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7/2/2019 M Westin

Not Verified | Antananarivo to Johannesburg. This is the worst airline I have used. The two flights I booked with them were both canceled on the day of the flight. One was canceled due to mechanical problems on the plane, only after everyone had boarded, and was replaced by another flight 12 hours later. The other an international flight to Johannesburg was canceled with no explanation. We were told that the next flight wasn’t for a full week thereafter, which would have caused us to miss our international flight back to the US. The customer service agent could only offer me a call center email address for requesting a refund. When I did so, they told me they could only process the refund through “my travel agent” — but I had booked the tickets myself, on the Internet! Canceling a flight and not refunding it is called stealing.

4/5/2019 E Partur

✅ Trip Verified | Booked an Air Madagascar return ticket from Nairobi to Antananarivo, operated by Kenya Airways both ways (cheaper than booking directly via Kenya Airways). Onward flight date comes and there's no check in counter for Air Madagascar at Nairobi Airport so I go to the Kenya Airways counter and attempt to check in. They have a hard time locating my name in the system but I assume they override it manually and check me in regardless since my ticket clearly indicates that I should be on the flight. Fast forward 2 days and I'm at the airport in Antananarivo for my flight back to Nairobi. Same story, no check in counter for Air Madagascar (in Madagascar!) and I go over to the Kenya Airways counter again and they can't locate my name in the system again. I go to the Air Madagascar ticketing office and they confirm that I'm on the flight. I go back to the check in counter and this back and forth happens 2 more times (going through security over and over again, everyone looking at me crazier each time) and each time, the people at the check in counter can't locate my name. Finally, the fella at the Air Madagascar ticketing office issues me a new ticket for later in the day free of charge. Nice gesture and in order for this not to happen again, I try to check in myself online.. guess what? Air Madagascar doesn't have an online check in feature on their website! I'm writing this as I wait for my second flight, wondering whether I'll have to go through this ordeal again later. I recommend just booking with Kenya Airways directly.

11/22/2018 Andreas Luetgen

Not Verified | Antananarivo to Majunga. Flight was operated by EWA; two hours late and information about the delay was bad; aircraft was a little bit old; friendly FA; some refreshments served. Fare a little bit high.

11/21/2018 Andreas Luetgen

Not Verified | Tuléar to Antananarivo. Quick Check-in; on time; plane a bit old; refreshments and a snack served; friendly flight attendants. The fare was somehow high, but this is Madagascar. You shouldn't come here if you are pampered by low-cost carriers;

11/21/2018 Andreas Luetgen

✅ Trip Verified | Antsiranana to Sambava. Flight was booked in Air Madagascar website; flight was operated by Air Tsaradia, the new domestic carrier. Check-in quite fast; not too serious about little overweight luggage and cabin luggage; due to the short flight-time, no refreshments, fare a little bit expensive compared to flight-time; alternative would have been to travel 12h on very bad road.

8/20/2018 F Simpson

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Sainte Marie to Antananarivo with Air Madagascar. Online, this looks to be an airline of last resort, but I found myself requiring their services at the end of a holiday in Madagascar. I wasn't totally surprised when my flight was cancelled, and the replacement flight the next day ran 2 hours late. To their credit, they were very forthcoming with meals and accommodation while we were stranded.

4/20/2017 C Cussigne

✅ Verified Review | Antananarivo to Fort Dauphin. I have flown multiple times on domestic flights with Air Madagascar over the past few years. They are truly the worst airline I have ever had the misfortune of flying with. Delays, cancellations, bad customer service, dirty planes, no in-flight refreshments, hugely over-priced. In one instance I chose to travel for over 50 hours on a public bus to reach my destination, rather than give any more money to them and I would probably do that again after yet another delay on my most recent flight.

3/1/2017 D Veendermen

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Antananarivo return. Never use this airline if you plan on getting home on time. Our homeflight was cancelled without notice. It took a full extra day to get home - we have filed a complaint and sought compensation, and after 7 consecutive emails, we recieved only one short response from air Madagascar we got no compensation at all.

