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6/9/2019 F Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Washington to Casablanca. So our flight was supposed to leave at 10:00 pm Friday night. That tome comes and goes and it is not until after 11 pm that people are asking questions and getting no answers from the airline. Many people had connections they need to reach for various reasons that could have been met had the airline canceled the flight so that it would release reservations (our travel agent could not intervene because the flight was not declared canceled). Finally at 1:30 am we are informed that the flight is canceled and that they would take our contact info and reach out to us with more information later. Next morning we check our email and find out the new flight is scheduled for 12 noon. We rush back to the airport only to watch that time come and go with no explanations. Good customer service would give updates, offer snack a to the kids / families, try to make some appeasements to all the sleep deprived travelers. I would not recommend this airline if I were traveling to this region again.

5/30/2019 Vera Oliveira

Not Verified | São Paulo to Madrid via Casablanca. Good surprise! Great value for money, staff on the ground and in the air super friendly. You left at the right time, comfortable internal space, adequate onboard entertainment and pleasant dining. I recommend. Boa surpresa ! Otima relação custo beneficio, equipe em terra e no ar super simpatica. Saiu no horario certo, espaço interno confortavel, entretenimento a bordo adequado e refeições agradaveis. Recomendo.

5/14/2019 Matthew Garlipp

✅ Trip Verified | Washington to Rome via Casablanca. I had a wonderful experience with this airline. I was slightly worried at first because I hadn't heard of the airline before and I saw a bunch of negative reviews on some websites. Also, I was wondering if this airline was so much cheaper than other flights because it would have really bad service - but that was not the case at all. We saved nearly $300 compared to other flights - even other non-direct flights. The flights were orderly and on-time. The staff was extremely friendly. The meals were actually really great! We had two meals on the longer leg of our flight, plus some snacks and beverages and even had one meal on the shorter 2ish hour flight from Casablanca to Rome (and vice versa). The entertainment was great too - awesome selection of movies. No issues with luggage. If looking for a great value flight without compromising too much comfort or service, this is a great airline to choose! I recommend it!

5/14/2019 Y Dilseff

✅ Trip Verified | Tangier to Amsterdam via Casablanca. Good service on board, the crew was very kind and did their best efforts to keep us satisfied. Plane was clean and the meal was good. Unfortunately the airport of Casablanca was very busy and the staff did not manage to coordinate the priority and regular lanes.

5/12/2019 J Balsoom

✅ Trip Verified | Sao Paulo to Casablanca. I flew with them in April 2019. First, my original flight was cancelled, but then they only re-booked the first leg of my new booking. Then they lost my bag for 14 days. They never answered any of my 4 emails. Their phone line were busy, never got to a person to talk to. The bag did show up May 6. My small personal bag that fit under the seat was not allowed, and was put in an overhead locker. They forgot my pre-ordered special meal, and breakfast was a piece of cheese on a bun. The inflight entertainment was very limited for me.

5/7/2019 Amarachi Ogbonnaya

✅ Trip Verified | Lagos to New York via Casablanca. The best airline experience I have had in a long time. I was skeptical about it and almost cancelled my flight after reading all the negative comments. The cabin crew were amazing and so polite. I can’t believe that when I got to New York a RAM official was waiting for me to come get my luggage. I really don’t have anything negative to say about this airline. I will recommend it to anyone. The secret is just be nice and people will be nice to you.

4/24/2019 Gary Eitel

✅ Trip Verified | Casablanca to Washington. I had a plane change in Casablanca, Morocco. Our flight was delayed for 4 hours. The airlines said there was a baggage handler strike so it took awhile to take care of the luggage. We flew to our final destination which was Dulles International. After waiting over a half hour for luggage to come on to the carousal several other passengers including myself went to the luggage counter. We learned they did not load the luggage on the flight. They gave us a form to fill out and it had a claim number spot. I asked for a claim number and he said to just call the number on the form. The next morning I called several numbers and received no help. They said I should have a claim number. I have spent numerous hours trying to get this problem fixed. I am going to travel back to Dulles which will cost me time and money.

