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7/4/2019 G Majill

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Istanbul via Doha. I flew business class with Qatar Airways from Chicago to Doha and then to Istanbul yesterday evening July 2nd, I was told my baggage delayed but will deliver them to my hotel not later than next day afternoon (July 3rd). Unfortunately, I still didn't get my baggage and seems nobody responds to emails and phone calls about this issue.

7/1/2019 C Harton

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bangkok return via Doha. 3 of the 4 sectors were in their QSuite product. check-in was a breeze. There was no queue and complete in 5 minutes. I was given my boarding pass and advised to use for it for the fast track and Lounge. I headed to the lounge where I was greeted by a member of staff who seemed awkward. I was the first to arrive and i think caught them off guard. Quickly from a side door appeared a chap arranging his tie and who welcomed me, taking my boarding pass and scanning it. I soon realised the first person to greet me was a lounge attendant and was perhaps a little embarrassed that the reception chap was not ready. I enjoyed the breakfast and relaxed for a while until boarding was ready. I was welcomed and shown to my seat where the crew offered to put my bag in the overhead locker. I was then left for a few minutes to settle in before crew returned and offered a welcome drink. As it was a holiday, at 07.30 i went for Champagne! Menu was then Brought around before a short time later crew came and discussed when would like to eat. Qatar offer dine on demand so you eat when you want but they check with you your initial intentions which i think is great. Departure from LHR was delayed which meant an very quick connection in Doha where the flight was boarding when i arrived. DOH is smooth. On arrival there was a lady calling out for Bangkok who duly wrote the gate number on my boarding pass and advised to proceed to the gate. Doha to Bangkok was a late flight so i slept and arrived in to BKK fresh. My return to LHR was two weeks or so later. BKK was again a day flight. I would say they need more staff at check in at Suvarnabhumi. There were 2 counters business class side but that also included economy bag drop. There were 2 couples ahead of me and a queue for bag drop but business class trumped the bag drop people which was a respectable touch. It took about 15 minutes compared to LHR 5 mins. Again service on QSuite was great. Drink, menu, chocolates. Staff friendly and will chat. I often feel crew just go through then motions but actually on Qatar if you engage them they will happily chat. I spoke to some about where they were from, being based in Doha, stopover etc. It seems most only have about 24 hours once they arrive where they land - greulling. Flight from DOH to LHR was lacklustre. Boarding was chaotic. everyone moves forward, economy class not listening to their instructions to wait for their zone to be called. Initially only one staff scanning boarding passes who had to keep shouting Business class passengers only. Anyway once on board it started well. Drink brought, towel, menu. Order taken after take off which was fine, but they let themselves down by being the slowest service i have ever ever had. I had anticipated a quick bite to eat before getting a sleep in as i had to drive home on arrival -2 hours. We took off at 15.50 and i had'nt finished eating over halfway through the flight. Wine and nuts came - great i thought. It took 20 minutes for the amouse bouche to follow. Then when he came to clear I thought the soup would follow shortly. I was wrong. It took about another 15 minutes. It was all very slow and with my frustration clear, when I said I wish to sleep he said he would give me make the bed and gave me a set of pyjamas to change into. PJ not handed out as standard on an afternoon flight.

6/25/2019 Y Han

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Sydney via Doha. The flight got me there safe and sound. I wasn’t offered drinks between meals while I was awake. My USB port wasn’t working, the seat was cramped and cannot recline properly. On my return trip I wasn’t offered my second meal during the flight from Dublin to Doha. When I express my displeasure, staff said I was asleep and they didn’t want to disturb my sleep. They offer me a box of chocolate to appease me, and make sure the crew member of my next leg to look after me. Would have been better if they had upgraded me.

6/25/2019 H Marston

✅ Trip Verified | I was not happy with the customer service response after me and my daughter were delayed at the boarding gate. It is common to have your passport checked at the boarding gate but not to be asked Where are you going, why are you going there, are you coming back, when are you coming back, who are you travelling with, are you a Qatar resident, can you show me your Qatar ID? This is not normal. When I asked I was told "Sir I am just doing my job". I am asking why I was having additional security screening and i was told it was because I checked in online. I was told I was asked all those security questions and held up at the boarding gate because I choose to check in online and print out my boarding pass at home rather than standing in line at the check in counter and having my boarding pass printed there. I know they check passports at the gate, that was not my question, I wanted to know why i was asked all those questions at the gate. That just only happens when you have been selected for Secondary Security Screening. But he refused to say that and instead of offering even a half-hearted apology. They did not open priority boarding for me a Silver member and my 6 year-old daughter. But never addressed that after i complained. I love Qatar Airways, but this customer service person just really left me in a bad way.