2/15/2016 Arnold de Vries

Antananarivo to Fort Dauphin via Morondava and no notable issues with Air Madagascar service. Easy website to navigate and book. All flights were on time with pleasant crew and ground service as well. Snacks on outward flights only, and return flight had a fruit danish and coffee only (100 minute flight). Nice, very nice and bright interior on the ATR 72 (first time I'd flown this aircraft). But - and this is a well known issue for Air Madagascar - they did move the departure time up for my return flight to Tana, From 940 am to 640am. Grrr. At least they emailed me and informed my hotel the afternoon before. Note though: domestic flying is cheaper if you fly into Madagascar with them. I didn't, given their spotty record and flying from Canada to Madagascar on a tight time line.

1/14/2016 A Penfold

Antananarivo to Paris. It was my mistake, I had been warned about Air Madagascar. But my lovely agency in London felt that it would be fine. The flight out had no inflight entertainment (they never bothered with the headsets), the flight back was actually 3 cancelled flights -I had only been delayed 14 hours some had been waiting for 2 days. So nearly 12 hours, no inflight entertainment, no hot water, so no tea or coffee. We didn't see a soul for 8 hours. I have been working in Madagascar so have had a few flights. On this trip one flight was brought forward 5 hours and then took off 30 mins early. I feel sorry for the staff, they do their best, but the management of this airline reflects the government they just don't care about the people / customers.

1/7/2016 Susanne Lehr

Mauritius to Antananarivo. We have booked five flights with Air Madagsacar. None of them took place or was in time. Flights have either been cancelled within 12 hrs of departure or after waiting at the airport for hours. Staff at the airport is either unwilling or stupid - or both. This airline is a disaster!

12/20/2015 Emma Dobinson

If you have the time and funds not to travel Air Madagascar then this will always be your best option. It is without doubt the most useless airline. Having lived in Madagascar for two years I would always take the option of hiring a car and going over land if financially feasible/the time is available. The few flights I have taken with the airline have always been delayed, even once as we were on the plane we then had to disembark and were told that the flight would go sometime the next day. It is very common for flights to be cancelled, I've even had friends whose flights have been turned out mid-flight and returned to their original destination. Also expect your bags to be lost as well. Make sure that you check on your flight frequently days before your flight because it is no new phenomena for them to pull your flight forward and not notify you. This has happened to several friends. Cabin staff have typically always been very nice though. Ground staff are slow and vacant. Don't expect anything to be done on time or if it is expect to be treated as though you are seriously putting someone out.

11/11/2015 Anastasiia Khrabrykh

We flew Air Madagascar from Paris to Antananarivo return in economy class in November 2015. Our initial flight from Paris was cancelled without any notification. After checking my booking online (it always worth checking if you fly with Air Madagascar) we realised that we were supposed to fly 3 days later, although Air Madagascar didn't ask if this would be suitable for us. We tried to contact them by email, phone and we even went to the customer service desk in Charles de Gaulle Airport - no one was there to help us. Their customer service doesn't exist. After few days of attempts our tour operator in Madagascar was lucky to get in touch with them locally. We asked at least to move our return flight so we can stay in Madagascar as many days as planned. We were not surprised when our return flight to Paris was moved to the following day. We contacted the airline on the day of the flight to check and they couldn't confirm the exact date and time of the departure. They didn't offer accommodation. So as a result, we had to completely reschedule our tour including all hotels etc.; we missed 2 connection flights from London to Paris return (we live in London). We also had one domestic flight with this airline to Morondava. This flight was also cancelled and then rescheduled the night before the flight. Local people in Madagascar called this airline Air Maybe. I wouldn't recommend anyone to fly with Air Madagascar. The tickets are cheaper than other with airlines, but as a result it will cost you much more than were planning to spend.