4/5/2019 Adam S, Boeing 767-300ER (76W) v2 место 2C

We flew out on a B787 which was fine. However, RAM has started substituting B767s between CMN and GIG and the difference is enormous (our plane was CN-RNT). Both Business and Economy Class look really tired on the B767s and, in business Class, there's no room to store anything at seat level. I would avoid these older aircraft if possible.

3/29/2019 Abdelghani Bendiar

✅ Trip Verified | London to Casablanca. It was a pleasant flight. Very quick check-in. The embarquement was in time. Excellent service on board. Enjoyed the meal and beverage. Globally very satisfied.

3/14/2019 M Zenasni

Not Verified | Montreal to Oujda. This was a fabulous flight. Excellent service and quality of food. The crew did an excellent job. I love to fly on this airline and appreciate the care they extend to me and my belongings. I will definitely fly with them again!

3/3/2019 G Marstine

✅ Trip Verified | Porto to Montréal via Casablanca in August 2018. Horrible service. Due to some social tensions, they kept postponing the time of our flight. They had to cancel the first flight to rebook us on another one. Finally, we left 13 hours later. The process was so unorganized from the check-in to the boarding. Good luck if you try to reach their customer service, they will ignore you. Even the airport of Casablanca is a total mess.

2/26/2019 D Valadon

✅ Trip Verified | Casablanca to Paris Orly. A quality service, a competitive price. Friendly staff, clean cabins. And a superb RAM boarding area in Casablanca. Not to mention a very good application for phones. FR: Un service qualité, un prix compétitif. Du personnel aimable, des cabines propres. Et une superbe zone d'embarquement RAM à Casablanca. Sans oublier une très bonne application pour les téléphones.

2/14/2019 Alia Eliraki

✅ Trip Verified | This is the most unprofessional airline I have dealt with. They are sending me emails everyday that either the flight time has changed, or the flight duration changed from 4 hours to 6 hours and they added an additional 50 min transit. They are changing the flight time and I have a layover, the layover time keeps getting shorter which would increase my risk of missing the second flight. I wouldn't have booked the flight if I knew I would have 2 transits and two 6-hour long flights. It's almost like a scam, attracting the customers to book the flight with a convenient flight time and duration and transits and then changing everything about it and refusing to give you a refund even after talking to them on the phone for 3 hours.

2/3/2019 L Chan

✅ Trip Verified | Doha to Casablanca on 28 Oct 2018. Status shown on flight information display board had been "gate closed" from well beyond boarding time to time of departure. Once we landed in Doha we checked the flight information display board and headed to the gate shown. Status of the flight was shown as "gate closed". We reached the gate 30 minutes before boarding / 80 minutes before departure. We checked the flight information display board again, and the status shown was still the same "gate closed". The counter had been boarding passengers of other flights, but not AT217, since we reached the gate. We checked the board frequently and listened to announcements. There was never a single announcement about the flight. We checked with some ground staff and were told that the flight had departed. Complaint to the airline got me an accusation of late presentation.

1/24/2019 Oumara Zouzou

✅ Trip Verified | Dakar to Casablanca. Very nice experience! Very satisfied to travel with the Royal Air Maroc. An airline serving its customers. Bravo the RAM. You are the Best! | Très belle expérience! Très satisfait de voyager avec la Royal Air Maroc. Une compagnie aérienne au service de sa clientèle. Bravo la RAM. You are the Best !

1/20/2019 Michael Bragg

Not Verified | New York to London via Casablanca. Royal Air Maroc have really made huge improvements. I just had a wonderful flight from New York to Casablanca. The plane was brand new, with a gorgeous interior. The seats in business were comfortable and lie-flat. Great crew, too - very lovely and proud of their company. Food was good and plentiful. The flight from Casablanca to London was on an older plane. The interior was a little beaten up, but still a lovely crew. Casablanca was an easy airport to transfer - although the airport is old and not very nice.

12/23/2018 Cheikh Lo

✅ Trip Verified | Dakar to Montréal via Casablanca. I travel often with Royal Air Maroc its by far my favorite airline. Great flight and you can always enjoy your stay in Atlas hôtel or relax before your second flight. Its one of the best airline for quality/price. For sure there a room for improvement on customer focus attitude of the staff in Casablanca.