6/24/2019 Sonia Jose

✅ Trip Verified | Kochi to Houston via Doha. The flight from Doha was delayed and landed late in Houston. I missed my WestJet flight to Calgary. A staff from Qatar airways was waiting for us there in the entrance at Houston. He guided us through the connection process. However, we missed the connection and he arranged the ticket for the next day in the Westjet. He told us that we need to find the stay in Houston.

6/24/2019 A Maladiz

✅ Trip Verified | Kuwait To Munich Via Doha. The Kuwait To Doha flight was operated on an a bit old but good A330-300, The Doha To Munich was operated on a great Boeing B777-300ER. Starting from the short 50 minute KWI—>DOH Flight, it was great! Good and comfortable aircraft, screens were a bit outdated on the A330, but still has the latest oryx one movies. the legroom was fantastic, however window seats only have an IFE Box under each seat blocking legroom. Service on that short flight was great! Cabin crew were very nice, beautiful deep blue mood lighting which created a beautiful atmosphere Inside the cabin, and the flight was On-Time. Connection In Doha was super easy, smooth and efficient, beautiful super modern airport with great toilets, range of shops and restaurants, and very nice staff. Boarding Started few minutes after the landing from Kuwait, so we rushed to our next flight to Munich. Second flight was operated on a new and very comfortable Boeing B777-300ER, as much as people complained about the 10 abreast 777, I found it to be actually good! Legroom was amazing, Seat recline was excellent! NO IFE box under the seat blocking legroom on the B777. On demand high resolution screens, beautiful mood lighting, with nice refreshing towels being distributed. What Impressed me the most Is the Qatar Airways New Super WiFi! I was told that it was the fastest and best In the Air. Even a YouTube video would be played. And WiFi Is cheap on Qatar Airways! 30 Minutes for free, and only 10USD for the duration of the flight, no matter how long. The OryxOne Inflight Entertainment System was excellent and offered a lot of great movies and TV Shows! After departure the snack service commenced, they served a Quisine savory snack sandwiches, it was very good, much better snacks then what they used to serve before. It was a good chicken pizza sandwich, not the dry chicken sandwiches they used to serve. Since It was a night flight, Cabin lights were dimmed Into mood lighting which created a beautiful atmosphere onboard, the crew kept serving beverages every 30 minutes, they were very nice and helpful. Few hours later , they served breakfast, I ordered a special Hindu Meal request, It was delicious, at least better than the normal meal they serve. ;) That wasn’t my first time flying Qatar Airways, but I really have to say Qatar Airways has Improved a lot since my last flight with them almost 9 months ago. Much Better, cheaper and faster WiFi, better savory snacks, better breakfasts, better refreshed Oryx Entertainment System. Looking forward for my return flight with Qatar Airways again soon.

6/17/2019 Suhail aftab, Airbus A350-900 (350) место 19H

Very comfortable seats, with extra legroom

6/16/2019 Vipul Vashistha

✅ Trip Verified | I caught a flight Philadelphia to Delhi via Doha with multiple fractures in my foot and needed a lot of special assistance. I write this email to thank the staff at the Qatar Airways who made sure that my journey was smooth and I received the best treatment possible. From the staff at the check in desk till gentleman who dropped me till outside the Delhi airport, it was ensured that I was comfortable and all my needs were met. A special mention to Ms Uliana and Mr Saahil who were the best of people I could have met on my journey from carrying my bags helping me to even reach the washrooms and making sure my foot was comfortable through out the journey. I would like to thank the ethos at Qatar Airways. Keep up the beautiful work Qatar Airways. T

6/14/2019 T Walton

✅ Trip Verified | Hanoi to London via Doha. The actual flight and check-in can only be described as 100% excellent. But their baggage handling is terrible, my hard shell suit case was destroyed and to add insult to injury I was offered £12 in compensation.

6/14/2019 E Lamise

✅ Trip Verified | We are extremely disappointed at the treatment we received from the Melbourne airport team. We booked our flight Melbourne-Milan on 14 August 2018. We have called up to confirm a bassinet seat multiple times as recent as two days ago and bassinet seats were confirmed and allocated. At check-in we were informed that our seats had been re-assigned and there were no bassinets available and to speak to the manager on the help desk. They said there was nothing they could do as there was 14 infants booked on the flight and only 8 bassinets. We offered to pay to upgrade as there were bassinet seats available in business class but this was not an option according to the Melbourne team. We called the Qatar reservations while waiting at the counter and were informed that our confirmed seat in the system was a bassinet and they shouldn't have been re-allocated. They said they would be able to provide an upgrade to business but the phone was passed to the team in Melbourne and they dismissed his request to assist us. The most senior person at the counter tried his best to help and arranged for our bags to be pulled of the flight and moved the flight to the next day. How can an airline have a policy to ensure that despite your customer doing everything possible you are not offered the seat which you had booked and confirmed?

