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7/3/2019 Andrew Gault

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to London. United's new app works really well, great for check-in, changing flights, buying internet, changing seats etc I download boarding passes and was through TSA Pre-check swiftly at EWR. Polaris Lounge excellent, reasonable food offering, quality drinks, nice shower room. Lounge was very crowded from 4pm, few seats, lines for bathroom but staff pleasant. UA boarding process was usual disorganised haphazard free-for-all with pre-board groups jostling around the gate. Plane was a retro-fitted 767-300er. Polaris business seats, comfortable, private and great to sleep on, work or watch a movie. Then you hit United's Achilles heel 'inconsistency of service' from its FA's. Some crews are professional and just know about customer service while others seem to think passengers are something to be tolerated and no-longer have a passion for their jobs. I asked the FA serving the Polaris cabin for a pre-departure drink and was told that they were not offering this service from EWR as all passengers had to board through the front left door, and thats what my seat had a bottle of water. ??? After take-off I requested the express dine so I could get to sleep quickly, when the first drinks service came I request two drinks a G&T and a glass of wine for my meal. The same FA I had requested a pre-departure drink from said 'she had her eye on me' loudly to the purser, which I found funny as I hadn't even secured a single drink at that stage. When United launched Polaris over two years ago there was a real effort to improve onboard food and beverage unfortunately any improvement hasn't lasted, and as the hard Polaris product in seats and lounges slowly arrives the on-board product has declined. The food was inedible, beef that was as hard as a rock and a wet watery mash potato, present like at a cheap diner. when desert was offered the same purser and FA asked me to identify if it was a coconut or apple pie? When I was waiting near the galley to use the bathroom I heard the purser say 'give me that brown goo. these people will eat any xxxx'. United 9-10 for improvements to your hard product but you need to focus on improving inflight customer service 3-10.

7/2/2019 Mostafa Shalaby

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from San Francisco to Cairo through Amsterdam. I arrived in Cairo to find that no baggage arrived. I filed a claim in Cairo airport and all time was thinking it is their mistake in Cairo. When United finally answered after almost 36 hours of trying to reach them and being out on ridiculous times of hold they figured that all my baggage is still in SFO and did not leave with me. United reply was simply ridiculous that it happens and it is not their mistake and that they will forward my baggage to Cairo and have no answer to why it happened. Add to this that they outsource their calls overseas to employees that don’t have answers to your questions. This is by far the worst airline I traveled on and they don’t care. Unfortunately they were only able to find 3 of our 4 bags and forward them to our locations but they were not able to find the last bag which was my 9 months old daughter bag with her medications. The customer service was really horrible and subpar compared to any other airlines and the employee was rude claiming it is not their mistake and that they get a lot of calls which is a horrible excuse.

7/1/2019 S Lamaridis

✅ Trip Verified | I booked the flight from Grand Rapids to Newark (NY) on June 19th 11:30 am. While at the gate we found out that first there was a delay for 12:08. At 12:15 the gate personnel came announced that there was a technical issue and the flight was cancelled. She asked everybody to go to the front office and rebook another flight. I immediately headed to the front desk and tried to find an alternative. I was told by United airlines staff that there was no flight until the next day and that would take me to New York late afternoon. That was not good enough for me as I had a 18:00 job interview on June 19th and a meeting early morning June 20th. So, I asked for alternatives. The person at the front desk said there was no other alternative and suggested to refund the cost of the ticket. My checking with American and Delta confirmed the same. She immediately put the refund request in United’s system. I was very disappointed and immediately started calling all the necessary people and try and re-schedule the job interviews.When I arrived back home I called the hotel I had booked and asked for possible cancellation of my booking. The hotel immediately denied refund as it was last minute but finally asked for a letter of flight cancellation from United so that they can possibly consider. I called United customer service and after half an hour of waiting, they directed me to a webpage where I could ask for a full refund of the hotel cost as well aside from the flight cost. I stayed on the phone to do exactly what they directed me to do and attached the hotel bill on that form. As soon as I finished the call my wife called me (I had notified her earlier) and she told me that the flight was en route to Newark. She asked me to check the google flight status. I did and I saw that the flight was reported en-route to Newark. I tried to call the airport but to no avail. I decided to go back and find out what happened. At the airport I asked the employee who told me that the flight was cancelled and suggested the refund but she avoided me saying she never suggested a refund to me or said that the flight was cancelled. Then I asked for the supervisor, who aggressively tried to lead me to the side of the office and avoided offering any explanation He aggressively asked me to wait in an office with a young employee who knew nothing and just waited there for 10 mins without anything happening. I asked for the name of the person who refunded my ticket and the name of the supervisor but she denied offering them and called security. Needless to say I was extremely polite and respectful to all. I told her that it was not necessary as I only wanted to file a complaint with United (as I saw there was no way for me to fly and would like to have the names of the employees involved.) Security came and offered the name of the supervisor but not the name of the employee who cancelled my ticket. I left the office disenchanted. After three days of talking to UA customer service I finally managed to get a letter on June 21st which I forwarded to the Hotel in NY. After another three days of back and forth the hotel finally declined reimbursing me the money (USD 584) because “it was last minute”. UA reimbursed only the cost of the ticket.

