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7/2/2019 Peter Gordy

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Copenhagen. This flight left on time an arrived in Copenhagen. The flight itself and the wait at the gate were fine. I am deaf and, even with a cochlear implant, cannot hear PA system announcements. I informed the gate agent of this, and suitable arrangements were made, without question. Service on board was excellent and unobtrusive. Cabin service was good, and the flight was uneventful. Seats were terribly narrow, but thi--alas!--is common pracytice withn airline economy class, as dictated by company accountants. My only complaint is with the check-in. I have sleep apnea and use a C-PAP machine when I sleep. I made the mistake of mentioning that I had the machine in my checked luggage, bringing forth the the protest that I could not check in my bag with the device in it, but had to take the machine in my hand baggage through security. Since I have checked the machine in my baggage since I got a machine in 2007, and since I was hassled, if eventually cleared, at security when my checked bag was overweight, I made a courteous objection. A courteous argument ensued ("Is this company or TSA policy?" I'm not sure if it is, but you can't check it."), and I ended up taking it in hand baggage, which brought a delay at security and more pressure on my bad back. Otherwise, it was a good flight.

6/29/2019 Henrik Birn

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Aarhus. Another delayed flight with SAS. This appears the norm, rather than the exception and in my experience delays are always announced very close to departure time leaving one with no chance to adjust or change plans. Avoid if you can.

6/27/2019 Zyad Eldanasoury

✅ Trip Verified | Warsaw to Copenhagen. As i paid a price of full service carrier i felt like I’m flying with low cost airline. They haven’t used an aircraft from their fleet they used a old B737 probably leased from airline called Jet time where you can’t even extend your leg. Air conditioning wasn’t working properly as for 45 min the plan was so hot out of 90 min flight. Crew was so rude -delayed 25 min - as they wrote on the boarding gate 30, later on they announced that it’s 34 and as i was waiting till 20 min before departure. I was checking the airport website and i saw it gate 44 so they changed the gate 2nd time without any announcements. The worst airline I have ever used.

6/25/2019 Valentina Marangoni

✅ Trip Verified | Olbia to Stockholm. Incredible flight with SAS! We were the only two passengers on the flight, probably because it was during the Swedish midsummer holiday, and the plane was empty. The cabin crew were super welcoming, and they upgraded our booking to all Inclusive! Best flight of my life.

6/21/2019 Elizabeth Sullivan

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Oslo via Copenhagen. Worst customer service I have ever encountered in any business. They don’t give a damn about customer service. I am gravely disappointed and they have ruined the start of my trip. I have never taken the time to write a negative review in my life. But this is egregious.

6/20/2019 G Meissen

✅ Trip Verified | Dusseldorf to Oslo. Avoid SAS at all costs if you're flying economy. SAS does everything to give you the worst possible service on economy - low cost carriers like Ryan Air or easyJet are a blessing in comparison - in order to fleece you with their premium options. We had a cancellation and SAS hugely disappointed. The main issue is that the flight was cancelled at 10PM, and no service and support from the airline at all was provided until calling the hotline the next morning at 9AM. Outside the legally obligated food vouchers delivered via a contractor at the airport. That lack of care and support led to the early morning flight offered by SAS to be fully booked out by normal customers and we with our cancelled flight were left with an afternoon flight which had huge consequential damages in terms of lost connections for us. I find it appalling that an airline cares so little about its customers that new paying customers still have priority over your cancelled trip and also from a legal perspective the airline definitely failed its duty to try and get you from A to B in face of cancellation as fast as possible. Needless to say the options for remedy with support proved completely inflexible. Almost fraudulently, I also found out SAS uses different booking codes and Airlines to get out of legal responsibilities, apparently our other trip in the journey was booked with Scandinavian which is a different airline than SAS and therefore SAS refused a refund for this part of the journey. While I certainly agreed to conditions on ticket and have no legal recourse this sort of skulduggery is clearly set up by the airline to make your life as miserable as possible and force you to book their premium priced options if you want proper service.

