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9/19/2019 David Gartside

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Bologna and Pisa to Munich, both on an Embraer 195, economy. Both flights handled efficiently; southbound on time, northbound delayed by about 25 mins on departure due to to late arrival of incoming flight (there had been thick fog at MUC early that morning which had sent things adrift for much of th...

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7/28/2019 S Halegan

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Pisa. Unorganized, incompetent company, huge disappointment. We were flying to Pisa for a vacation and first our flight got cancelled. We lost $150 on a hotel reservation. Then our rescheduled flight was one hour delayed because their crew hasn’t arrived. The company must be extremely mismanaged beca...

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7/19/2019 R Shaw

✅ Trip Verified | Lufthansa flight from EWR to Munich was 10 minutes late, we were a group of 22 and we all raced panic stricken through the unfamiliar airport and customs to make this connecting flight (leaving at 11.15) only to be told at the gate (11.11) that the flight had already left! The Air Dolomiti employee began issuin...

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6/12/2019 Loz Hunt

✅ Trip Verified | Well I'd read reviews about this airline and thought no surely not but after a long stopover at Munich and with not long to boarding my flight was cancelled, no explanation. In the queue there were so many not singing the praises of this airline because they had had this before so instead of getting to my partn...

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6/5/2019 M Lenca

✅ Trip Verified | Turin to Munich. Punctual, immaculate plane, comfortable seat, wine served in glasses also in economy. The staff is kind, offering more snacks on request, smiling. All great. Puntuale, aereo immacolato, sedile comodo, vino servito in bicchieri di vetro anche in economy. Lo staff è gentile, offre più snack a ri...

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1/16/2019 F Lornal

✅ Trip Verified | Lyon to Münich. Plane cabin was fairly new with enough legroom. Cabin staff was gentle and they offered possibility to get some snacks and drinks. Good service for short route. Only seat comfort can be enhanced.

11/10/2018 Richard Stein

Not Verified | Venice to Munich. Air Dolomiti charged my wife and I $224 US dollars for two bags that weighed under 50lbs each. I paid $100 from Dulles to Munch eight days ago. I was way overcharged but had no choice because I needed my bags to be returned to me in the USA. There fees for bags were not posted anywhere.

10/10/2018 R Griffin

✅ Trip Verified | Worst check in staff. Rude. There were no lines so it wasn’t because I was keeping people from checking in that the staff were so short. Tried to link two Star Alliance tickets. My Husband did the same route two days before, separate tickets. No problem. As I checked my bag in they said it might not make it. D...

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7/3/2018 Andrew Burgess

Not Verified | Frankfurt to Florence. The aircraft could be a newish plane but it was so dirty and very grubby inside. The dirtiest plane I have ever been on. I don’t know who cleans them or the last time it was done. It’s a shame as that is the only problem I found with Air Dolomiti.

2/7/2018 Lubomir Pironkov

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Sofia. I'm really impressed with the service. Cabin crew - friendly and responsive. The aircraft (Embraer 190) was clean and with good legroom. Food and beverages were of a higher quality then those of Lufhansa (although it is a subsidiary). Would definitely recommend this airline.

12/5/2017 Barnabas Heincz

✅ Trip Verified | Gothenburg to Munich. My flight was a Lufthansa flight operated by Air Dolomiti. I would say that Air Dolomiti makes a better job than the elder brother. The ground crew was helpful. Our flight delayed 35 minutes because of the weather conditions and we were informed by the cabin crew or by the pilot every 5 m...

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10/24/2017 K Pearce

✅ Verified Review | I am very unimpressed with Air Dolomiti. We were schedule to depart at 8.55 am but did not leave the air field until 9.43 am and we had an international connecting flight to Munich to connect to Los Angeles. There was never an update over the intercom as to why it was late and the only apology was towards t...

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9/15/2017 P Stenner

✅ Verified Review | Florence to Munich. For a short flight of about an hour, the onboard service was excellent, the seats pleasant and staff exceptionally friendly. There were also several beverages offered and this was a very pleasant flight in a relatively new aircraft. Air Dolomiti is a highly recommended airline.

5/4/2017 Sander van Kan

✅ Verified Review | Flew Air Dolomiti from Amsterdam to Munich. Good flight and on time. Crew looked tired and were not very friendly. Plane looked well maintained and clean. Seats very comfortable and good leg space. A small snack was served during the flight.

12/31/2015 Roy Carpenter

After a fraught day missing a flight from Paris CDG and being rerouted to Genoa via Munich we boarded a well presented Air Dolomiti aircraft only to hear a message from the Captain that there would be a 20 minute delay waiting for passengers from Amsterdam. After they eventually arrived he again came on the intercom to say that ...

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12/13/2015 C Watson

Operated on behalf of Lufthansa, this Munich to Geneva route seems to get passed around LH's subsidiaries (I've flown with Augsburg Airways, Lufthansa Cityline and the parent company) but this was the best one I'd flown. Friendly, quadrilingual Air Dolomiti crew (even Swiss crews usually only manage 2-3 languages), nice snack bo...

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7/22/2015 Carol Flint

Flights both to Venice and from Venice were fine, on time and relatively uncomplicated. However, it angered us that our carry-on bags, that were by Lufthansa standards (dimensions and weight), had to be checked on the return flight to Munich, yet fit perfectly on our flight from Munich to Venice two weeks earlier. If you have ca...

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7/18/2015 Karlis Oss

One of the best airlines I have flown with. We flew from Riga to Frankfurt with Lufthansa, and then from Frankfurt to Verona with Air Dolomiti. The flight wasn't long, about 1hr 10 minutes. The flight attendants were friendly. I would recommend.

7/8/2015 Matteo Legrenzi

The flight was late but the service on board was prompt and affable. The food is particularly nice for a European regional carrier. The biggest problem was that, as in other cases before, the miles were not registered. Every time it takes a series of e-mails to get them registered to Miles and More or other rewards programs.

7/2/2015 Adhith Shanmugasundaram

I was flying from TRN-MUC last August, the overall flight experience was good. I booked the flight through Lufthansa where Air Dolomiti is their carrier operating from Turin. The cabin crew were polite and helpful. The flight was on time, but the ground crew delayed it a few minutes with moving passengers from the aircraft to th...

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