7/1/2019 A Maledeme

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Phoenix. One of the worst flight experience I have ever had in my life. I had to pay to check in a carry on bag due to the type of ticket I bought ( This is understandable). The problem however was when I landed and couldn’t find my bag, I waited till all the luggage’s were delivered and at this point I thought someone must have stolen my luggage until someone suggested I go talk to the United baggage office. On getting there , the attendant told me my bag didn’t come on the same flight I arrived with and is scheduled to arrive at 10:30pm . I told her i had my house and car keys in my bag and her reply was “ who checks in their house keys on a flight”. The sad part was United didn’t think it was necessary to notify passengers about the status of their luggage. How do you send a text when a flight start boarding but can’t do the same when a passengers flight is missing? I was given a file number and pretty much told to wait till the flight arrives or have them deliver it around midnight to my house. I will be stuck at a neighbors house till then.

7/1/2019 Morteza Mahmoudi

✅ Trip Verified | We had our worst flying experience in the past 30 years, today with United Airline. The flight was scheduled on 6:30 from Boston to Chicago. It got delaied for 3 hours and we lost our connection flight to Lansing. The responsible United people were very rude and their only option was to provide the next flight to Lansing with 24 hours delay. All staying and delay costs are on our own. With two infants it is a horrible experience with this airline.

6/30/2019 E Adriana

✅ Trip Verified | Pathetic experience and customer service. We booked flight from Charlotte to Newark to join 6 days east coast tour and total tour screwed up due to delays from United. We were supposed to reach Newark by 10 am est and it’s already 4.30 pm est and we are stuck in Chicago. There are no updates from United and the staff is very rude whenever we ask a question. We missed the tour which was going to start at 10 am from Newark. My son is totally devastated as he was looking forward to this trip. I’ll never ever fly with United again.

6/30/2019 Mildred Boykin

❎ Not Verified | Orlando to Washington via Pittsburgh. United Airlines is the worse ever! Both flights are delayed and I have been at the airport since 2pm and won’t get home till 1am, for a three-hour flight, including layover. They also do not make any accommodations for stranded travelers!!! It’s their fault we are stranded.

6/30/2019 James P Lepert

Not Verified | Omaha to Chicago. Between United ticketing service, TSA and the gate personnel there were 20 passengers that did not make the flight to Chicago and we got no help from the person at the ramp. We were all left to scramble to rebook flights to Chicago so we could try and make our final destinations. For me and my wife. When we got to the ticket kiosk to print our boarding passes we were told there was an error so we had to go up to the ticket counter and we were left on hold for 15 minutes or more before the issue was resolved then we had to go through TSA check which was completely backed up. Consequently, we just made it to the gate when they close the door and the attendant would not even call the plane or do anything to help. We did a head count and there were 20 passengers total that had missed the flight.

6/30/2019 B Johnson

Not Verified | It has been a long time since we flew United. When you choose the low cost flight option, you get the clear message that you are a second class citizen. You can't check in online, because they want to verify that we don't have more than a personal item. They went as far as to ask my wife to turn around at the kiosk, so they could confirm she didn't have more than a back sack. You are the last group to board the plane and they made sure my wife and I sat separately and in middle seats in both directions. We asked at checkin about getting seats together and their personnel made it clear this was not possible with the low cost fair. If I had known this was their practice, I would have chose differently or chose another airline. Most of this frustration was due to ignorance, I will be able to make a better informed decision next time. Their staff was professional and friendly. There are other airlines targeting low cost airline services, but they provide a more positive experience.

6/30/2019 Steve Wilson

❎ Not Verified | Denver to Tulsa. This is ridiculous! We have been waiting to take off for hours! Every 30 mins there is a new excuse to why we have to wait again! I have a major fear of flying and the trip home makes me never want to fly again. Shame on you United, my flight was set for 1:45, we boarded at 1:20 they left us in the cabin with a broken AC, no water and glued to our seats for 1.5 hours and counting! Never will I ever fly nor recommend United again. What a disgrace!