6/19/2019 N Sears

✅ Trip Verified | Oslo to Dusseldorf. I went into one of their traps: I had luggage on the way down, but opted for the default without luggage when I choose the trip home. Of course I got no warning before I checked in and had to pay 70 euro. 55 more than prepaid.

6/3/2019 Simeon Dickinson

✅ Trip Verified | Late last night when checking in on line. I noticed something odd. My flight was departing Bergen 4 hours latter and arriving in Stockholm 1 hour latter. Adding 5 hours to my travel for supposedly a 1 hour flight. Now getting to and from airport is another 1hour - + if not familiar with airport. I calculated from my my hotel in Bergen to Stockholm hotel will now be 9 hours instead of 3 hours. Now - I have come to Scandinavia for holiday - I spend about $30k over 10 days - so SAS effectively has now taken a day from holidays. A 7 hour trip should get me to Dubai - You not what makes it worse is I was warned this happens all the time with SAS as friend booked business class from Australia and trip was a nightmare. When Scandinavia is mention in the name of their airline you expect quality good service. Surely tourism can request them to use another name or fine SAS. Such beautiful airports such a terrible airline. Something wrong here.

6/3/2019 Jorgen Aberg

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to London. Very full morning service to London. Completely disorganized boarding with passengers carrying several pieces of bulky carry-ons exceeding any regulations. Flight delayed due to the ineffectiveness of the crew to handle this everyday situation. How hard can it be to enforce baggage rules PRIOR to boarding the aircraft?

6/1/2019 Chris Mortimer

Not Verified | They sent me a message after my flight was cancelled due to the strike saying if I want to re book my flight with another airline they will refund me the difference. Which I thought was fair enough. Only to be told later I'm not entitled to anything. I'm so thankful it was only Rome to Copenhagen. They want you to re book your ticket at your own cost.Shame on you SAS.

5/25/2019 Mitch Maleszyk

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Warsaw via Copenhagen. Creates so many rules in customer service that you cannot be helped. Do not try to understand people. They are just for profit not for people. I was affected by their strike and they are not ready to help me, just protect them by their interest

5/24/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) platz 8D

I have read reviews saying how great the business seats are on this SAS flight - we took it in and out of Copenhagen/Chicago but I'm wondering if the reviewers have ever flown another airline in business with lie flat seats. Outbound we were in 4D & 4F. These seats are extremely narrow and the foot well is very tight, the seat itself very hard. There is no way to just lean back your seat with feet up & watch a movie. It's either sit straight up or lie flat & when you do lie flat 2/3rds of your body is in the narrow well and it's very hard and uncomfortable. They need to rework their seats completely. The staff and service was very nice and the food was pretty tasty but as far as a comfortable business seat my husband and I felt they completely missed the mark. We travel a lot overseas in business and we were surprised at the seats themselves. And I would not recommend 8D&8F because of all the commotion going on in the galley & the bathrooms are all in that area (none up front) so everyone must pass by you.

5/24/2019 Klara Thell

Not Verified | I’m deeply disappointed with SAS service. They were rude and didn’t show any sympathy at all when they rebooked my flight less than 12 hours before departure. I booked in August 2018 a flight from SFO to Copenhagen in May. It was a direct flight and I was supposed to sit next to my friend. Less than 12 hours before departure I got an email saying that they had to rebooked it to Air Canada with a transfer in Toronto. This is a joke. I needed to get a visa, from a nice afternoon flight to a very early flight, we couldn’t check in our bags right away and we got the middle seats on different rows. I called their costumer service and this rude guys just came up with excuse after excuse instead of actually doing something.

5/24/2019 Tomasz Lorenz

✅ Trip Verified | London to Stockholm. Unjustified check in of cabin precious luggage and damages in result. Cabin crew passing by certain seat rows and not offering even a water. Worn out printed materials. Food from paid menu not available. Overall impression below European budget airline standards. I wish SAS management to reflect, learn and seek improvement. I will try to avoid.

5/15/2019 Einar Lauritzen, Airbus A320 (320) platz 12D

Airplane ok, but no more room at emergency exits. Toilet in the back extremely small, nerly for dwarfs.

