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7/3/2019 B Dawes

✅ Trip Verified | Krakow to Brisbane via Dubai. I booked with Emirates because I seen their good reviews online and didn’t want to risk it with a budget airline. I paid an absolute fortune for my ticket home and was very disappointed with the whole experience. Emirates made their partner airline who I flew first with, FlyDubai (who are very poorly rated/reviewed) look like a premium airline. I could go on and list all the bad things but the most important thing you need to know is that they gave me a severe bout of food poisoning!! It was a 13 hour flight and food poisoning symptoms occur in a very specific time window, so it HAD to be something I ate on the flight. Completely unacceptable. Never again.

7/2/2019 Paul Mercer

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Bangkok via Dubai. Despite recent reports about the extent to which Emirates’ quality of service has declined, I was impressed with every aspect of these two A380 flights. The limo pickup was on time with a friendly and helpful driver and there was only a short walk to business checkin. The Emirates lounge at Birmingham airport is spacious and well stocked and was only an equally short walk to the gate. Boarding was prompt and I will shown to my seat. There was a good choice of food and it was well served. My only criticism would have been the delay in bringing a glass of wine, forgetting my post-flight drink and having to ask to top it up. Apart from that the food was delicious and in a reasonable portions. The first A380 had the new design for the bar and there was a friendly group of passengers. The transfer at Dubai was quick and painless although allowing both economy and business passengers to exit through the same time did add some delay to exiting the aircraft. The flight to Bangkok was overnight and I chose to sleep. With the mattress, the seat was comfortable and I managed to sleep for a good three hours before being awoken for breakfast. The Wi-Fi connection on the plane was surprisingly stable and fast and there were enough movies to keep me entertained. Having flown on Emirates on a number of occasions in the past, I was relieved that although other accounts may be accurate, I found these two flights to high standard with nothing significant to complain about. The cabin crew were chatty and friendly and always keen to help answer any questions or respond to requests.

6/28/2019 John Bucci

✅ Trip Verified | After a pleasant stay in the lounge at Dubai airport, it is a nice start to the long flight being able to board directly onto the upper deck without having to go down to the main terminal level so even though they may be boarding 80 passengers it always feels a little more civilized. It is a long but pleasant flight on the great A380, plenty of room and storage with the window seats on the upper deck. Another great crew and service and again the onboard bar is a big hit and the staff who take turns at the bar always seem friendly. Two full meals are served on this long flight a lunch and breakfast with a light snack in between with a good variety of snacks available at the bar. Emirates has a good entertainment system on all their flights with something to keep everyone entertained even on a long flight.

6/27/2019 C Baelmer

✅ Trip Verified | Venice to Dubai. Top Airline. Super Inflight entertainment and very nice meals. Very friendly Flight attendant and top Service. Comfortable seats and much legroom.

6/27/2019 J Buchan

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Dubai. The Emirates experience started with a complimentary chauffeur service from my hotel to the airport in a very nice Mercedes S class and being dropped at the door closest to the Emirates check in desk. I love the Emirates A380, the seat with direct aisle access for everyone, plenty of storage especially when you are in a window seat which each have two side lockers near the window. The service while great is very much a formula for the after take-off drink and meals outside these areas the staff are very friendly and seem happy to get you anything you want and this is especially the case in the bar which is a fantastic place to spend some time.

6/24/2019 Michael, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v2 platz 79J

We have just done a short 3hr flight from Sydney to Christchurch on an Airbus A380 the first time I've been on one of these aircraft. We found it too be quite compared to other large aircraft. The seats we choose had a bulkhead behind which saved us from having anyone digging there knees into the back of our seats but didn't restrict the recline. Great airline to fly with would totally recommend emerits to any one traveling.

6/24/2019 T Ney

Not Verified | Brussels to Sydney via Dubai. Booked return trip in business class, but twice upgraded to First on long legs to/from Australia on A380 as business class was full and thanks to Platinum status with Emirates Skywards. BRU-DXB legs were on 77W with the new business class product. Flights on time, swift connections at DXB with great lounges, great IFE. The onboard food offering is very average, but I do not pay attention to eating on the plane anyway as the lounges often offer better choice and quality. Was surprised by speed of free (also for Economy) Qantas onboard wifi on Australian domestic flights with older 737–800 compared to slower and erratic wifi on EK’s recent 77W and A380. Chauffeur pick-up and drop-off add to the overall comfort of the journey.