6/29/2019 Rebecca Albeck

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Dallas. What a strange experience. Flight attendants with an inability to enunciate. Fast talking mumbling with an occasional recognisable word like ‘seat’ or ‘landing.’ Also, first class seats were covered in food, I had to wipe them before we sat down. Lift your game United, we have choices!

6/28/2019 G Davies

✅ Trip Verified | This a warning for those selecting Premium Economy Plus on United (not to be confused with Econ Plus). Completely Shady, but more like a scam. First, I haven’t taken the flight yet, but feel the need to share. I was selecting seats on a code share operated by United. 1) Selected seats on the window side to be more comfortable because the cabin offers 2 seats on either side with 4 in the middle 777 300er. 2) Immediately following the process a ‘special’ upgrade offer was presented for the low price of $268: click here to pay and select seats. 3) The kicker was the offer was a downgrade to Economy Plus that offers a few extra inches of leg room in the economy cabin, yes big difference from Econ Premium Plus and Econ Plus. For those that don’t know, int’l Premium Plus is basically the same seats used for Domestic first class. Econ Plus only provides a little extra legroom near the front of the Economy cabin United should be ashamed. This about tops anything I’ve dealt with on Domestic US carriers. Another reason to stay away. My fault I didn’t catch the return flight was Air New Zealand, but the least reputable legacy carrier in the US.

6/28/2019 R Morton

✅ Trip Verified | Sparing the outlandish details, at the end of the nightmare with United we’d experienced: delays, missed connection, cancelled flight, rebooked flight, no sleep for almost two days, missed day of vacation, out of pocket expenses not planned for and lost luggage (We had nothing but our carry on for five days!). Wasted Taxi an hour back to the airport to get luggage as they promised it was now there, it was not. Hours on the phone trying to rebook, trying to track luggage, and then trying to file claims. Hours on hold! Hours speaking to people who had no clue. Worst customer service ever! We will never, ever, fly with United again. You are taking a risk. We were unaware of their reputation with delayed/cancelled flights and lost luggage. We learned the hard way.

6/27/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 757-300 (753) место 22B

22B and 22C do not recline, and have more limited leg room (unlike other Exit row seats). The tray tables are in the seat in front of you, not in the armrest as suggested here.

6/27/2019 Kim Chung

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Los Angeles. Rudest airline ever! They have zero respect to their customers. The check in agent and ground staff were rude and lazy. We had been treated with grumpy faces and such attitude. I was asking for a senior assistance for my grandmother who doesn’t speak English and under no circumstance that I expected to receive a straight face with the rudest response ‘that is not our responsibility that your grandma doesn’t speak English’. Understanding my grandmother might not qualify for the help but they didn’t have to respond in such unprofessional and uneducated way. We did not beg for the free flight, if you are unable to provide a basic service with courtesy then just shut your business.

6/26/2019 Pam S, Boeing 787-9 (789) место 29D

One of my favorite seats on this plane. Plenty of room, near lavatory and that is not a bad thing.

6/26/2019 JORGE SANTOS

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Dallas. I witnessed the United crew making the plane go back to pick up a passenger that arrived late to the gate due to another delayed flight. This passenger was meeting his wife and daughter in this flight who jumped in joy when the saw him walking thought. This was a very nice act that deserves to be shared as an example to other airlines who need to consider that there is always a family behind that passenger that is left out.

6/26/2019 J Hayb=ne

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Washington. This airline can’t handle any change of weather or slight change of schedule without significant delay. It doesn’t help that Newark, one of the worst airports in the world, is their hub. I’m one of the elite flyers who hates United for their lack of ability to handle any problems arise. There was some rain briefly this morning but the flight delayed and we were stuck on tarmac for 3 hours without food or water. They didn't even turn on the wifi. I’m going to miss the connecting flight and was rebooked to late flight at the end of the day. By the time I will get to my destination, the rental car counter will be closed. I’ve flown United 4 times in the past few weeks (I travel for work) and it rarely ever gets anywhere or departs on time. But the worst thing is their handling of problems.

6/26/2019 T Han

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai to Newark. I had a pleasant time on my way back to the United States except for some heavy turbulence, but we made it. United has the best business class service than any other US airline. The amenity kits were cool in Spider-Man, I have never seen anything like that before.

6/25/2019 Garold L, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) v2 место 22D

Nice seat; good legroom, big screen, foot rest. But the service (food, etc.) seems to be the same as economy, even though the United website seems to imply a better level of service.