8/29/2015 Anthony Walsh

Air Madagascar cancelled the initial flight from Bangkok and moved it to the following day without warning or explanation. They did provide accommodation and the flight was ok. Our next flight with Air Madagascar was then a domestic one, a week later, Antananarivo to Sante Marie. This was overpriced at 500 euro pp for a one hour flight. Without any warning the flight was moved to 4 hours earlier. Air Madagascar acknowledged that we confirmed our flight 24 hours prior and that they provided no warning of the change and no replacement flight. Due to the cancellation of this flight our return flight booking to Bangkok was wiped from their system without warning. We had to frantically arrange a ticket with minutes to spare. 3 flights with Air Madagascar and 3 stressful and very poor experiences

5/20/2015 P Parinayok

I flew BKK-TNR-BKK in business class in May 2015. Overall the 8 hr flight is good and on-time (a bit earlier than scheduled). On TNR-BKK the flight stopped in Bangkok before going to Guangzhou. A340 was used on this route. Staff are very nice the facilities on board like toilet entertainment and food and beverages could be compared to business class on other airlines. Inflight entertainment - no flying map no music no movie.

12/18/2014 K Toennies

I flew Economy Paris-Tana Tana-Antsiranana Antsiranana-Tana Tana-Paris in Sept and Oct 2014. Local flights were on 737 nothing special (neither bad nor good) the intercontinental flight was on an old 340. The fittings were old but ok seating and food ok as well in-flight entertainment a little inferior to Air France (smaller screen not as many choices) but then again AF also does not use their newest equipment on this route so that the difference is not this big. Two of the four flights were delayed by several hours one of which was my return flight on Oct 6 to Paris which was delayed by 3.5 hours. This may become a real problem for anybody requiring a connecting flight as AirMad has no code-share partners in Europe with whom one could book a combined ticket. Hence it cost me about 350 Euro to change the reservation for my AF connecting flight (fortunately it could be changed) and Air Madagascar is not willing to reimburse me referring to the conditions of sale (even though AirMad told me differently in Tana when it became clear that the delay would cause me to miss my connecting flight in Paris). Hence people not living near Paris or Marseille should take this risk into account (after all my so far longest delay on an AirMad flight was 13 hours in 2010 hence one should plan on long transfer times to be on the sure side). I would not recommend it.

8/26/2014 A Pawson

Flew from Toliara to Tana. What to say about Air Madagascar - the airline usually runs on Malagasy time and this was no exception. Flight was due to leave at 18.25. By 19.00 no plane had turned up and there was absolutely nobody in the terminal with any kind of information. There are screens in the terminal but as there is only 1 flight per day they are of little use. Fortunately TLE has a fairly modern terminal (for Madagascar) and a number of places to buy drinks. 8pm came and went then 9pm still no plane and it's getting dark. Eventually at about half past 9 three guys arrived in a jeep proceeded to drive down the runway setting up a series of cones with lights on top. The first we knew anything was happening was when a plane appeared on the runway taxied up to the terminal and unloaded some passengers. We were then allowed out onto the tarmac and up the steps to the plane. Plane was a fairly modern 737 seats were reasonably comfortable staff were very friendly and as the plane was only half full the flight was one of the most pleasant I have had on AirMad. Flying with AirMad is always an experience.

8/26/2014 Terry Hodgson

We have just returned from Johannesburg via Antananarivo to Nosy Be on air Madagascar. All of our flights were on time. We found the airline to be extremely reliable the planes in good condition the staff extremely efficient and friendly. We shall certainly recommend Air Madagascar to all of our friends travelling to Madagascar.

1/15/2009 M Hetra

CDG-TNR-CDG B767 TNR-NOS B737 NOS-TNR-TMM ATR 72 TMM-TNR Twin Otter. The seating on the B767 is uncomfortable. Entertainment poor and toilets not very clean. Positive points the FAs and food. A big positive point to the schedule - by leaving CDG at the end of the day you don't waste the next one not withstanding the 10hours flight. Domestic flights were nice and acceptable. However on the leg NOS-TNR I experienced a 5 hours delay (quite usual).

10/27/2008 A Bratt

We used Air Madagascar for four internal flights. All four were reasonably on time (max delay about 45 mins). Cabin staff friendly and good complimentary snack and newspaper on each flight. Be prepared for very rapid braking at fort Dauphin (short runway)