6/22/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class v2 platz 8K

odour from lavatory noticeable

6/20/2019 M Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | The most over rated airline! Customer service is the worst that I've experienced. Ground crews were downright rude. We asked one of the ground crew for priority boarding since we were travelling with our 6 month old baby but he only told us to go to the end of the queue in a very rude way. During the boarding they did not call priority boarding for elderly, disabled passengers and passengers travelling with babies. Cabin crews were equally as rude and dismissive. For goodness sake, we are your customers and your job is to give us good service. We are never flying Emirates anymore, especially going anywhere to Asia.

6/20/2019 B Gealy

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Bangkok. Check-in was smooth, but the boarding procedure was chaotic with different employees shouting contradictory messages to passengers. On board, we had a 45 minute delay without even an apology; just a quick word from the captain that we were waiting for a passenger and that made us miss our time slot for taking off! When I asked a flight attendant about the delay, she kept laughing and saying "It's fine. No problem." I believe a polite apology has to be issued. I observed a lack of professionalism among staff I encountered. The seat was comfortable enough but my table top was broken. The movie selection was very limited for my tastes.

6/19/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Two Class platz 42K

I had a previous connecting flight from Houston to Dubai on the A380 and now I am flying the Boeing 777-300ER to Amman. To be honest, overall I think the A380 would be better in almost all aspects of both planes. I was seated pretty close to the back (42K), and seats felt a bit tighter than on the A380. The 3-4-3 configuration was on both planes but it felt way more spacious and better on the A380. It's just cramped with a fourth seat in the middle. Other than that, food as good and the cleanliness of the aircraft was excellent, as well as the flight attendants. Legroom was good, not bad. The only main issue on the B777-300ER planes would be seat width and possibly legroom.

6/19/2019 S Petani

✅ Trip Verified | Beirut to Dubai. The whole trip was fine related to staff, service, welcoming. However we have moved to the bus and we waited like 20-25 mins just because 1 passenger lost something. All the passengers in the bus waited until this passenger came in. This was unacceptable as this can be managed differently. And all the crew have left before us.

6/17/2019 John Brown, platz 46J

Not too bad. Restricted recline Enough legroom for the average person

6/17/2019 Stephanie Wong

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Singapore. Staff are generally rude. At the check in counter, they did not allow us to bring our laptop bag up together with cabin size bag even though it fulfilled all stated requirements. It caused us a lot of hassle and loss. Furthermore the staff were rude when dealing with us. Similarly on the plane here, noticed the attendants treating some passengers more dismissively. Inflight entertainment system is outdated compared to other international airlines. Will not fly Emirates again.

6/16/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | ADD-DXB-BKK on 14th June 2019 on B777-300ER and A380, respectively. First Flight good and hardware good but food was a complete let down. I tried my special meal (acknowledge!) and all the other three menu dishes announced. All were absolutely substandard and not edible and I am not difficult and usually eat the dogs leftovers. But this was horrible and hazardous. Food in economy was edible and better than business. There was a cheese plate that helped me to avoid to starve. No ice creams and no inspirational additionals. Rate 6/10 Dubai-Bangkok was a great experience - as good as it gets on an airplane. A380 must be the king of the skies. Likely of my best flight ever, despite I had not slept the night before. I doubt that a general 1st class experience can beat this luxurious bz-class experience by Emirates on the A380. Simply outstanding on seat “hut”, meals, drinks. The onboard Sky Bar is a solid social effort and gimmick that is impressive and hard to dislike. I like the outer seats in the 1-2-1 biz-configuration with lots of space and great window access. The sports car design works well for me and the WiFi is solid and a bonus. Special meal was sophisticated and made to perfection. Rate 10/10 Lounge provided in Addis is the Ethiopian Cloud Nine Lounge which is slightly better than their Gold lounge. Seems this lounge is improving due to Emirates as they now serve the same champagne available on board.

6/10/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) Three Class v1 platz 23K

This is a great seat in the business section. Far enough forward of the bar area that I didn't hear any noise at all. It is behind a bulkhead which houses a coat closet. A little busy during boarding, but no one uses the closet once airborne. This bulkhead, combined with a divider between the seat and the aisle, makes for a very private area. Overall, seat was comfortable, with a great selection of entertainment. There are two windows at this seat. You're seated just behind the wing, so your view is about half wing and half ground.

