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6/30/2019 L Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Booked a package thru Air Transat for June 2019 travel. To/From Vancouver and Puerto Vallarta June 15-23. Air Transat chartered out the flight to Canadian North. They did the same with my flight June 2018. Don’t be worried if this happens to your fight! Canadian North are the nicest ever flight crew and all my experiences with them have been positive. Yes it’s an older plane, but wasn’t that loud and kept clean. Food on board is the same as Air Transat’s bistro menu. However, be informed they limit quantities on what they offer. I’m not talking about 50 of an item for an entire plane. I selected the chicken and orzo dish and then the person next me asked to order it too, and the flight attendants said they are only given one (1) of that item for each flight. One for the flight to Puerto Vallarta. One for the flight back to YVR. Stunned. it was the best ever charter airline meal I ever ate! Air Transat should seriously consider increasing the quantity. I purchased the Options Plus package. First time doing that. Enjoyed having the rolled blanket in the drawstring nylon bag, and it was a great back arch support for my flights. Never took it out of the bag but inside apparently is also the inflatable neck pillow and eye mask. Options Plus is supposed to include priority baggage, but at check in at YVR the agent did not place any tag of such on my suitcase. My suitcase was one of the last to come out on the baggage carousel at Puerto Vallarta. On the way home, the agent at Puerto Vallarta airport did put the priority tag on my suitcase, but didn’t seem to help much as about 40 bags came out at YVR (some with Priority tags and most without) before my priority tagged bag came out on the carousel. In-flight entertainment limited, they had drop down TVs every 5 or 6 rows, and you could load the app on your cell, but never am impressed with options. Would rather read a book or listen to my own music on their flights. Once again, their flight crews on Canadian North are amazing. For my return flight, I had pre-ordered and paid for a gourmet meal. (Wasn’t a fan of the bistro options that would come with the Options Plus) Its advertised “main dish served with cheese, dessert and wine”. My meal of “Pork filet mignon with Quebec blueberries” was tasty, and came with dessert and wine, but no cheese. Instead of the cheese, they included seasonless plain Tabouleh in a small dish with 1 olive. Not only do I dislike Tabouleh but completely plain tabbouleh. There was no notation I found on their website they may swap their advertised items with something else. It only says “presentations may vary” and doesn’t stay a completely different item will be used. Overall I was pleased with the tastes and quality of the Pork served. I suggest to Air Transat they enforce passengers’ carry on luggage. Numerous passengers carried on suitcases that clearly were over the measurements allowed, some having to be put sideways in the overhead bins and take up most of the space. Not fair to other passengers. This is not a one-time thing, but happens on many of my Transat flights, however, this flight was extreme in the amount allowed on, even with the cardboard box example at the gate. If your suitcase does not fit to easily roll down the aisle then clearly it is oversized and should be checked. Gate agents were even making announcements on both flights down and back that the flight is full and limited space, and were encouraging people to check their carry on bags,

6/22/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) v1 platz 27K

Is it me or are seats lower than usual in this airplane (or place under seat less high)? I wanted to lie down and I did not know where to put my legs. I had a flight with Air Transat a couple week before in a a330-200 according to my ticket. This previous aircraft did not have a screen but I did not feel so incomfortable.

6/20/2019 Y Gan

✅ Trip Verified | Montreal to Vancouver. They forced us to check in our carryon luggage, which was fine for other airlines in my trips. And we can not take it back at the door, it goes to the baggage belt. Also, the staff was rudely saying it is not allowed, though during the broadcast she says volunteered to check in.

6/20/2019 P Martin

✅ Trip Verified | Montreal to Rome. I will always choose Air Transat for flights overseas. Their prices are lower than the competition and their flight staff are always congenial. The food served is edible and the entertainment selection is fine (although it could be changed more frequently).

6/17/2019 Jeffrey Donguines

✅ Trip Verified | My experience flying with Air Transat on an 8 hour flight from Gatwick to Toronto was okay. Ground service at Gatwick Airport was quick. They seem to be a little stringent on both personal item and carry-on weight. Departing gate is not posted on your ticket. You must wait and attach your head on the Airport’s Departure Screen to find out the exact location of your gate. Cabin crews are friendly and humorous. Snacks and liquor must be purchased individually. Complementary meal was good and well done. In-flight entertainment was a bit of a let down due to commercials and limited library content. However, the screen looks crisp and responsive! In addition, theres no wifi available in the plane. In terms of ticket price, it was affordable vs other airlines with the same route. I will fly again.