5/10/2019 A Durnesi

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Kiruna. Not worth the money. Poor service, old aircraft, arrogant ground staff. What else can I say? You can't go to a check in desk, you need to do it yourself. Then you have to take your bag to a bag drop. I checked in a bag that weighed 23 kg and the bag drop computer wouldn't let me because it was 23 kg. Apparently that's too heavy. had to contact a member of staff which I did. The person said "It's heavy. You need to label it. You have paid for 1 bag, 23 kg. Think about it next time." with such an arrogant tone. I couldn't help but reply that I knew about that and that I could have checked in 3 more bags as stated on my ticket but I didn't so? There was a sign about Wifi that it would be on once we'd reach a certain altitude... waited and waited. Turned out there was no wifi... The SAS lounge at terminal 4 at Stockholm is pathetic. SAS Plus domestic is a joke. SAS used to be quite ok but lately they are getting worse and worse. Felt almost like flying with Ryanair except they fly from a real airport.

5/9/2019 Tony Chapman

✅ Trip Verified | London to Stockholm. Flights had to be abandoned due to SAS Pilots strike. No information whatsoever from SAS regarding possible disruption or cancellation and had to make a last minute decision whether to cancel pre-booked accommodation or risk losing everything. The lack of information to fare paying passengers is extremely discourteous and disruptive. I shan't book with SAS again, a more reliable service is available from Norwegian and EasyJet

5/3/2019 Nguyen Tam

Not Verified | I flew from Doha to Helsinki via Copenhagen. The flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki was cancelled due to pilot strike. SAS informed me just before my 1st flight that the Copenhagen- Helsinki was cancelled. I was waiting for rebooking or re-routing. But there was no way to contact SAS to check how my flight was rebooked. There was direct flight from Doha to Helsinki, but they did not help me to book that flight. I arrived in Copenhagen, and they put me in the SAS flight next day, instead of booking other available airlines on the same day for me. I got to stay in Copenhagen overnight. The ground staff were ignorant and unhelpful. Finally they gave me a hotel and a 150DKK voucher for dinner, I would not recommend SAS.

4/27/2019 Michael Schade

✅ Trip Verified | Hamburg to Stockholm via Copenhagen. I heard about the pending SAS pilot strike through the papers two days before departure and realized that I would be affected. I called SAS and asked to be rebooked on another carrier. I was told that the strike might not take place and that they would not book me on a non SAS flight, even if the strike would take effect. She was totally unhelpful. I rebooked myself on a SAS flight a day earlier and had to stay at a hotel which SAS refused to pay for. The strike started on midnight as expected and all SAS flights are presently being cancelled. I have been affected by a LH industrial dispute and it was handled professionally as it should be. SAS didn’t bother to even send an email that my flights would be cancelled. The flights were the usual Standard, budget carrier service where everything had to be purchased at inflated prices. Flights were on time.

4/20/2019 B Borg

✅ Trip Verified | Malta to Oslo via Stockholm. I am a Euro Bonus customer. I am writing this as I feel that SAS doesn't care much (certainly not enough) about its customers. I booked a ticket using my EB points back in September, and paid over 500 kroners for the benefit. A flight I was originally booked on, Oslo-Stockholm on May 1st got cancelled. I was informed of this cancellation by email that I was booked on an earlier flight, making the transit in Stockholm even longer (10 hours in fact). I tried calling the Euro Bonus service desk. It was busy and I eventually got through to a customer agent who told me that they didn't have other flights than the one I got rebooked on and that he had to check if I can get booked on another airline and that I had to wait on the line. I was left waiting for half an hour. This is unacceptable. I eventually had trips (on other airlines) from Oslo Gardermoen airport, and each time I was there, I asked the ticket desk staff if they could help me. I was told that the only way to get help with Euro Bonus reservations was through the phone. I phoned a couple of times the Euro Bonus desk, but I on every occasion there was a long waiting time. I will only book SAS if I have no better choice at all. Avoid SAS.