booked, I am saying no because we had only 50 min in between the flights and that was very risky, In the end we acc...

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9/26/2019 K Navrina

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Warsaw. This is by far the worst airline to go through. Terribly rude service, no wifi, old plane, food is horrible. On top of all that lost 3 luggages. Now I'm waiting for them to still find them and send them to me. Please take my advice if you can afford the +$100 difference with different airlin...

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9/24/2019 Martin Urda

Not Verified | Budapest to New York via Warsaw. The worst airline I've ever flown. I do highly not recommended this company. The ground service in Budapest was terribly unfriendly and arrogant staff. They cancel our flight 30 hours before departure from New York back home. The service is very poor.

9/23/2019 Zux Khan

Not Verified | LOT Polish Airlines, Singapore to Warsaw in business class. Flight on time, seats were 2-2-2 in 787 Dreamliner. Flatbed. Food and drinks ok. Service: just ok, way below Singapore Airlines. I had to make my bed, spread the white sheet on seat by myself, that would never happen on Singapore, Thai etc. Will fly agai...

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9/22/2019 John Peters

Not Verified | Toronto to Lviv via Warsaw. After reading all of the negative reviews of this airline, I wasn't expecting very good service, but that certainly was not the case. We has a short delay in Toronto but arrived at our destination on time. so that I could catch my connecting flight. The seating configuration is 2-2-2 a...

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9/21/2019 James M Nelson

✅ Trip Verified | Warsaw to Brussels. I like this airline except, for one thing, it is almost always late. I have missed more connections with LOT than all other airlines combined. You should always plan for this airline to be late and plan accordingly. They just can not get it together.

9/14/2019 Fayaz Ahmad

Not Verified | İstanbul to Toronto via Warsaw. Simply call it late airline. I read lots of negative reviews about their delays and still made the mistake of buying my ticket from them. Also their old screens were not working. I recommend you pay a few dollars more and buy your ticket from another airline instead of this bad air...

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9/14/2019 S Mehker

✅ Trip Verified | Lviv to Prague via Warsaw. It was the worst experience we had with an airline. Very rude from their team in Ukraine, they tried to overcharge us with their check-in luggage options with very unfriendly manners. Then on the second flight their team and one the managers were extremely rude forcing everyone to ch...

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9/12/2019 Peter Wittek

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Warsaw. This was a decent flight. The boarding was organized and the cabin crew was polite. The movie selection is impressive if you are into art house cinema. There were empty seats all around, so it was a comfortable flight even on economy class. Food selection did not include vegetarian options b...

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9/7/2019 Dennis Deuberry

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Warsaw. LOT has the worst customer service. We couldn't make our June 25th ORD to WAW flight and called LOT's customer service before the flight left to rebook for the next day. After waiting on hold for at least 40 minutes, our June 25th flight departed and LOT automatically cancelled our flights. ...

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9/4/2019 K Kline

✅ Trip Verified | I had a flight with LOT Polish Airlines on July 26 from Heathrow to Warsaw. I was travelling in economy class. The flight was scheduled for 10:15 am UK time. Cabin crew showed up at 10.00 and it took several minutes for them to start boarding that took quite a long time. After boarding; crew members were nowher...

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9/2/2019 Samuel Mihai

✅ Trip Verified | Bucharest to London via Warsaw. Worst airline. Rude not helping at all for their flight late we need to wait at airport. I will not recommend. Be aware they are the worst national airline operating in Europe.

8/31/2019 Gyan Fernando

✅ Trip Verified | London to Minsk via Warsaw. A could-do-better Airline. As my flight from LHR was due to depart in the early hours (0630hrs) I got to the terminal the previous day to check-in electronically. The machines would not accept me neither did the surly girl in charge. However, I managed to get into a check-in desk whe...

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8/26/2019 S Ladarhan

✅ Trip Verified | Warsaw to Yerevan. Terrible airline. Every time we travel with this company we do have so many problems like to lose luggage or delayed flights. Mainly flights to Yerevan are always delayed and this was occurred not only with us but also many of our relatives who also travel with this company are always delaye...

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8/26/2019 Max Parkhomchuk

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Zaporizhia via Warsaw. Security at Warsaw Confiscated a 5 year old child's small roller scooter from my relatives who were transferring between LOT Airlines flights. No written notice or proper explanation in English was given, spoke Polish. Refused to add it to the luggage, send it by mail or allow...

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