6/3/2019 E Ward

✅ Trip Verified | Montreal to Varadero. Very impressed with this airline. The only critique was the lack of personal interaction during check in at Montreal. Plenty of staff just standing there watching us struggle. I fly quite often and there is always someone standing by to help attach those impossible labels on the bags. Actual drop off was also automated and we had no means to label our bags priority as we had paid for Option Plus. The system should at least provide a means for priority pax to get a priority sticker for their bags. That is where negative criticism ends. From then on the flights were flawless. We had exit row seats which were provided both ways, and automatically changed when aircraft configuration did. Service was exemplary both ways. My traveling companion first language is French and mine is English and we were cheerfully and flawlessly served in both languages. We paid extra for proper meals as we knew our arrival times precluded getting a decent meal upon arrival. These meals were surprisingly good and of a high quality and served with proper metal cutlery. One flight attendant named Sharon needs to be singled out for her friendly, professional and knowledgeable service. She made our flight. Aircraft were clean and well kept. We would have liked more in the way of info from the flight deck as there was no IFE system to provide this. That is forthcoming on these recently acquired aircraft which Air Transat plans to retrofit. I love Air Transat and look forward to flying them again.

6/1/2019 Debbie Bosnak

Not Verified | I booked Club Class tickets from Calgary to London in July 2018 for departure May 3, 2019 – 10 months in advance. One month prior to our departure I received an email advising a change of flight schedule now departing May 3 Calgary to Vancouver then to London. I called to confirm Club Class seat selections and was on the phone for 1 hour 40 minutes. I received an email at 7:19 a.m. confirming Club Class seats for the Vancouver to London Flight. Six hours later I received another email advising the Club Class seat reservation from Vancouver to London would not be honoured. We have flown Air Transat numerous times to Mexico and Europe without incident. Air Transat has always been our first airline choice because of the Club Class seats. I cannot express my disappointment and shock when I received the email advising Air Transat would not honour our Club Class seats. I had no choice but to cancel our booking and attempt to book tickets on another airline in Premium Economy. Because we were less than 1 month from our departure date airline fares were much higher than when I originally booked 10 months prior with Air Transat. I emailed Air Transat’s Customer Service Department 7 weeks ago and have never received a reply. I will not recommend this airline.

5/28/2019 Melanie Chartand

❎ Not Verified | No customer service. I booked a flight to Rome (departure from Montréal) and made an error in the departing date. Called Transat 4 days later when I realized my mistake, there is nothing they can do. There are still plenty of places on both of the flights, same price for both, but they won't change anything. We offered to pay more to exchange the dates, event to upgrade our tickets (which would mean 400$ more!) and they won't accept anything. We need to throw away this ticket and buy a new one if we want to change dates. I've never seen another airline with such horrible service. Once Air Transat get your money, they won't give you any help after.

5/28/2019 M Corlan

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Toronto. This is the last time I will fly Air Transat. I was told while checking in I have to pay for the bag I was checking in. It was 60£. Upon arriving at the airport I had to weigh my carry on and purse at the same time. You can only have 10kg in all hand luggage so I had to also check the carry on and pay an extra 65£.

5/26/2019 Mahsa Haji-abdolali

Not Verified | I just flew from Toronto to Santa Clara (Cuba) and i had the worst experience ever. Flying from Toronto, flight was delayed for 8 hours and was never posted online until we checked-in in the airport and had to stay in the airport for 6 hours. They gave us $20 voucher for breakfast and $100 off next flight which i will never use because I’m not planning to travel with Air Transat again. After 6 hours delay, we finally got in the airplane and had to wait another 2 hours in the plain cause they had technical issues. In total flight had 8 hours delay and with all this time waiting, they didn’t even offer a free snack in the airplane. Returning back from Santa Clara, flight had 1 hour 20 min delay again due to technical issues and this time they didn’t even bother apologizing for once.

5/22/2019 Amberleigh Strang

✅ Trip Verified | I was planned to travel with an animal, a 3 month old rescue kitten I had acquired on my trip there. i researched everything we needed to have and paid the $50 add on fee for animals in cabin, we had all the requirements. My cat's documents put her birthday on the lower end of her possible age in order to help up cross the border of Canada. We put her birthday as 2 months when she really was a 3 month cat, Obviously this caused complications at the check in counter since air transat requires animals to be 12 weeks in age, I tried to reason with the clerk to say that the age was an estimation and that indeed she was within the age to fly, Yet she was denied. Realizing that the airline needed documents confirming her 12 week age, my husband and I ran as fast as we could to another veterinarian clinic and got brand new health certificates, the vet inspected her and and verified her 3 month age, we got a rabies vaccine and returned as fast as we could to the airport. This is where I absolutely can not believe was happened next. The manager for the Puerta Vallarta representative team of Air Transat denied my cat onto the plane again with no reason. She had all documentation that was necessary for the politics of the airline and for us. All bases were covered, we presented all necessary documents and there was absolutely no reason for her to be denied to travel. I am absolutely sickened at the lack of respect Air transat has for their flyers. My cat is now in the hands of someone I was lucky enough to run into who can care for the cat temporarily until I figure out how to get her back into Canada, It has costed us stress and money that we were not prepared to spend.