11/24/2018 V Mather

✅ Trip Verified | Marrakech to Doha via Casablanca. Marrakech to Casablanca was fine. All fine there, apart from having to walk across the tarmac and use steps to board. Same in Casablanca. Then the nightmare started. Separating of passengers connecting to international flights and those terminating in Casablanca was done outside the rear entry doors to the arrivals terminal. Passengers were jammed up against the side of the building standing in puddles of water waiting to have their passport and ticket examined by one of two officials who told them to go through either the international connections door or the domestic arrivals door. When another bus of disembarking passengers pulled up, there was no room for them to get off the bus and stand safely out of danger from passing airport vehicles. It was slow-moving mayhem. I’d imagine that people with tight connections missed their flights. I had a 3-hour layover, so once inside the terminal, I settled down to wait for AT216 to Doha. Luckily I checked the gate number several times as it was changed without notice or announcement shortly before boarding. Again we had to walk across the tarmac and climb stairs to board. Everything seemed fine as we taxied down the runway - then sat for about 20 minutes. Eventually an announcement was made that we were going back to the terminal, and we taxied back. A hoist/lift was wheeled out to the right-hand wing and several mechanics peered at a central flap which was elevated, and made calls on their mobile phones. So we sat for 3 hours 45 minutes! No announcements were made, no refreshments were given, nothing! Eventually I went to the galley to get some water and asked one of the male flight attendants what was happening. I was told there was a “technical services” problem, but that we should be leaving within 15 minutes. Well, that never happened. By that stage, people were getting tired and irritable. The two small children in front of me were screaming and crying. People started sleeping across three seats if they had a row to themselves. Eventually we were told to prepare for takeoff. The man behind me was still sleeping across three seats as we started taxiing down the runway, one of the flight attendants saw him, shook him awake and told him to buckle up. No safety briefing was given as we were just about to take off. As we took off, I had a clear view out the window of the wing and the flap which was still elevated. We made up 45 minutes in the air, but I still had to run through Doha airport to make my connection to Perth. I would never fly RAM again. I felt less than confident on a 6-hour flight with them as in my opinion the technical services issue did not appear to have been rectified. We were not kept informed as to what the problem with the aircraft was nor given refreshments on board while we waited for the problem to be fixed.

11/16/2018 N Madeer

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Casablanca. Excellent experience; this was my first time flying Royal Air Maroc, and I am very pleased with them. The aircraft arrived to the gate on time, and we boarded and departed on time. The seats were clean and comfortable. One of the things that very pleasantly surprised me is that, despite the fact that this flight is barely 1.5 hours, the flight attendants served a delicious, hot meal, complete with beverages. You'll never get anything more than peanuts or pretzels on a domestic flight in America, so imagine my surprise! The flight attendants were polite, friendly, and courteous. The in-flight entertainment was displayed on drop-down screens (old school Charlie Chaplin, so it was family friendly), but I wasn't going to complain about the lack of entertainment options on this short of a flight. You can also access WiFi on your phone, so there are definitely some options. The plane ride was smooth, and there were no issues with debarking and picking up my luggage. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience, and highly recommend my family, friends, and others to fly with Royal Air Maroc. I will definitely be flying with them in the near future.

11/13/2018 Abdou Jaidi

✅ Trip Verified | Casablanca to Barcelona. RAM has made a lot of effort in recent years. It is the fault of other operators at airports, such as the delivery of luggage, delays etc. So let us be indulgent at times, and let's not say that bad things. You also have to share the positive, which will push the teams in place to do much more work. FR: RAM a fait beaucoup d'efforts ces dernières années avec peu de moyens et une concurrence de plus en plus féroce. Et ce qu'il faut savoir, c'est qu'on responsabilise souvent la compagnie, alors que c'est aussi la faute des autres opérateurs dans les aéroports, tels que la livraison de bagages, les retards etc... Soyons donc indulgents par moments, et ne disons pas que les mauvaises choses. Il faut savoir partager aussi le positif, ce qui poussera les équipes en place à faire beaucoup plus d'éfforts.