6/13/2019 Deborah Bolt

✅ Trip Verified | What a pleasure to fly with this airline and can state unequivocally that Qatar Airways provides the best Business class that I have flown. In a four week period I flew Qatar four times and every time (including one leg in Economy from Istanbul to Doha) the cabin crew were polite, friendly, helpful and impeccably turned out. They all work very hard but maintain a standard of professionalism that is sadly lacking with some other airlines. The aircraft were spotless as were the toilets, the food delicious and beautifully presented and even the 17 and a half hour leg from Auckland to Doha and the slightly shorter return trip was not a hardship.

6/12/2019 L Martin

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur via Doha with Qatar Airways. The flight was great. Flight attendants were attentive and nice. I like how they turn off the common display screen during night hours, unlike Emirates. Food was also great. Green Thai curry chicken was surprisingly spicy, which I like but I'm not too sure if it's suited for normal people. Overall good experience.

6/11/2019 M Dachiri

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Milan via Doha. My plane from Sydney landed 45 minutes late in Doha due to bad weather. We had to reach the terminal on a bus, which took quite some time and for my flight to Milan we were told boarding was closed. The next flight was 7 hours later, which ruined my travel plans. It was in the middle of the night and all we got offered was a voucher for a restaurant : no offer for a room to have a rest. I was forced to try and sleep in one of the Quiet rooms with pretty uncomfortable lounges and announcements every 10 minutes. They show these connecting flights but there's no effort to guarantee a connection that would only require a small delay for the second flight. Flights were quite good, but this sort of behavior ruined the experience.

6/10/2019 J Heale

✅ Trip Verified | London to Sydney via Doha. I have flown with Qatar several times and I am a loyalty club member on Silver status. Unfortunately for work we are only allowed to fly economy so I like to fly with the best economy flight I can. Qatar fell way behind in the quality on my latest journey to Australia with their handling of situations which occurred. The flight from LHR was delayed slightly with a short layover of only 45 minutes. We were assured that everything would be done to get us there with enough time. We arrived in Doha with 35 mins to spare and waited to disembark for about 15 mins. During this time the business and first passengers were called to leave to transfer on. Our flight to Sydney was still in the airport. As we left there was a lady waiting with hotel/meal vouchers which had obviously been prepared during our flight. We had to wait until the following morning meaning a terrible night in a noisy hotel. Qatar have paid me for the delay, although it did take 2 emails and quoting the EC regulations before it happened.

6/10/2019 J Heale

✅ Trip Verified | I have flown Qatar Airways several times in the last year and am a member of their loyalty program (silver). Unfortunately my last trip to Australia was absolutely awful. Delays leaving London meant a night spent in Doha but the way back was worse. I arrived in Sydney airport with 3hrs to spare before the last night flight. There were already about 100 people waiting. Then the flight coming in was announced as cancelled. After much confusion and waiting about 20 minutes it was then changed to our flight. It turned out the incoming had been diverted to Perth with a fault to the toilet and remained in Perth because it would have been to late to arrive in Sydney. This was information not shared with us by Qatar. They sent out one person to try and talk to all passengers and most people couldn’t hear him. He was getting very cross that he had to keep repeating himself. We then had to queue up to be told which hotel we were in - either the airport hotel or one back in the city centre. We queued for about and hour and a half as there were only a few people behind the counters to deal with the entire flight. They did supply a bottle of water/juice and some crackers. I was put in the city centre hotel and told to wait for a phone call or email telling me which flight I was to be put on. I endured a fairly sleepless night, waiting for the update from Qatar. In the end it was only by checking my app at breakfast that I discovered I was booked on a different airline which would take me via China and take over 30 hrs to get home. As you can imagine, I wasn’t best pleased by this and when someone then phoned me (about 30 mins later), I pleaded with them to get me a different route but they weren’t very sympathetic. I cadged a lift with a couple flying to Scotland who had managed to get on a flight with Qatar and went to the Qatar office to plead with them without luck. They did give me a food voucher and told me to go to the counter when the lunch time flight was leaving in the hope that some people had cancelled and I could get on, again with no luck. I remained airport side for most of the day trying to plead to get me home earlier and quicker. At no point was I offered a different airport, e.g. Gatwick. To be fair the flights into London were very busy and I think this was the main issue with people going to the UK. I had to come back via China Southern Airlines and it was the worst experience I have had. I arrived home late Sunday evening and didn’t work the following day as I was exhausted. So I lost a days work and a weekend with my family. Qatar will not compensate me as EC regulations don’t apply and will not give me back my loyalty points I would have earned if I had flown Qatar Airways.

