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5/3/2019 Angelo Menezes

✅ Trip Verified | Cascais to Bragança with Aero VIP. Services are provided by SevenAir. The site is easy. I had a couple of questions and the support was fantastic. The plane was just fine, despite being a propeller, thus a bit noisy.

5/3/2019 Angelo Menezes

✅ Trip Verified | Bragança to Cascais with Aero VIP. Seven Air provides the services. The pilot was very nice and made sure everyone was comfortable and explained there would be some turbulence, which was normal. Flight arrived 5 minutes late.

7/17/2017 Max Blanck

✅ Verified Review | Funchal to Porto Santo. This 10-minutes flight is a true experience. Aero Vip carries out the public service obligation connection between Funchal and the smaller Porto Santo airport located on the island with the same name. The outbound flight was on a vintage (1989) Jetstream 32 turboprop airliner with the return flight being on a slightly older (1987) Jetstream 31. In both cases the safety briefing was carried out by the first officer himself, as the plane does not have any FA on board. The outbound flight left right on time and touched down in PXO just 10/15 minutes later. The plane on the way back arrived late and we left PXO with some 30 minutes of delay, again reaching our destination in slight over 10 minutes. The planes’ interiors are quite worn out but overall the planes gave me the impression of being in a good mechanical shape. If you take this flight to reach the beaches in Porto Santo, as was my case, the whole flight is a really fun and unique retro-experience for aviation enthusiasts which unfortunately comes with a hefty price tag (150 EUR return). It needs to be said however, that the rates are much cheaper for residents who need this flight as a means to ensure territorial continuity.

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