6/10/2019 S Jalikan

✅ Trip Verified | Bali to Dubai. The customer service is amazing and so patient. Mustufa from their Dubai customer center just helped me out flawlessly. Our line got disconnected before the changes were completed and he was amazing enough to complete everything and send me a confirmation email!

6/10/2019 M Corden

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Hong Kong. Overall disappointed. Check In & Lounge of the standard expected, food in the Bangkok lounge was very good, as good as any EK lounge globally including Dubai. Flight was full, service was poor, catering below average and service disjointed. Main course went cold waiting for wine and dessert was inedible, gave feedback to cabin crew who tried to blame (a) catering in Bangkok isn’t as good as Dubai and (b) they were one crew member down due to illness. Frankly I don’t care, if catering is subpar out out Bangkok then are ticket prices reduced because of it - no, so don’t blame the catering, own the issue. As many here have posted, Emirates has lost its edge, staff have a mixed understanding of food and beverage service and Emirates is all show and lacks substance where it counts.

6/6/2019 E Maleno

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Venice via Dubai. As a regular of Qatar and Etihad on the Singapore-Europe route, this was my first time with Emirates. I would not call it a total disappointment, but the company is definitely (and sadly) not worth its fame. Positive aspects: new aircrafts, comfortable Economy seats with decent pitch, nice food (plus points for the metal cutlery), efficient ground staff. Seat selection is not complimentary and the cost disproportionate: the cheapest option for each of the 4 legs of my journey would have increased the ticket price by around 17%! Cabin service is close to no-frill airlines: no hot towel, no amenity kit, no staff walking around the aisle with trays of drinks during sleeping hours. The inflight entertainment on the A380 was a quite unresponsive touch screen with cursor. Charging plugs are only available to window and central seat. Worse part: the staff. I was told that an increasing number of Europeans had joined Emirates from Ryanair and I was displeased to see the same attitude brought to the 4-star airline. Apart from the lack of smiles and rough replies to some passengers that I could hear, the staff onboard the SIN-DXB night flight had been talking and laughing loudly in the galley for at least one hour after the light were switched off, going in and out without caring to seal the courtains. I have not seen such behaviour even on cheap low-cost carriers like Scoot or AirAsia, where the staff at least excercises the basic courtesy of letting their passengers sleep. With prices that are in line with its competitors in the region, I do not see the reason for me to fly Emirates again.

6/5/2019 Naseeruddin Syed

Not Verified | Dubai to Hyderabad. I had booked a chauffeur drive at 13.05 on 03 June with pick up point and location details clearly marked on the map while booking online. After numerous calls with Driver, Call Center of Emirates nobody showed up to pick me up even after 13.45pm. After wasting and waiting for almost 50 minutes in hot sun, I finally took a Taxi and paid to reach business arrivals terminal and neither luggage concierge nor staff bothered to help me with my luggage from taxi nor to push the trolley. I met duty manager and explained whole story and all he said was it’s okay we apologize but now please board the flight as you are late. Such a horrible customer service I never expected from Emirates, especially when traveling in business class. On-Board Experience: It’s Ramadan (fasting month for Muslims) month and I was fasting. Cabin crew informed me if am fasting then food will be served when it’s time to break my fasting but I should order the food in advance so that I get served. When it was time of breaking my fasting I asked for the food that was ordered in advance and very surprisingly crew told sorry we can’t serve the food and you need to adjust with a small sandwich box as we are planning to land. When I questioned crew why did they promised me to order food in advance and how can they deny serving the food for a fasting person then crew simply said it’s our policy and we can’t help. When I became furious then they simply gave me a quick main course to eat but I felt their frustration while getting served. I wasn’t served the food which I had preordered despite crew having enough time (around one hour was left to land the flight). Most of the passengers sitting around me enjoyed full meal (all items of menu) but I had to go through this bad experience because I was fasting. Crew argued a lot with me to explain that full meal will be served only during initial serving time and not later even if someone is fasting. I finally gave up arguing with the crew as I felt really embarrassed to ask for food again and again.