6/10/2019 Frederic Devos

✅ Trip Verified | I have travelled several times for business on Qatar with good experience. This time I decided to take my family with a short stop over via Doha in order to save SGD3000 versus direct flight. We are a family of 4 travelling together on the way to Paris and returning on separate dates from London. I had to make three separate bookings as a consequence. I realised after making the booking it was not possible to fly together (as 3 bookings) and had to insist at the airport to be seated together. When checking online I was offered to pay 1200SGD extra for Business class upgrade which I did. I then realised the upgrade was only for one leg of the flight (Doha to Paris) and not for the entire journey. Then impossible to cancel online or by phone or to go back to the original booking and impossible to pay for the upgrade for the whole family - not available. Also cannot get a refund for the upgrade that is non refundable. The plane was slightly delayed with no explanation. We arrived with 20 minutes delay in Doha with 55 minutes to catch the connection flight to Paris. The plane parked far away from the terminal and we endured a 10-15 minutes bus ride. Nobody was waiting for us at the transfer area and we got to the gate 15 minutes before the departure time. The Gate was closed and at 1am we struggled to find a customer service representative. We got our flight rebooked for the morning flight 8 hours later and we were left alone at 1:30am in the terminal. They did not offer any hotel, impossible to access the business lounge and we finally found a lounge full of families waiting for the morning flight. At the end I wanted to save a bit of money by suffering a 1 hour stop over in Doha and ended up paying the same amount wasting 10 hours with my family complaining.

6/9/2019 Ferran, Boeing 787-8 (788) место 5F

I found the seat very comfortable in all ways, the only thing is missing might be a privacy wall to the aisle. 180º seat/bed recline, nice screen and great food service on demand! Noise cancelling earphones provided, pijama and fine amenity kit. Crew was super nice and attentive. Would recommend it 100%

6/8/2019 Kazimierz Koliba, Airbus A380 (380) место 66D

Excellent service can't be faulted compared to my last Lufthansa flight. Very polite and never a problem. The only con would be that for a 14hr flight the hardness of the seat should be investigated. But with the A380 it will soon be out of service but it's replacement should consider our backsides.

6/8/2019 Deborah, Airbus A380 (380) место 17A

Everything excellent but found the Business Class service better on the smaller planes, less people for staff to caterfor. This time no sheet was made up on the mattress, the lounge area was magnificent as was all the meals.

6/7/2019 DylanO, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Qsuite Layout место 11B

I previously posted this review against the 777-300 ER seat plan as there was no Q-suite seat plan for 777-300 ER last year. I flew Business Class on 2 December 2018 from Sydney to Doha and deliberately booked on the 777-300 ER, not my normal choice of aircraft, as I prefer the A380 for long haul, but I was desperate to try the Qsuite, which is yet to be fitted to the A380. Many of Qatars fleet of 777-300ER and 777-200LR have been fitted, but check seat maps and ask if you want to try it, which flights it is available on, because it is definitely worth it; better than many First Class products. Essentially Qsuite has a 1 - 2 - 1 configuration with 48 suites in Business Class. Suites alternate between forward and rear facing. Rows 1-6 are ahead of the front exit and rows 7 to 11 are behind the second entrance/exit door, so if you are in 1-6 you board separately and dont get disturbed, in 1-11 you still board first but then have all economy boarding through the door ahead of you and coming past. Until take off your sliding door to the suite is locked in the open position. I was in 11B which is a window, left hand side, forward facing and last row before economy class curtain divider. First the pod or suite itself. Simply outstanding, it really is like your own small room with ample bench space, large fold out table with several adjustments. One thing they got right now is the seat pitch, old business you always sat too high and slightly reclined which felt awkward and lifted your feet off the ground, this is flat and straight backed now. One thing I really liked now, is the seat doesn't have a leg extender anymore that raises you feet off the ground, instead the seat slides forward or backward to bring your legs closer to the feet rest. The leg extender always left your legs at an odd angle and still hanging down so no good for DVT on long flights. One thing I wont say I disliked but was a bit annoying, the main storage bin to the left under a cushion is well tucked away but a bit fiddly trying to get the lid open and closed. Then if you have stuff on top of the cushion and want to get into the bin, you have to move it all and the lid gets caught on the seat belt unless you lift it out of the way. But aside from that very comfortable and like a little oasis, especially with the sliding door that fully seals you in. The seat position itself in 11B, great view of the engine and wing leading edge and despite being near the economy divider curtain, it was ok, didn't notice anything. If you are one of these people though who really prefers no disturbance of curtain being drawn and closed or a family maybe behind you in economy with a young child, then get a seat further forward. The Qsuite though is outstanding and so much better than the old business pods which were still a great product, but now you sit lower and are enclosed and feel very private as you dont see everyone else now, the old seats you sat up very high and could see everyone. I only marked entertainment down slightly as the World Map on this flight was a version with less control than normal. Service as always impeccable on Qatar and staff exceptional in Business, but that has always been my experience in economy as well with them. I forgot the stewards name serving my section of about 6 people, but he was from Serbia had been with them 2 years, so if you read this, big thanks to you, your manner and service was above and beyond.