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7/4/2019 G Majill

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Istanbul via Doha. I flew business class with Qatar Airways from Chicago to Doha and then to Istanbul yesterday evening July 2nd, I was told my baggage delayed but will deliver them to my hotel not later than next day afternoon (July 3rd). Unfortunately, I still didn't get my baggage and seems nobod...

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7/1/2019 C Harton

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bangkok return via Doha. 3 of the 4 sectors were in their QSuite product. check-in was a breeze. There was no queue and complete in 5 minutes. I was given my boarding pass and advised to use for it for the fast track and Lounge. I headed to the lounge where I was greeted by a member of staff who seem...

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6/25/2019 Y Han

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Sydney via Doha. The flight got me there safe and sound. I wasn’t offered drinks between meals while I was awake. My USB port wasn’t working, the seat was cramped and cannot recline properly. On my return trip I wasn’t offered my second meal during the flight from Dublin to Doha. When I express my di...

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6/25/2019 H Marston

✅ Trip Verified | I was not happy with the customer service response after me and my daughter were delayed at the boarding gate. It is common to have your passport checked at the boarding gate but not to be asked Where are you going, why are you going there, are you coming back, when are you coming back, who are you travelling ...

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6/24/2019 Sonia Jose

✅ Trip Verified | Kochi to Houston via Doha. The flight from Doha was delayed and landed late in Houston. I missed my WestJet flight to Calgary. A staff from Qatar airways was waiting for us there in the entrance at Houston. He guided us through the connection process. However, we missed the connection and he arranged the tick...

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6/24/2019 A Maladiz

✅ Trip Verified | Kuwait To Munich Via Doha. The Kuwait To Doha flight was operated on an a bit old but good A330-300, The Doha To Munich was operated on a great Boeing B777-300ER. Starting from the short 50 minute KWI—>DOH Flight, it was great! Good and comfortable aircraft, screens were a bit outdated on the A330, but still ...

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6/17/2019 Suhail aftab, Airbus A350-900 (350) место 19H

Very comfortable seats, with extra legroom

6/16/2019 Vipul Vashistha

✅ Trip Verified | I caught a flight Philadelphia to Delhi via Doha with multiple fractures in my foot and needed a lot of special assistance. I write this email to thank the staff at the Qatar Airways who made sure that my journey was smooth and I received the best treatment possible. From the staff at the check in desk till ge...

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6/14/2019 T Walton

✅ Trip Verified | Hanoi to London via Doha. The actual flight and check-in can only be described as 100% excellent. But their baggage handling is terrible, my hard shell suit case was destroyed and to add insult to injury I was offered £12 in compensation.

6/14/2019 E Lamise

✅ Trip Verified | We are extremely disappointed at the treatment we received from the Melbourne airport team. We booked our flight Melbourne-Milan on 14 August 2018. We have called up to confirm a bassinet seat multiple times as recent as two days ago and bassinet seats were confirmed and allocated. At check-in we were informed...

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6/13/2019 Deborah Bolt

✅ Trip Verified | What a pleasure to fly with this airline and can state unequivocally that Qatar Airways provides the best Business class that I have flown. In a four week period I flew Qatar four times and every time (including one leg in Economy from Istanbul to Doha) the cabin crew were polite, friendly, helpful and impeccab...

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6/12/2019 L Martin

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur via Doha with Qatar Airways. The flight was great. Flight attendants were attentive and nice. I like how they turn off the common display screen during night hours, unlike Emirates. Food was also great. Green Thai curry chicken was surprisingly spicy, which I like but I'm not too sure ...

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6/11/2019 M Dachiri

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Milan via Doha. My plane from Sydney landed 45 minutes late in Doha due to bad weather. We had to reach the terminal on a bus, which took quite some time and for my flight to Milan we were told boarding was closed. The next flight was 7 hours later, which ruined my travel plans. It was in the middle ...

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6/10/2019 J Heale

✅ Trip Verified | London to Sydney via Doha. I have flown with Qatar several times and I am a loyalty club member on Silver status. Unfortunately for work we are only allowed to fly economy so I like to fly with the best economy flight I can. Qatar fell way behind in the quality on my latest journey to Australia with their hand...

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6/10/2019 J Heale

✅ Trip Verified | I have flown Qatar Airways several times in the last year and am a member of their loyalty program (silver). Unfortunately my last trip to Australia was absolutely awful. Delays leaving London meant a night spent in Doha but the way back was worse. I arrived in Sydney airport with 3hrs to spare before the las...

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6/10/2019 Frederic Devos

✅ Trip Verified | I have travelled several times for business on Qatar with good experience. This time I decided to take my family with a short stop over via Doha in order to save SGD3000 versus direct flight. We are a family of 4 travelling together on the way to Paris and returning on separate dates from London. I had to make...

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6/9/2019 Ferran, Boeing 787-8 (788) место 5F

I found the seat very comfortable in all ways, the only thing is missing might be a privacy wall to the aisle. 180º seat/bed recline, nice screen and great food service on demand! Noise cancelling earphones provided, pijama and fine amenity kit. Crew was super nice and attentive. Would recommend it 100%

6/8/2019 Kazimierz Koliba, Airbus A380 (380) место 66D

Excellent service can't be faulted compared to my last Lufthansa flight. Very polite and never a problem. The only con would be that for a 14hr flight the hardness of the seat should be investigated. But with the A380 it will soon be out of service but it's replacement should consider our backsides.

6/8/2019 Deborah, Airbus A380 (380) место 17A

Everything excellent but found the Business Class service better on the smaller planes, less people for staff to caterfor. This time no sheet was made up on the mattress, the lounge area was magnificent as was all the meals.

6/7/2019 DylanO, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Qsuite Layout место 11B

I previously posted this review against the 777-300 ER seat plan as there was no Q-suite seat plan for 777-300 ER last year. I flew Business Class on 2 December 2018 from Sydney to Doha and deliberately booked on the 777-300 ER, not my normal choice of aircraft, as I prefer the A380 for long haul, but I was desperate to try the ...

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