5/21/2019 sS Merton

✅ Trip Verified | Arriving at the Fort Lauderdale airport at 9am for a 12:20pm departure to Toronto, I noted that the departure time had been changed to 12:30pm. An hour later it was changed to 9pm and we were told that when the crew arrived at Fort Lauderdale they would need an 8 hr rest period and for us not to leave the area. We did not board the plane until after 10pm and were told by the pilot that a specialist mechanic was needed to fix a part in Montreal but when the flight arrived at Fort Lauderdale they needed their rest period. When we finally boarded were told that there would be no food, just water and other beverages could be purchased. During the wait we were given lunch and dinner vouchers but a number of places would not accept them. The lineups for the two restaurants in the departure section were extremely long and elderly passengers such as myself were not physically able to stand that long. We therefore had access only to the sandwich kiosks and the wraps that were sold. The staff at the departure gate did nothing and it was up to travelers to continually line up to get vouchers or information as the staff talked about their manicures and plans for the evening etc. This delay was due to a lack of any organization to scheduling. It was known well in advance that the delay in Montreal would result in a requirement for a new crew, or the need for the assigned crew to have a rest stop. I filed a complaint about the delay however while there is a timeframe of at least a month to answer, there is no maximum time period noted within which this needs to be resolved. I accept that this is a budget airline with whom I have flown many times and will probably continue to do so, however, this lack of any acknowledgement as to the obvious rhetoric in their passenger service manifest and the lack of motivation to ensure a positive resolution for both myself and their airline is the reason for this review which is based solely on this trip and the management of the situation.

4/21/2019 P Caltine

✅ Trip Verified | Today, while trying to check in my bags I was refused to check in as the service person said there was a damage on my passport, the ink was peeling and it's like an accident, it can happen, if you spill water or something, you cannot get a passport replaced in 30 min! I had other documents with me to prove I am who I am. Air Transat didn't let me get on board and would not allow me to get to Mexico for the holiday. I bought through Expedia a package and the tickets for my husband and I were over $1600. We could not get into the airplane and now I tried to contact you over the phone and you don't want to refund me or give me a credit for a flight you did not allow me to get in. And I am not even adding that I paid extra for seats and check 1 bag. I don't have extra $ to just throw away and you are keeping my money for a service you didn't allow me to use for no fair reason. Air Transat is not immigration and should not refuse me to get on board for such reason.

4/17/2019 Kevin Basden

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Toronto. I flew to fort Lauderdale on April 12th with no issues or problems but when I was leaving on April 16th 2019 it was horrible. I traveled with one carry on bag and and they said the flight was full and asked if anyone wanted to check their carry on bag for free they can. I volunteered but when I got to the gate counter I was told my bag was too big and that they will have to speak to the supervisor about it. When she arrived (myriam), the supervisor said I had to pay. I must say this experience was a eye opener and I wont fly with them again

4/16/2019 Elizabeth Zavazal

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Toronto. I paid for seat selection for aisle 15 a and b. One day before the flight they sent me a email stating they moved me to 28. When I called the said that someone was in my window seat on 15 so I decided to stay with 28. As I boarded they said I had no choice but had to move as I had a cane. My mobility was not that compromised so I was offended and said I paid for more leg room. I had no choice and got moved to a terrible seat. With a possible option of a refund. I got that seat for a reason now I can’t sit where I wanted. Terrible company

4/2/2019 Abhijit Banerjee

✅ Trip Verified | Calgary to Toronto. Had read a lot of reviews on Air Transat at couple of different places and had kind of high hopes from the airline. Was sadly surprised to note the poor state of the aircraft and ground staff members. The staff took forever to begin their check-in counters, to begin the bad experiences that followed. And very cramped seats to make all hopes disappear. Cheap for a reason. Hope not to fly the airline again.

3/24/2019 Tim Cote

Not Verified | Great service. Staff were beyond polite, courteous and friendly. Only airline on time from Cayo Coco to Ottawa. The Captains of the plane were very good and kept us up to date about both flights.

3/24/2019 B Wood

Not Verified | Toronto to London Gatwick. I’m usually pretty prepared for flights, I board and see that there’s no tv which is no biggie because being prepared as I usually am I had downloaded lots of games, movies, and music to my phone. So you can imagine my horror after realizing that not only was there not a tv but no outlet to plug my phone into, meaning I wouldn’t be able to use my phone the entire flight to save the battery for when I arrived in London because I would need google maps to get to my new apartment. I politely asked one of the flight attendants if there was anywhere I could plug my phone in and he was very rude. I fly very frequently at least once a month and I will never fly with this Air Transat again.

3/20/2019 N Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | After reading negative reviews, we were dreading our first ever flights to and from Puerto Vallarta with Air Transat. We were very pleased to find out that our experience was completely positive. The check-in desk staff and flight attendants were helpful and cheerful, our seats were normal economy size and we had plenty of legroom. Movies were played on both flights. We were given complimentary drinks and the food for purchase was delicious. We had no delays or other problems and wouldn't hesitate to fly with Air Transat again.

3/15/2019 Khalid Malik

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Toronto. When we arrived at counter for checkin the behavior and attitude of staff was very bad. When we sat in the plane it was announced that there is no water in the washrooms and during the flight no tea or coffee will be provided. I am Muslim and were traveling with group of 4 no water in the washrooms means we can't use Washroom because we Muslim use water in the washrooms that is part of my faith. We were disappointed with both situations.