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6/29/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A320 (320) место 13A

despite my paying extra for a reclining seat (the travel agent got me 13A, showing me on the seat plan the the seat can recline) once on board, I realize the seat does not recline, plus no leg space, no entertainment on board, very uncomfortable, disappointing flight

6/28/2019 Yakko Majuri

Not Verified | Alicante to Amsterdam via Lisbon. Absolutely horrendous customer service and website! I've flown TAP multiple times in the past. I have no issues with the flights, the food or any of these other variables. Flights have generally run normally as other airlines. However, every time I get into a small issue, I can n...

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6/27/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 место 19D

Legroom was OK, but not generous. Current policy is that on booking you are given middle seats, and you have to buy your way out of these to a more preferable one. There is no in-seat power, so if you are planning some extensive computer work, you may run flat on power before arriving. Generally this seems an older plane not upd...

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6/27/2019 C Tennah

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Accra via Lisbon. This is the worst airline ever. I booked for my 75yr old mum who asked for a wheel chair because she couldn't walk at the airport and this horrible airline was insisting that she walks because she did not arrange for wheelchair. Secondly, I booked through a 3rd party because of bad...

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6/27/2019 C Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | 11.15hrs flight from Faro to Lisbon (45mins), flight cancelled by airline 45 mins before departure, no one from TAP at the gate to give advice, 2 staff from “ GroundForce” handling agents then had to deal with 165 passengers, many with connections from Lisbon onwards. TAP call centre still says flight is operat...

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6/27/2019 Mark Gassmann

✅ Trip Verified | Faro to Zurich via Lisbon. My flight from Faro to Lisbon on 4th December 2018 was delayed. In consequence, I missed my flight on the same day from Lisbon to Geneva on the same day and had to stay in Lisbon until the 5th of December. I missed a full day of work and had other costs resulting from this delay. On ...

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6/26/2019 H Parshen

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to London. This is my 4th flight and the last - thank god. Both times at Lisbon airport, the staff at the gate are very unpleasant to deal with. Just now I was waiting, the check in pressure me to check my hand luggage. Even though I told them that this is not the first time. Avoid

6/25/2019 Robert Heard

Not Verified | London to Lisbon. A330 doing a short euro routing in business class and the seats were fine for a 2hr hop to Lisbon but I'd not want to do a long haul overnight flight, seats were way too narrow for me. No entertainment on screens at all, not even route map, crew told me that TAP are not allowed to have any IFE o...

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6/24/2019 Valerie Burtnik

Not Verified | Lisbon to Ponta Delgada. Most unhelpful airline I’ve experienced. So upset I can’t even begin to explain. Don’t fly with them if you wish to have helpful people getting you on a flight on time. Also don’t trust the “online check in”. Save your money and time and do not use this airline.

6/21/2019 Angelo Menezes

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Frankfurt. Uneventful flight. As it often happens, the flight was a slightly late, but we caught up on the way. Staff were nice and food was was OK, I do miss the little juice bottles and the Portuguese "salame" cake, though! Check on was nice and swift too.

6/19/2019 J Heane

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Lisbon. We pre selected our business class seats on our flight and when we got on the airplane it was not set up as was selected online when selecting the seats, there were no business class seats. They had economy seats with a little more space. No special treatment at all. At check in they switched...

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6/19/2019 S Marcus

✅ Trip Verified | This was an international flight and what was supposed to be a enjoyable vacation with my girlfriend turned into a nightmare within the first 24 hours. The flight was scheduled to depart from Miami on Friday and arrive in Madrid at 8.35 am, with a layover in Lisbon. According to the pilot, although we were boar...

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6/18/2019 Diogo Freitas

✅ Trip Verified | 27 minutes late. Was seated at the very back of the plane, no legroom at all. Flight attendant very rispidly told me to seat down, in front of all passengers, while I was trying to take a blanket as the cabin was freezing cold. There was an emergency on board and the cabin crew acted professionally.

6/18/2019 Diogo Freitas

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Funchal. Chaotic bus boarding of the plane with elderly passengers entering the aircraft at the front door but being seated at the back of the plane while passengers boarding through the back were mostly seated at the front seats. Operated by an Aigle Azur aircraft.

6/17/2019 Gazy Kattan

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid - Lisbon, Porto-Lisbon-Faro and then Lisbon to Madrid. The international flights were in their A321 planes, which have non reclining seats and poor legroom. They are very punctual, the staff is nice and helpful, their pilots are excellent. Meals are under average. The domestic flights between Porto, Li...

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6/15/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A320 (320) место 22D

The seat does not recline, like all economy class. The space between rows is small.

6/13/2019 B Spencer

✅ Trip Verified | Don't use this airline! I paid for a seat for my daughter to fly from Rome to Newark. She received emails to confirm her seat. She arrived at the ticketing counter and they said her seat had been canceled and we would have to repurchase the same ticket I already paid for. So basically all the money I paid for t...

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6/12/2019 W Keller

✅ Trip Verified | I would like to start off this review by complementing TAP crew, new aircarft and in most cases food on long haul. Saying that as a word of warning though if you need to connect through Lisbon quickly (so less than an hour) be warned, it does not always end well. With aircraft parked the "other" side of the air...

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6/10/2019 Diogo Freitas

✅ Trip Verified | Porto to Lisbon. I want to thank TAP for being flexible to accept my request to fly on an earlier flight. Great implemented concept of Air Bridge between the two biggest cities of Portugal: Lisbon and Porto. Very friendly and professional check-in employee at Porto. Thank you.

6/8/2019 Justin Braun

Not Verified | Newark to Rome via Lisbon. My wife and I were taking a flight from Newark and unfortunately we got stuck on a highway road closure due to an accident and got to the gate 10 minutes before our flight took off. I tried calling the airline (local & 800 numbers) as we were sitting in the shut down and could not get a...

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